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Chapter 119

As the three saw Zhuyan awakening, they gasped in shock, too preoccupied to notice Gu Fuyou’s strange behavior. Qing Zhe shouted, “What are you waiting for? Hurry and replace the formation’s core now!”

Gu Fuyou, who had been holding her head low with slumped shoulders, suddenly stood up straight, lifting her head.

Zhong Michu’s brows knitted with concern, sensing something wrong. Softly, she called out, “Ah Man?”

Gu Fuyou turned towards her, giving her a sidelong glance, and said, “Zhong Michu.” Flipping her sword, Yinhen, to a reverse grip, she rested its back against her, asking, “Why go to such lengths to seal Zhuyan? For what purpose?”

Zhong Michu, hiding her shock, gently responded, “For peace.”

Qing Zhe and Feng Sui, wary of Zhuyan, noticed it was eerily silent, a deceptive calm that left them uneasy. Zhuyan’s vortex-like fiery eyes emitted an ominous, chilling feeling.

Gu Fuyou cynically asked back, “Peace?” She expressed contempt, “Do those in the Immortal Sects deserve any peace? They want to kill me, yet I should save them? How does that make sense?”

Out of the corner of her eye, Zhong Michu noticed Qing Zhe’s hand signal. Without a hint of alarm, she moved closer to Gu Fuyou, “It’s not about their peace, but for ours. For Yi’er, for Scholar Zhai, for Feng Sui, for Seven…”

Gu Fuyou argued, “Li Mingjing and others will also benefit, and Du Pan…” She became enraged at the mention of Du Pan, teeth clenched with hatred.

Zhong Michu, standing just three steps away, reassured her, “Justice will prevail, the evil will be punished in time.”

Gu Fuyou scoffed disdainfully, “Where is this so-called justice? If it existed, the Zuo family should have perished seven hundred years ago. It wasn’t justice that destroyed them, it was I, Gu Fuyou.”

She then looked at Zhuyan, her eyes burning with a fiery intensity, and half-jokingly suggested, “Why not release it and cleanse the land with a blanket of snow, bringing true cleanliness.”

Before she could finish, Zhong Michu quickly hugged her, steadying her face, “Ah Man, look at me.”

Their eyes met, and a hint of confusion flashed in Gu Fuyou’s eyes.

In a swift move, Qing Zhe took advantage of the situation and snatched Yinhen right from behind Gu Fuyou. At that exact moment, the previously silent Zhuyan erupted into a thunderous roar. The sound materialized as if in transparent ripples, each wave hitting them with the force of a sledgehammer, whipping up a ferocious wind.

This sudden uproar caused Qing Zhe to falter momentarily, a pause that didn’t escape Gu Fuyou’s notice. She swiftly turned Yinhen to strike at him, but Zhong Michu acted quicker, seizing her wrist firmly.

A wave of anger surged through Gu Fuyou, her emotions boiling over as blood rushed to her head. In the heat of the moment, her grip on the sword slackened and it slipped from her hand, only to be deftly caught in her other hand as she turned the blade towards Zhong Michu.

Zhong Michu, reacting with agility, leaped back, barely dodging the attack. However, her focus on Gu Fuyou made her a fraction too slow, and the sword managed to graze her cheek, revealing a hidden patch of dragon scales. She slightly tilted her chin, touching the Dragon scales, and looked at Gu Fuyou.

Gu Fuyou, realizing what she had almost done, was shocked and stammered, “I… didn’t know…” She couldn’t understand why she had lashed out at Zhong Michu. A mix of confusion, fear, and rage flooded her.

Seizing the moment, Qing Zhe sprang into action, swiftly moving to subdue Gu Fuyou. In her dazed state, Gu Fuyou resisted with intense ferocity, her expression mirroring that of a wild animal cornered. Unyielding, Qing Zhe firmly twisted her arms, channeling his spiritual power into her, an action that inflicted excruciating pain upon her.

He snatched Yinhen from her hand, chiding, “Is this all you’re capable of? You’ve been bewitched by Zhuyan in just a moment.”

Zhong Michu couldn’t help but softly call out, “Elder.”

Qing Zhe knew she meant for him to be gentler, but he didn’t ease his grip. “Zhuyan is the epitome of the negative energies of warfare and malice. If we divide the world into yin and yang, into good and evil, it represents the extreme of yin and evil. If there’s any darkness in a person’s heart, they’re easily influenced by it, even a little bit. An unsteady mind can be exploited by it.” This was one of the reasons why Zhuyan was so difficult to deal with.

Gu Fuyou’s contradictory speech showed she was under Zhuyan’s influence.

Abruptly, the tone of Zhuyan’s roar shifted, signaling a change. Zhong Michu, sensing the impending danger, quickly positioned herself as a shield between Gu Fuyou and Qing Zhe. In a swift and fluid motion, she summoned Gengchen, which spectacularly transformed into thousands of dazzling sword lights. These lights coalesced into three formidable walls of swords, creating a barrier of shimmering defense.

At that moment, Zhuyan’s right arm swept powerfully along the cliffside, its mere motion stirring up a tumultuous whirlwind and shaking the ground like an earthquake. The force of its fist swing was so intense that it shattered the sword walls with three resounding clangs, yet its devastating momentum did not falter. Zhuyan’s claw-like fingertips, sharp and swift as swords, swiped through the air in a swift blur.

Zhong Michu, caught in the path of this ferocious attack, let out a grunt as blood spattered into the air. The claw’s speed and ferocity were unmatched, effortlessly breaking through defenses and even slicing through dragon scales.

This display of raw power, even while Zhuyan was bound, was a chilling testament to the creature’s formidable capabilities.

Gengchen extracted itself from the mountain wall and flew back to Zhong Michu’s side. Zhong Michu clutched her left arm, blood seeping through her fingers.

Most of Zhuyan’s body remained trapped in the magma, only its head, right shoulder, and right arm were free to move. Originally, the Dragon bones sealed everything but its head, but now two of those bones were broken, likely freeing Zhuyan’s right arm.

Zhuyan had the unique ability to manipulate a part of its body, altering its size at will. In the brief moment that Zhong Michu had to observe, she saw Zhuyan’s arm undergo a rapid transformation, fluctuating in size like a hammer, slender one moment and then bulking up the next.

As Zhuyan opened its mouth, its sharp fangs were menacingly exposed. While its beastly face was limited in expression, Zhong Michu couldn’t shake the feeling that it was almost mocking her with a predatory sneer.

Qing Zhe snapped at Gu Fuyou, “Snap out of it now!”

As Zhuyan unleashed another roar, its mouth gaping wide, a wave of suffocating pressure filled the air. Qing Zhe’s face paled, a mix of shock and quick thinking etched on his features. Acting swiftly, he neutralized Gu Fuyou’s spiritual power and positioned himself protectively in front of her. Addressing Zhong Michu with urgency, he said, “Dragon King, this girl isn’t just bewitched by Zhuyan; she’s resonating with it. Guard against Zhuyan, don’t let it attack.”

Internally, Qing Zhe thought, “How did it come to this?”

Zhong Michu didn’t have time to ask further questions, as Zhuyan’s next attack was imminent.

Qing Zhe’s fingers touched Gu Fuyou’s forehead, channeling spiritual power. A slight misstep could destroy her brain, leaving her senseless for life. Despite the critical nature of this action, Qing Zhe showed no mercy, prioritizing the sealing of Zhuyan over everything else.

Gu Fuyou’s thoughts, already in turmoil, were further disturbed by the external spiritual power. She felt like someone opening a door to a refreshing breeze after being in a stuffy room, bringing clarity to her mind.

Gu Fuyou felt dazed, but began to regain her consciousness.

Seeing this, Qing Zhe swiftly ordered Feng Sui, “Take her out! We can’t waste any time.”

If Gu Fuyou were merely bewitched, he could snap her out of it. But with resonance, he feared she might become another Zhuyan if exposed too long. Now that the formation was nearly complete; only the key component and the sealing remained. Fortunately, it didn’t matter if Gu Fuyou was not present for this.

Feng Sui came over, hesitantly looking at Qing Zhe, who barked, “What are you waiting for?”

Feng Sui glanced at Zhong Michu, seeing how she struggled against Zhuyan’s single arm, and no longer hesitated. He supported the weakened Gu Fuyou and began leading her out.

Zhuyan’s roar intensified, mingled with a Dragon’s cry. Gu Fuyou, her vision blurred, looked up to see a White Dragon locked in a fierce struggle with Zhuyan’s right arm. The Dragon’s glowing, ferocious fangs sunk deep into Zhuyan’s shoulder, as if it was ready to rip the arm clean off.

Zhuyan, in retaliation, lifted its arm and slammed it towards the edge of the abyss, the force of the impact sending tremors through Black Mountain. Qing Zhe flew above Zhuyan’s head, intending to replace the key component of the formation; below, the magma churned and roiled. A figure, forged from the magma and resembling Zhuyan, reached out in an attempt to grasp Qing Zhe. The heat emanating from it was palpable even from a distance. Qing Zhe, undeterred, unleashed a bolt of thunder, shattering the magma figure, which then began to reform itself.

The area suppressed the flow of spiritual power, restricting not only Zhuyan but also them.

Gu Fuyou struggled to go back, shouting, “Zhong Michu!”

Hearing her, Qing Zhe angrily shouted, “Didn’t I tell you to get her out of here?!”

Feng Sui gritted his teeth, forcefully dragging Gu Fuyou away. She watched the scene, a different image flashing in her mind:

“Di Yi!”

The White Dragon’s massive body coiled around Zhuyan as it roared at the exit, “Get her out, now!”

“Qing Zhe, Take her out!”

Qing Zhe seized her hands, saying, “Qing Emperor, you’re needed outside for the formation. As Clan Leader, the great Azure Phoenix clan needs you. Anyone else can stay, but not you.”

In the end, Qing Jun reluctantly compromised, being half-dragged away, leaving the Dragon and Zhuyan behind.

Gu Fuyou, panicking, pleaded, “No, no, I won’t leave, Zhong Michu…”

But with her spiritual power sealed and her mind invaded by Qing Zhe, she was too weak to break free from Feng Sui’s grasp.

The White Dragon and Zhuyan disappeared from sight, just as in the vision.

Shortly after Gu Fuyou left, the White Dragon, deeply biting into Zhuyan’s flesh, caused Zhuyan to roar in pain. Zhuyan’s arm smashed against the mountain wall, causing rocks to fall and hit the Dragon.

The White Dragon, releasing its hold, reverted to human form as it fell to the ground. Before she could recover, a mouthful of blood escaped her lips.

Blood streamed down Zhuyan’s shoulder, making it impossible to distinguish whether it belonged to him or the White Dragon.

Zhong Michu, wiping blood from the corner of her mouth, struggled for breath. However, her grip on Gengchen was steady, and she rose to her feet with a determined stance.

Turning to Qing Zhe, her expression a mix of confusion and urgency, Zhong Michu inquired, “Elder, what do you mean by resonance?”

Qing Zhe, still fighting the magma-formed Zhuyan, thought it wasn’t the time for explanations. But seeing Zhong Michu’s expression, he explained, “Zhuyan loves war and thrives in chaos. In this world, some individuals, including those from the Dragon and Azure Phoenix Clans, are prone to inciting war and creating chaos, whether willingly or under coercion. After prolonged combat, they often lose their sense of self. This phenomenon, known as ‘demonization’ by the Azure Phoenix clan, results in the loss of their identity as humans, Dragons, or Azure Phoenix.”

“The stench of blood from battlefields, usually unnoticed by ordinary people, is incredibly apparent to Zhuyan. Being entities born from darkness, they naturally attract each other, embodying the human saying ‘birds of a feather flock together.'”

Listening to Qing Zhe’s explanation, Zhong Michu’s brows revealed a hint of worry. Yet, in a split second, her gaze towards Zhuyan turned cold and determined.

Zhong Michu maneuvered around Zhuyan to attack, leaping beside Qing Zhe. She said, “Elder, let me handle the replacement of the formation’s core and the sealing of the formation. Create an opportunity for me to escape from here.”

Qing Zhe disagreed, “If I leave to replace the core and seal the formation, you’ll have to defend against Zhuyan’s attacks. You’re not multi-talented enough to handle all these tasks simultaneously.”

Zhong Michu, having already taken the spirit sword Yinhen from Qing Zhe’s grasp, responded, “It will help me.”

Yinhen was Gu Fuyou’s spirit sword. It was sentient and recognized its master, repelling any outsiders. Although Qing Zhe’s cultivation level surpassed Gu Fuyou’s, allowing him to wield the sword, it was through sheer force, making its actual use difficult. In Zhong Michu’s hands, however, the sword seemed light and responsive, vibrating slightly as if enjoying her touch.

Qing Zhe was surprised. He had never heard of friends being so close that they could use each other’s spirit swords.

Still unconvinced, Qing Zhe hesitated. But Zhong Michu urged, “Delay will bring trouble.”

Qing Zhe pondered for a while and then agreed, thinking if it didn’t work, they would find another way.

Zhong Michu weighed her options carefully. While teaming up with Qing Zhe to find a strategic opening seemed the safer choice, she feared it could draw out the fight. Her main concern was that any delay might increase Zhuyan’s influence over Gu Fuyou. She was determined to bring a swift end to the conflict.

Qing Zhe concentrated his spiritual power, his spirit sword glowing with radiant energy like thunder. The entire cave crackled, and thunderbolts spread like spiderwebs in all directions.

He was gathering strength for a powerful strike to create an opportunity for Zhong Michu.

Seizing the right moment, Qing Zhe let out a cold shout. The lightning surged, striking the magma incarnation of Zhuyan with numerous holes. It struggled to maintain its form as Zhuyan seemed paralyzed by the thunderstrike.

Zhong Michu knew this wouldn’t hold Zhuyan for long. Following Qing Zhe’s attack, she flipped Yinhen, amplifying it with her ice technique. The ice began to spread from the sword, rapidly freezing not just Zhuyan but also the surrounding rocks, and even blanketing the magma in a thick layer of ice.

Zhong Michu leaped to the top of Zhuyan’s head, caressing Yinhen and closing her eyes briefly to compose herself. With a reluctant gesture, she extended the sword to replace the core of the formation.

Successful, the formation shimmered anew, as if a bronze statue had been gilded. The repaired Chain Formation was now even more stronger than when it was first established, impressing Qing Zhe with Gu Fuyou’s capabilities.

Sealing the formation was like locking a door – a task familiar to many formations. Although Zhong Michu wasn’t an expert in formations, she knew enough to seal it. She began the sealing process with calculated movements.

Qing Zhe, after a brief glance at the still-frozen Zhuyan, transformed into an azure mist, making his exit from the cave. Just as the Chain Formation was nearing complete sealing, a disconcerting sound shattered the silence – the ice beneath them started to crack.

Zhong Michu realized that Zhuyan had broken free from the ice. The Chain Formation wasn’t fully sealed yet. With no room to dodge, she swiftly called upon Gengchen. In a dual effort, one hand continued the sealing process while the other wielded her sword in a defensive yet aggressive stance.

Her swordplay was a spectacle, reminiscent of a meteor hurtling through the sky.

Zhuyan, anticipating that if Zhong Michu succeeded, he’d be sealed here for thousands of years, risked it all, not dodging at all.

Even a typical spirit beast would have been gravely injured by such a strike, but Zhuyan’s flesh was only slightly wounded.

Yet Zhuyan’s palm pressed forward, unstoppable.

Zhong Michu was only a few steps away. The Chain Formation was almost closed, just moments away.

At this critical moment, between life and death, Yinhen unleashed its defensive formation, protecting Zhong Michu. As Zhuyan’s claw aimed directly at Zhong Michu, there was a loud crash. A figure was sent crashing into the mountain wall, creating a deep indentation.

Zhuyan looked up to see Yinhen hovering above, its light dim but unwavering. The Chain Formation sealed at the last second, dooming Zhuyan to darkness for ages. Zhuyan let out a heart-wrenching scream, full of bitterness, anger, and despair.

Zhong Michu collapsed to the ground, her knees hitting the earth with a thud. She clasped her stomach, where blood was steadily staining her clothes. A grimace contorted her face, and a muffled groan slipped through her lips. She realized that if it weren’t for Yinhen’s timely intervention, her injuries could have been far worse.

Zhuyan tilted its head to look at Zhong Michu. It seemed like the atmosphere itself grew agitated, the cold ice being melted away by a rush of heat. Zhuyan, fuelled by frustration at the White Dragon for impeding its freedom, launched another ferocious attack, even more relentless than before.

Meanwhile, having escorted the emotionally distraught and unconscious Gu Fuyou away from the Black Mountain, Feng Sui briefed Qing Man on the unfolding events. Qing Man, while attending to Gu Fuyou, couldn’t help but comment disdainfully, “Useless.”

As time passed with no sign of Gu Fuyou regaining consciousness, and sensing the continuing turmoil within Black Mountain, Qing Man cast a worried glance towards the mountain. Turning her attention back to Gu Fuyou, her frustration evident, she tapped Gu Fuyou’s head with her staff, half-pleading, half-commanding, “Wake up already!”

Gu Fuyou didn’t suffer any physical injuries. Initially influenced by Zhuyan and later subjected to Qing Zhe’s forceful intrusion into her spiritual center, her trauma was more mental than physical. All Qing Man could do was to help regulate her spiritual energy and administer pills to calm her mind; beyond that, it all depended on Gu Fuyou’s own willpower.

Given her incredible resilience, especially being reborn in another body and surviving countless battles fueled by vengeance, her perseverance was truly remarkable.

The Black Mountain trembled again. Feng Sui exclaimed, “It’s Elder Qing Zhe.”

Qing Man looked back just as a streak of azure energy emerged. It took on a form before them – it was Qing Zhe. He didn’t have time to speak as he focused on the slowly closing crack in the mountain.

Finally, when the crack was no longer visible, Qing Zhe visibly relaxed. It was done.

At that moment, Gu Fuyou abruptly sat up, calling out, “Zhong Michu!”

She was drenched in cold sweat, her eyes filled with terror. She seemed to have woken up from a nightmare, still trying to discern dream from reality.

Casting a glance at Qing Man and the others, realization dawned on her. She hastily tried to stand but stumbled.

Qing Man said calmly, “Good timing. The seal inside is complete. Now, summon her.” Even at such a crucial moment, Qing Man’s voice remained casual and unhurried.

“Oh, right.” Gu Fuyou was still a bit dazed. “I’ll call her.”

Despite being distracted, she was proficient enough in formations to complete the summoning ritual.

However, after waiting with no response and seeing no sign of a White Dragon in the sky, Gu Fuyou’s heart sank, a cold dread washing over her as her scattered thoughts rapidly focused. She murmured softly, staring at the fading light of the summoning formation, “Zhong Michu…”

Qing Man and Qing Zhe seemed just as shocked. Feng Sui remarked, “Master, maybe there was a mistake. Try again.”

Gu Fuyou nodded in agreement. Yes, there must have been a mistake. How could no one appear when the previous two summons worked instantaneously?

There certainly was an error.

She poured over every minute detail she might have previously overlooked, fearing that even a tiny oversight would cause her to miss the intended result. This time, she even called out the name, “Nanzhu Jun.” It had been a long time since she addressed her in this way.

Every second felt agonizingly long.

As more time passed, she comforted herself, thinking that perhaps it was not the right moment yet. She waited, not wanting to accept the possibility that no one would appear.

If that doesn’t work, try another name. “Zhong Michu.”

Try again. And wait.

Still, no one appeared.

She called out every name she knew for Zhong Michu – “Senior Sister Zhong, Zhong Michu, Nanzhu Jun, Your Majesty, Yan Qing…”

But even as the light of the summoning formation faded, there was no response.

Qing Man and Qing Zhe could surmise that there were only two possible outcomes for the lack of response to the summoning array: either the spirit beast being summoned had died, or it couldn’t be summoned at all. Either way, revealing this would devastate Gu Fuyou, who was already on the brink of collapse. Yet, if they kept silent, that person would eventually break down regardless. It was a no-win situation.

How could this be the outcome?

They felt helpless, unable to offer any assistance. Watching Gu Fuyou’s tears, they were reminded of Qing Jun from years past, feeling a sense of guilt and melancholy.

Gu Fuyou slashed her palm, adding her blood to the mix, and initiated the summoning formation for the third time. Although adding blood wouldn’t significantly enhance its effect, she believed that the spiritual power contained within might increase the chances of success.

She called out, “Zhong Michu,”

But no one appeared.

Facing the harsh reality that Zhong Michu might not return, she first felt a sense of blank confusion. She had never contemplated a permanent separation from Zhong Michu, always believing that if anyone were to depart first, it would be her.

Then came a feeling of helpless panic, and eventually, despair – as if her heart was being crushed.

Unable to bear it any longer, she cried out in a mix of pleading, sobbing, and indignation, “Zhong Michu!!!”

Her voice carried far, echoing as if through the sky.

Unsure whether it was her tears or rain, a cold liquid slid down her cheeks.

Then another drop fell, confirming it was indeed raining, even as hot tears filled her eyes. It was raining.

She smelled blood in the air, and as the raindrops hit her hand, she looked up, questioning her own eyesight. There had never been red rain before.

She gazed upwards to see the rain pouring down, a shower of red, the smell of blood pungent in the air.

Even the clouds had turned red.

Her eyes widened in shock, struggling to stand but unable to. Stumbling, she rushed out to catch a person falling from the sky.

She had somewhat forgotten what Zhong Michu was wearing when she arrived, but she knew it wasn’t red.

Carefully wiping her face, Gu Fuyou found herself at a loss for words, her throat choked up and her eyes burning hot with tears that she could no longer hold back.

It wasn’t Qing Jun who wept, it was her, and it wasn’t for Di Yi, but for Zhong Michu.

Finally finding her voice, she pressed her face against Zhong Michu’s forehead, murmuring softly, “Don’t be afraid, you’ve come out.”

Deep down, Gu Fuyou knew that these words weren’t just to console Zhong Michu, but also to comfort herself, for her body that trembled uncontrollably.

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