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Chapter 40

How Can One Find a Perfect Solution in this world? 

Gu Fuyou covered her shoulder and, without bothering to put on shoes, jumped off the bed and walked a few steps to her dressing table. She opened her collar slightly to see the bite mark on her shoulder in the mirror.

Her face flushed crimson. She covered her face with both hands, crouching on the floor and letting out a trembling, soft shriek, “Aaaaaah!”

Who knew that could happen?

Her mind swirled in confusion for a while before she managed to compose herself.

After composing herself and freshening up her appearance, she left the room.

Earlier, she had arranged for Zhong Michu to stay in her courtyard. Their residences were just around the corner from each other.

Standing in front of Zhong Michu’s door, Gu Fuyou’s gaze darted left and right, her demeanor hesitant. Her ears turned a deep shade of red. After gathering her courage, she took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

Waiting for Zhong Michu’s response felt like an eternity.

No answer came.

Gu Fuyou knocked again. Silence echoed from inside. She pressed her ear to the door and called out, “Senior Sister Zhong?”

She stepped back, looking at the closed door, wondering aloud, “Is she not here?”

It was Zhong Michu’s first time at her house. If she wasn’t in her room and hadn’t come to see her, where could she have gone?

After pondering for a moment, Gu Fuyou decided to head towards the residence of Gu Huaiyou.

On her way, she had to pass through the martial arts training ground.

Walking along the path outside the wall, she heard the sounds of a duel and grew curious.

Who was sparring at this hour?

She entered through a side gate and immediately saw two figures, one in black and one in white, engaged in a sword duel. Their movements were swift and elegant, captivating to watch.

A young boy in a brocade robe, with his hair tied up in a traditional topknot, was jumping and cheering at the side of the platform, shouting, “Sister is so skilled!”

Gu Fuyou approached and called out, “Yi’er.”

Upon hearing her voice, Yi’er turned around, his face lighting up with joy. “Auntie!”

He ran over, taking Gu Fuyou’s hand and said, “Mother said you were back. I wanted to see you, but she told me not to disturb your rest. Auntie, I missed you so much.”

Gu Fuyou affectionately ruffled his hair, smiling as she replied, “Auntie missed you too.”

Yi’er tugged Gu Fuyou to the edge of the platform, motioning for her to come closer for a whispered conversation.

Bending over with a smile, Gu Fuyou leaned in and asked, “What is it?”

Yi’er pointed to the person on the platform and whispered, “Auntie, I heard from father that the lady up there is your friend.”

“Yes, she is.”

“She’s so pretty.”

Gu Fuyou raised an eyebrow, “You little rascal.”

She stood straight, crossing her arms, watching her elder brother spar with Zhong Michu.

Yi’er added, “This is the first time I’ve seen someone spar with father for so long.”

Gu Shuangqing practiced sword cultivation, having reached the initial stage of Nascent Soul, with considerable knowledge in swordsmanship. Although he was more experienced than Zhong Michu, their bout was friendly, and he didn’t suppress her with his superior skills, making it a fair match.

Gu Fuyou tilted her head toward Yi’er and said, “She’s considered the number one beauty in our sect.”


Gu Fuyou chuckled, “She’s younger than your father. By the time she reaches his age, she’ll be even more powerful. Eventually, she’ll even become the sect leader.”

Yi’er’s round eyes shone brightly, his tiny hands clenched into fists, filled with admiration, “Wow!”

Gu Fuyou, noticing Yi’er’s admiration, mischievously asked, “Yi’er, isn’t she pretty?”

Yi’er nodded, “Yes!”

“And is she strong?”


“Do you want her?”

“I Do.”

Gu Fuyou laughed teasingly, striking a pose, “She’s mine.”

“Auntie, auntie, can you give her to me?”


“When I grow up, I want to marry her.”

“No way.”

“Why not?”

Gu Fuyou crouched down, pinching his cheek, “Because she’s mine and should always be by my side.”

Yi’er pondered for a moment and then asked, “Is she your bride, Auntie?”

“Hmm.” Gu Fuyou’s features twisted in thought. When asked, she realized that it was hard to describe her relationship with Zhong Michu in a few words: “No. But her relationship with my aunt is even closer than that of a married couple. You wouldn’t understand even if I explained.”

Children always have questions, and Yi’er asked with confusion, “If she’s not auntie’s bride, why does she always stay by auntie’s side?”

Even though it was a child’s innocent question, it struck right at Gu Fuyou’s heart.

She paused, her gaze drifting to Zhong Michu.

On the stage, spiritual energy was surging, and the wind blew Zhong Michu’s hair across her forehead. Gu Fuyou was momentarily lost in thought.

Indeed, the sect leader and Elder Liuhe were searching for a way to break the bond with the spirit beast. That bond would eventually be broken.

By then, she would no longer have someone constantly by her side.

While she was deep in thought, the match on the stage had concluded. Zhong Michu was bested by a single move.

Gu Shuangqing sheathed his sword, laughing, “I’ve long heard of Miss Zhong’s reputation. After our match today, I can see it’s well-deserved. What a pleasure.”

Zhong Michu humbly replied, “My skills are modest. I appreciate the kindness.”

Gu Shuangqing chuckled, “Miss Zhong, you are too modest. I only managed to best you by a single move because I have over a century’s worth of experience more than you. I believe it won’t be long before I might be the one losing.”

Gu Fuyou pulled a face, “Big Brother, Miss Zhong is my guest. It’s not hospitable to challenge her to a sword fight so early in the morning.”

“Ah, Man,” Gu Shuangqing jumped off the stage, cupping her face to examine it with a smile, “Let me see, have you lost or gained weight during your time at Xuan Miao Sect?”

Pulling away from him, Gu Fuyou feigned disgust, “You’re all sweaty. Don’t touch me.”

Dressed in deep blue attire, with long eyebrows and starry eyes, Gu Shuangqing looked exceptionally handsome.

When Gu Wanpeng was not around, Gu Shuangqing managed the affairs of the city. He was adept both in literature and martial arts, possessing a cheerful demeanor unlike most scholars. “Father always mentioned that Miss Zhong excels in both internal and external cultivation, especially in swordsmanship. He reminded me never to neglect my practice. When I heard Miss Zhong was visiting, I was eager to spar with her.”

He continued, gesturing to the sun, “Besides, it’s not early anymore. It’s past mid-morning, third sister. I wanted to inform you and invite Miss Zhong, but you were deep asleep. I hadn’t met Miss Zhong before, so I asked Huaiyou to introduce us. I even wanted to wake you up to accompany our guest, but Miss Zhong insisted not to disturb you.”

Standing quietly on the stage, Zhong Michu observed the siblings’ affectionate interaction, feeling a pang of loneliness.

As the siblings chatted, a woman in a light blue dress came out. With delicate eyebrows and a gentle smile, she handed a sweat towel to Gu Shuangqing and another to Zhong Michu.

Yi’er rushed over and hugged her, exclaiming, “Mother!”

Gu Fuyou called out, “Sister-in-law.”

Wiping away his sweat, Gu Shuangqing said, “Shiqing, could you ask the kitchen to prepare some porridge? Ah Man just woke up and hasn’t eaten.”

Lu Shiqing replied, “Alright.”

From the corner of her eye, Gu Fuyou noticed Zhong Michu about to wipe her sweat. Suddenly, the hairpin came loose, likely damaged during the match with Gu Shuangqing, and her hair cascaded down.

Zhong Michu’s snow-white ears, distinctly different from others and pointed like those of a beast, were evident amongst her dark hair. Even though they were hidden quickly, Gu Fuyou noticed.

Gu Fuyou quickly gestured to Lu Shiqing, “Sister-in-law, no rush, I’m not hungry.”

She stepped onto the stage, and with Zhong Michu’s surprised gaze, turned her around and said to Gu Shuangqing, “Big Brother, I just remembered I have something to discuss with Senior Sister Zhong. We’ll be leaving now.”


With Zhong Michu partially shielded by her side, Gu Fuyou hastily led her away. Gu Shuangqing could only shake his head helplessly, saying, “That girl…”

Lu Shiqing wore a worried look and said, “Shuangqing, about what Second Brother mentioned yesterday regarding Zuo Tianyi…”

“Even though Ah Man knows the most about it, it’s not a pleasant memory for her,” Gu Shuangqing sighed, “I’ve already sent a message to father about it. At least until he returns, let’s not bring it up. Let her enjoy a few days with Miss Zhong.”

Gu Fuyou took Zhong Michu to a secluded spot under a hill by a lake in the garden. After ensuring they were alone, she pointed to her own ears and said, “Senior Sister Zhong, your ears.”

Zhong Michu instinctively reached up to cover it. Gu Fuyou gave a light smile, saying, “I don’t think they noticed.”

After Zhong Michu’s hair had come loose, her ear peeked out from beneath it. Unlike normal human ears, the tip was pointy, resembling that of a beast.

Gu Fuyou thought that just as a transformed Azure Phoenix would have a touch of vibrant red at the corners of its eyes, perhaps the dragons, when transformed, would have unique ears.

No wonder she always kept half of her ear tucked behind her hair.

Realizing Zhong Michu’s hairpin was broken, Gu Fuyou rummaged through her storage pouch and produced a hair tie, offering, “Senior Sister, if you don’t mind, you can use this for now.”

Zhong Michu responded softly, “Okay.”

Gu Fuyou naturally started tying Zhong Michu’s hair for her. The hair was silky smooth, emitting a faint fragrance as it slid through her fingers.

When Gu Fuyou was adjusting the hair near Zhong Michu’s head, she accidentally touched her ear.

“Hmm…” Zhong Michu moaned softly, shivered, and quickly turned her head away.

Gu Fuyou’s hand slipped, letting the hair fall loose. “Senior Sister Zhong?”

Zhong Michu glanced at her sideways. Her face, along with the slightly exposed ear tips, turned pink, and her eyes rippled like clear streams, making her look somewhat annoyed yet playful.

Gu Fuyou, taken aback, handed the hair tie back, “Senior Sister Zhong, please, tie it yourself.”

After tying her hair back, Zhong Michu asked, “What did you want to see me about?”

Gu Fuyou fumbled with her words, “What?”

“You mentioned something to your brother earlier.”

Oh, yes, right. Uh, look, I brought you to Xiaoyao City to have fun. Yesterday was so tiring that I couldn’t show you around the city before heading back.” Gu Fuyou smiled, “How about going out now and experiencing the culture of our Xiaoyao City?”

After a brief pause, Zhong Michu responded, “Okay.”

The two headed into the city. The city had its own unique charm as the environment influenced its people.

The people in the city were full of life and energy. Even with all the activity, there was a peaceful feeling as you walked the streets, and the warm orange sunlight just added to the comfort.

Time seemed to favor this place, moving exceptionally slowly.

Zhong Michu followed Gu Fuyou, touring famous spots in the city. Wherever they went, the locals were extremely enthusiastic upon seeing Gu Fuyou.

Near the end of their tour, they encountered a group of fishermen. The leader, a barefooted man with a bamboo hat, approached with a smile, “Third Miss, when did you return?”

Gu Fuyou replied with a smile, “Yesterday.”

Holding up his basket of fish, the man cheerfully asked, “Caught some ‘diaozi’ today. Would you like a few, Third Miss?”

Gu Fuyou didn’t decline and replied, “Sure.”

“Young man, bring over a bamboo basket.”

A young man brought over a bamboo basket. The big man poured some diaozi from his basket into it and handed them to Gu Fuyou.

Gu Fuyou took it and thanked him. The big man, grinning, said it was nothing, then returned to the group of fishermen and left.

Zhong Michu, unfamiliar with many earthly customs and knowledge, looked at the fish for a moment and asked, “What is diaozi?”

Gu Fuyou chuckled and handed the bamboo basket to Zhong Michu, explaining, “Here.”

“It’s just the common white fish from the mortal world. Diaozi is its slang in Xiaoyao City.”

Zhong Michu pondered and then remarked, “It seems the city’s residents are quite…”

Choosing her words carefully, she continued, “…Fond of you.”

Gu Fuyou placed her hands behind her back, holding the bamboo basket, and with a smile said to Zhong Michu, “They don’t admire me; they admire my father.”

Zhong Michu gazed intently at Gu Fuyou, “You respect him deeply, yet when you speak with him, you both seem like oil and water, always clashing.”

Gu Fuyou stepped back, positioning herself on the steps leading to the city lord’s mansion, now slightly taller than Zhong Michu. She wrinkled her nose and replied, “I do respect him, I admire him. He governs the city well, personally attends to affairs, and the people live in peace. I can’t say everyone, but at least eighty percent of Xiaoyao City’s residents respect him. He’s a good city lord. I’m proud to have such a father.”

“But he isn’t a good father.” Gu Fuyou extended a hand, explaining, “Throughout my childhood, the days he spent with me can be counted on one hand.”

Zhong Michu murmured, “Perhaps… one can’t have it all.”

Shrugging, Gu Fuyou replied, “Can’t have it all? Maybe.”

With the setting sun in her eyes, Gu Fuyou squinted and mentioned, “That’s why I think those destined for greatness are better off alone. It’s easier on everyone.”

Zhong Michu responded, “That’s a bit of an extreme view.” She recalled Gu Fuyou’s complaints in Wantong City and realized that the misunderstandings between father and daughter weren’t solely due to the father’s prejudice. Maybe it was the lack of understanding that created a rift between them. One’s unwillingness to speak and the other’s inability to understand only deepened their divide.

For some reason, seeing the affectionate interaction between her and her sibling, Zhong Michu felt a sense of pity for the estrangement between Gu Fuyou and her father. She couldn’t help but advise, “You should have a calm and genuine conversation with your father.”

Gu Fuyou curved her lips and gazed at the sky, saying, “Talk about what? What would change if we talked? Our relationship has always been like this.”

“It might reduce the misunderstandings. It’s just that you’re not willing to take the first step.”

Gu Fuyou rubbed her forehead, seemingly getting a bit impatient. They had debated about family matters before, ending in disagreement. Gu Fuyou knew they had different perspectives. What amused her was how similar Zhong Michu’s situation was to hers.

Gu Fuyou said, “Senior Sister Zhong, can you take the initiative to talk with Yunran Xuanzun and ask her why she won’t let you call her mother?”

Sometimes, outsiders see things more clearly.

For a moment, Zhong Michu’s expression darkened. She lowered her head, remaining silent.

Seeing this, Gu Fuyou realized she had offended Zhong Michu. However, she was too prideful to admit her mistake, and at times, she could be quite stubborn. “Senior Sister Zhong,” Gu Fuyou continued, “The reason misunderstandings exist is that they can’t be resolved with just a few words. If they could be cleared up that easily, they wouldn’t be called misunderstandings in the first place.”

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