The Dragon

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Chapter 118

By the time the four reached the inner layer of Xian Luo near the Black Mountain, they saw a silhouette from a distance at the foot of the mountain, wielding a staff. Undoubtedly, it was Qing Man.

A crack had opened on the side of the mountain, with glaring flames shining through. As they approached the foot of the mountain, Qing Man glanced at them, then turned towards the crack and remarked, “Zhuyan shouldn’t have weakened the seal so quickly. What exactly have you done outside?”

Zhong Michu quickly recounted the complications across the four continents and mentioned Qing Jun’s appearance.

After a long silence, Qing Man remarked indifferently, “Considering all this, I have to remind you not to underestimate Zhuyan. Even a cultivator at the Immortalization stage is no match for it. Even though it’s trapped, it’s still very dangerous. Knowing this, do you still intend to go in?”

Gu Fuyou stole a glance at Zhong Michu. She didn’t really want Zhong Michu to go inside, but she knew Zhong Michu wouldn’t stand by. And now that they knew of the summoning method, which didn’t require any sacrifices to be made in the formation, Zhong Michu was even more determined to join.

Gu Fuyou said, “If I said we should go back, Elder Qing Zhe would definitely not allow it.”

Qing Zhe remained silent.

Qing Zhe then turned to Qing Man and said, “I recall you have some knowledge of the Ten Direction and Five Elements Evil-Suppression Formation. Set up those stone statues here.” As he spoke, Feng Sui had already taken out the stone statues. Qing Zhe added, “If anything happens, we can provide support from outside.”

Qing Man remained silent, indicating her silent agreement with Qing Zhe’s plan.

Without lingering any longer, the four of them entered the mountain through the crack. Standing at the entrance, they could feel the intense heat. As they descended, the heat became almost unbearable.

At times like this, the benefits of Zhong Michu’s water spirit root became apparent. Gu Fuyou wished she could stick close to her, wrapping her arms around Zhong Michu’s waist and draping her arm over her shoulder. Though it was difficult to walk this way, it was more comfortable.

Feng Sui’s expression shifted several times, seemingly wanting to say something but hesitating. Although Gu Fuyou noticed, she didn’t mind. Her mind was occupied with the intense heat and the presence of Zhuyan.

Inside the mountain was a vast hollow space, resembling a cavern filled with peculiar stones and stone pillars. The path was winding, but unlike typical caves formed by water erosion, this space was likely created by high temperatures melting the rocks, turning the insides of the mountain black.

As they walked down the sloping path, their hearts raced faster. When the path ended, they were met with a vast expanse. The interior of the black mountain was even more spacious than it appeared from outside.

Before them stretched an immense, irregularly shaped abyss. Beneath, rivers of magma flowed, casting a warm, red glow throughout the cave.

This wasn’t a volcano but had been transformed by Zhuyan’s power. The beast, notorious for its extreme malevolence, had most of its body submerged in the abyss, with only its upper body visible. It had a white head, and its large hands were a vivid red, as if stained with blood. The red light made its white fur emit a strange red hue. It somewhat resembled the Yuan Shan, but if the ape had white fur, they might look somewhat similar in shape, but in terms of aura, Yuan Shan was nothing compared to Zhuyan.

Even with its eyes closed, its mere presence was enough to send shivers down their spines and make them breathe carefully.

Leaning against the rock wall behind Zhuyan was a complete Dragon skeleton that coiled around him. The massive Dragon bones looked like chains binding Zhuyan. One of the Dragon claws that protruded from the magma was embedded in Zhuyan’s body, while the other was embedded into the rock wall.

The sight of Zhuyan entangled with the dragon skeleton was intimidating; they were tightly wound together, almost inseparable.

Upon seeing this, everyone felt awe for the fierce battles of the past and the sheer power of Zhuyan. This mountain was not originally located here. In the past, the Azure Phoenix clan moved the mountain, while the Dragon clan trapped Zhuyan.

It took the combined efforts of both clans, risking their lives, to suppress Zhuyan. At the same time, they were alarmed by Zhu Yan’s strength; despite the numerous formations and suppressive measures, it still managed to turn the rock into a magma pool.

Gu Fuyou took a few steps forward, stopping only when she was near the edge of the abyss. It wasn’t a conscious decision; it was her body’s instinct.

Qing Zhe and Zhong Michu came over. Qing Zhe looked at the dragon skeleton with complex emotions, eventually sighing, “Di Yi…” Zhong Michu felt a premonition and, hearing Qing Zhe’s words, confirmed that the skeleton locking Zhuyan was indeed Di Yi’s remains.

Gu Fuyou stared at the coiled dragon bones. A breeze seemed to brush her face, carrying the unique scent of summer.

In a memory from a summer afternoon, she found herself in a courtyard under a large mulberry tree. The tree’s lush leaves created a natural canopy, filtering the sunlight into a pattern of dappled shadows on the walkway. Engrossed in writing on a bamboo slip, she playfully chided a young man who leaned casually against the railing. “The Azure Phoenix in our clan say I’m not focused on cultivation, that I’m too absorbed in these things, too frivolous to take on serious responsibilities. They say that these works, no matter how well done, are merely piles of bamboo, destined to collect dust in storerooms without contributing to cultivation.”

“Di Yi, I’m not just playing around. Why won’t they believe me?”

The young man, with beautifully defined features and fair skin, had clear golden eyes. Crossing his arms, he replied, “A summer insect will never see winter ice.”

She knew that when Di Yi referred to the “summer insects”, he was talking about those Azure Phoenixes. She chuckled, holding the bamboo slip, and remarked, “Di Yi, you’re so arrogant! If they heard you, they’d set up numerous obstacles for you the next time you visit the Danxue Mountain.” Although Di Yi was different from other divine dragons but still had some small habits typical of the Dragon Clan.

Di Yi continued, “Human life is brief, lasting just a hundred years, yet their culture and knowledge continue to flourish. This is because they pass down their wisdom through these bamboo slips, allowing them to understand the world without leaving home.“

In contrast, both the Dragon and Azure Phoenix clans, even without cultivating, live for a very long time. They believe they have enough time to learn everything through experience, and thus, they don’t place much value on these records. However, memories cannot encompass such lengthy spans of time; precious things, if not recorded, will inevitably be forgotten.”

“Qing Jun, time will prove you right. One day, the world will treasure what you hold in your hands.” Di Yi solemnly declared. Whenever he spoke, it was always in a way that inspired belief.

In her mind, Qing Jun pondered the future Di Yi described and couldn’t help but ask, “Really?”

Di Yi replied, “Yes.”

That simple affirmation touched her heart. Qing Jun held the bamboo slip against her cheek, feeling its coolness against her flushed face.

The summer breeze, the rustling mulberry tree, the rustling of leaves, and the young man by the railing – all these imprinted an enduring memory.

Tears streamed uncontrollably from Gu Fuyou’s eyes. Zhong Michu, for some unknown reason, called out, “Ah Man?”

Snapping back to reality, Gu Fuyou met Zhong Michu’s concerned gaze and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Zhong Michu, her expression complex, hesitated before saying, “You’re crying.”

Only then did Gu Fuyou realize and wiped her face, her hand wet with tears. She blinked, understanding that these tears were not hers, and the sorrow was not hers. She told Zhong Michu, “It’s not me.”

Zhong Michu immediately understood that it was not Gu Fuyou who was crying, but Qing Jun.

After saying this, Gu Fuyou suddenly felt dizzy, as if something had left her body. She felt unreal and light.

Zhong Michu, Qing Zhe, and Feng Sui saw an azure mist swirling, like an Azure Phoenix spreading its wings, ethereal and elusive. Accompanied by a cry, real yet illusory, it circled around and dispersed on the dragon bones.

Gu Fuyou staggered, almost falling, but Zhong Michu caught her. Gu Fuyou hugged her tightly and said, “She’s gone.”

Whether it was the complete departure of Qing Jun or something else, Gu Fuyou felt a newfound fullness in her body, and her spiritual power surged as if a previously blocked spring had been released. She couldn’t shake the feeling that she might soon break through to the next stage of her cultivation.

Qing Zhe, staring at the direction where the azure mist had vanished, seemed lost in thought. After a long while, he regained his composure and said to the two, “Let’s repair the formation quickly.”

Regaining her strength, Gu Fuyou stood up and, alongside Qing Zhe and Feng Sui, commenced the task of repairing the Chain Formation.

The formation, stretching from where they arrived on the sloping path to the mountain wall behind Zhuyan, was severely damaged, more so than they had anticipated. Gu Fuyou led the repair, with Qing Zhe and Feng Sui assisting. Zhong Michu kept an eye on Zhuyan’s movements. Even with Yinhen in hand, it was quite a time-consuming task.

Gu Fuyou, while repairing, couldn’t help but glance at Zhuyan. The creature lay with its eyes closed, seemingly in a deep slumber. In her mind, Gu Fuyou harbored the hope that their luck would hold, allowing them to finish their task while it remained at rest, ideally completing it before the creature awoke to unleash a wild roar.

Lost in her distractions, she missed the finer details. The longer she stayed, the more restless she felt, not physically but deep within her soul.

The Chain Formation, with its interconnected rings, required meticulous attention, both in its layout and in the amount of spiritual power used. Gu Fuyou made several mistakes. Qing Zhe frowned, and Feng Sui, noticing her struggle, suggested, “Master, perhaps you’re tired. Why not rest for a while?”

Cold sweat ran down Gu Fuyou’s face, but she shook her head, replying, “I’m fine.”

The sensation of clean silk pressed against her forehead brought an unexpected relief to Gu Fuyou. As she turned around, she realized it was Zhong Michu who had approached and was gently wiping her sweat with her sleeve. Feeling thankful for the soothing touch, Gu Fuyou smiled appreciatively at her and clung to her sleeve, silently wishing she wouldn’t move away.

Time seemed to drag on endlessly. After much effort, they finally repaired the last damaged part of the formation. All that was left was to place the Yinhen in the formation’s core, directly above the head of Di Yi’s Dragon skull.

While the group was engrossed in repairing the formation, they found themselves on Zhuyan’s left side. Nearby, the skeleton of Di Yi’s Dragon, especially a row of ribs near its spine, had impaled Zhuyan. Among these ribs, two were fractured, with one of the broken ribs resting precariously near the edge of the cliff.

Gu Fuyou’s eyes lit up as she dashed over to pick up the Dragon bone, cradling it in her arms. This Dragon bone was a rare treasure. Dragon scales might be rare to ordinary people, but they were easily obtained by Dragons themselves, as Dragons shed their scales and trim their claws. But Dragon bones, even if a Dragon dies, are not guaranteed to be found. In comparison, Dragon scales are just minor treasures compared to Dragon bones.

Overwhelmed with joy, Gu Fuyou exclaimed, “Zhong Michu, look at this!”

Zhong Michu’s expression was complicated. If it were any ordinary treasure, she’d be happy for Gu Fuyou to have it. But this, in essence, was the remains of her ancestors…

Gu Fuyou immediately noticed what she was thinking and said, “I want to use this Dragon bone to forge a protective scale for you. It will make you indestructible so you can protect me. Di Yi would surely be more than willing to offer this strength to protect Qing Jun’s body.”

She spoke so confidently that it seemed perfectly reasonable to others.

Qing Zhe initially wanted to object, as he didn’t like the Dragon clan, but the Dragon bones here were all sacrificed in the fight against Zhuyan. He might not like them, but he couldn’t disrespect them, as these bones were not meant to be played with. However, after hearing Gu Fuyou’s words, he found himself agreeing with her.

Zhong Michu chuckled softly, unsure of what to say to her.

Gu Fuyou asked Feng Sui to collect the Dragon bone and was about to replace the focal point of the formation when suddenly, a deafening roar erupted, shaking the mountain, hitting everyone like a punch to the chest.

Looking up, Gu Fuyou met Zhuyan’s open eyes. They weren’t really eyes. Instead of pupils and whites, there were spirals of flames. It was hard to tell where it was looking, but Gu Fuyou inexplicably felt that her gaze had met with its.

As if being sucked into those whirlpools, the flames made her entire body restless and uneasy, as if the craziness from the night in Lihen Tian was gradually resurfacing.

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