Jianghu Demolition Squad

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Chapter 51: Tales

Eleven Yanyu Pavilions (Part Five)

“I’ve heard that Miss Mo Wen’s medical skills are second to none. I hope she can help treat the injured people in the pavilion,” Liu Xiu said earnestly.

Mo Wen was known for her gentle nature and the compassionate heart of a healer. Naturally, she wouldn’t refuse to save lives and treat the wounded. Just as she was about to agree, Tang Linzhi cut in, “When asking for someone’s help, you should at least show some sincerity.”

Liu Xiu had anticipated this response. The words Tang Linzhi spoke were the same ones she had used during their initial negotiations over Mo Wen’s whereabouts at the Yanyu Pavilion.

Liu Xiu said, “The reward will certainly be generous. If you have any requests, feel free to make them…”

Tang Linzhi raised her head proudly and said, “You see, we’re also kindhearted people. Having dealt with the Young Mistress of the pavilion a few times, we’re practically acquaintances now, so we won’t make any excessive demands…”

“We only want white silver—three thousand taels. Isn’t that a bargain?” Tang Linzhi held up three fingers, her smile full of delight.

Liu Xiu forced a smile, “It’s indeed a bargain.” For Yanyu Pavilion, three thousand taels was but a drop in the ocean. Securing Mo Wen’s assistance for such an amount was practically a steal. However, what irritated Liu Xiu was that this sum—three thousand taels—was exactly the amount from their last transaction regarding Mo’s whereabouts, the total sum Tang Linzhi received for completing that mission. If it were someone else’s childish provocations, Liu Xiu could easily brush it off, having always managed to diplomatically handle various personalities. But Tang Linzhi had a unique ability to truly infuriate her.

Qing Jiu nudged Tang Linzhi, signaling her to stop, yet she herself couldn’t hide a mischievous smirk. This was something others might not notice, but to those familiar with Qing Jiu, her grin was a clear sign she was up to no good. “May I inquire what the other matter is, Young Mistress?”

Liu Xiu responded seriously, “Yanyu Pavilion is targeted by hidden enemies because of Chini. The enemy lurks in the shadows while we are exposed. We were severely wounded in the first confrontation, but the other party may not give up so easily. My mistress is also seriously injured, our best fighters scattered across the region. Although messages have been sent, even the fastest to return will take a month. During this time, I hope that all of you can protect Yanyu Pavilion.”

Qing Jiu swirled the wine cup in her hand and smiled, “The tide of fortune turns.”

Liu Xiu returned the smile and said, “Miss Qing Jiu is right. In life and in dealings, it’s wise to leave room for maneuver. That way, we can meet again in the future without issues.”

Qing Jiu asked, “I wonder what kind of reward Miss Liu Xiu has prepared?”

Liu Xiu replied, “You may ask for whatever you wish.”

This time, Liu Xiu was truly giving it her all. Now, with her mistress seriously injured and the responsibility of both the internal and external affairs of Yanyu Pavilion resting on her shoulders, she also had to guard against threats to the other eleven Yanyu Pavilions scattered across Jiangnan.

Before the arrival of allied forces, among the other three major sects in Jiangnan, the Ghost Sect had already set its mind on obtaining the bow-sword. Yanyu Pavilion had some unresolved issues with Qixian Palace, and as for Wenwu Sect, and Liu Xiu had always looked down upon Wenwu Sect, seeing them as mediators in jianghu.  Now, the only ones she could turn to for help were these so-called ‘enemies’ who had just arrived in Jiangnan.

She was well aware of their capabilities, and this group was known for their straightforward and hearty manner. Once terms were agreed upon, they were certain to fulfill their end of the bargain. Most importantly, this group had no interest in divine weapons. Given Yanyu Pavilion’s current need for support, these individuals had become the best option. For Liu Xiu, any price was worth paying as long as Yanyu Pavilion remained safe.

Qing Jiu offered with a smile, “Ten thousand taels.”

Liu Xiu was slightly stunned, feeling that Qing Jiu’s proposed condition was too simple. She replied, “Alright.”

Qing Jiu clarified, “Ten thousand taels of gold for each of us.”

Yanyu Pavilion was a veritable gold mine. With both their legitimate business and under-the-table dealings bringing in considerable profit, they never lacked for gold or silver. Qing Jiu’s terms were within an acceptable range for Liu Xiu, who responded, “It’s possible.”

Qing Jiu added, “Furthermore, from here on, Yanyu Pavilion must provide information to the eight of us free of charge.”

“For life,” Qing Jiu slowly added.

Liu Xiu thought, “It turns out it’s not that simple after all. This Star Lord is not someone to be trifled with.” Based on the information collected by Yanyu Pavilion, these seven individuals had unlimited prospects in the future. If they could be drawn in as long-term customers, it would be a fortune. Yet, agreeing to Qing Jiu’s terms meant that Yanyu Pavilion would have to provide information without any compensation, representing a loss of an incalculable amount of income. Thinking over it, Liu Xiu couldn’t help but feel a bit of regret.

Still, she agreed. Then, a sudden thought struck her, “Why eight?”

Qing Jiu pointed towards Yang Chun, who was drinking quietly at the end of the table, almost invisible.

When Yang Chun looked up to find all eyes on him, he pointed to himself and asked, “Me?”

With a stiff smile and a wave of his hand, Yang Chun said, “How can I be mentioned in the same breath as you heroic figures? I only know a bit of lightness skill, which is hardly useful. For something as important as defending Yanyu Pavilion, please don’t count on me. I’ll only get in the way.” Roaming jianghu, he always avoided direct conflicts, preferring to flee before a fight began. Thus, the task of guarding was truly beyond his capabilities.

Qing Jiu remarked, “Being skilled in lightness technique is enough. You can serve as our messenger.”

Yang Chun twitched his mouth and said, “Miss Qing Jiu, you can’t possibly be serious?”

Qing Jiu smiled at him, “Or perhaps you’d like to taste the flavor of real poison?”

Yang Chun resignedly muttered under his breath, “What kind of karma have I created?”

Liu Xiu settled everyone in a courtyard far from the bustling center. This secluded and elegant space, free from the disturbance of outsiders, provided a comfortable haven for the group.

The next day, after the mistress of Yanyu Pavilion had returned, Mo Wen and Liu Xiu visited to check her condition. They chose to discuss the matter in the courtyard, away from the rest of the Pavilion’s inhabitants, to avoid causing any unnecessary worry or panic. It also helped prevent any eavesdroppers from catching wind of their conversation.

Liu Xiu asked, “How is my Mistress?”

Mo Wen replied, “The poison affecting the Mistress can be cured, but the method required is quite intense. Given her current injuries, I’m not sure if she can withstand it.”

Liu Xiu firmly responded, “That method won’t work. We cannot afford any risks with my M istress’ safety.”

After a moment of thought, Mo Wen suggested, “If we can obtain the poison that was used on the Mistress, I could possibly develop an antidote. I wonder…”

Liu Xiu frowned, troubled, “The poison was colorless and tasteless, mixed into the tea. The sisters in the pavilion didn’t notice at first and washed the teacup away, so…”

Suddenly, a voice from the corridor above interrupted, “Then she can only wait for death.”

Liu Xiu looked up and saw a person sitting cross-legged on top of the corridor, arms folded, looking down at the two of them. Hearing these ominous words, Liu Xiu was burning with anger, but before she could react, Qing Jiu and the others came out to inquire about the situation.

Liu Xiu explained, “Today, the enemy sent a message offering an antidote for our Mistress, but in exchange for Chini.”

Qing Jiu asked, “Then, what worries you, Young Mistress?” She knew that Liu Xiu was a shrewd person who could make her own decisions. For her to say this, she must have already considered the idea of making the exchange.

Liu Xiu replied, “It’s a trick to get something for nothing.” If Chini could truly secure their Mistress’ safety, she would agree without hesitation. But she feared the enemy’s intentions might not be pure, full of deceit and schemes.

“So, you’re thinking of playing the long game to catch a bigger fish?” Qing Jiu, having dealt with Liu Xiu on several occasions, knew well that Liu Xiu was adept in negotiations and would not engage in a losing deal.

With a concealed smile, Liu Xiu said, “It’s convenient speaking with someone clever. Then tomorrow, I’ll have to trouble Star Lord and everyone to accompany me on a trip.”

The two shared a knowing smile, while Tang Linzhi and the others were left confused, not knowing what riddle these two were playing.

The next day, under a clear sky, Liu Xiu came into the courtyard holding something wrapped in white cloth, slightly curved, resembling a longbow.

Qing Jiu called Tang Linzhi and Yang Chun to join Liu Xiu for the meeting.

The rest stayed behind to guard the new building of Yanyu Pavilion. Qi Tianzhu and Hua Lian, who didn’t enter the Pavilion, patrolled the streets outside for different reasons.

Yan Li moved throughout the Pavilion, stealthily looking out for suspicious individuals. Yu’er and Mo Wen attended to the injured members of Yanyu Pavilion.

Yanyu Pavilion was overwhelmed with injured individuals, suffering from a range of ailments including flesh wounds, internal injuries, and poisonings. The Pavilion’s healers were stretched thin, and with no female healers in the city, allowing men to treat the women’s various injuries within Yanyu Pavilion was fraught with difficulties. Mo Wen’s medical expertise truly stood out, showing immediate results. The women had been eagerly anticipating her arrival like the stars and the moon.

The women of the Pavilion, accustomed to a certain level of mischief in their daily lives and far from the demure and proper ladies of conventional society, found Mo Wen’s stern face and particularly gentle temperament, they couldn’t help but find it refreshing. They couldn’t resist flirting with her during treatments, with cries ranging from “Sister, my chest hurts,” to “Sister, come quickly, I can’t breathe,” keeping Mo Wen incessantly busy.

Yu’er assisted by her side until Mo Wen, overwhelmed, delegated the treatment of flesh wounds to her.

Carrying her medicine basket from room to room, Yu’er was met with admiration rather than mischief from the pavilion’s women. They found her graceful, charming, clean, and skilled in treating wounds with gentleness and care. They all liked her very much, and none of them teased her. Instead, they all grew fond of her. After chatting for a few moments and learning about her background, they instantly empathized with her and cherished her even more. Yu’er had come to treat their injuries, but they couldn’t stop expressing their concern for her.

As Yu’er finished treating one person and exited the room, she moved to the first room across the hall. As she approached, she noticed the door was half-closed, and there were sounds of laughter from women inside, she assumed these were relatives visiting the injured and, without hesitation, pushed the door open and entered.

Inside, she witnessed an intimate scene: On the bed, a woman’s robe was half-undone, her bare shoulders exposed, and her starry eyes hazy. Another woman had also stripped down to only a thin layer of clothing, with her front collar wide open. She was leaning on the woman’s shoulder, gently kissing her, her lips moving up, lightly biting the woman’s earlobe.

The woman in the robe was gradually being pushed down, kissed until she was half-moaning and half-laughing, trying to push her away, “Senior sister, the friend Liu Xiu invited is coming to treat my wounds. Please restrain yourself and don’t lose propriety in front of others.” This woman was Liu Xiu’s junior sister, Liu Yun, who had suffered some flesh wounds.

Just as she finished speaking, Yu’er pushed the door open and entered. With one glance, she saw the amorous and ambiguous scene on the bed. In an instant, blood rushed to her head and exploded like fireworks, leaving her mind blank. When she came back to her senses, Yu’er’s face was flushed red, and her ears were also red like dripping blood.

Liu Yun scolded her companion with a playful glare, pushing her away, “Look, you’ve scared the girl. She’s a young lady from a good family. Don’t let such frivolous and indecent scenes pollute her eyes.”

The woman then leaned back in, kissing her, telling her that she was wrong, and apologizing softly. Liu Yun quickly dressed, too hurried even to put on her shoes, and dashed after the fleeing Yu’er, calling out, “Sister Yu’er, wait for me.”

Yu’er halted at the sound of her name. Liu Yun had caught up with her, pulling her back into the room with a laugh, “We were too abrupt with you, please don’t be offended.”

When Yu’er came back and saw the other person still getting dressed, her face couldn’t help but turn red again. The image of the two of them cuddling and kissing intimately naturally surfaced in her mind. On one hand, she felt it was absurd, but on the other hand, she felt it was exceptionally harmonious and beautiful.

Liu Yun used her sleeve to fan the other person and laughed, “Go away.” She pulled Yu’er to the bedside and spoke softly, “Sister Yu’er, could you take a look at my wound? It’s been terribly itchy.”

Yu’er, composing herself, carefully examined the wound and handed Liu Yun a bottle of medicine, “This itching is a normal part of the healing process. Apply some of this if it itches again. It will not only relieve the itch but can also help minimize scarring.”

Liu Yun happily accepted it and said, “Oh, that’s so thoughtful of you. I was just worrying about the scars.” Liu Yun had heard about Yu’er from the sisters in the pavilion early on. In the past few days, seeing Yu’er’s fair and spirited appearance, she already liked her. Now, witnessing Yu’er’s meticulous and orderly manner in treating injuries, without any hint of disdain, her fondness for Yu’er grew even more.

After examining the injuries, Yu’er began to gather her things to leave. Liu Yun caught her by the arm, rummaging through a jewelry box before selecting a delicate, intricately carved jade hairpin that depicted a fish leaping through waves—a piece perfectly matching Yu’er’s name. Liu Yun took the jade hairpin and inserted it into Yu’er’s hair bun, looking at it from left to right, and laughed, “Oh my, it’s so beautiful.”

Yu’er, trying to refuse the gift, was quickly reassured by Liu Yun’s firm grip, “I can’t accept this without having done anything to deserve it.”

“Consider it payment for treating my injury,” Liu Yun insisted.

“The Young Mistress has already compensated me,” Yu’er mentioned.

“My sister’s affairs are hers, and mine are mine,” Liu Yun countered, feigning sadness, “Or are you disgusted by us…”

Yu’er, clarifying, “I didn’t mean that. I’ll accept it, then. Thank you, Miss Liu Yun.”

“If you don’t mind, just call me Sister Liu Yun,” she suggested.

After adjusting Yu’er’s hair to her satisfaction, Liu Yun complimented, “Sister Yu’er, you’re so naturally charming. If you dress up a bit, which man wouldn’t be captivated?”

The mention of captivating the hearts of men caused Yu’er’s gaze to drift involuntarily towards the woman standing beside Liu Yun, her eyes lingering in a daze. Noticing Yu’er’s reaction, Liu Yun remarked, “Even women can’t help but be moved.”

Yu’er suddenly came back to her senses. Liu Yun’s words illuminated her confused state of mind, and she became clear-headed. Subsequently, with a face that was as red as if it was about to be fully ripe, she bid farewell to Liu Yun and hurried to the back courtyard.

Liu Yun regretfully said to the woman, “Was I too direct? Did I scare her?”

The woman laughed and shook her head, not wanting to chat about others. She came over, circled Liu Yun’s waist, and directly silenced her mouth.

Table of Contents

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21 days ago

LMAO 🤣 this was bound to happen, it’s just a matter of when. It’s impressive that she was so embarrassed her ears bled though! The real wonder in the back of my head is how old is QJ? We know Yu is 15, still very young. Let the long haul begin >:3
QJ is such a fiend though, wringing out free information for life is crazyyy, these divine weapons are almost like hot potatoes