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Chapter 29: Zhongshan Wolf

A Thread of love Wrapped around Black Silk (Part Eight)

Yu’er remarked, “A divine weapon?”

It sounds very impressive, clearly not just any ordinary item.

Qing Jiu shared, “It is said that more than a thousand years ago, a master swordsmith obtained eight rare treasures to forge eight divine weapons: four swords, two daggers, one long spear, and one zither. On the day the weapons were completed, he sacrificed his own flesh and blood, causing all spirits and ghosts to weep together in a shared, mournful cry”

With a flick of her wrist, Qing Jiu’s jade ring vibrated, and her sword energy left a six-inch-deep mark on the solid rock wall: “Although it’s just a legend, and no one knows the exact origin, the power of these divine weapons is real and witnessed by all. Heroes and warriors spend their lives seeking just one of these weapons, to stand out among peers and walk in jianghu alone.”

Yu’er joyfully said, “You’re so lucky to have found this sword.”

Qing Jiu shook her head, “Yu’er, it was you who found this sword, not my luck.”

It was Yu’er’s idea to save the white tiger, and in gratitude, the tiger led them to this hidden cave, rewarding them with this treasure due to Yu’er’s kindness.

Qing Jiu, looking at the sword with a cold gaze, remarked, “So many people desire a divine weapon to the point of turning against their brothers, even to bloodshed. Who would have thought that in this desolate mountain cave, there would also be such a weapon?”

Yu’er asked, “Aren’t you happy to have obtained this divine sword?”

Qing Jiu, without a word, closed her eyes and sighed softly, removing her coat to wrap the sword: “Yu’er, pick some blood coagulating flowers and let’s hurry back to the village. Don’t delay too long.”

Yu’er, without further words, picked some Blood coagulating flowers, wrapped them in a bundle, and left the cave with Qing Jiu. They saw the white tiger standing in the distance on a slope. Yu’er took a few steps, turned back, and waved at it, shouting, “We’ll meet again!”

The white tiger howled long, as if to see them off.

The two descended the mountain and followed the river out. Although they moved quickly, it still took them a whole day to find their way back to the village. From the hillside, they suddenly saw villagers crowded at the village entrance, bustling and noisy, as if arguing with someone.

A loud voice called out, “Everyone, please calm down!”

Yu’er recognized the voice as Zizhi’s, unsure of what was happening, when suddenly they saw Qing Jiu walking towards them. They were coming from behind the crowd of villagers, which obscured their view of the situation. To get a clearer perspective, Qing Jiu took a diagonal path, and Yu’er hastened to keep up.

Then, they heard a villager scream, “More than a dozen people in the village are dead, you can’t save us, so why stop us from trying to save ourselves!”

Yu’er heard Zelan’s voice, frantic and desperate, shouting, “How can you all be so unreasonable? We’ve already said that we’re only missing one ingredient, the blood coagulating flower, for the antidote. Someone has already gone to the mountains to look for it, and it will be found soon. Once we have it, the gu poison in your bodies can be cured. Why are you still doing this? You! Let her go!”

Yu’er was stunned, thinking to herself, “So many people have died during the few days we were delayed in the mountains, even Mo Wen couldn’t hold them back.”

Upon hearing this, the villagers became even more agitated: “They say they’re going to find the blood coagulating flower, but who knows if it can really cure the Gu poison, or if that herb even exists in these mountains!”

“Yeah! Those people are together with her, who knows what they’re planning!”

Yu’er sensed something was wrong and listened more intently. Someone shouted, “They don’t understand the pain of being poisoned by the Gu; they can’t relate to our suffering. Of course, they’re not in a hurry. Our lives are in danger; we can’t afford to wait any longer. Why bother talking it over with them? Let’s just do it!”

Zelan exclaimed, “Have you all gone mad? She’s a living person! You want to eat her to cure the Gu, that’s ridiculous!”

“You’re still covering for this demon! Aunt Shen, tell them how your family’s Kun was cured!”

A woman’s voice rose, “That girl gave my Kun’er a bowl of clear water to drink, and by that day, he was significantly better. Later, Kun’er remembered the water had a slightly bloody taste. The Zhang family also said they saw the girl prick her own finger and drop her blood into the water. After their family members drank it, they recovered by the next day!”

“Drinking her blood can cure us!”

“Exactly! Her blood is the antidote! Aren’t you supposed to be healers? So many of us have died, and you can’t save us. Now you’re stopping us, as if you want to see us die!”

Zelan screamed, “Have you lost all reason? I think you’ve lost your minds, sick to the core, beyond cure!”

Zizhi’s voice was cold, “Everyone, even if Miss Mo Wen’s blood can save lives, you have no right to take it from her and harm her body. As disciples of Xuhuai Valley, we will not allow you to hurt anyone!”

“People have always found her odd and secretive. We suspected from the start that she was behind the Gu. If her blood can cure, it means she’s connected to the gu poison! It was her doing! She casted the Gu! If she caused it, she should save us, what’s wrong with that?”

“One death for the lives of hundreds of us would be a virtuous deed by this demon!”

A chorus of agreement followed. Yu’er was shaken, staring wide-eyed at the crowd. When she looked at Qing Jiu, she saw her face turn ashen, her eyes icy. With a tip of her foot, Qing Jiu used her lightness skill to leap forward.

Zelan shouted, “You’re twisting words to justify yourselves! You! Have you no shame, no law? Village chief, say something! We came to save lives. Don’t you realize how much help this stone-faced has provided? Can you live with yourselves after doing this? Aren’t you afraid of retribution?”

“We can’t live anyway, what retribution should we fear?”

“Exactly, we’re barely surviving, what does it matter if we can’t eat or sleep?”

“Once you enter our village, you’re subject to our rules. We’ll do as we please! That’s the law! That’s justice! Considering you’ve genuinely helped people before, we won’t trouble you if you don’t interfere. But if you do, and we can’t survive, don’t expect to live comfortably either!”

“Stop the nonsense, the main culprit is about to wake up, who knows what sorcery she’ll use. Better to kill her first!”

“I heard those sorcerers from Miaojiang can come back to life. To truly kill her, we must tear out her heart and behead her. Let’s clean her flesh, divide it among us, and burn her bones.”

“I’ll do it!”

A brawny man with a curved knife in hand approached a pile of firewood, where Mo Wen was tied up.

Qing Jiu, swift as the wind, arrived in an instant. Her eyes sharp as a sword, she pushed forward with her palm targeting the man’s heart. Her prayer beads fluttered with the force of her movement, tinkling lightly.

Qing Jiu abruptly withdrew her palm strike, elbowing away the brawny man’s curved knife, then, with a backhand sweep, slapped the man across the face. A kick from her right foot landed on his stomach, sending him flying through the air to crash into a household’s door, spitting blood before fainting on the ground.

Brushing the dust off her robe, Qing Jiu looked coldly at the crowd, snorting disdainfully “Such ungrateful scoundrels.”

Her arrival had been as swift as lightning, her movements ghostlike. The crowd had only seen a blur of white before the brawny man was sent flying.

The villagers stirred, stepping back in alarm, with someone pointing at Qing Jiu and shouting, “I recognize her, they’re all in this together.”

Everyone was on guard, looking at them with eyes full of hostility, as if they harbored deep grudges, yet no one dared to make a move.

“Make way!”

A shout came from behind the villagers, followed by screams. Turning around, they saw two men being lifted by a monk tall as a tower.

The two men flailed and shouted. It turned out that Qi Tianzhu and the others had also just returned, arriving to hear talk of cannibalism.

Qi Tianzhu threw the men aside, who landed with a thud, groaning in pain. The villagers involuntarily stepped aside, making way for Yan Li and the others to approach.

Tang Linzhi, standing to the side with arms crossed, clicked her tongue, “Was she tied up to be sacrificed, ready to be burned as an offering to the Gods?”

Qing Jiu looked at the villagers, and said, “What Gods? They planned to sacrifice her to their own stomach.”

Her icy look sent a shiver through the villagers, silencing them instantly, no one daring to speak.

Tang Linzhi wondered, “Why is she still out like a light? Was she drugged? Isn’t she immune to all poisons?”

Yan Li approached the platform, catching a strong whiff of alcohol and with a twitch of her brow, commented, “She’s drunk. Ironically, she was nearly eaten alive and clueless about it.”

Zizhi and Zelan, seeing everyone return, breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly briefed them on what had happened.

After the six left, the villagers suffering from Gu poison worsened. Despite Mo Wen and the disciples of Xuhuai Valley’s efforts, they couldn’t manage every case, especially without an antidote, and the medicine to suppress the Gu poison was losing its effect. By yesterday, more than a dozen had died, causing widespread panic.

Originally, the villagers were wary of Mo Wen, but this morning they suddenly changed their attitude, offering her a feast with the village chief personally toasting her. Mo Wen found it odd but thought the villagers were feeling the threat of death, indulging in what could be their last meal, expressing their gratitude to her and the Xuhuai Valley disciples. Taking it as a gesture of goodwill under the shadow of death, Mo Wen didn’t refuse. However, after numerous rounds of drinks, the villagers had gotten her drunk.

The disciples of Xuhuai Valley at the feast gradually realized something was wrong when a group began to tie up the intoxicated Mo Wen, revealing knives and announcing their intention to cut her open and use her blood to cure the disease, having seen her use her blood to save others before.

The disciples of Xuhuai Valley were unmatched in their medical skills, but few among them were trained in martial arts, and even fewer were of highly skilled in combat. Among this group of Xuhuai Valley disciples, not one was trained in combat. Despite being poisoned, the villagers outnumbered them, making it impossible for the disciples to physically take back Mo Wen. They could only engage in verbal arguments, trying to buy time.

Zizhi, seeing the powerful abilities of Qing Jiu and her companions and noting Qing Jiu’s icy gaze, realized these newcomers were set on revenge, and none of the villagers would escape. She said, “Driven to madness by the fear of death, these villagers are as pitiable as they are detestable. Thankfully, Mo Wen is unharmed.”

Zelan inquired, “Did you find the blood coagulating flower?”

Yan Li and the others shook their heads. Yu’er looked towards Qing Jiu, who remained indifferent, silent and unconcerned.

Yu’er, frowning, felt it unfair. They had gone through great efforts to find the blood blood coagulating flower, yet Mo Wen had been treated so poorly. Revealing their success could ease her sense of injustice, but keeping silent meant leaving the villagers without a cure, leading to certain death. The weight of deciding the fate of so many lives was too heavy for her. After much deliberation, Yu’er, with a softened heart, whispered, “We found it.”

Zizhi, overjoyed, exclaimed, “Really?”

Zelan said, “Then give it to us quickly. With the medicine, we can cure the Gu poison.”

The villagers, restless, fixed their eyes on Yu’er, gleaming with the intensity of hungry predators eyeing their prey.

Hua Lian stepped forward, blocking Zelan with his folding fan, and said, “Hey! While you healers carry out your duty of saving lives with compassion, we’ll refrain from interfering.”

Zelan, puzzled, asked, “What do you mean?”

Hua Lian, gently waving his fan, explained, “You from Xuhuai Valley heal the world with open hearts, embodying the spirit of saints. We, on the other hand, are mere mortals who are quick to seek revenge and lack such generosity. While saints dedicate themselves to saving lives, we mere mortals tend to instinctively choose to escape.”

An impatient villager, desperate for salvation after so many setbacks and now driven to madness, suppressed his fear of Hua Lian and his companions, along with all sense of shame and reason, and shouted, “What are you saying!”

Hua Lian snapped his fan shut, his handsome face cold, “We didn’t save people expecting gratitude or repayment. We did it because we felt like it, and now we don’t feel like saving anymore, not even the Gods can stop us! I refuse to save you—what, you want to fight me?”

Translation note:
Zhongshan Wolf – A Chinese idiom to describe a person who is ungrateful and betrays someone who has helped them.

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It’s more of a slap in the face when everyone knows they did find the flower 😂

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moral kidnapping. and these villagers not worth the effort

28 days ago

It’s tough 😞 the desperation of knowing that they might die tomorrow sure doesn’t do any favors for them, reminds me of the donner party.
Thanks for the chapter

28 days ago

> So many people desire a divine weapon to the point of turning against their brothers, even to bloodshed. Who would have thought that in this desolate mountain cave, there would also be such a weapon?

This definitely feels like a sort of backstory trigger lol. Maybe that’s how her sect was destroyed?