The Dragon

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Chapter 45

Blood is Thicker Than Water, Little Did I Know

Two flowers bloom, each on its own branch. After leaving Xiaoyao City, Zhong Michu went straight for the Xuan Miao Sect.

It felt like a month since she was summoned by Gu Fuyou. Autumn has arrived at Jingdu Mountain, the cold wind blowing strongly. Most of the disciples who had gone out to visit relatives had not returned, leaving the sect somewhat deserted.

This was something Zhong Michu had never felt before. Even though Hechen Pavilion was always quiet, no matter where she went, it felt livelier than that place. Before, whenever she came to the main peak, whether it was crowded or not, she felt it was noisy. But after a trip to Xiaoyao City and back to the main peak, she suddenly noticed that it was quieter than before.

She suddenly remembered what Gu Fuyou said when she was drunk — “You don’t like loneliness; you’ve just grown accustomed to it. Isn’t it good for me to be with you?”

Her cute, drunken face had a soft glow under the moonlight, murmuring softly.

A subtle smile appeared on Zhong Michu’s face. A gentle breeze blew, and in front of the hall stood two ginkgo trees. Golden leaves scattered on the bluestone ground. A disciple was sweeping in the corner, and upon seeing Zhong Michu smiling into the air, he was stunned.

Zhong Michu noticed the disciple’s gaze, snapped back to reality, and realized she was unknowingly smiling. She touched the corner of her mouth, her eyes softened.

She looked ahead at the Tongchen Palace. The palace was where Yunran Xuanzun, the revered master, lived. Because Yunran was in deep meditation, she had very few disciples serving her, and only one disciple named Dongli by her side. The palace was located at the back, built a long time ago, with an ancient style, rarely renovated, its colors darker than other buildings on the main peak.

Zhong Michu had been here only once, after leaving the Gushen Peak for the first time. But standing in the courtyard, a vague shadow in her memory made her feel like she had been here in a dream, evoking a sense of familiarity. She thought this wasn’t an illusion. Maybe when she was very young and didn’t remember, she had stayed here for a while.

As she approached the front of the palace, she met a female disciple who served Yunran. Zhong Michu inquired, “Where is the revered master? I have something to discuss.”

Almost all the disciples of the Xuan Miao Sect knew about Zhong Micchu’s relationship with Yunran. The female disciple said, “The revered master is bathing. Please come with me.”

The female disciple led Zhong Micchu to the outside of the bathing area and went in to notify. Zhong Michu waited patiently. Cultivators, with their spiritual power, rarely got dirty, so they didn’t need to bathe daily like ordinary people. However, Yunran had a habit of bathing daily, just like a mortal.

After a while, the female disciple came out and said, “The revered master said if it’s about the sect’s affairs, please discuss it with the sect leader. If it’s about trivial matters, there’s nothing to talk about. Please go back.”

Zhong Michu replied, “It’s crucial. We have to discuss it. If we don’t discuss this, I won’t leave today.”

The disciple hesitated, then went back in to inform Yunran. She came out after a while and said, “Please wait in the side hall.” She then led Zhong Michu to the side hall.

After waiting for what felt like the duration of an incense stick burning, Zhong Michu heard footsteps. She stood up. Yunran entered from the doorway. With her hair flowing down, dressed in soft, flowing attire, she resembled a drifting cloud as she moved. She took her place at the primary seat and coldly said, “Speak.” Her tone was flat, devoid of any warmth or friendliness, and she didn’t even glance at Zhong Michu.

Zhong Michu’s gaze followed her closely for a long time, then she called out, “Revered Master.” Then she said, “I thought you wouldn’t see me.”

Yunran emanated a damp chill and said, “If you came to say that, you should leave.”

Zhong Michu’s fingers slightly curled as she said, “I… I read a book called ‘Records of the Azure Emperor’. My master never told me directly, and you rarely interact with me. But I know my father is from the Divine Dragon lineage within the Dragon Clan.”

Yunran suddenly turned her head to look intently at her. Her face showed no particular emotion, but her eyes exuded a coldness, “Since you already know, why bother asking me?”

Meeting Yunran’s gaze, Zhong Michu responded, “I want to know more. I want you to tell me everything.”

“How you feel is none of my concern,” Yunran’s voice regained its prior emotionless tone. Zhong Michu didn’t like this aspect of her. Yunran seemed like a person who had hollowed out her heart. Despite being alive, she felt as cold as the dead. In her presence, Zhong Michu couldn’t feel any warmth, even though Yunran was the closest family she had. She seemed more like a mere stone or plant by the roadside. The centuries-long solitude in Hechen Pavilion couldn’t make Zhong Michu feel lonely, but Yunran’s indifference made her feel truly alone.

Yunran stood up and walked towards the exit, indicating that she wanted Zhong Michu to leave.

“Mother!” Zhong Michu quickly stepped in front of her, blocking her path. “It does matter. It has to matter. You are my mother.”

A crack appeared in Yunran’s numb expression. Zhong Michu couldn’t discern whether it concealed anger, resentment, or a hint of the affection she so desperately sought. Zhong Michu fell to her knees before Yunran and said, “Some time ago, I left Gushen Peak and revealed my Dragon form in Youzou City. Mother, it was a White Dragon.” Although she is of mixed human-dragon blood, the dominant nature of the dragon lineage suppressed the other half, enabling her to transform into a dragon.

“Mother, please tell me.”

Yunran looked down at her for a long time, then suddenly let out an ironic smile, a strange expression on her face. She asked, “Do you want to know why I don’t want you?”

Yunran leaned in closer, her long hair cascading beside Zhong Michu’s ear. She gently caressed Zhong Michu’s cheek. Though Zhong Michu had always yearned for such affection, Yunran’s resentful and mocking look made her touch feel incredibly cold. Yunran whispered, “Because I hate you.”

Zhong Michu stared at her in shock. Yunran thumb caressed the corner of Zhong Michu’s eyes and whispered, “You resemble him so much, especially these eyes. When you look at me, it’s as if he’s looking at me. I wish I could kill you.” Zhong Michu’s amber eyes became misty, resembling the confusion and bewilderment of someone lost.

Yunran continued, “Do you want to know who your father is? Where he is? Why I don’t let others know your identity? Since you’re so curious, even risking revealing your Dragon form to find answers, fine. You’re grown up, and you’ll find out sooner or later. I’ll tell you.”

“His name is Di Wujiang, of the Four Seas Dragon Clan.”

“He’s dead.”

“I killed him.”

A sharp, piercing pain emanated from Zhong Michu’s heart. She bent forward slightly, placing her hands on her knees, struggling to breathe, supporting herself with her hands on her thighs, panting as she spoke, “You hate me. If you… hate me, why did you give birth to me?” Yunran’s words pierced her momentarily with real pain, so much so that she hadn’t yet fully processed the implications of the following sentences.

Yunran let out a couple of cold laughs, followed by a louder, more mocking one. When she looked back at Zhong Michu, her eyes held an even deeper resentment, tinting the corners of her eyes red. “You should ask your despicable father about that.”

She leaned closer, gripping Zhong Michu’s arms, whispering into her ear. She described how she met him during her travels and considered him a friend, how she trusted him, how he betrayed and ambushed her, how he forced himself upon her, sealed her powers, imprisoned her, and when she was pregnant, how he forced her to give birth.

Having a relationship with the Dragon Clan might be a great honor for others. But to Yunran, any non-consensual relationship that oppressed her will, violated her dignity, and tarnished her honor was the greatest insult and the source of the deepest hatred. She was a pure snow lotus of the high mountains, yet she had been crushed, her pristine petals mixed with dirt.

She told Zhong Michu that they had once journeyed to Dongwang Mountain in Nanzhou. The days at Dongwang Mountain were both the darkest and the happiest moments of her life. There, she deceived him, escaped his control, and killed him.

Yunran coldly laughed, “I turned him into a stone statue. He’s probably still in Dongwang Mountain. If you want to see him, you can go and take a look.”

Zhong Michu’s face was ghastly pale. She could likely guess that her relationship with her father would not be good, she thought. If there was enough time, serving by her side, she could gradually get her to accept her. But she did not expect the truth to be so disgraceful. Her father had harmed and violated her mother. Her mother killed her father. Her father was a shameless and despicable villain. Her mother was her father’s murderer. It turned out her own birth was so absurd.

“Is there anything else you’d like to ask? Ask it now. Do not come again in the future.”

Zhong Michu leaned towards her, as if wanting to lean on her, “I… I am your daughter, I’m not him.”

Yunran stood, her eyes reflecting a complex blend of emotions not just pure hatred; their once piercing intensity had mellowed but still left Zhong Michu struggling for breath as she took a couple of steps away, turning her back to her. “In my life, I have loved no one; pursuing the Dao and transcending the mundane world is what I have loved all my life. He ruined everything for me, dragging me into the dirt and violating me. Bearing a child weakened my cultivation, and giving birth to a dragon girl drained half of my life’s cultivation. Now, I no longer have the chance to become immortal, and it’s you who destroyed my ideals.”

“You hate me…”Zhong Michu’s voice was a fragile whisper as she leaned over, hands pressed onto the snow-covered carpet, her voice filled with pain. “You once held me, you once smiled at me too…Is it my fault?”

Yunran replied, “If not for your master rushing over at the time, saving you from my sword, you would have died under my blade.”

Raising her head, tears filled Zhong Michu’s eyes, making them appear even redder against her pale face. With a voice full of sorrow, she said, “You’re my mother. You have to be.” She ultimately could not be as straightforward as Gu Fuyou in directly expressing her emotions, but her words carried all the pain and longing she felt.

“Don’t call me mother.” Yunran walked out, never looking back, her clothes fluttering in the wind, just like those clouds, unable to detain her.

Zhong Michu knelt on the spot for what seemed like a long time. The sun moved to the west, its bright white light turning into a warm orange glow.

Struggling to her feet, Zhong Michu stumbled at first, unable to stand properly. She then used a nearby chair for support, gradually getting up and walking out step by step. By the time she reached Hechen Pavilion, it was already dusk.

Dongli was brewing tea and laughed, “Where did you go today? Disappeared for half a day, were you summoned by that girl again?”

Dongli chatted for a while, but noticing her pale expression, asked, “What happened to you?”

Zhong Michu shook her head, replying, “I’m just a bit tired. I’m going to rest.” She headed towards the back courtyard. Dongli stayed silent, watching her retreating figure.

Zhong Michu sat on the porch of the back courtyard for a while. As the sky dimmed and night fell, dark clouds gathered, and a cool breeze started blowing, suddenly followed by rain.

She remained seated, her dress almost soaked by the rain. Stepping into the rain and was thoroughly drenched after a while, her long hair wet, and tiny droplets of water on her pale cheeks.

Cloud-like mist surrounded her, and her dress fluttered, revealing a slender dragon tail. The horns on her forehead grew longer, her eyes turned deep gold, and where her ears met her cheeks, there were smooth, snow-white dragon scales.

With a flash of lightning, she caught a glimpse of her reflection in a puddle on the stone path. Covering her eyes, she began to sob softly.

Suddenly, there was a pitter-patter sound by the wall, like raindrops hitting oil paper, growing louder as it approached. Zhong Michu paid it no mind.

But then an umbrella appeared over the wall, and an irritated voice said, “Why is it raining at this hour on Jingdu Mountain? This terrible weather! Thankfully, I brought an umbrella.”

“Ah Fu, Senior Sister Zhong hasn’t rested yet. Maybe we can join her for dinner. Do you think she’ll be surprised when she sees us?”

Zhong Michu’s eyes were moist, making her golden pupils shine brightly. Her face was streaked with rain, like tears on a blossoming pear tree. She turned towards the wall. The people there also looked into the courtyard, exclaiming in surprise, “Senior Sister Zhong?!”

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8 months ago

Awwwwww my poor Michu, come here, let me give you a hug. The man who is biologically related to you is a rapist. He is disgusting, and doesn’t even deserve to be called a father. It’s his fault. Your mother is a victim, and we need to understand her, she has every right to be like that. But it’s that dragonman’s fault.
Michu, it’s NOT your fault. It’s NEVER your fault. You are a blessing. Don’t doubt that.
I am now worried that Michu will try to restrict herself from falling in love with Fuyou because she might feel insecured about her own desires and she might afraid she will turn out like her father… (Just my random nonsense.😅 )
I hope Fuyou can make Michu feel emotionally secured.

8 months ago
Reply to  Alex POTUS

I wanna be Fuyou coz I want to love Michu ☺️

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Thanks for the chapter..

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zhong michu noo 😭😭 i hope gu fuyou can comfort her 😭💔 ty for tl

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(⁠。⁠•́⁠︿⁠•̀⁠。⁠) tragic backstory unlocked and surprise it’s worse than I even thought! It’s so bittersweet

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I realised it was rape but I forgot about the loss of cultivation part..

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