Jianghu Demolition Squad

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Chapter 75: Entrusted

Martial Arts Competition Under The Heavens (Part Twenty)

The onlookers were astonished to see that the person who had struck out appeared utterly ordinary, with a pallid face devoid of color, exuding an air of sickly weakness. It was hard to imagine that the imposing blow had come from this individual.

The sight of Yan Jianyu collapsing and spitting blood was a clear testament to the unexpected depth of power within this seemingly frail individual.

Qing Jiu rose to her feet and performed a superficial bow towards Yan Beili, saying indifferently, “Forgive the offense.”

Qi Tianzhu had already strode onto the stage, scooping Yu’er into his arms. With a sidelong glance, he noticed the fallen Yan Jianyu turning over, about to make a move. In a stern voice, he warned, “If you dare to move again, I’ll cripple your hands.”

Jie Qianchou and Yun Wangran were so engrossed in their heated argument over Yu’er’s mentorship that they failed to intervene in either Yan Jianyu’s sneak attack or Qing Jiu’s retaliatory strike.

Suddenly seeing these two young fighters collapsing and spitting blood, they didn’t have time to blame anyone. Just as they were about to step forward to check on them, Qi Tianzhu had already carried Yu’er off the stage.

Qing Jiu glanced sideways at Yan Jianyu, said nothing, and left the scene under the watchful eyes of the crowd, with Qi Tianzhu carrying Yu’er and Hua Lian and the others following them out.

Zhu Ji had his hands tucked in his sleeves, “Oh my, clearly they wanted to avoid drawing attention, going so far as to disguise themselves, yet one after another they’ve become the focus of all eyes.” Laughing and shaking his head, he muttered to himself and followed along.

The crowd was left in shock. Who were these people who not only struck Yan Jianyu but also showed no regard for the prestige of Mingjian Manor, and seemed to be in close association with Jie Qianchou’s disciples? Apart from the notorious ‘Young Master Ning’ and some known figures from the Yanyu Pavilion, the rest were unrecognized.

After the match, the audience buzzed with discussion over Yan Jianyu’s unethical actions and speculation about the identities of those with Yu’er.

As a result, even when the people from the Wuwei Palace and the Jun family quietly left, not many people noticed.

Yan Jianyu, seething with anger and pain, struggled to his feet, his body aching and heavy from serious internal injuries. Yun Wangran circulated his energy to help stabilize Yan Jianyu’s condition, which brought some relief.

As they left the stage, Yan Beili’s face was darkened with anger, “Cultivate virtue along with martial skills, cultivate virtue before martial arts! Virtue comes first, martial arts second. Without compassion and righteousness, no matter how high your martial arts skills are, you’re nothing more than a butcher! You have always been arrogant and self-important, holding yourself in high regard. I have repeatedly warned you, but you never took it to heart. I thought it was just youthful recklessness—” Yan Beili closed his eyes and remained silent for a while, letting out a long sigh and shaking his head, “You’ve disappointed me greatly. Reflect on your actions in the meditation room.”

Yan Jianyu said nothing. He clasped his hands, bent his body in a bow, and turned to head towards the meditation room. When someone tried to assist him, he pushed them away, his eyes growing darker and more intense as he walked.

Qing Jiu and the others went to the Wuwei Palace’s residence to find Mo Wen.

The disciples of Wuwei Palace swiftly prepared a room when they saw someone was injured. Qi Tianzhu carried Yu’er and gently placed her on the bed.

Mo Wen, who had been busy treating Wei Ran’s injuries, hurried over to check on Yu’er. After taking her pulse, he assured everyone, “It’s just a minor internal injury. She will recover on her own after some rest.” She left a bottle of medicinal pills to help regulate qi and nourish blood before leaving.

Hua Lian and the others quietly left the room and closed the door, allowing Yu’er to rest undisturbed.

Qing Jiu remained in the room, sitting on the edge of the bed. As she was about to help Yu’er regulate her breathing, Yu’er, concerned about Qing Jiu’s own weakened state, gently pushed her arms away with both hands, saying, “No need, I can manage on my own.”

Qing Jiu didn’t insist further and moved to sit at the table to avoid disturbing her.

After taking the medicine, Yu’er closed her eyes to meditate.

Qing Jiu leaned on her arm, resting her cheek in her hand, watching Yu’er’s face. She admired Yu’er’s delicate features—her expressive eyes, fair skin, and soft lips—finding everything about her endearing.

Quietly observing, Qing Jiu eventually let out a soft laugh, followed by a gentle sigh.

When Yu’er finished her meditation, she felt much revitalized, her circulation seemingly restored. Opening her eyes to find Qing Jiu watching her, she felt a bit embarrassed and averted her gaze.

Qing Jiu asked, “How are you feeling?”

“It’s not a serious injury, you’re all worrying too much,” Yu’er replied. With her current martial arts skills, this kind of internal injury was nothing compared to what she had experienced before.

Qing Jiu said, “Our precious jade should not be scratched by mere stones, of course, we worry.”

Something stirred in Yu’er’s heart, and lifting her head, she saw Qing Jiu’s eyes curved in a teasing smile. Yu’er pursed her lips and thought to herself, “You’re doing it again.”

Just then, they heard voices arguing outside, prompting both to look towards the door. As Yu’er started to get up, Qing Jiu approached and gently pressed her finger to Yu’er’s forehead, guiding her back down to the bed.

Qing Jiu pulled the blanket over her, stating, “You rest.” With that, she turned around and opened the door to go out.

Outside in the courtyard, a group led by Yun Wangran approached, with Jie Qianchou blocking the gate to prevent him from entering.

Yun Wangran said, “You old fool, step aside!”

As Yun Wangran moved left, Jie Qianchou mirrored his movements; when Yun shifted right, so did Jie.

Pointing at him, Yun Wangran, visibly frustrated, exclaimed, “You—” After a moment of calming himself outside, he turned back, hands clasped behind his back, and said, “I’ve come to see her, not to quarrel with you. Why do you keep stopping me?”

Jie Qianchou turned sideways to him and lazily lifted his eyelids. Under Yun Wangran’s gaze, he said, “She’s not available to see.”

“You! I!” Yun Wangran’s beard trembled as he lifted Jie Qianchou’s arm, “What’s the point of talking to you? Really!”

While Jie Qianchou and Yun Wangran were still entangled in their argument, Qing Jiu opened the door, and Hua Lian and the others crowded around, asking, “How is Yu’er?”

Before Qing Jiu could respond, she noticed Jun Lin and his group nearby and approached them, asking, “What brings you here?”

When Second Miss Jun recognized Yu’er, she also remembered Qi Tianzhu. His towering figure was unmistakable when he carried Yu’er off the stage. This incident was shared with Jun Lin who, piecing together rumors of the notable Seven Star Lord from jianghu, surmised it was them.

Seeing how Yu’er treated Qing Jiu differently in private, being quite close and affectionate, and admiring the group’s actions as they travelled from north to south, Jun Lin’s attitude was amiable and quite amicable. He said, “I came to check on that young lady’s injury. I don’t know if she…”

Qing Jiu looked over the three members of the Jun family for a moment before smiling, “It’s nothing serious. She’s already resting. Thank you for your concern, Manor Master Jun.”

Hearing this, Jun Lin let out a sigh of relief and said with a smile, “It’s good that she’s fine.”

Qing Jiu then declared loudly, “Elder Yun, you’ve heard it too. She’s already resting. If Mingjian Manor still knows any decency or morality, please don’t disturb her further and leave.”

Yun Wangran choked on his words. He had been about to speak, but Qing Jiu’s words had blocked him completely. If he kept pressing the issue, it would only make him seem even more in the wrong. For a moment, he didn’t know what to say. “I…”

After hesitating for a while, Yun Wangran sighed, “This, this—forget it! It’s our fault.”

As Yun Wangran was about to leave, Jie Qianchou blocked his way again, not letting him go. “Leaving just like that?” he asked.

Yun Wangran’s temples twitched, and he said, “You won’t let me see her, and now you won’t let me leave?”

Jie Qianchou stroked his beard and let out a heavy snort. Slowly, he said, “My precious disciple was injured, and it was after both sides had ceased fighting, by that brat’s sneak attack. What, no compensation? You think Jie Qianchou’s disciple is easy to bully?”

Yun Wangran sighed, admitting, “This time, that scoundrel really had no sense of propriety. How about this: when she wakes up, I’ll bring that scoundrel to apologize to her in person. She can deal with him as she sees fit. If she has any requests, just bring them to Mingjian Manor. Tell her Yun Wangran said so.”

Only then did Jie Qianchou’s expression ease into a smile, “Now, that sounds reasonable.”

Only then did he step aside. Yun Wangran, with his attendants, turned and left. Jun Lin, feeling it was inappropriate to stay longer, also departed.

That day, Yan Li and Mo Wen stayed at the residence in Wuwei Palace, and although Yu’er’s injuries were not severe, she remained there under Mo Wen’s care.

Qing Jiu and the others returned to Ningqing Garden as dusk was setting in, with the evening shadows deepening and a chill wind beginning to rise.

Jie Qianchou was sitting in the courtyard. When he saw Qing Jiu walking by, he waved his hand and said, “Girl, come here. I have something to tell you.”

Qing Jiu walked over with a smile and said, “If elder is looking for wine, I’m afraid it’s all gone. The wine gourd has already been given to Brother Hao.”

Jie Qianchou chuckled a couple of times and said, “With your sharp wit, you must already know why I’m calling you. Don’t play dumb here.”

Qing Jiu asked, “What does Elder want to say?”

Cutting straight to the chase, Jie Qianchou said, “You’ve figured it out, haven’t you? Yu’er’s origins?”

Qing Jiu remained silent. Jie Qianchou took her silence as affirmation and sighed deeply, “The first time I saw her, she looked familiar but I couldn’t place her. It wasn’t until we arrived at Mingjian Manor that I realized she resembles that girl Yue’er.”

Qing Jiu calmly asked, “What does Elder want to say?” It was the same question as before.

Jie Qianchou said, “What’s the rush? Sit down, and I’ll tell you slowly.”

Qing Jiu chose not to sit but instead leaned against a withered tree. The wind rustled the dry leaves, mimicking the sound of falling rain, perfectly masking their conversation.

Jie Qianchou sighed, “You clever little demon, not cute at all. I don’t know if meeting you is a blessing or a curse for Yu’er.”

Seeing Qing Jiu about to leave, Jie Qianchou quickly called out, “All right! All right! I’ll talk about serious matters! Serious matters, come back!”

“Ah! it’s all about the previous generation’s karma. Although Yan Beili is already the Manor Master of the Mingjian Manor, he’s stubborn and too honest. Moreover, Yan Siguo and Yan Jianyu are his adopted sons, not his own flesh and blood…”

Qing Jiu was slightly surprised and raised her eyebrows, asking, “Those two aren’t Yan Beili’s biological children?” Come to think of it, she had indeed never seen the Manor Master’s wife…

Jie Qianchou nodded, “Back then, Yan Beili had no choice but to take over the manor. With his personality, once he learns that Yu’er is the last of the Yun family bloodline, he will certainly want to return the manor to her.”

Qing Jiu said, “Elder, are you saying that Yan Beili wants Yu’er to inherit the Mingjian Manor?”

Jie Qianchou worriedly said, “You saw it today, Yun Wangran’s attitude towards Yu’er isn’t without reason. That old man doesn’t just come out for anyone. It’s almost a certainty.”

Qing Jiu laughed, “What’s wrong with that? She’s gained such a powerful backer out of nowhere. In the future, who would dare to bully her as she travels jianghu?”

Jie Qianchou shook his beard and said, “Are you really that oblivious, or are you just playing dumb with me? Throughout history, how many times have people turned against their own flesh and blood in pursuit of fame and fortune? Just look at the recent internal strife in Jiuxiao Manor!”

“Look at that young man in today’s competition. Hmph! He’s jealous, has a strong desire for personal gain, and is both arrogant and impulsive. If Yan Beili doesn’t handle this well… Yan Siguo is still alright and won’t say anything, but I’m afraid that brat Yan Jianyu might stir up trouble again. As they say, ‘Guard against thieves by day and night, but it’s hard to guard against those within your own household!’ And ‘It’s easy to dodge a spear in the open, but hard to guard against an arrow in the dark!’ I’m just reminding you. You have a sharp mind and are extremely smart. You can anticipate the enemy’s moves in advance. You need to be on guard. If the Mingjian Manor really produces a rebellious son who wants to kill his own kin for the sake of fame and power, my disciple follows you every day. You have to protect her well.”

“Hey! Wicked girl! This old man has said so much to you. Are you listening or not?”

Qing Jiu laughed softly, “I’m listening! I’m listening! This junior will remember it and definitely won’t let you down, Elder.”

Table of Contents

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