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Chapter 117

After receiving the message from Qing Jun, Gu Fuyou did not act immediately. It’s not that she didn’t care; if Zhuyan were to escape, the entire cultivation world would be affected. They were all in this together; she couldn’t just stand aside. Firstly, she couldn’t just think of the present without considering the future. Although the Beizhou’s Qianyun Sect had softened its stance, the Biluo Sect and the Cangwu Sect were relentlessly pursuing her. She feared that if she made a move to seal Zhuyan, these two sects would take advantage of the situation.

Secondly, she knew deep down that to truly get rid of the trouble Zhuyan posed, she had to follow Qing Jun’s advice and use Yinhen as the formation’s core. Otherwise, repairing the formation would be pointless. Thirdly, even if Zhuyan was trapped and sealed, diving deep into the seal was still extremely dangerous, and she didn’t want Zhong Michu to face this risk.

The two of them stayed in a border town for two days, experiencing continuous tremors and howling. Eventually, the cultivation world realized something was wrong, and a sense of panic spread.

When Zhong Michu arrived at the border city and learned that Gu Fuyou was under attack by the two regions, she came with reinforcements, initially staying in a nearby Gu City. This city, originally Eastern Territory land, became Dragon Clan territory after a trade with Li Mingjing to secure Lu Yandong, and was incorporated into Nanzhou.

Over these two days, several Dragon Clan cultivators also arrived, greatly increasing the border’s military strength. This boosted the morale of Nanzhou. Seeing no reinforcements from Beizhou and hearing about the Dragon Clan’s support, coupled with the mysterious tremors and roars, the cultivators of the Cangwu Sect and Biluo Sect lost their resolve. Li Mingjing, noticing this, began to withdraw his forces.

At noon that day, a streak of azure energy rapidly approached from the north. During wartime, the city’s defenses and scouts were on high alert. Struck by the extraordinary force of the incoming energy, they promptly relayed the sighting to their superiors.

As the azure energy landed, it took a human form—a person in a green robe with a weary face. It was Qing Zhe.

Both Gu Fuyou and Zhong Michu had guessed that it was him and after a brief discussion, she ordered the city gates to be opened to let him in.

Qing Zhe, accompanied by Feng Sui, headed straight to the study.

When he caught sight of Gu Fuyou, his steps hastened, and he bore a look that suggested he might grab her. In response, Gu Fuyou elegantly slid behind Zhong Michu, peeking out from over her shoulder. With a mix of curiosity and caution, she questioned Qing Zhe, “Why are you coming at me with such aggression? What are you planning to do?”

In a deep voice, Qing Zhe said, “The formation suppressing Zhuyan has already cracked.” After leaving the Misty Forest, he didn’t go far but stayed near Linghua, guarding against any movements from Zhuyan.

When the loud howling resounded that day, he sensed something was wrong. After entering Xian Luo, he went straight to the inner layers. There, he found that three of the statues in the Ten Direction and Five Elements Evil-Suppression Formation had shattered. Directly in front of these statues, a crack had formed on the mountainside, with flames visible through the crack, stark against the black stone.

“Oh, is that so?” Gu Fuyou inquired.

Qingzhe stated solemnly, “We must ask for the Qing Emperor’s physical body to enter the Ruizhu Palace at the mountain’s peak to stabilize the formation. Otherwise, Zhuyan will eventually break free and re-enter the world.”

Gu Fuyou thought to herself, acknowledging the risk to her life, given his bold entrance into her territory. Yet, she maintained her composure and asked, “Even if I use my body to suppress the formation…”

“It’s not you; it’s the body of the Qing Emperor.” Qingzhe clarified.

Gu Fuyou responded with a hint of exasperation, “Alright, the body of the Qing Emperor. After using her to stabilize the formation, how do you plan to fix the damaged chain formation within the mountain?”

Qing Zhe replied, “Qing Man and I have some knowledge of Qimen. With so many experts in formation techniques in this vast world, by combining everyone’s efforts, we should be able to repair the formation.”

What he was implying was that he and Qing Man weren’t particularly familiar with this chain formation Initially, Qing Jun had single-handedly set up the formation,  and the rest of their clan only assisted.

A sly smile tugged at Gu Fuyou’s lips. She rested her chin on the back of her hand, her head tilted, a teasing grin on her face, “The chain formation requires someone to seal it from the inside. I wonder what those people would think if they knew that one of them would end up being trapped inside with Zhuyan.”

Qing Zhe replied solemnly, “I will stay and seal the formation.”

Gu Fuyou was surprised by Qing Zhe’s declaration. Her impression of him since their first encounter had been of a domineering and stubborn man, fiercely protective of Qing Emperor — not exactly the most favorable impression. She had never seen this side of him, so it was refreshing and earned some of her respect. Considering Qing Zhe’s cultivation level had reached the realm of Immortalization, which few had attained throughout history, one could only imagine the blood, sweat, and tears he had poured into his journey.

Now, when ascension was within arm’s reach, he was willing to forgo it all and stay within the seal. She believed that Qing Zhe meant what he said.

She found this aspect of him admirable, not something she’d expected from him.

After a moment of silence in the room, Gu Fuyou spoke, “Since you are so noble, why not use your own body to stabilize the formation at the mountain’s peak instead of troubling me? You know I won’t comply easily. Aren’t you afraid that in fighting me, this body might be damaged?”

Qing Zhe explained, “The formation set by the Qing Emperor is connected to her body; not just anyone can replace it. If Zhuyan escapes, it would bring great calamity to the world. If you have anyone or anything in this world you wish to protect, you should step forward.”

Gu Fuyou chuckled, “Unfortunately, I don’t have anyone.”

Qingzhe was left speechless.

Qing Zhe had no certainty of bringing the Qing Emperor’s body to the center of Xian Luo unharmed. If Gu Fuyou resisted like before, using her elusive methods to escape, he had no countermeasures. He had hoped to persuade her with reason and emotion, but she was not easily swayed.

After all, not everyone is willing to sacrifice themselves for others.

Unknown to Qingzhe, Gu Fuyou had made such a sacrifice seven hundred years earlier.

Zhong Michu gently grabbed her right shoulder, softly admonishing, “Don’t tease the elder anymore.”

Gu Fuyou laughed, “I wasn’t.”

Zhong Michu turned to Qing Zhe, “Elder, a few days ago, the Qing Emperor awoke a few days ago and has already discussed the matter of sealing Zhuyan with us.”

Qing Zhe’s eyes widened in shock, he stared intently at Zhong Michu, “The Qing Emperor… she woke up?”


Qing Zhe lowered his gaze, seemingly lost in thought. After a long moment, he let out a sigh and asked, “What did she say?”

“Ah Man,” Zhong Michu corrected herself, “Gu Fuyou knows how to repair the Chain Formation. Even without the body of the Qing Emperor to suppress it, there’s a way to contain Zhuyan.”

Qing Zhe glanced at Gu Fuyou, then shifted his gaze to Zhong Michu, “Is that true? If so, why are you still here instead of repairing the formation? The longer we delay, the more uncertain the path ahead.”

Before Zhong Michu could reply, Gu Fuyou interjected, “Of course, we were waiting for the elder to seal the formation.”

Qing Zhe was momentarily shocked, replying firmly, “Fine, let’s leave now.”

Zhong Michu gently pinched Gu Fuyou’s finger and shot her a look. Gu Fuyou promptly closed her mouth.

Zhong Michu explained, “Our delay here is not because of that.”

“Then, what’s the reason?”

“Perhaps the elder is unaware? The leaders of Cangwu Sect and Biluo Sect from the Dongzhou and Xizhou have deployed cultivators to besiege Nanzhou. It was during that battle that the intense murderous aura on the battlefield resonated with Zhuyan, causing the howling. At this moment, the cultivators haven’t dispersed. If we leave now, they might take advantage of our absence, and we’ll be caught between two fronts.”

Hearing this, Qingzhe became furious, “Zhuyan feeds on the fires of war. Are they seeking death by inciting such a conflict?!”

After a pause to collect himself, Qing Zhe sought more details about the situation. The objective recounting from Zhong Michu made him more inclined to believe her. Despite Gu Fuyou’s suspected involvement, now was not the time for conflict.

After some contemplation, Qing Zhe promised Gu Fuyou, “I will return to my clan and explain the situation to them. I’ll ask the clan elder to send envoys to Cangwu Sect and Biluo Sect to persuade them to cease their hostilities. Given the severity of the situation, they should understand their responsibilities as leaders of their sects. If they’re truly ignorant, my Azure Phoenix Clan will dispatch members to protect Nanzhou…”

Qing Zhe glanced at Zhong Michu, noting her close relationship with Gu Fuyou, which seemed more intimate than ordinary friends. Perhaps the interactions between women were different? Qing Zhe added, “I presume the Dragon King will also send members to guard Nanzhou.”

“Will this ease your concerns?” he asked Gu Fuyou.

“Um…” Gu Fuyou dragged out her response, seeing Qing Zhe’s expression darken before laughing, “Barely enough.”

Qing Zhe said, “We shouldn’t delay any longer.”

The three of them split into two groups. Qing Zhe returned to Zhongzhou to inform Jiu Yao, while Gu Fuyou sent Feng Sui to gather materials for the stone statues from the Ten Direction and Five Elements Evil-Suppression Formation. Gu Fuyou also instructed Xiao Zhongting and Scholar Zhai to watch over Nanzhou.

They were advised that if they encountered a dangerous situation, they should seek help from the Azure Phoenix Clan and the Dragon Clan.

Upon learning about Zhuyan, Xiao Zhongting and Scholar Zhai couldn’t remain at ease. Xiao Zhongting was furious, “Such a task should be handled by people from the Biluo Sect and Cangwu Sect.”

Gu Fuyou playfully responded, “No way, they’re too incompetent. The capable must work harder.”

Indeed, as Qing Zhe said, Zhuyan’s emergence is a disaster for all. Someone has to take action. While she doesn’t view her involvement as particularly righteous, Gu Fuyou’s wishes are simple. She yearns for peace. She deeply misses the days when she and Zhong Michu roamed Beizhou, enjoying their tranquil moments.

The three met in Xian Luo and discussed the people who would enter. Gu Fuyou only brought Feng Sui, an expert in formations, and didn’t take more people, knowing that more isn’t always better in such a place.

Originally, Qing Zhe intended to bring the sect leaders of Biluo Sect and Cangwu Sect along, as both were in the Soul Splitting stage and could potentially assist. However, Gu Fuyou refused, not just doubting whether they would help or cause trouble, but also believing that the fewer people knew about Zhuyan’s seal, the better. There were too many people in the world, and some might have malicious intentions to release Zhuyan. She definitely didn’t trust those two.

On the other hand, the sect leader of Qianyun Sect from the Northern continent, Nianhua, got wind of some news and promptly sent a message expressing his willingness to help. By the time Gu Fuyou received the message, she was already in Xian Luo, making it too late to summon Nianhua.

Nonetheless, seeing Nianhua’s earnest words comforted her deep down.

In the world, there are many good people, and there are just as many bad ones. Although Gu Fuyou intends to seal Zhuyan for her own reasons, she can’t help but feel uneasy thinking that her actions might spare many wicked individuals. Fortunately, not everyone around her annoys her; there are still many she believes are worth saving.

On the way to the center of Xian Luo, Gu Fuyou continually caressed the sword called Yinhen in her hand. Zhong Michu gently asked, “Are you really going to use Yinhen as the core of the formation?”

It was a decision already made, and even if Zhong Michu was asking something she already knew, she couldn’t help herself. This sword was something Gu Fuyou had sought in her past life and symbolized her enlightenment in this life. Yet, it was now to be sacrificed. She felt sorry for Gu Fuyou.

Gu Fuyou softly replied, “Yes.”

“It’s just a spirit sword. At worst, I’ll forge another one. If I could create the first Yinhen, I can make a second one too.” As she spoke, Gu Fuyou tried to sound casual, avoiding looking at Zhong Michu.

“Ah Man…”

“For the second one, it won’t be named Yinhen. Zhong Michu, why don’t you name it?”


“Name it.” Gu Fuyou kept pressing for a sword name.

Almost immediately, Zhong Michu blurted out, “Chizi.”

Gu Fuyou paused, then smiled warmly, looking up at Zhong Michu. Zhong Michu’s golden eyes were especially beautiful when she gazed at someone intently.

Gu Fuyou leaned closer, grasped her arm, and kissed her cheek, “Sounds good.”

Now it was Zhong Michu’s turn to be stunned. She touched the place where she had been kissed, looking at Gu Fuyou, who had already averted her gaze.

Ever since Gu Fuyou could see Qing Jun’s thoughts in her dreams, including the scene when Qing Jun first encountered Zhong Michu, she became restless. It was Qing Jun, not her, who had grabbed Zhong Michu’s Dragon horn. This realization stirred a sense of restlessness within her, along with a desire to assert her dominance over Zhong Michu. Their relationship was unique and unparalleled; Zhong Michu belonged to her.

If only she could mark her like the Dragon Clan did. Therefore, apart from that day in the spiritual cave, Gu Fuyou hadn’t shown much affection until she kissed her again.

It was a desire she had long held, and she finally took her chance.

Walking behind them and witnessing everything, Feng Sui was puzzled.

Translation Note:
Chizi(赤子) – innocent child or baby, symbolizing purity or innocence.

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