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Chapter 47

The Peaceful Village Within Reach

Zhong Michu left Gu Fuyou and went to the study. Ji Chaoling was holding a book and reading it. Zhong Michu greeted, “Master.”

Ji Chaoling replied, “You’re here, take a seat.”

Zhong Michu walked over and sat down next to the desk. Ji Chaoling scrutinized her from top to bottom, and after a long while, asked, “Did you go to see her at Tongchen Palace yesterday? What did you say?”

Zhong Michu replied straightforwardly, “Master, she told me everything.”

Ji Chaoling paced back and forth in front of the desk, lightly tapping the book in his hand against his palm, and said, “Yesterday, Dongli told me that when you returned, you seemed different. I had my suspicions then…”

Zhong Michu’s face fell, “She didn’t want to keep me; it was you, Master, who arrived in time and saved me.”

“Michu,” Ji Chaoling looked at her seriously and said, “Everyone might call her cold-hearted, but such words mustn’t come from you.”

Zhong Michu responded softly, “I understand.”

After a moment of silence, Ji Chaoling lit an incense burner on the table. The fragrant smoke wafted up, calming and refined. He sighed, “You came to ask me yesterday, I didn’t tell you. I didn’t expect you would turn around and go straight to her palace.”

With her head lowered, Zhong Michu admitted, “…I wanted to know, I’ve wondered for so long.”

Ji Chaoling said, “I always told you that one day I would explain.”

“But when would that day come?”

“When you are grown up.”

Zhong Michu shook her head, “Master, I have already grown up.”

Ji Chaoling chuckled. After a moment, he shifted the topic, “Michu, you’ve changed.”

He put the book on the desk, which was the “New Interpretation of Formations” that Gu Fuyou gave to Zhong Michu. He continued, “You never used to ask questions. You always did what I asked of you without a word.”

Ji Chaoling inquired, “Is it because of Gu Fuyou?”

Zhong Michu looked towards the bright daylight outside, and after a moment, she said, “She taught me a lot.”

Hearing this, Ji Chaoling paused, and when he spoke again, there was a mix of regret and relief in his voice, “Michu, when I rescued you from your mother, I had my doubts.”

Zhong Michu looked pained, and in a low voice, she asked, “Master, did you also…”

Pointing to the book and then gazing off into the distance, Ji Chaoling said, “It’s not what you think. She was scared you’d turn out like your father. I was unwilling to send you back to the Dragon Clan, also partly due to this concern.”

The Dragon Clan lives by the principles of desire and the survival of the fittest. However, when desires are left unchecked, they can spiral into lawlessness and egocentrism, leading to the ruthless seizure and domination of others; in its most extreme form, the survival of the fittest mentality creates a cruel world where other beings are viewed as worthless, and compassion is utterly absent.

“I have met your father once; he was a handsome and spirited man, cheerful and unrestrained. He had his own standards of conduct. I believe that in his eyes, and perhaps in the eyes of their dragon clan spread across the seas, everything he did to your mother wouldn’t be considered a sin. They were raised that way, and he always acted accordingly. I feared that if you returned to the Dragon Clan and grew up there, you might end up like him.”

Zhong Michu said, “Master…”

With the right guidance, you can be different from him, which is why I was especially strict when teaching you—I wanted to instill morals and ethics to temper the pride inherent in your bloodline. I hoped you would grow up to be upright, respectful, and compassionate, fearing that learning the truth one day might overwhelm you with pain. I also hoped for your detachment from emotions and desires to keep you focused solely on the path of cultivation.

Ji Chaoling shook his head and said with a bitter smile, “But I was wrong. How can one achieve immortality without first understanding humanity? Without emotions or desires, how can one be truly compassionate? I realized my mistake too late. While you’ve grown as I had hoped, there’s no life in you. I can’t help but wonder, is this really what you want?”

“From the moment you agreed to Gu Fuyou’s request to heed her call, I began to think that maybe deep down, you had grown tired of the unchanging peace of Jingdu Mountain, and you wanted something different.”

After a pause, Zhong Michu asked, “When I was young, did you forbid me from descending Gushen Peak to suppress my Dragon nature?”

Ji Chaoling replied earnestly, “No, Michu, this is another matter I want to discuss with you today.”

Zhong Michu’s silence urged Ji Chaoling to speak further, “Ninety-eight years ago, a massive tsunami in the Eastern Sea almost drowned the coastal areas of Dongzhou.”

Zhong Michu was startled, remembering a mention from Boss Biao at the Wandering Market. She said, “I think I’ve heard of it.”

Ji Chaoling added, “That was caused by your grandfather.”

Zhong Michu’s brow furrowed in confusion. Ji Chaoling explained, “He was enraged when he sensed your father’s death, shook the East Sea, and flooded three thousand miles. Your father was his only son, and the Dragon Clan has always been protective of their own. Had you been sent back, his investigation into your father’s death could have eventually implicated your mother. That is why I brought you into the sect and raised you in secret, ensuring your true identity remained hidden.”

Ji Chaoling let out a sigh, “So, Michu, if your identity was revealed in the Wandering Market, and it draws the attention of the Dragon Clan, they will sooner or later trace it back here, endangering her.”

Zhong Michu stood up suddenly. Ji Chaoling continued, “I can’t blame you for revealing your identity; I warned you against it without explaining why. Now that you know everything I’ve hidden, you can discern right from wrong yourself. Should the Dragon Clan come demanding your mother’s life, would you stand in her defense?”

“Of course, I would wish to,” she replied naturally.

Ji Chaoling said, “That’s good, which brings me to the second matter I wanted to address. I would like you to leave the sect and undertake solitary cultivation on Xuji Mountain in Beizhou, where your great master’s retreat is located. If the Dragon Clan were to come to the Xuan Miao Sect without you present, they would not be able to confirm whether you are indeed the daughter of Di Wujiang, nor could they determine the cause of your father’s death. This will keep your mother safe for the time being. You should remain in hiding until you are strong enough to stand on your own.”

After a moment’s hesitation, Zhong Michu agreed, “Alright. When should I leave?”

“The sooner, the better,” Ji Chaoling responded.

Zhong Michu, always decisive, replied, “Then, I’ll depart tomorrow.” After a pause, she added, “Master, I’d like to say goodbye to Gu Fuyou.”

Hearing her say this, Ji Chao Ling’s expression softened a lot, his smile like that of a father watching his daughter grow up. He said, “She’s bonded with you through a pact. I’m afraid the Dragon Clan might go to her and find you through her. Hmm…” He pondered for a while, then half-jokingly said, “I’ll discuss it with City Lord Gu. Why not let his treasured daughter go with you? It would be good for her to cultivate in quiet, to calm her nature, and also, it won’t be too dull for you to be alone. What do you think?”

Zhong Michu spoke with a hint of helplessness, “Master.”

“It’s not that I’m teasing you.”

A gentle breeze flowed into the hall, rustling the curtains. Zhong Michu gazed outside the window, lost in thought for a moment. If she really were to accompany her, the idea of a secluded life of cultivation seemed suddenly appealing. “I… will go and ask for her opinion first.”

Ji Chaoling just smiled without saying a word. Zhong Michu started to walk towards her room. At the door, she paused and looked back, asking Ji Chaoling, “Master, is there another reason you won’t let me descend from Gushen Peak?”

Ji Chaoling replied, “Yes. To prevent discord within the sect.”

Ji Chaoling observed the look on Zhong Michu’s face and gave a gentle smile, “Although the Xuan Miao Sect seems calm on the surface, like a family that loves each other, it’s not united on the inside. If other members of the sect knew about your existence, how to deal with you — whether to keep you, send you away, nurture you, or use you as a resource — would be subject to debate. Thus, I can only raise you in secret. Until you have the power to protect yourself and can freely control your own body, I will not let you leave the mountain. The only ones in the sect who know your identity are me, her, Dongli…”

“Oh,” Ji Chaoling suddenly added, “And now, probably Gu Fuyou too.”

Zhong Michu was silent.

Ji Chaoling chuckled, “Alright, alright, go ask her.”

After bidding Ji Chaoling goodbye, Zhong Michu left. Watching the direction of her departure, Ji Chaoling sighed after a long pause and murmured to himself, “Michu, you’ve changed, and your master is pleased.”

Returning to her room, Zhong Michu noticed the person on the bed seemed to be asleep. She approached quietly and observed the sleeping face. Ah Fu, noticing her approach, let out a low whine. Before Zhong Michu could stop it, Ah Fu ended up waking Gu Fuyou.

With a soft moan, Gu Fuyou opened her bleary eyes and looked up, “Senior Sister Zhong?”

Zhong Michu took a seat next to the bed, saying, “Sorry for waking you.”

Gu Fuyou sat up, rubbing her eyes. She asked, “Have you finished talking with the Sect Leader?”

“Yes.” Zhong Michu tucked a rebellious strand of hair behind Gu Fuyou’s ear, saying, “I’ve come to say goodbye.”

Before Gu Fuyou could fully process the gesture, she was jolted by the words, asking urgently, “Goodbye?! Where are you going?”

Zhong Michu explained that she needed to leave Xuan Miao Sect to cultivate in seclusion at Xuji Mountain, in order to avoid the Dragon Clan. Gu Fuyou, sensing there was more to it but not pressing further, felt a heaviness in her heart. She ventured, “Is it because of the race…”

Zhong Michu shook her head, interrupting her: “It’s not your fault.”

Gu Fuyou lamented, “Does this mean I won’t see you anymore? Even if I summon you, you might be in seclusion for decades, maybe even over a century. We… might never see each other again.”

“Then you…” Zhong Michu looked deeply at her, a different light shining in her light-colored eyes: “Do you want to come with me?”

Gu Fuyou responded with surprise, “Can I go?”

“Yes, but…” Zhong Michu cautioned, “Life in seclusion can be rather dull.”

Gu Fuyou seemed hesitant. Zhong Michu’s heart sank, thinking that such a restrained life might not be for her.

Gu Fuyou inquired, “When you’re in seclusion, will I be there alone? Can I go back to Xiaoyao City and visit Gu Huaiyou and the others?”

Zhong Michu was taken aback but then nodded. A thrilled Gu Fuyou exclaimed, “Really?! I’ll go, I want to go too!”

Still concerned, Zhong Michu softly reiterated, “It will be very boring.”

“What’s the problem with that? I can spend the whole day alone reading books and tinkering with formations. It can’t be worse than being with Chen Xuan.” Gu Fuyou crossed her arms and hummed through her nose, “I would rather be at Hechen Peak than receive teachings within the sect.”

Watching her animated expression, Zhong Michu smiled gently. Gu Fuyou asked, “When are you leaving?”


“So soon?”

“You don’t have to accompany me right away. Wait for the sect leader to discuss it with your father, then you can join me.”

“No. I’ll escort you there tomorrow. Once I know the way, by the time I return, the sect leader would have discussed it with my father. I’ll pack my things and then come to find you.”


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