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Chapter 80: Wicked Disciple

Martial Arts Competition Under The Heavens (Part Twenty Five)

After Mo Wen returned to the Wuwei Palace residence, she immediately started acupuncture treatment on Wei Ran. Both Yan Li and Jiang Ying were deeply concerned and stayed in the room. Meanwhile, Jian Mobei was summoned by Yan Beili to discuss the turmoil at the manor, leaving only the three young disciples of Wuwei Palace outside.

Jian Mobei was overjoyed upon learning that there was hope for healing Wei Ran’s legs, and he eagerly gathered all the necessary herbs that Mo Wen needed for the treatment.

Originally, the disciples from Xuhuai Valley had come to treat those injured in a martial arts competition, so they naturally had a complete set of medicinal herbs. Jian Mobei went to Bai Sang for help, who readily agreed to provide the herbs as soon as they were prepared.

On the day the herbs were properly assembled, it was evident that something significant was meant to happen. Xuhuai Valley had been at a loss on how to heal Wei Ran’s leg injuries, but now a master was available. Recognizing her medical skills were inferior to her senior brother Xuan Shen, Bai Sang, now the Valley Master, took it upon herself to diligently improve her medical knowledge. She personally brought the herbs to Wuwei Palace, seeking to learn from this master.

Unaware of any past grievances between Mo Wen and Xuhuai Valley, the sight of Bai Sang personally visiting delighted the few young disciples at Wuwei Palace. They thought having Bai Sang’s assistance would ensure a better treatment, leading them to bring her to Wei Ran.

At that moment, Mo Wen was performing acupuncture on Wei Ran using Xuhuai Valley’s techniques, which caught Bai Sang’s eye.

Having been suspicious of Mo Wen from the start, seeing her use Xuhuai Valley’s acupuncture techniques confirmed her suspicions about her identity.

Jiang Ying excitedly called out, “Valley Master Bai…”

Before she could finish, Yan Li saw Bai Sang’s expression and knew something was wrong. She hurriedly tried to stop her. Bai Sang quickly moved closer to Mo Wen, reaching out to her face.

Mo Wen was in the middle of performing acupuncture on Wei Ran and couldn’t afford to make a mistake. She didn’t dare dodge. Bai Sang easily peeled off her disguise mask.

Many years had passed, and although Mo Wen’s features had matured, there hadn’t been an earth-shattering change. Moreover, the red mark on her forehead was unique in the world, making her easily recognizable.

Bai Sang glared at her, her breathing short and rapid, her usual graceful demeanor gone without a trace.

Jiang Ying noticed Bai Sang’s unusual state and, although unaware of what had transpired, was worried that it might impact Wei Ran’s treatment. Yan Li, with some knowledge of their past grievances, was even more concerned that Bai Sang’s impulsive actions could harm Mo Wen and further complicate Wei Ran’s recovery.

The two stood on either side—one protecting Wei Ran, the other shielding Mo Wen.

Bai Sang’s fair skin was flushed with anger, her fury evident, but she knew that Mo Wen was at a critical point in the acupuncture process. If there was the slightest mistake, it would harm Wei Ran. So, despite her burning anger, she restrained herself from taking action and waited for Mo Wen to finish the acupuncture.

The room was tense and silent, filled only with the sound of everyone’s breathing, adding to the oppressive atmosphere. Mo Wen felt anxious inside, but her unique constitution meant she showed no outward signs of stress, not even a drop of sweat.

As Mo Wen placed the final acupuncture needle, Bai Sang’s expression suddenly turned icy. She glanced around and noticed Wei Ran’s sword on a nearby rack. Striding over, she said, “Nephew Wei Ran, lend me your sword for a moment.” Given that Bai Sang and Jian Mobei were of the same generation and their sects shared a close relationship, it was natural for her to address Wei Ran as a nephew.

Seeing the situation taking a turn for the worse, Yan Li hurriedly stepped forward to stop her, saying, “Valley Master Bai, please calm your anger.”

Mo Wen had already taken the opportunity to slip out. She said to Jiang Ying, “Wait for an hour before removing the silver needles. Do not touch them before then.”

Jiang Ying found the situation quite odd, but before she could inquire further, Mo Wen had already run off.

Bai Sang pushed Yan Li aside and shouted, “Wicked disciple!” She immediately gave chase.

Jiang Ying muttered, “Wicked disciple?”

She looked back at Yan Li in confusion and asked, “Senior Sister, is your friend a disciple of Xuhuai Valley?”

Yan Li, visibly frustrated and unable to respond to Jiang Ying, quickly followed the others.

Mo Wen, feeling increasingly desperate, saw Bai Sang gaining on her. In her panic, she ran towards the residence of Qixian Palace, hoping to seek advice from Qing Jiu.

It was just as Qi Tianzhu stepped out that he saw her.

Qi Tianzhu, unaware of what had transpired but seeing her disguised face exposed and her striking red mark now visible, recalled from Qing Jiu that this mark was tied to her identity. He knew that if her true nature as a living Gu was discovered, it would lead to grave danger.

He had seen this mark before, in the Tomb of King Cheng. It was then that Qing Jiu had informed him about the significance of Mo Wen’s red mark and its deep connection to her identity. He understood that if her status as a Living Gu were to be revealed, it could lead to grave dangers.

With the realization that members of the Jun family were still within the courtyard, Qi Tianzhu knew he couldn’t allow Mo Wen to enter and be seen in such a state.

He grabbed his own sleeve and gave it a hard yank. With a ripping sound, the reddish-brown sleeve tore open. He tore off a long strip of cloth and handed it to Mo Wen, who was running towards him. In a low voice, he said, “Sister Mo Wen, there are people inside. Cover your forehead first.”

Mo Wen took the cloth and tied it around her forehead before rushing into the courtyard.

Yu’er had already stood up upon hearing Mo Wen’s shouts from outside. The Jun sisters, hearing the commotion, also found it unusual. They looked outside and saw a person running in distress. As soon as she saw Yu’er, she came over and grabbed her arm, shouting frantically, “Where’s Qing Jiu? Yu’er, where’s Qing Jiu?”

Seeing Mo Wen’s extreme distress, Yu’er, who had spent a long time with Qing Jiu and had learned to read Mo Wen’s emotions, could tell she was completely distraught.

Yu’er said, “Qing Jiu was summoned by Manor Master Yan and hasn’t returned yet. Mo Wen, what happened?”

Mo Wen said, “My Shishu saw through my disguise.”

Yu’er was taken aback when Mo Wen, without her disguise, confirmed her suspicion with her statement, though the context was incomplete.

Bai Sang’s abrupt entrance into the courtyard further confirmed Yu’er’s suspicions.

Qi Tianzhu couldn’t stop her. Firstly, because she was a woman and traditionally revered in their sect, and secondly, he himself greatly respected her. Thus, he didn’t dare to forcefully intervene, making it impossible to stop her.

Bai Sang, sword in hand, approached where Yu’er stood, with Mo Wen hiding behind her.

Bai Sang shouted, “You still dare to show yourself before me?”

Mo Wen poked her head out from behind Yu’er and said weakly, “Shishu…”

Bai Sang’s voice was stern, “Silence! Who is your shishu? You are no longer a disciple of Xuhuai Valley!”

Bai Sang’s long sword was pointed straight at Mo Wen. As Mo Wen was hiding behind Yu’er, the sword was aimed at Yu’er.

Jun Ruyu frowned. Although she didn’t know what grudge existed between Bai Sang and that woman, the sword’s blade was shining directly at Yu’er. If Bai Sang’s hand slipped, it might injure Yu’er. Thus, she tried to persuade her, “Valley Master Bai, please, let’s talk this out. Put away the sword; it would be unfortunate to hurt someone by mistake.”

Bai Sang said to the few of them, “This matter doesn’t concern you. Step aside.”

Usually composed in crisis due to her strong capabilities, Mo Wen was, in this instance, visibly flustered.

Yu’er thought to herself that Mo Wen’s martial arts were not weak, and with Qing Jiu and the others also in the manor, even if they fought, they wouldn’t lose to Bai Sang. Why then did she seem so fearful, almost childlike in her retreat? It must be, Yu’er deduced, that Mo Wen, having long been under Bai Sang’s imposing influence, felt both respect and fear for her, and now faced with confrontation, she could only try to avoid her.

It should be known that although Mo Wen appeared solemn and stern, she was actually gentle and soft-hearted. She was afraid of Yan Li and listened to Qing Jiu’s words. It wasn’t difficult to imagine what kind of person she used to be.

Yu’er spoke up, “Valley Master Bai, regardless of the grudge between you and Mo Wen, this is Mingjian Manor. During the martial arts competition, there is a rule to temporarily set aside grudges and refrain from fighting outside the competition. Valley Master Bai, pointing your sword at others is truly inappropriate.”

“Mo Wen?” Bai Sang let out a cold laugh and said, “Mo Qingyan, you despicable thing, get over here now!”

At that moment, Yan Li, Zelan, and Zi zi entered the courtyard. Yan Li had sent a disciple from Wuwei Palace to fetch Qing Jiu and others, hoping these two, remembering past kindnesses, would speak on Mo Wen’s behalf.

Arriving just in time to hear this normally graceful and dignified woman berating someone, not only were the people in the courtyard stunned, but Zelan and Zizhi were also frozen in place.

Just how deep was the grudge and resentment for their gentle and refined master to curse someone like that?

Mo Wen recoiled in shock, hesitantly moving forward.

With her sword still aimed at her, Bai Sang sternly asked, “Do you remember what I told you back in the valley?”

Mo Wen was silent for a moment. After a long while, she said softly, “Today, I will spare your life. The next time we meet, I will show no mercy…”

Mo Wen glanced at Bai Sang and imitated her icy tone, “From this day forward, you are no longer a disciple of my Xuhuai Valley. You have no connection with me or the Xuhuai Valley.”

Zizhi, who was listening on the side, said in a daze, “So this person is Senior Sister Mo.”

Zelan was still confused, still trying to piece together the story.

Bai Sang said, “Good! Meeting you again today, even the heavens do not allow a wicked disciple like you who poisoned our master to continue living in this world! I’ll take your life today to rid our sect of a menace. Do you have anything to say?”

With that, she thrust her sword towards Mo Wen, but Yan Li quickly wrapped the back of the sword hilt with her whisk, pulling it aside and blocking the attack.

Yu’er quickly intervened, “Valley Master Bai, you spared her life before, which means her crime is not unforgivable. Now, for the sake of the World Martial Arts Competition, please put away your sword. Attacking her here breaches the competition’s rules and could tarnish Xuhuai Valley’s reputation. Moreover, with the current chaos in the manor, we must unite against external threats, not fight among ourselves. Any grievances can be settled down the mountain after the competition, which would be proper and unobstructed.”

Yu’er wanted to stall until the end of the martial arts competition and ‘escape quickly,’ as Qing Jiu had said. Mo Wen cherished this person very much and was willing to risk being discovered to stay behind for her sake. She certainly wouldn’t want to harm her. Once the competition was over, they could secretly leave, avoiding any conflicts.

Bai Sang was slightly swayed but still insisted, “This is an internal matter of my valley. It’s none of your concern!”

Yu’er mused on the contradiction in Valley Master Bai’s behavior. She noted how Bai Sang seemed to be caught in her own anger, creating contradictions in her stance. Bai Sang refused to recognize Mo Wen as a disciple of Xuhuai Valley and wouldn’t permit her to use the term shishu, yet she insisted on treating the situation as a valley matter, continuously labeling Mo Wen as a wicked disciple.

Bai Sang refused to back down, and her sword showed no mercy in the exchange. Zelan and Zizhi, seeing their master’s resolve, worried that she really intended to take Mo Wen’s life.

Without much thought, Zelan rashly stepped in front of her, blocking Bai Sang’s sword from fully extending.

Bai Sang frowned and commanded, “Zelan, step aside.”

Her newer disciples, not having grown up in Xuhuai Valley, were more impulsive. Bai Sang adjusted her sword slightly, wary of Zelan’s recklessness causing unintended harm.

Zelan pleaded, “Master, when the village was dealing with the Gu poison, we couldn’t have handled it without her help. Senior Sister can testify to that. They even saved this disciple’s life.”

Zizhi also stepped forward and said, “Master, Junior Sister is right. When the villagers were poisoned with Gu, it was Miss Mo Wen who protected us, allowing the disciples of Xuhuai Valley to escape unharmed.”

Neither of them dared to directly persuade Bai Sang to stop, knowing the gravity of her accusation of “poisoning the master.” Without full knowledge of the situation, they refrained from rashly defending Mo Wen.

However, having spent time with Mo Wen and others, they knew her to be a person of good nature, and her assistance had indeed been genuine. They hoped their testimony would soften their master’s heart and prompt her to reconsider her actions.

Bai Sang’s sword lowered, her chest heaving, as she remained silent for a long time.

Mo Wen softly called out, “Shishu…”

Bai Sang turned around and shouted sternly again, “Don’t call me Shishu!”

Mo Wen lowered her eyes and said nothing more.

Bai Sang gritted her teeth and said in a low voice, “Mo Qingyan, you really are…”

Whatever she meant to say remained unsaid. With a fierce gesture, she threw her sword to the ground and stormed off, leaving in anger.

Table of Contents

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The Meralda
The Meralda
5 days ago

Translator, is there any special meaning to the name “Wen” that Mo Qingyan chose to go by Mo Wen instead?

5 days ago
Reply to  The Meralda

I was pretty curious myself so I went ahead and checked in on the original source

Mo Wen ”莫问”
The first hanzi means something along ”Nature scenery”…
The second hanzi though is the hanzi for ”question mark (?)”.

When you enter the full name on google translate it gives you the translation ”Don’t ask” which is funny but I’m really not sure if it’s accurate…

5 days ago
Reply to  The Meralda

Just found out, 问 mainly means ”to inquire” or examine so maybe not ”question mark” like I originally thought

The Meralda
The Meralda
4 days ago
Reply to  Anon

Thank you for looking into it further. Although it didn’t end out being the case, I kinda like “don’t ask” ><

4 days ago

Thanks for the chapter. Hmm it’s fortunate that the martial arts competition is happening otherwise it might have been slaughter. It’s funny that like every sect master/higher up’s rebellious disciple is a part of the seven lol.