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Chapter 33: Blood Gu

Danger at The Tomb of the King (Part Three)

Yu Hei and two others dug open the tomb passage, which had been sealed for many years, filled with the accumulation of damp and foul air. They cautiously waited for the foul air to clear, tossing in a bird to ensure safety. Once it fluttered about energetically, they deemed it safe to venture inside.

Yu Hei and Yu Bai were scouting the path. Seeing the members of the Paisha Gang surrounding them, they whispered to Qing Jiu and the others, “Honorable Masters, our top priority now is to find the Qing Huang Wine Cup. The fewer troubles we have, the better. Let’s just ignore those people.”

Observing the group’s indifferent expressions, unsure if their words were heeded, they sighed and descended into the tomb passage, followed by Mei Qi and Wang Hu, and then Qing Jiu’s group, with Qi Tianzhu taking the lead. The entrance was a tight squeeze, forcing Qi Tianzhu to stoop. Hua Lian and Mo Wen came next, with Yu’er sticking close to Qing Jiu, and Yan Li and Tang Linzhi brought up the rear.

Once all seven descended, a dozen members of the Paisha Gang followed. The tomb’s cramped passage became crowded, filled with nearly thirty people pressing forward.

After walking for a while, the red soil on the sides turned into stone walls, and the passage widened, becoming even colder.

Hua Lian shivered, touching his arms, “This passage…it’s unnervingly cold.”

Yu Bai responded, “Master Hua, it’s naturally cold underground where no sunlight reaches.”

Their path was illuminated by a few torches, yet Hua Lian felt engulfed in shadows, half-jokingly said, “We really should have brought some sticky rice and dog’s blood.”

The leader of the Sand Gang scoffed, “Cowards.”

After what felt like the time it takes to sip a cup of tea, the narrow path opened up to reveal a massive gate blocking their way.

“Could this be the entrance to the underground tomb?” Qi Tianzhu pondered aloud.

As they neared, the wavering light from their torches illuminated the gate, uncovering detailed carvings of the door gods Shen Tu and Yu Lei. These protectors, honored in every home, were now eternally represented in stone before them. Qing Jiu, upon noticing the sculptures, commented, “The guardians Shen Tu and Yu Lei,” impressed by how directly they were engraved onto this significant gate.

Hua Lian admired, “These door gods…they’re so lifelike, as if they could jump out at us.”

Yu’er scrutinized the carvings closely, observing the door gods majestically riding on clouds, with fierce tigers beneath their feet. They were depicted in flowing celestial robes, wielding peach wood swords and whips, their expressions intense and commanding. However, there was something unnerving about the way the clouds swirled around them, and the meticulous details of the gods’ beards and the tigers’ fur, which coiled into circular patterns resembling eyes. This intricate design evoked a sense of unease in Yu’er, growing stronger the more she gazed upon it.

A tall, lean man from the Paisha Gang stepped forward with a torch, illuminating the gate to reveal its golden-orange glow. Overcome with awe, he touched it, exclaiming, “Wow, this gate is made of gold!”

The revelation drew everyone’s attention to the gate, now understood to be cast entirely in gold, a testament to the wealth within the tomb, rumored to rival the fortune of nations.

The gang’s leader reprimanded him, “Stop touching it!”

The man was startled, quickly withdrawing his hand, then yelped in pain as he had cut his palm on the sharp edges of the door god sculpture, smearing fresh blood on the golden gate.

The Paisha Gang members stepped back, their leader declaring, “We wouldn’t dare go first. Please, you go ahead.” After observing, he guessed the gate weighed over a hundred pounds and, with no visible mechanisms, it had to be pushed open forcefully. Suspecting traps or poison beyond the gate, he preferred not to risk his own men and suggested Qing Jiu’s group go first.

Seeing that the group was hesitant to move, Yu Hei and Yu Bai didn’t want to waste more time and moved forward to push the door, with Qi Tianzhu joining to help.

With Yu Hei’s group on the left and Qi Tianzhu alone on the right, Yu’er kept her gaze fixed on the door. Suddenly, the eye-like carvings seemed to shift, sending a shiver through her. A closer look revealed nothing amiss, her earlier perception possibly a trick of the light.

Nevertheless, Yu’er couldn’t shake off her apprehension and called out, “Uncle Qi,” drawing Qi Tianzhu’s attention back to her.

Yu’er cautioned him, “Be careful.”

Qi Tianzhu responded with a reassuring smile, “Don’t worry.”

The five of them pushed together, Qi Tianzhu, with his Shaolin-trained strength and formidable physique, exerting a force greater than the combined efforts of the four on his left. With a dull thud, the massive door creaked open, revealing just a sliver of the unknown.

Quickly, everyone stepped aside. Qi Tianzhu, too, was on high alert as the door slowly swung open, gradually unveiling what lay beyond. Everyone was ready for anything, but as the doors opened wide enough for two to pass through, a cold breeze was all that greeted them, followed by silence—no hidden arrows, no poison traps in sight.

Qi Tianzhu and his companions stepped back, while the Paisha Gang remained motionless, evidently waiting for the others to go inside first.

Qing Jiu, paying no mind to them, looked inside from the back and instructed Hua Lian and Tang Linzhi, “You two go in and have a look.”

Hua Lian, with his exceptional lightness skill, and Tang Linzhi, knowledgeable in hidden weapons and traps, they were the most suitable to scout ahead.

Following the instruction, Hua Lian and Tang Linzhi entered. They lightly stepped over the threshold, moving gracefully. After a few steps and seeing no traps on the ground, they began to look around. The area inside was spacious, with high stone walls that emitted a faint light for some unknown reason.

A few steps from the threshold, the flooring changed from grey stone to a substance resembling black soil, at the center of which stood a towering statue of a general, sword in hand. Aside from these oddities, nothing else seemed out of place.

Concerned about crossing the black soil, Tang Linzhi pulled a silver ball from her pocket and threw it onto the surface. The ball touched the ground and immediately released many steel balls, rolling in all directions. Instantly, two rows of arrows shot down from the cave ceiling towards where the steel balls had rolled.

Tang Linzhi silently noted the direction from which the hidden weapons had come. Seeing the silver ball did not change color, indicating the black soil was harmless, she signaled for the others to follow, instructing them to step where she had.

The group advanced, Tang Linzhi and Hua Lian leading, followed by Qi Tianzhu, Yu Hei, and Yu Bai, with Yan Li, Yu’er trailing Qing Jiu, and Mo Wen, Mei Qi, and Wang Hu bringing up the rear, the Paisha Gang members behind them.

As Yu’er stepped on the black soil, her feet made a squeaking sound, feeling soft and unstable underfoot, evoking an indescribable sense of discomfort.

Tang Linzhi’s steps were careful and deliberate. The others followed in her footsteps, avoiding triggering the ceiling mechanisms like before.

After about the time it would take to enjoy a cup of tea, Tang Linzhi arrived at the statue. The group had just begun to relax, believing they had successfully navigated the dangers without any trouble, when suddenly, a scream of terror echoed from the back of the line.

Everyone tensed up, and Yu’er looked back to see that something had happened to the Paisha Gang members at the end of the line, but it was too far to see clearly.

Qing Jiu shouted to Tang Linzhi, “Move!”

As her command echoed, the massive door slammed shut with a thunderous crash, sealing them inside as panicked screams and cries for help sounded from behind.

Caught off guard, Yu’er felt Qing Jiu’s arm wrap around her waist, suddenly whisking her forward with incredible speed as they made their way deeper into the tomb.

When they reached the statue, Qing Jiu frowned, and with a swift change in her steps, she leaped onto the statue. As she did so, she called out a warning, “There’s something beneath the ground.”

Yu’er looked towards the black soil, witnessing a thin layer break apart as countless thumb-sized insects emerged, crawling out from the earth.

Tang Linzhi, Hua Lian, Yu Hei, and Yu Bai had already crossed the patch of black soil. Qi Tianzhu and Yan Li, finding no other choice, doubled back and leaped onto the statue for safety.

These were no ordinary insects. Yu’er looked into the distance, illuminated by the torchlight of the Paisha Gang. She saw a man, his body completely swarmed by the insects, screaming in agony. His cries became muffled and desperate as he struggled, eventually collapsing to the ground. When the insects dispersed, all that remained was a desiccated corpse. His companions attempted to save him, slashing at the swarm with their knives, but the insects overwhelmed them too, enveloping and consuming the life force of five or six men in succession.

Mo Wen, Mei Qi, and Wang Hu hurried towards the statue. Mo Wen shouted, “It’s Blood Gu! We must hurry!”

Despite her warning, the path was covered with Blood Gu, making it impossible to find a safe place to step, regardless of their lightness skills.

Fortunately, something about the statue deterred the insects from approaching. Seeing this, and with no time to retreat, everyone ran towards the statue in panic.

In their panic, they neglected to follow Tang Linzhi’s previously safe path. This chaotic movement triggered another trap, releasing a barrage of arrows from above with a menacing whistling sound.

Caught between dodging the arrows and watching their step, some were hit, their blood drawing an even frenzied response from the Blood Gu.

Qing Jiu and Yan Li drew their swords, their blades dancing to deflect the arrows and protect the statue from being penetrated.

Yu’er saw Mo Wen and the others still on the black soil, with very little safe ground left, and couldn’t help but urgently shout, “Mo Wen, come quickly.”

Mo Wen was near the statue when suddenly, a force struck from behind. Dodging to the side, she realized it was the leader of the Paisha Gang launching the attack.

The Paisha Gang, trailing behind, had initially triggered the swarm of Blood Gu, unknowingly unleashing these deadly creatures. The insects had climbed up one of their legs, enveloping him completely and swiftly draining his life force, leaving nothing but a desiccated corpse. This was where the Blood Gu first broke ground, leading to the highest casualties among them, reducing over a dozen to merely three survivors.

The gang’s leader, along with another member, ran swiftly towards Mo Wen, intending to push her into the swarm, hoping to buy themselves some time by sacrificing her. However, Mo Wen dodged in time. Though they didn’t manage to knock her down, they seized the opportunity to rush past her, quickly making their way onto the safety of the statue.

Mo Wen’s evasion caused her to pause momentarily, and an arrow shot from above grazed her forehead as she couldn’t completely avoid it, causing the headband she was wearing to fall off.

Stunned by the close call, Mo Wen froze for a moment, only to be startled by a scream. Looking up, she saw another member of the Paisha Gang surrounded by the Blood Gu. In a desperate move, he threw a knife, striking Wang Hu in the chest, who immediately fell. Using Wang Hu’s body as a step, he lunged forward, slashing off Mei Qi’s head as he passed, attempting to distract the Blood Gu with Mei Qi’s body to reach the statue.

By the time Mo Wen attempted to intervene, it was too late. The man moved past Mo Wen and attempted to attack her again, pulling up his knife. Mo Wen stepped back, but her arm was slashed, causing blood to drip down her forearm.

With eyes blazing in anger and her voice dropping coldly, Mo Wen exclaimed, “You!”

Yu’er, alarmed, shouted, “Mo Wen!”

The Blood Gu swarm, as if enraged or stimulated by something, surged in a violent frenzy. Ignoring Wang Hu and Mei Qi’s bodies and the Paisha Gang members, they swarmed towards Mo Wen. Like a black tornado, they engulfed her completely in the blink of an eye, leaving no gap, enveloping her entirely.

Table of Contents

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