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Chapter 108

The green mountain had a subtle spiritual energy, leading Gu Fuyou to think it was unclaimed territory. However, as they crossed a mountain stream, the spiritual energy became richer, and they faintly spotted a sect entrance halfway up another peak.

It turned out they had landed on the outskirts of the mountain. Observing the scene, Gu Fuyou surmised there must be a cultivation sect within this green mountain. After a brief moment of thought, she, while assisting the injured Zhong Michu, made the decision to head towards the entrance of the sect.

They had only taken a few steps when Zhong Michu pulled her abruptly. Gu Fuyou stumbled a step forward, then stopped. Turning around, she looked at Zhong Michu in confusion. “What’s wrong? Can’t walk anymore? I said I’d carry you.”

Zhong Michu walked unsteadily, even though Gu Fuyou had suggested carrying her, Zhong Michu firmly declined.

Gu Fuyou couldn’t help but think it was a matter of pride for Zhong Michu. She had carried her once before, after all, but given the passage of time and Zhong Michu’s drunken state back then, it’s likely she didn’t remember.

Zhong Michu didn’t speak but simply looked at her. In return, Gu Fuyou stared back intently. Their eyes locked in an intense, wordless exchange that lingered in the air. This silent communication was only broken when a gentle breeze whispered through the leaves, rustling them and bringing a new sound to the moment.

Gu Fuyou sensed Zhong Michu’s unasked question, ‘Why are we going up the mountain?’ She pondered the reason. Was it revenge for the pain she had inflicted on Zhong Michu days ago? Or perhaps Zhong Michu took pleasure in watching her struggle to stay composed, her face flushed.

In situations like these, Gu Fuyou frequently found herself overcome with a playful urge to tease Zhong Michu. She noticed Zhong Michu’s hesitation and couldn’t help but grin mischievously, her red eyes sparkling with a hint of mischief. Leaning into the moment, she playfully suggested, “Let’s go rob them.”

Zhong Michu wore a confused expression, prompting Gu Fuyou to clarify. “We’re both wounded and need to find somewhere to rest before we can continue to the Eastern Sea. Otherwise, we might not be able to defend ourselves if we encounter Qing Zhe or anyone from the other three sects on the way.”

With a playful tilt of her head and a teasing smile, Gu Fuyou added, “Just imagine, Your Majesty, it would be like a Dragon being toyed with by shrimps in shallow waters.”

Zhong Michu had reached the peak of Soul Splitting stage and had cultivated both internally and externally, and now with Gengchen returned, could probably face anyone other than Qing Zhe and Di Jun. Despite her youth, she already towered above her peers.

Gu Fuyou felt that after being the Dragon King for so many years, even if Zhong Michu was typically detached from desires, there must be a bit of pride deep within. It was one thing to be defeated by Qing Zhe due to the disparity in strength, but it would be quite humiliating for her to be defeated by some unknown junior on the road while still recovering.

It seemed Zhong Michu understood Gu Fuyou’s point, so when they began their mountain ascent, she released her grip on her.

At the mountain gate, two disciples guarded the entrance. Inside, a long table was set up, and someone lounged on an armchair, legs propped up on the table, head tilted back, obscuring their face.

As the guards spotted the approaching duo, one of them called out, “Who goes there?”

Supporting Zhong Michu, Gu Fuyou paused on the steps, forcing her to look up at the two guards. She said, “Junior cultivators, my friend is injured. We seek temporary shelter in your esteemed sect for rest. If you have a healer, we would appreciate their assistance in examining her injuries. As fellow cultivators, we request your aid and would be eternally grateful.”

Not everyone could recognize the distinct features of the Dragon and Azure Phoenix Clan at first glance. Thinking that the two of them might have recently engaged in a battle and that taking them in could attract their enemies, the sect disciple hastily waved them off, “Go away, go away. This is a place for quiet cultivation, not an inn. You can’t just come and go as you please.”

Upon hearing the commotion, the man lounging in the large chair casually tilted his head. He lazily lifted an eyelid to sneak a peek, but the sight of the two women caught him off guard. In an instant, he shifted to sit upright, setting his feet down and fully opening his eyes for a better look. His gaze fixed intently on the pair, and yet, he appeared eager to lean in for an even closer observation.

He pushed back the disciple who had spoken earlier, admonishing in a stern voice, “What nonsense! When a fellow cultivator is in trouble, how can we stand by and watch?”


This man approached Gu Fuyou and Zhong Michu, admiring their beauty, and said with a grin, “This lady seems injured. I know a bit of medicine, let me take a look…”

As he spoke, he tried to grasp Zhong Michu’s wrist. Gu Fuyou, supporting Zhong Michu, sidestepped him with a teasing smile, “You’re not qualified to examine her. Call your sect leader.”

Originally, she had intended to be polite. But knowing the ways of this world, very few sects were truly benevolent. It’s rare to come across a sect leader as reasonable as Ji Chaoling. Most were either self-preserving, opportunistic, lacking integrity, or like the Three Immortal Sects, openly righteous but secretly hypocritical. And the worst of them all, like Xu Ling Sect, which brazenly pursued its desires, demanding submission from all.

Such is the moral standard at the pinnacle of the cultivation world. How much better can the lesser sects be when corruption runs deep in their bones?

That’s why when she initially mentioned “robbing,” she wasn’t entirely joking.

Now, her patience and empathy weren’t what they used to be. If the sect was willing to offer shelter, that would be acceptable. But if not, she didn’t have the luxury of time to search elsewhere. She was fully prepared to force her way into the sect to find a suitable place for Zhong Michu to heal and to stand guard over her – tasks she knew she could handle.

Zhong Michu’s arm hung at her side. When Gu Fuyou moved her away, the pale, delicate wrist swayed, momentarily dazzling the man.

He swallowed hard, momentarily forgetting to take offense at Gu Fuyou’s disdain. He responded, “The sect leader is very busy and has no time for visitors. If you wish to heal here, I can make arrangements.”

With a grin, he added, “But not just anyone is allowed into our sect. If you wish to enter, there might be some conditions…”

“Speaking of which,” he reached out his hand towards Zhong Michu again.

Before he could touch her, a chilling voice said, “Don’t touch her.” He suddenly felt as if a mountain was pressing down on his back, his limbs weak and powerless, and with a thud, he fell to the ground. The disciple guarding the door also collapsed.

This man felt as if his head had been struck hard, buzzing and unable to get up. It was then he realized that he was suppressed by the opponent’s spiritual power.

Their sect was remote, and it had been a hundred years since a powerful figure had visited. He couldn’t discern their cultivation level and assumed they were intentionally hiding it. Little did he know, his limited vision failed to recognize a person of immense power, whose spiritual energy was as vast as the ocean, beyond his imagination.

He trembled all over, wanting to beg for mercy, but couldn’t find his voice.

The other disciple who was still standing was terrified. After a long moment, he regained his senses and ran towards the sect entrance, shouting as he went, “The sect is under attack! The sect is under attack!”

Gu Fuyou snorted coldly and, supporting Zhong Michu, entered the sect gate.

Before long, disciples gathered, and the Sect Leader, accompanied by elders, rushed out.

This was a minor sect located in Beizhou. The sect leader was only at the Golden Core stage, and most of the disciples were still at the Qi-Training stage. Even if the two of them were seriously injured and near death, dealing with these people was just a wave of their hand. Even the entire spiritual mountain could not withstand their might.

The Sect Leader, unable to discern their cultivation levels, relied on his keen intuition. A mix of terror and awe washed over him as he sensed the spiritual power they unintentionally exuded, draining him of any will to resist. Deep down, he harbored a growing fear that their arrival signified an intention to take over the sect.

When he learned that the two only sought a place to heal, the Sect Leader readily agreed, though he served them with caution. He took it upon himself to lead them to a spiritual cave, ensuring their comfort. Not stopping there, he also arranged for a healer and supplied healing pills to aid in their recovery.

Zhong Michu settled herself on the stone bed, focusing on recuperating and gathering her spiritual energy. Meanwhile, Gu Fuyou stood watch at the cave entrance. Outside, the sect leader and elders lingered, not daring to depart, a silent testament to the gravity of the situation.

The sect leader said, “Senior, one of our disciples was disrespectful and offended you. I’ve ordered him to be brought here. How would you like him to be punished?”

Gu Fuyou coldly glanced at the man. Just thinking about those hands touching Zhong Michu ignited a fire in her, causing her face and back to sweat. A cold, fierce red light flashed in her eyes, and she was about to blurt out, “Cut off his hands.”

But she suddenly hesitated, stopping herself. She rubbed her brow.

The sect leader inquired, “Senior?”

Gu Fuyou responded with a muffled voice, “He is your disciple, deal with him as you see fit. You may go now.”

“Understood.” The group paid their respects and departed down the mountain path.

Gu Fuyou watched their retreating figures, feeling a cloud of unease settling over her heart.

For some reason, she suddenly understood a bit of the reasons behind the Four Immortals Sect’s deviation from its original intentions, leading to its current state.

Power and authority truly were addictive. Even she had unconsciously become accustomed to others’ obedience and submission.

Gu Fuyou leaned her head against the mountain wall. The cold stone helped her calm down.

“If those who follow me prosper and those who oppose me perish, if I act as I please, unbridled and unrestrained, will there come a day when I, too, become so immersed in power that my inner ferocity grows unchecked? Could I turn into someone like the Zuo family, or worse, a madman who kills in a fit of rage whenever displeased?”

“If I died now, I wouldn’t have to worry about what I might become.”

She turned to look inside the cave.

“But now, I want to live longer.”

Zhong Michu had been meditating with her eyes closed for several days. Gu Fuyou sat by her side, and though she had nothing to do, she didn’t feel bored.

It often rained on this spiritual mountain. She would sit by the cave, watching Zhong Michu, listening to the rain outside, and she could sit still for an entire day.

Since the fall of the Thirty-Three Skies, the burning pain she felt in her heart had eased considerably. That agonizing feeling, as if a piece of her heart was missing, no longer tormented her.

She no longer had sudden bursts of anger, perhaps because there was no one around to provoke her anger.

One sunny day, she went down to the sect to wander around. Accidentally, she stumbled upon an elder holding a scroll, who was hastily looking for the sect leader while discussing something discreetly.

They whispered secrets. She laughed after hearing part of their conversation, took out the Yan’er Bell, and cast an illusion that enveloped the entire sect.

Everyone in the sect was trapped in the illusion, oblivious to their surroundings.

She returned to the spiritual cave. Zhong Michu had already opened her eyes.

She said with a smile, “Just in time.”

Zhong Michu asked, “What happened?”

Her voice returned to normal, and Gu Fu You couldn’t help feeling disappointed. “Guess what I just overheard?”

Zhong Michu looked at her, signaling for her to continue.

“Across the five continents and four seas, everyone is searching for you and me! Ha! Zhong Michu, I, Gu Fuyou, have become famous!” It turned out that the elder was holding a portrait of both Gu Fuyou and Zhong Michu. The message spread by the Three Immortals Sect claimed that an evil spirit had taken over the body of the Qingluan sage, using her name to wreak havoc, causing significant harm. Nanzhou already had fallen into their hands. If anyone had any information, they were advised not to alarm the spirit but to inform the Immortals Sects immediately and not to underestimate the situation.

Previously, she was known by the name of Qing Jun. Even though she had taken over Nanzhou, everyone believed it was Qing Jun who did so. Now, her own name, Gu Fuyou, was also widely known, albeit infamously.

Zhong Michu glanced at her with a somewhat helpless expression.

Gu Fuyou didn’t know if this was the original intention of the Three Immortals Sect or if the message had been distorted during transmission. The elder also mentioned that this evil spirit had kidnapped the Dragon King of the Four Seas.

Gu Fuyou couldn’t help but laugh to herself.

Gu Fuyou walked over to the stone bed and sat beside Zhong Michu, lounging casually.

Nanzhou was searching for them out of concern. On the other hand, the Four Seas’ pursuit stemmed from worries about the Dragon King’s wellbeing. She pondered whether these groups might be swayed by the rumors to genuinely believe she had kidnapped the Dragon King. As for the others who were after them, it seemed likely they were motivated by the desire to use her, the so-called evil spirit, for their own gain.

Gu Fuyou’s mouth turned down in dissatisfaction. Why was it that they fought together, yet Zhong Michu’s reputation remained unaffected?

Gu Fuyou looked at Zhong Michu, grinning, “Zhong Michu, once again, both of us are wanted throughout the Four Continents.”

Zhong Michu appeared calm, seemingly unbothered by the news.

Gu Fuyou, with her crimson eyes, tried to frighten her: “This time, without the Qilin Narrow, you’re more valuable than me. Dragon horns, blood, and bones can be used in medicine; scales, claws, and tendons can make magical artifacts; Dragon meat can be eaten raw. Even those golden beast-like eyes of yours could be collected and toyed with. If they capture you, they’ll flay and debone you, slowly cutting away your flesh, leaving no bones behind. Or perhaps they’ll lock you in a cage, chain you up, and, Your Majesty, the mighty Dragon King, will be reduced to a mere spectacle for people’s amusement.”

Gu Fuyou moved closer, cradling Zhong Michu’s face with her hands, chuckling, “Are you scared?”

Zhong Michu’s expression softened. She gently held onto Gu Fuyou’s hands, gazing tenderly into her eyes, and whispered, “I’m not.”

Though the words seemed like an answer to the question, Gu Fuyou oddly felt that they were meant for her, as if Zhong Michu was telling her, “Don’t be afraid.”

For some reason, those tender words, that simple “I’m not,” struck Gu Fuyou deeply. A sudden lump formed in her throat, and she felt a sting in her nose. Memories of fleeing, capture, and imprisonment, of losing everything, rushed back.

Back then, she was consumed by pain, an endless abyss of it. When she finally awoke, that pain turned to boundless hatred. She had never truly thought of the tragedy of her situation until now.

But in this moment, under Zhong Michu’s gentle gaze, she suddenly felt the weight of those times, and the unfairness of it all.

Tears silently rolled down her cheeks, and she confessed, “But I am scared, Zhong Michu.”

“I fear that our time is short, and soon, we might be separated forever. I fear being trapped, isolated from the world, with my wings broken, forever a prisoner of others, never seeing the sun again. I’m a talkative person, but in a room with only my own voice, I have no one to talk to.”

“I’m scared, yet the thought of dying is even more terrifying. The fear of being branded, losing the freedom to even sit or stand on my own, haunts me. I feel like livestock, marked for slaughter, with each day stripping away a piece of me. My flesh is cut away, my dignity trampled upon, and my backbone slowly erodes. I’m afraid that one day, I too will give in and willingly become a slave.”

She had never shared these feelings with anyone. Even when she learned of Gu Huaiyou’s death, she hadn’t felt this vulnerable. But now, she wanted to express all her grievances, longing for someone to feel pity for her, to hold her close and cherish her.

Her emotions ran wild, her words a chaotic stream, but Zhong Michu understood, she understood it all.

Zhong Michu’s heart clenched with empathy, her gaze filled with compassion as she caressed Gu Fuyou’s cheek, wiping the tears from the corner of her eye. “It won’t happen again, I’m here, and it will never be like that again,” she said softly.

She gently said, “Don’t be afraid.”

The two were incredibly close. As Gu Fuyou looked up, her eyes were blurry with tears, while Zhong Michu’s eyes were gently downcast, full of tenderness and love.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Gu Fuyou found herself yearning to grasp the lifeline in front of her, to embrace Zhong Michu tightly in her arms. Meanwhile, Zhong Michu, touched by a surge of compassion, felt a deep desire to be there for her, silently vowing to stand by her side and prevent her from facing the abyss of madness alone again.

Their gazes intertwined, holding each other in a moment that seemed to suspend time, as if they were unable to look away. Their breaths mingled in the air, and almost in unison, they leaned in closer, their lips meeting in a tender kiss.

It felt soft, as if touching a warm cloud.

Initially, their kiss was a gentle exploration, a light tasting filled with insatiable curiosity that gradually deepened into a more passionate embrace.

In their eagerness, they tumbled onto the stone bed, fumbling as they tried to undress each other. Their impatience made the task challenging, their breaths quickened, and before long, they were both enveloped in a fragrant sweat.

Gu Fuyou, exerting some effort, managed to tear open Zhong Michu’s belt, causing her clothes to fall away and reveal her skin, fair and smooth like jade. Zhong Michu responded by placing her hands on either side of Gu Fuyou, her collarbones exposed, delicate and graceful like the wings of a butterfly.

As Gu Fuyou softly exhaled, a quiet “Ah” escaped her lips. In that moment, she snapped back to reality, suddenly self-conscious about her own eagerness. A deep blush spread across her face, adding to her charm. Her eyes, whether bright with desire or tinged with shyness, appeared even more striking.

Zhong Michu gazed into Gu Fuyou’s eyes and suddenly froze, stunned.

Gu Fuyou, still undressing her, noticed her stillness and asked somewhat discontentedly, “What’s wrong?”

Zhong Michu leaned down, embracing her, resting in her arms.

Gu Fuyou found herself in an awkward position, feeling a sense of unease. As she supported Zhong Michu’s head, a wave of anxiety washed over her. She couldn’t help but worry that perhaps Zhong Michu had been momentarily swayed by temptation…

With concern, she inquired, “Are you feeling alright?”

Zhong Michu replied, “I’m in pain, I have injuries,” her voice slightly hoarse with emotion.

She thought of Qing Jun.

It felt as though Qing Jun knew everything Gu Fuyou had experienced, as if she had been watching all along. If she were here now…

Logically, she might also know.

The idea that someone else might be witnessing their intimate moment made it impossible for Zhong Michu to simply ignore it and continue casually.

Gu Fuyou was slow to process, “What? Your injury hasn’t fully healed?” Of course, after taking so many thunderbolts, even with Zhong Michu’s formidable dragon physique, she couldn’t be completely unscathed. Zhong Michu couldn’t just be experiencing minor symptoms like unsteady walking or unclear speech.

“So… so…” They had stopped halfway, cooling off, which felt even more embarrassing than if they had gone all the way. Gu Fuyou felt she couldn’t face anyone with her current flushed state.

Gu Fuyou wanted to suggest, “Maybe next time.” But no matter how thick-skinned she was, she couldn’t bring herself to say it.

She had been partly swayed by Zhong Michu’s beauty, and she believed Zhong Michu had felt something similar.

Just as Gu Fuyou was about to complete her thought, a ticklish sensation interrupted her. It was Zhong Michu, gently biting her shoulder, almost as if she was playfully grinding her teeth against it. This unexpected gesture made Gu Fuyou burst into laughter, even as she playfully tried to wriggle away.

Zhong Michu firmly held Gu Fuyou in place, preventing her from moving. When Gu Fuyou reached out to grab her wrist, she was struck by a sudden realization – Zhong Michu’s body was unusually hot. Normally, Zhong Michu’s body temperature ran lower, making Gu Fuyou, who was naturally warmer, feel cool to the touch when they made contact.

Panicking, Gu Fuyou said, “You’re so hot! Is it because of the injury…?”

Zhong Michu, not looking at her from the beginning, made it impossible for Gu Fuyou to see her face. Zhong Michu said, “No, it’s always like this.”

Gu Fuyou took a moment to grasp what Zhong Michu meant by “always like this.” It slowly dawned on her that Dragons typically behaved “like this” when aroused. Being creatures of intense passion, dragons exhibited this trait naturally. And while Zhong Michu was certainly unique, she couldn’t completely shed her inherent instincts.

“So, you…”

“Just let me bite you, it’ll be better in a while,” Zhong Michu’s voice softened, almost pleading.

Gu Fuyou sighed, silently giving her permission. A sharp pain shot through her shoulder as Zhong Michu bit down harder than expected.

Gu Fuyou gazed silently at the cave ceiling, lost in thought. She had sought comfort initially, but somehow, the roles had reversed, and she found herself offering comfort to someone else in this unexpectedly awkward situation.

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