The Dragon

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Chinese Title: 见龙

Genre: Girls Love, Xanxia, Historical

Author: 太阳菌

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Everyone says "like father, like son", but Gu Fuyou has mediocre talent. So mediocre that when people see her, they mock her, wondering how Gu Wanpeng could have such a daughter.

She was so ordinary until she was accepted into the Xuan Miao Sect, with some suspecting that Gu Wanpeng pulled strings for her behind the scenes.

During a beast-taming class, the master was teaching disciples how to summon spirit beasts.

Someone, trying to mock her, chuckled, "I've heard your father's golden spirit bird can attain the nascent soul stage. Like father, like daughter, right? I bet the spirit beast you summon will be equally impressive."

She started the summoning formation, but there was no movement for a long time.

Everyone laughed, "She can't even summon the lowest-level young beast." This was beyond mediocrity; it was downright useless.

Suddenly, the formation emitted a blinding light, and fog covered the ground. Everyone gasped in surprise.

She summoned something, not a bird or beast, but a living person.

This person was the unparalleled genius of Xuan Miao Sect.

Even she didn't expect it, and the summoned person looked equally bewildered.

In a sudden impulse, she used her ring finger's blood to mark the person's forehead and named her 'Nanzhu Jun'.

The master intervened, shouting, "Stop, she's your senior sister!"

But it was too late; they had already formed a pact.



  1. Potus Alex says:

    Please update more chapters. Let me read the whole story. I love this story.

  2. Eli says:

    Thank you for the translations. If needed, take your time!

  3. Ri-E says:

    I’ll be waiting for a new chapter, thank you for translating this amazing writing.

  4. Seth says:

    Thank you so much for this

  5. Alex POTUS says:

    In my imagination, Fan Bingbing as Michu, and Dilraba Dilmurat as Fuyou/Qing Jun. 
    Two beautiful Chinese actresses I know and love!

  6. Novelreader16 says:

    Hey dragontl team, thanks for the amazing job and translation for all us folks that can’t read it in the original text! The translations were beautifully done! Wondering if I could help support you guys somehow! Tried to send an email to your contact but didn’t work

    1. admin says:

      Hi! Thank you for trying to contact us. I wasn’t able to receive your message because I forgot to test whether the email forwarding feature was working when I first set it up in my domain registrar. It should be working now!

      For now, we are not seeking any financial compensation :). You can help us by sharing our tled novels with more readers!

      We will probably start releasing the next novel in February.

      1. Novelreader16 says:

        No worries, I’d be happy to make a donation whenever. I know it also costs money to get certain chapters through the original page! Appreciate all that you guys do. Thank you again!

      2. HarRigTab says:

        I’m with Novelreader16, I was looking around your site for a way to support a little to say Thanks for the Effort & Time to make these novels available for us to read properly. I’ll keep an eye out later & pass the word on the site.

  7. yuki says:

    I just finished this. So good! Thanks for the translation! <3 <3 <3

  8. Hannah says:

    Hey 🙂 I wanted to ask what the name of the novel would be in pinyin, since i couldn’t seem to find it anywhere. Thanks for all your work in translating this! I’m glad I found it just now, when the translation was already complete, so I can binge read it now. I’ve been hoping to find a lesbian xianxia novel and this makes me so happy <3

    1. N says:


  9. Niq says:

    I’m reading through your translation first before I read the original text and I’m OBSESSED. Thank you for your work already I’m loving this so much

  10. Kate says:

    The fact that I would have missed out on such a good novel if it weren’t for people wanting to put effort into translating and even sharing it for free. Translators are truly invaluable! Thanks so much for the amazing work, I really enjoyed reading this

  11. MatrixM says:

    I’ve been REALLY enjoying this author’s writing style and your translation of it. It feels so cinematic and flows so well. If this ever becomes a Chinese Drama I 100% would watch cos I know the translation to screen would be so simple to write.

    Please consider translating this author’s other works. I was genuinely sad when novelupdates had no info on this author writing anything else and mistakenly thought it meant she only wrote one novel and then stopped.
    I just found out she has quite a few stories from the below reddit post
    I’m especially interested in the last one, where the mc is a farmer pioneer on a new, uninhabited world.

    Thanks for the work you’ve all done so far. I’ve not read the other series you’ve TLed yet, but I’ve already been recommending The Dragon to internet strangers on reddit.

    1. admin says:

      Don’t worry. I’ll be releasing another book of hers soon.

      1. MatrixM says:

        Oh wow, you replied fast! Thanks, I’m really looking forward to it!

  12. N says:

    Hi, I wanted to ask about your translation process- was this done by hand or using mtl?

    Thank you for your time!

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