The Dragon

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Chapter 46

Unresolved Longing Leads to Heartbreak

Holding an umbrella in one hand and carrying a shrunken Ah Fu in the other, Gu Fuyou moved amidst the drizzling autumn rain, the world bathed in a silvery mist. She spotted Zhong Michu standing on a stone pathway in the courtyard, backlit by the warm light emanating from the house.

Seeing her evoked an indescribable warmth, as if a heart ensnared by thorns had found release and a new comforting place to rest.

Still outside the wall, Gu Fuyou laughed and said, “I wanted to surprise you, but you noticed me first.”

Zhong Michu stared intently at her. Gu Fuyou asked, “What’s wrong?”

Still smiling, Gu Fuyou teased, “Did I still manage to startle you?”

Zhong Michu remained silent. Gu Fuyou tossed Ah Fu over. Drenched from the rain, Ah Fu let out a disgruntled howl. Climbing over the wall, Gu Fuyou laughed, “I initially wanted to come alone, but Ah Fu knew I was coming to see you and clung to my clothes, refusing to let go. So, I had no choice but to bring this glutton along.”

With a chuckle, Gu Fuyou hopped off the wall. Ah Fu returned to his regular size, shook off the rain, and followed her to Zhong Michu’s side.

It was only when Gu Fuyou drew closer that she realized Zhong Michu was standing in the rain. Zhong Michu had an affinity with water and could easily repel it if she wished. Yet, she was drenched. Concerned, Gu Fuyou tilted the umbrella towards her, “Why are you standing in the rain?”

With misty, golden eyes, Zhong Michu gazed at her, smiling softly , “Why are you here?”

Seeing her smile, Gu Fuyou’s heart felt an intense squeeze. She had suspected it earlier, but now she was certain that Zhong Michu had been crying. Smiling gently, she replied, “To see you.”

“I took your advice and tried to have a proper talk with my father, but things got complicated because of Zuo Tianyi. I… I lost my temper, but he wasn’t any better, always blaming me. In the end, we had a fight,” Gu Fuyou said, adding with a chuckle, “I was so angry, I ran away from home.”

As she spoke, a sudden surge of emotion clouded her vision. Zhong Michu’s sad smile was like a thorn piercing deeper and deeper into her heart. Struggling to keep up her smile, she eventually broke down. Wiping away her tears with the back of her hand, she said, “He even slapped me. I wonder if there’s a mark.”

“I haven’t accomplished anything. It’s too hard. Don’t laugh at me, Senior Sister Zhong.”

“I won’t laugh at you,” Zhong Michu replied with a hoarse voice. “I won’t, because I’m the same. I’ve accomplished nothing, and it feels like I never will.”

When Gu Fuyou saw that Zhong Michu wasn’t hiding her Dragon horns and beastly eyes, she had a hunch, which only grew stronger. By the time Zhong Michu said those words, Gu Fuyou understood.

What could’ve possibly happened for her to say, “I can’t accomplish anything anymore?” Perhaps Gu Fuyou shouldn’t have encouraged her to talk to Yunran. If she hadn’t, maybe Zhong Michu wouldn’t feel this way.

Drawn closer, Gu Fuyou embraced her. She wasn’t sure if she needed the hug or if she was offering Zhong Michu some support. Zhong Michu’s body was slender and soft, cold from the rain soaking her. Without resistance, Zhong Michu leaned into the embrace, gradually resting her weight against Gu Fuyou.

“She hates me,” whispered Zhong Michu. To Gu Fuyou, it felt as if her own beloved mother had just told her, “I hate you.” Tears silently streamed down her face.

“Gu Fuyou…” The desperation in Zhong Michu’s voice was palpable. Gu Fuyou could sense her despair, feeling as if Zhong Michu was reaching out for help from a deep abyss, sinking further into a cold, murky depth.

“From the moment I was born, I’ve been a burden of sin, the salt in her wounds, she will never forgive me.” Gu Fuyou felt a tear, hot and searing, drop onto her neck.

“My father wronged her, and… so have I,” Zhong Michu’s voice had become a whisper.

“No, Senior Sister Zhong, that’s not true,” Gu Fuyou whispered, her heart aching with empathy. She understood the weight of such guilt, as if she herself had been blamed for her mother’s death. But she was also grateful for this shared pain, ensuring neither of them felt utterly alone.

Gu Fuyou said, “Parents in this world can have choices, but children cannot. We can’t choose the circumstances of our birth. If we could, I’d rather not come into this world at all. If being born is a sin, then who in this world is innocent? Senior Sister Zhong, it’s not a mistake, not our fault.”

Zhong Michu closed her eyes, weariness evident. Gu Fuyou glanced at Ah Fu, who sneezed and began to shake off water. Holding Zhong Michu close, she said, “Let’s not stand in the rain. It’s so cold.”

The two entered the house. Inside, the lights shone brightly, offering warmth, devoid of the chilling wind and rain. Ah Fu trotted in, leaving wet paw prints on the rug.

“Ah Fu, look at the mess you made.”


Zhong Michu raised her left hand, pointing a finger, and water droplets from Ah Fu and Gu Fuyou floated up, gathering in her hand. With a gentle throw, Zhong Michu sent the water outside, and Ah Fu and Gu Fuyou were now dry.

The moisture on Zhong Michu’s clothes also evaporated, drying them gradually. Suddenly, Gu Fuyou said, “Senior Sister, wait.”

Zhong Michu looked at her. Gu Fuyou, having been drenched by the rain, had a pale face with a reddened nose tip. Taking a dry cloth, she smiled, “Let me help.”

She placed the cloth on Zhong Michu’s head, her cheeks dimpling, “Tilt your head down a bit.”

Zhong Michu ended her spell and slightly bowed her head. But Gu Fuyou led her to the bedside, asking her to sit. Using the cloth, she gently dried Zhong Michu’s hair, saying, “When I was little, I would cry out for my mother. Gu Huaiyou, would humor me by dressing up as a woman, even allowing me to smear his face with rouge, playing house with me. We both were clueless about the true essence of motherhood. He recalled the times my mother took care of him and tried to care for me in the same way. He, a burly man, was so rough when washing and drying my hair that he nearly pulled it out. Later, he lulled me to sleep, trying to sing a lullaby in a hoarse voice, which sounded so awful…”

Zhong Michu hung her head low, murmuring, “Gu Fuyou.”

“…I really envy you, whether it’s for your family or your ambitions.” With a free heart, a bold personality, and passionate emotions, Gu Fuyou is like the blossoming phoenix flower under the blazing sun. She once wanted to become such a person, but she knows she can never truly become like that.

Gu Fuyou sat next to her, taking her hand and said, “Senior Sister Zhong, back then I thought, even though I was sad that my mother is no longer with us, it’s okay. I still have my brother. Sometimes the heavens may be unfair, but it has a way of compensating in other areas. Life can’t be perfect.”

“If we can’t have filial relationships with our parents, then so be it. After all, that’s how it has always been. You still have your master, and you have me.”

A soft “Ah-woo” sounded.

Gu Fuyou chuckled, “And there’s Ah Fu.”

“And there’s my brother. If you don’t mind, they can also be your brothers. And my father.” Gu Fuyou wrinkled her nose, adding, “My father always criticizes  me. If he had a daughter like you, he would be thrilled, waking up smiling even from his dreams.”

Zhong Michu turned to face her, “Gu Fuyou.”

Gu Fuyou felt a sudden tightness in her chest. Zhong Michu, with a face as pale as a dew-covered lotus, and eyes washed clear by the rain, looked at her with a gentle gaze, softly asking, “Can you sing the lullaby from Xiaoyao City for me?”

Soft yet delicate.

“…Of course.” Gu Fuyou asked, “Are you tired? Do you want to lie down, maybe take a nap?”

Without realizing, Gu Fuyou showed a tender expression, her thoughts slipping out, “If you don’t want to lie down, you can lean on me.”

Zhong Michu leaned her head on Gu Fuyou’s shoulder. For a moment, Gu Fuyou immediately straightened her back, and after waiting for a while, seeing Zhong Michu comfortable, she cleared her throat and began to sing softly.

When the golden wind blows, the rice flowers are fragrant,

Dreaming with you,

Green crabs are plump, autumn fruits are ripe,

every home makes new clothes,

Red lanterns hang high, the alleyways long,

White walls and green roofs adorned.

The cooking smoke rises, kites fly, good children,

bid farewell to your friend and return home,

as your mother waits by the door, soup on the table…

In her dream, Gu Fuyou walked along the long alley of Xiaoyao City. Amidst the misty rain, someone was waiting for her. She ran towards them, and they embraced tightly. Their arms wound around each other, leaning closer, their soft lips drawing nearer and nearer.

Suddenly, there was a “snap.”

Gu Fuyou jerked awake and moved back in surprise. She instantly fell back, covering her mouth, and exclaimed, “I didn’t… I, I didn’t mean…”

“Didn’t what?”

She had fallen asleep leaning against the bedside table. The sudden noise startled her, causing her to topple backward onto the bed, only to realize she was pressing on something. Looking down, she was startled to find that she had pressed down on the tail of Zhong Michu, the person who had leaned against her shoulder last night. Now, he lay beneath her legs, eyes closed, sound asleep.

She knew that dragons, in a completely relaxed state, would reveal a bit of their true form, which was their most comfortable and relaxed state.

A person in a teal robe approached the bed and chuckled, “Gu Fuyou, what are you doing here?”

Upon seeing it was Ji Chaoling, Gu Fuyou exclaimed in surprise, “Sect leader…”

The sound earlier was Ji Chaoling lifting the curtain to enter. At this moment, Zhong Michu also woke up, propping herself up from Gu Fuyou’s legs. A strand of hair fell beside her ear, her eyes still showing signs of drowsiness, indicating her deep sleep.



Ji Chaoling, a mix of amusement and mild annoyance evident on his face, asked, “What did you two do last night? How can cultivators sleep so deeply?”

Zhong Michu turned her head and locked eyes with Gu Fuyou. Zhong Michu was still half-lying on Gu Fuyou’s legs; the two of them were extremely close.

A memory, of dreamy lips drawing close, made Gu Fuyou’s cheeks turned red, and she looked away, “I… I sang a lullaby to my senior sister last night.”

Ji Chaoling: “…”

He then added, “Alright, Michu, get ready and come to the study. I have something to tell you.”


Ji Chaoling left after lifting the curtain. Zhong Mìchū stood up, adjusting her clothes and hair. Her dragon tail, hanging down behind her, peeked out a bit from under her skirt, occasionally wagging. Gu Fuyou, sitting on the bed, couldn’t help but reach out to touch the tip of the tail.

The fur of Zhong Michu’s dragon form resembles flowing clouds of milky white mist. Though it appears ethereal, it’s tangible to touch. Gu Fuyou had felt its incredible softness when she once rode on Zhong Michu’s dragon form.

Just as she was about to touch it, it dissolved into a mist and vanished. Zhong Michu hid her dragon horns, dragon scales, and beastly eyes.

Gu Fuyou withdrew her hand, pouted, and collapsed back onto the bed.

Turning around, Zhong Michu said, “If you’re still sleepy, you can rest here for a while.”

Zhong Michu’s words were very gentle. Gu Fuyou lay on her side, her cheeks slightly warm, and mumbled, “Mm.”

“Are you cold? Do you want a blanket?” Even before Gu Fuyou could reply, Zhong Michu had already fetched a thin blanket for her. “I’ll be back soon. If anything happens, you can look for Dongli.”

Gu Fuyou turned over and buried her face in the bed, saying, “Just go.”

After a while, she heard the sound of the curtain moving, signaling Zhong Michu had left.

With her face flushed, Gu Fuyou talked to herself, “Why does she always sound like that?”

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they are cute im glad they find comfort in each other

8 months ago

This is interesting. Both Gu Fuyou and Zhong Michu are clearly foils of each other.

Gu Fuyou has a deceased mother and has a bad relationship with her father. She’s also ‘inept’. However, all her problems can be solved with effort.

Zhong Michu has a deceased father and has a bad relationship with her mother. She is considered a genius. However, her problems can be considered unable to be solved even if she becomes stronger (at least from what I see rn)

Just thought to point it out. Love this story, thank you for the regular translation.

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Thanks for the chapter..

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🙂 I would have been happy to read it if it was just them being friend besties/ family or something but I guess it is kind of fun to have romance too^^;

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Agreed, this is just really well written I still would’ve liked this in an entirely different genre.

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