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Chapter 39

The Thirty-Three Skies

The place where the Immortal Mansion of the Xu Ling Sect lies is called the Thirty-Three Skies. It represents a land of immortals, overlooking all living beings, isolating themselves from the mundane world. There are thirty-three floating islands in the air. The highest island is named Lihen Tian, which touches the clouds with its peak. Unless you are a distinguished figure from the Xu Ling Sect or a prestigious guest, you do not have the privilege to set foot on Lihen Tian.

When Yan Zhi returned to the Xu Ling Sect to report, he could only wait outside the gates of Lihen Tian Palace. Had it not been for the death of Zuo Tianyi and involvement with Xiaoyao City, he wouldn’t have the right to be here.

Although the blazing sun was directly overhead, yet Yan Zhi felt cold. The chilly wind blew relentlessly. After waiting for a long time, he felt drained and almost stumbled.

That day, when he came out of the Weng Mountain cave and stepped into the Nine Palaces and Eight Trigrams formation, there was no one to guide him out. It wasn’t easy. He had to nearly destroy half a mountain peak to exit, which also left him injured.

Finally, the palace gates opened, and a woman came out, saying, “The Law Protector wants to see you. Come with me.”

Yan Zhi bowed in respect and followed her inside.

The Xu Ling Sect has a position called Law Protector, second only to the sect leader. There are two Law Protectors in the sect, and they are the twin sons of the sect leader.

The sect leader, Zuo Taisui, is on the verge of a major breakthrough in his cultivation, and after long periods of meditation and seclusion, has not been dealing with sect matters. Currently, these two Law Protectors handle the sect’s affairs.

Yan Zhi followed the woman to Zhuling Platform, the place for the sect’s meetings.

Zhuling Platform is at the edge of the floating island, where you can touch the floating clouds and overlook the earth below. It’s the highest point in Lihen Tian. The sect leader’s throne is at the pinnacle of Zhuling Platform, facing the east.

This was Yan Zhi’s first time entering Zhuling Platform. He couldn’t help but look around. The floor, made of white jade, had golden auspicious cloud patterns. A staircase led up to the top where the sect leader’s throne was located. Only the sect leader of the Xu Ling Sect could ascend there.

During sect meetings, all eyes were drawn to that throne, reminiscent of ancient emperors being watched by their ministers.

Elegant yet imposing, that is Zhuling Platform.

Standing on the step below the sect leader’s throne was a man dressed in black and gold robes with a long beard and sharp eyes.

Yan Zhi recognized him—it was Zuo Yuezhi, the eldest son of Zuo Taisui.

Kneeling on one knee, Yan Zhi greeted, “Subordinate pays respects to the Law Protector.”

Zuo Yuezhi gestured for him to rise.

His questions were concise, quickly addressing the circumstances of Zuo Tianyi’s death.

After a long silence, Zuo Yuezhi was in deep thought.

Unable to hold back, Yan Zhi said, “Honorable Protector, the city lord was killed. Xiaoyao City must pay the price, we cannot let Gu Fuyou off lightly after she killed the city lord. The honor of Xu Ling Sect is at stake!”

Zuo Yuezhi snorted, “I told him to act more cautiously. And now? Killed by a woman just in the Qi Practicing stage. Foolish!”

From Zuo Yuezhi’s words, Yan Zhi sensed a reluctance to pursue the matter. He argued, “Honorable Protector, are we letting Xiaoyao City get away with this? A life for a life! Gu Fuyou killed our city lord, how can we allow her to live in peace? What does that say about the Xu Ling Sect’s honor?”

Zuo Yuezhi coldly glanced at him. Cold sweat formed on Yan Zhi’s back, and he hung his head, not daring to say more.

Zuo Yuezhi’s hands were clasped behind him, his index finger tapping his hand’s back, gazing towards the east. This incident with Zuo Tianyi might have been a good opportunity to strike at Xiaoyao City, but it wasn’t enough to topple it in one move.

While Xu Ling Sect had the confidence to deal with Xiaoyao City and Xuan Miao Sect, the sect’s greatest fear was being branded as tyrants. If they estroyed Xiaoyao City and Xuan Miao Sect, they’d gain a ruthless reputation, providing the other three sects an excuse under the guise of ‘removing tyranny and restoring peace’ to divide up Nanzhou.

In this world, self-interest always comes first.

The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind — it’s not worth it.

The situation with Zuo Tianyi isn’t a strong enough reason to destroy Xiaoyao City. Without a solid reason, our arguments fall flat, and without convincing arguments, our mission won’t succeed.

Zuo Yuezhi inquired, “You said Gu Fuyou not only killed Zuo Tianyi but also blocked your full-force strike?”


Zuo Yuezhi remarked, “I recall she’s still in her Qi Practicing stage. It’s already unusual for her to best a Golden Core stage cultivator, let alone block an attack from someone in the Nascent Soul stage. That’s truly astonishing.”

Yan Zhi said, “At that time, I was hindered by Gan Fengzhong and did not witness the duel between the city lord and Gu Fuyou. I’m not sure what methods Gu Fuyou used, but she obtained the Yan’er Bell. Perhaps she gained control of the bell, which gave her an advantage.”

Zuo Yuezhi stroked his beard and asked, “When she fought you, how did she stop your attack?”

Yan Zhi hesitated. “It’s strange…” he began, describing the scene of his attack.

Zuo Yue Zhi’s expression became serious, and he visibly reacted, saying, “You mean to say there was something odd about her blood? Elaborate.”

Yan Zhi took out an item from his storage bag and handed it over with both hands, “This is the city lord’s spiritual sword. He once used it to fight with Gu Fuyou. The blood on it should be hers.”

The sword gleamed silver-white, with a stain of red blood on the blade The storage bag had a preservation effect; the blood hadn’t yet thickened.

Zuo Yuezhi descended the steps, took the sword, and studied it closely, his brow furrowing in thought. After a while, pacing beside Yan Zhi, he murmured, “Strange, very strange. The blood looks ordinary, but upon close inspection, there’s something unusual about it.”

Suddenly stopping, Zuo Yuezhi called out, “Someone!”

The woman who had guided them approached with her head bowed. Zuo Yuezhi handed her the sword, instructing, “Take this to Du Pan. Have him closely examine the blood on the sword.”

“Yes.” She took the sword and left.

Zuo Yuezhi further inquired about Yan Zhi’s experience in the cave. Upon hearing that there was another woman, a Golden Core stage cultivator not from Ning City, accompanying Gu Fuyou, he grunted in surprise.

Yan Zhi explained, “I have not seen that woman before, but I’ve heard Gu Fuyou and others address her as ‘Senior Sister’.”

Zuo Yuezhi contemplated, “I’ve heard that both of Gu Wanpeng’s children have joined the Xuan Miao Sect. If she’s addressed as senior sister, then she must be Ji Chaoling’s disciple…” Pausing for a moment, he then asked, “How would you rate that woman’s abilities? Be honest.”

“Among peers, she can fight two at once without being at a disadvantage.”

Zuo Yuezhi remained expressionless, lost in thought for a while before finally acknowledging with a “Oh.”

“I’ve heard that his disciple has exceptional talent.”

While they were talking, a whirlwind swept into Zhuling Platform, fluttering their robes.

Zuo Yuezhi recognized the presence. “Du Pan.”

As the wind dissipated, a figure stood before them, wearing wide robes. The hand emerging from the robe was skeletal, holding the blood-streaked spiritual sword.

Du Pan had just appeared when another figure flew in on a sword.

This tall and imposing man with a broad face and large ears greeted Zuo Yuezhi in a booming voice, “Elder Brother! Great news!”

The person was none other than Zuo Yuezhi’s younger brother, Zuo Qingfeng, another Law Protector of the Xu Ling Sect. He approached with gleaming eyes.

Zuo Yuezhi, sensing the good news, eagerly asked, “What is it?”

Du Pan presented the sword, proclaiming, “Honorable Protector, after years of waiting, our hopes are realized. The old Sect Leader is likely to successfully undergo his tribulation.”

“Earlier, I was at Du Pan’s residence and happened to witness this incident. I saw with my own eyes Du Pan verifying it, allowing me to witness the world’s destiny come to a head. I wonder, elder brother, where you found this unparalleled treasure of heaven and earth?”

Zuo Yuezhi motioned with his chin to Yan Zhi, indicating for him to explain everything. Following the command, Yan Zhi described the matter of the underground cave in detail again.

After listening, Zuo Qingfeng approached Zuo Yuezhi, grabbing his wrist, whispering, “Elder Brother, despite all our calculations, who would have thought that this thing would be born within a person, and that it would end up in the hands of Gu Wanpeng? We can’t stand by and do nothing. Even if it means destroying Xiaoyao City, we must take her.”

Zuo Qingfeng glanced at the kneeling Yan Zhi, saying, “I’ll gather the cultivators and attack Xiaoyao City right now. Zuo Tianyi, that young man lost in debauchery, has achieved nothing. Who would’ve thought that his death now proves useful, providing us with a pretext to attack Xiaoyao City.”

Zuo Yuezhi furrowed his brows in deep thought, then waved his hand dismissively, “No.”

“Brother, possessing her means we can put an end to the ongoing power struggle. For now, Xiaoyao City poses little threat. Even if it means weakening Xu Ling Sect temporarily, as long as we have her, we can quickly recover. By then, neither the other three continents nor the Azure Phoenix and Dragon clan will be of any concern. However, if we let this opportunity slip and Xiaoyao City harnesses her strength, the time will come for Gu Wanpeng to target the Zuo family! Big brother, we mustn’t hesitate, not even for a moment!”

Zuo Yuezhi reiterated, “No, no, no. — If Gu Wanpeng knew about this, he would surely protect Gu Fuyou closely. He wouldn’t let her venture outside, much less descend into an underground cave, almost losing her life, allowing Yan Zhi to reveal her secrets. The fact that Gu Wanpeng hasn’t done this indicates he doesn’t know yet.”

Pointing with his right hand, Zuo Yuezhi continued, “Since he doesn’t know, we have an advantage and can retrieve Gu Fuyou without alerting anyone or causing conflict. Taking her forcefully, as you suggested, would draw attention from other powers, and if they become aware of Gu Fuyou’s existence, seizing her for the Xu Ling Sect would be even more challenging.”

“Elder Brother, are you suggesting…”

Zuo Yuezhi gave a reassuring pat on Zuo Qingfeng’s shoulder, “We need to find a foolproof plan to ensure no one interferes, allowing the Zuo family exclusive possession of —”

The Qilin Marrow.

After their venture into the Weng Mountain cave, under Gu Fuyou’s guidance, the group, along with the people of Ning City, safely emerged from the spirit mine.

After learning that Si Gonghou’s injury to his spiritual platform was caused by the ringing of the Yan’er Bell, Si Miao formulated a plan in her heart. She decided to remain in Ning City to refine pills and heal Si Gonghou. Gu Huaiyou, needing to report back to Gu Wanpeng and Gu Shuangqing about Zuo Tianyi’s affairs, reluctantly bid her farewell. He then returned to Xiaoyao City accompanied by Gu Fuyou and Zhong Michu

In a few days, the three arrived in Xiaoyao City. Gu Fuyou was exhausted, Gu Huaiyou was worried about Zuo Tianyi’s affairs, and Zhong Michu was never one to make demands. So the three didn’t linger in the city and went straight back to the city lord’s mansion.

Upon their return, they learned that Gu Wanpeng was away on official business, which wasn’t unusual.

Gu Fuyou took Zhong Michu to her courtyard and busily arranged a room for her.

Noticing Gu Fuyou’s fatigue, Zhong Michu expressed her desire to retire to her room and cultivate, urging Gu Fuyou to rest.

Without protest, Gu Fuyou returned to her room. After removing her shoes and letting down her hair, she collapsed on the bed, falling asleep almost instantly.

She was incredibly tired. Although she had somehow managed to fend off Yan Zhi’s attack, she believed it was because Si Gonghou’s formation had absorbed most of the blow’s impact. Even though she was injured by Yan Zhi, Si Miao’s pills had helped her recover. Still, she felt pain throughout her body, combined with fatigue, making her sleep deeply until the following morning.

Upon waking, she was momentarily disoriented, unsure of her surroundings. Once she regained clarity and realized everything that had happened wasn’t a dream, she couldn’t help but feel dejected.

Suddenly, her eyes caught sight of a few books stacked beside her bed. Looking closer, the topmost one was titled “Records of the Azure Emperor.”

She remembered discussing it with Zhong Michu outside Xian Luo at the Ruizhu Palace and, even though only a few months had passed, it felt like a lifetime ago.

She reached out, picking up the book and flipped through it. The preface read, ‘There are three thousand paths to immortality, none are the only right way, act according to one’s nature, go with the flow, even grass, trees, and rocks can become immortals.’

A faint smile appeared on her face as she read the passage.

She continued flipping the pages until she reached the section detailing the Dragon clan. The account was incredibly detailed. She had previously marveled at how Qing Emperor, being an Azure Phoenix, seemed to know more about the Dragon clan than his own kind.

The book describes the Dragon Clan, detailing their birth, appearance, and habits.

She had only skimmed it before, not bothering to remember as she thought she’d never cross paths with the Dragon Clan. But fate is unpredictable, and she actually met a White Dragon.

This time, she read very carefully.

The Dragon Clan originated at the dawn of creation. Along with the Azure Phoenix, they are auspicious beasts that symbolize good fortune. They rule over the Four Seas and are divided into two main branches: the Five-clawed Divine Dragons, skilled in water manipulation, and the Nine-clawed Golden Dragons, adept at controlling fire.

A Dragon reaches adulthood at 800 years old. On that day, their sheer size can eclipse the sun.

Gu Fuyou was startled when she read the age of maturity. Could it be that although Zhong Michu has matured as a human, as a dragon, she’s still a child?

Thinking of Zhong Michu’s typically mature and dignified demeanor, Gu Fuyou couldn’t help but laugh.

Eading further about the dragon’s habits, she learned about the three main characteristics people generally knew about.

First, they are known for their lustful nature. Second, they’re protective and always seek revenge for even the slightest offense. Third, they possess a strong strong possessive instinct.

Regarding the lustful nature of dragons, Gu Fuyou was already aware. The Dragon Clan is known for its love for beauty and fickleness, which is common knowledge.

While the Azure Phoenix might be a bird born for love, dedicating its entire life to loving one person, the Dragon Clan is the complete opposite.

However, she found it hard to link this trait with Zhong Michu. Zhong Michu always carried herself with grace and dressed so formally it bordered on being restrictive. When Gu Fuyou occasionally behaved in a carefree manner, Zhong Michu, despite being of the same gender, would look away, her face betraying complex emotions.

Gu Fuyou briefly imagined a scenario where Zhong Michu was acting lustful and quickly shook her head.

Such a sin.

She felt that even if Zhong Michu was a Dragon, she must be a dragon that stands out from the rest.

As Gu Fuyou continued reading, at the bottom of the page, she was startled to read: “Touching the horn of a Dragon is seen as a romantic gesture.”

Gu Fuyou: “…”

No wonder she was thrown off when she touched Sister Zhong’s Dragon horn back then.

Gu Fuyou was flustered for a moment and quickly turned the page. Her face turned slightly red, feeling a bit warm, and she fanned herself with her hand.

Continuing, she read about the protective nature of the Dragon Clan.

The Dragon Clan possesses a pride distinct from the Azure Phoenix. Even if a member of their clan is wrong, only they are allowed to punish them. If anyone dares to bully a member of their clan, they are prepared to retaliate with the full force of the entire clan.

This is the real reason no one dares to hunt Dragons, despite their precious nature. No one wants to provoke a group of powerful madmen.

From another perspective, the Dragon Clan can be rather unreasonable.

Gu Fuyou thought to herself, Senior Sister Zhong truly doesn’t resemble the Dragon Clan…

Moving on, she read about the possessiveness of the Dragon Clan.

The Dragon Clan’s almost pathological possessiveness leads them to hoard treasures and marking each item to ensure no one else can touch them.

Even living creatures can be branded.

The mark left by a Dragon’s bite pierces through the flesh, branding the soul. It leaves an eternal mark, containing just a single message: “This is mine, don’t touch.”

Startled, Gu Fuyou’s hand shook, and the book fell to the ground.

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