The Dragon

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Chapter 120

Qing Zhe approached. Gu Fuyou turned around, her eyes red with fury as she glared at him, a stark contrast to her tenderness towards Zhong Michu. It seemed as if she would attack him if he took one more step.

Qing Man said, “There might still be hope for her, but if you delay any longer, there won’t be.”

Upon hearing this, Gu Fuyou softened her gaze and said to Qing Man, “I’ll listen to you. I’ll do whatever you say.”

If it meant Zhong Michu could be saved, she was willing to do anything.

Qing Man replied, “Give her to me,”

Gu Fuyou carefully picked up Zhong Michu and handed her over to Qing Man. As she let go, she stumbled forward slightly, carefully withdrawing her hand as if exerting any more force would shatter the person in her arms.

Holding Zhong Michu, Qing Man gestured to Feng Sui. Seeing her gesture, he looked puzzled. Qing Man, growing a bit impatient, commanded, “Grab the staff and follow me.” She needed an assistant.

Quickly grabbing her staff, Feng Sui followed. Qing Man led the way to the Misty Forest, with Gu Fuyou closely behind.

Qing Man suddenly turned, “The Ten Direction and Five Elements Evil-Suppression Formation still needs repairs.”

Gu Fuyou didn’t dare to leave Zhong Michu’s side. She was scared. Scared that if they were separated even for a moment, it would be like an eternity, never to be reunited again. She couldn’t bear the thought of experiencing such a loss again.

With only a step between them, her heart fluttered. She felt an urge to place her ear over Zhong Michu’s heart, to constantly hear its beat, only then would she feel at ease.

Seeing Gu Fuyou’s silence, Qing Man spoke again, “She’s half-dead, having sealed the Chain Formation. Now only the final step is left. If you neglect it, any mishap can ruin all our efforts. Do you want her to go through that ordeal again?”

Gu Fuyou stopped in her tracks, looking at Qing Man for a long while before saying, “I want her to live.”

It was a simple statement, but Qing Man sensed a veiled threat in it. For thousands of years, she had feared no one, but at that moment, she felt a slight shiver.

Qing Man frowned and chose not to speak further. Holding Zhong Michu, she proceeded to her courtyard in the Misty Forest.

Concerned that Gu Fuyou might cause trouble if left alone near Black Mountain, Qing Man left Qing Zhe there to keep an eye on her, confident in his ability to handle any unforeseen circumstances.

Along the way, Qing Man instructed Feng Sui to gather medicinal herbs. Due to the lack of manpower, she unusually allowed Feng Sui into the sacred area.

Laying Zhong Michu on the bed, Qing Man noticed that she had been unconscious since they found her. Qing Man undressed her to examine her wounds. The sight made her click her tongue in irritation.

No wonder there was a rain of blood when they summoned her; the young girl’s Dragon scales were severely damaged, and her body was riddled with numerous sharp wounds, likely inflicted by Zhuyan’s claws. Being summoned in her expansive Dragon form only exacerbated the situation, leading to a substantial loss of blood.

Her snow-white body, marred with scars and stained with blood, resembled pear blossoms trampled into red mud.

Qing Man sighed heavily with frustration.

In urgent need of medicinal ingredients, Feng Sui entered to find a brief flash of white, which he didn’t see clearly but had anticipated. He quickly turned away, “Elder, the herbs.”

Qing Man took them and then instructed him to fetch a bundle of silk thread from the eastern room.

Confused about the purpose of the silk threads but still following Qing Man’s instructions, he found the transparent threads, which was nearly invisible unless under illuminated light.

After handing over the silk threads and waiting outside, Feng Sui glanced inside and saw Qing Man skillfully using the threads to sew Zhong Michu’s wounds. The threads floated in the air, orderly yet numerous, glowing softly in the slanting light entering the room.

Feng Sui clasped his hands together, praying silently for Zhong Michu’s recovery.

As night descended, Gu Fuyou and Qing Zhe made their arrival. Gu Fuyou, appearing weary, walked at a brisk pace and, to her surprise, suddenly bumped into Feng Sui, who was holding Zhong Michu’s blood-stained clothes. Feng Sui, taken aback by the unexpected encounter, found himself momentarily unsure of which way to move aside.

Swallowing hard, Gu Fuyou asked, “Where is she?”

“In there, Master,” Feng Sui pointed to the room.

Gu Fuyou swiftly made her way to the room. Upon entering, she found that Qing Man had completed her task. The air was filled with the fresh scent of herbs. Zhong Michu was lying quietly on the bed, looking pale and frail, dressed in a new set of light clothes.

Approaching the bed softly, Gu Fuyou sat down at its edge, her gaze tenderly fixed on Zhong Michu.

Qing Man observed the two for a moment before silently stepping out of the room, reminiscing about the past.

Outside, Qing Zhe asked, “How is she?”

Qing Man shook her head. “It’s up to her fate.”

Qing Zhe’s expression clouded with concern. He had braced himself for the possibility of sacrificing his life while repairing the seal. Yet, he stood there unharmed, while Zhong Michu, a junior, was seriously injured. The thought of having to explain this situation to the Dragon Clan weighed heavily on him.

Di Jun had wanted to come, but Zhong Michu didn’t allow it, insisting someone needed to be in charge. Di Jun complied, mainly because Zhong Michu had not disclosed how dangerous the journey would be.

Over the following days, Gu Fuyou remained by Zhong Michu’s side, seated on the bed. She held Zhong Michu’s hand in hers, resting her head on her arm, her gaze fixed intently on Zhong Michu, unblinking and full of concern.

When Qing Man came to change the medicine, she saw that Gu Fuyou hadn’t moved at all, which she found better than if Gu Fuyou had been hysterical or violent.

Throughout these days, Zhong Michu never woke up. The only comforting sign was her slightly stronger pulse compared to before, but she was still fragile.

Gu Fuyou sent Feng Sui back. She didn’t know what was happening outside, as the sounds of Zhuyan’s roar and the shaking had stopped.  She wondered if the conflict between the two sects was still ongoing, if Scholar Zhai and the others were coping. But with the presence of the Azure Phoenix and Dragon Clans, things should be alright.

Gu Fuyou felt dispirited, finding everything lacked its former color and unable to spark her interest.

Recently, she had contemplated reigniting her once ambitious goals, firmly believing that a person’s life should be meaningful. In her heart, she felt that true meaning resided in the daring dreams and ‘wild’ ideals she cherished during her youth.

But now, she realized those ideals only accounted for half of what she needed. She needed someone, someone to witness her climb to the top, to accomplish what she desired. That ‘someone’ used to be her father and brothers, and those who looked down on her. But her father and brothers were no longer around, and no one dared to look down on her anymore; they were all afraid of her.

Who else could watch her? There was still Zhong Michu.

Zhong Michu had said, “I’m here, and I’ll always be watching you.”

She wished for Zhong Michu to always be by her side, always watching her.

But there Zhong Michu lay in front of her, with her eyes closed.

One night, as Gu Fuyou lay down, she dreamt a dream. It was the same dream she had while unconscious after being taken out of the Black Mountain by Feng Sui. She saw the same scene again.

It was a vast wilderness, lush and boundless. After thousands of years, this place would be known as Ning City.

Qing Jun and Di Yi met here, with both their clans on the brink of war.

Both had shed their youthful naivety; one was graceful and elegant, the other handsome and distinguished.

Qing Jun’s expression was stern, her tone sharp, “You want me to back down. Do you know it was your Dragon Clan who crossed the border and marched towards our Five Continents? You started the war, and we merely defended ourselves. Oh, so now we are the culprits, should we kneel and welcome your troops with our heads in our hands?”

Dressed in light armor, Di Yi rested his hands on his sword, expressing his helplessness, “Why did the Dragon clan wage this war? Zhuo is the beloved son of the Four Seas Dragon King, a prince of the Golden Dragon lineage. You know how the Dragon Clan is protective of its own. Even if we set aside Qing Man, as the head of your clan, you acted too rashly by involving yourself in this matter and joining forces with Qing Man against him…”

Qing Jun’s face contorted with disgust, “Had Qing Man succeeded in defeating him, my intervention would have been unnecessary. Moreover, it was his own captivation with me, his inability to look away, that triggered the formation. Without that, he would never have been transformed into a stone statue.”

Di Yi replied, “You could have informed the Dragon clan, allowing them to punish him, instead of taking matters into your own hands and using that formation to turn him into a stone statue.” According to the Azure Phoenix’s Clan, this meant his soul would be eternally imprisoned, “His crimes did not warrant such a fate.”

“The Dragon Clan?” Qing Jun sneered lightly, “I don’t trust them. As you said, the Dragon Clan is protective of its own. How would they punish him? Imprison him? In the eyes of the Dragon clan, betraying one’s wife or having an affair might not even be seen as wrong. At most, they would whip him a few times for hurting Qing Man, just for show.”

“The Dragon clan being protective doesn’t mean they can’t tell right from wrong. If there is a mistake, the Dragon King will certainly punish it severely. If you’re not satisfied, we could discuss a joint punishment between our two clans,” Di Yi said, lowering his gaze. “Maybe you could have first informed me about the situation and discussed with me how to handle it, rather than letting it come to this deadlock.”

With a deep and slightly strained voice, Di Yi added, “Or is it that you don’t trust me either?”

Qing Jun tilted her head, gazing into the distance where the grass stretched endlessly, “Since the beginning of this conversation, you’ve been speaking on behalf of Jiang Zhuo. Between the lines, you’re implying that what I’ve done is wrong.”

Di Yi couldn’t help but step forward, “I’m not speaking for Jiang Zhuo. I’m speaking for the future of our two clans. Generations have worked towards a closer relationship between our clans, and it could all be destroyed by us. Have you considered how much blood must be shed to end this ongoing and escalating war?”

Qing Jun lifted her chin defiantly, “It was your Dragon Clan that started this war.”

Di Yi countered, “The Azure Phoenix Clan initiated the conflict.”

Qing Jun walked over and stood in front of Di Yi. Now an adult, she was half a head shorter than him, and no matter what, she could never surpass him in height. But as a clan leader, her dignity and depth had been honed, while Di Yi seemed gentler and more restrained.

Despite being shorter, she radiated a commanding presence. “The Azure Phoenix clan? You mean Qing Man and me? Ha, had Jiang Zhuo not harmed Qing Man, I wouldn’t have given him a second glance. You speak of Dragons upholding justice, even for their own kin. Remember when our clans were discussing a marriage alliance? There was no specific match decided back then. It was Jiang Zhuo! He was the one who took a fancy to Qing Man. He vowed to her with all his heart, touched her with his sincerity. Qing Man, believing he was unlike other Dragons, consented to the marriage. But in the end, as centuries passed, his true nature revealed itself. His heart changed over a thousand years, proving that some things never really change!”

“Did Jiang Zhuo not know the nature of the Azure Phoenix? That they love only once in a lifetime? If he couldn’t commit to this love, why pretend to be so devoted, promising eternal love? He shouldn’t have pursued Qing Man in the first place! Even if his feelings for Qing Man faded, he should have known that their marriage was a bridge between our two clans. And yet he carelessly sought out other women, hurting Qing Man without regard for his own pride. He disregarded the relationship between our clans, and now you expect me to show mercy?”

Di Yi responded, “He was wrong, but his mistake is not deserving of death. If the marriage is not working, they could simply divorce. If there are issues in his heart, he could be punished in many ways, but his life should be spared for the sake of both clans.”

Qing Jun retorted, “In the Azure Phoenix Clan, a behavior like that would earn the severest of punishments, even public shaming. You say your Dragon Clan is protective of its own, but do you not understand? For the Azure Phoenix, love is our essence; we value and honor it more than anything.”

“If your Dragon Clan truly knows right from wrong, why would you wage war for his sake?”

“The Dragon King went to war not because of Jiang Zhuo but because the leader of the Azure Phoenix Clan executed the prince of the Golden Dragon royal family! Qing Jun, we should both compromise, but you took it too far.”

Qing Jun pursed her lips, looking deeply into Di Yi’s eyes. She had hoped for a pleasant encounter, but their conversation was anything but that, “Then what do you want me to do? Should I sacrifice Qing Man and myself to appease the Dragon Clan’s anger?”

After a moment of contemplation, Di Yi said, “Hand over Qing Man to the Dragon Clan and resign from your position as the clan leader. I will persuade the Dragon King to withdraw his troops. I know you don’t really care about the position of clan leader. Qing Jun, there is still room for negotiation in this matter.”

Qing Jun sneered coldly, “I don’t care about the position of clan leader, but I am not wrong, and my people don’t think I am either. Not only will I not step down for something that’s not my fault, but I also absolutely will not hand over Qing Man to the Dragon Clan. I will not even allow you to touch a single hair on her head!”

“If the Dragon Clan wishes to go to war, then let them come. The Azure Phoenix Clan is not afraid of you.”

Di Yi was silent, feeling a wave of exhaustion. After a moment, he said, “I have the characteristics of the Dragon Clan in my bones, and you have those of the Azure Phoenix in yours. You can’t understand me, and I can’t understand you.”

“For the sake of love, the Azure Phoenix would readily go to war, and none in their clan would find it inappropriate because it’s the truth they uphold.”

Di Yi often always thought, as a leader, how could someone act so impulsively without thinking of the consequences? Once the war starts, who knows to what extent it will escalate?

He sighed inwardly, thinking that it’s not just Azure Phoenix who behaves this way. How can the Dragon Clan escape their inherent nature? In a sense, the madness of the two clans was quite similar.

As a member of the Dragon clan, his aversion to war was probably unprecedented.

Qing Jun interpreted his words differently, feeling stung. “So you think you can’t understand me? Do you see my reaction as excessive? Do you think what Jiang Zuo did was acceptable and not a mistake? Or Di Yi, are you just securing a way out for yourself in the future?”

Di Yi was shocked, “You doubt me?”

Qing Jun turned her face away, speaking softly, “Who knows. Jiang Zhuo was sincere once, but after a thousand years, he changed.”

Di Yi felt a lump in his throat, his handsome face turning red with anger. His feelings were bluntly doubted, and given Jiang Zhuo’s precedent, Qing Jun’s suspicions were understandable and justified. But he had his pride and couldn’t take her words lightly.

He paced in anger, not knowing what to say, “You… you…”

The more he thought about it, the more his heart ached. In matters of the heart, he felt like a fool, “Contrary, obstinate, unreasonable!”

Qing Jun’s face flushed with anger, “Oh! Now you realize I’m contrary, obstinate, and unreasonable!”

She punched him in the chest, each word accompanied by a blow, “Foolish, stubborn, self-righteous!”

Di Yi was pushed back with each punch. She turned away and left in another direction without looking back.

Their meeting ended on a sour note.

The Azure Phoenix Clan and Dragon Clan had been at the pinnacle of power for so long — they were both mad and self-absorbed. Neither was willing to step back. What started as a small skirmish grew into an all-out war. They had long forgotten the original cause of their dispute and the reason for going to war. The war raged on for years.

Danxue Mountain was no longer a place Di Yi visited in his free time.

The more time they spent apart, the deeper their longing for each other grew. She often found herself gazing into the distance, lost in her thoughts, steadfast in her belief that she was not at fault.

The war continued until Zhuyan appeared, which abruptly halted the conflict between their clans. They found themselves with no time to rest, immediately redirecting their efforts to face the threat posed by Zhuyan.

In those days, they were youthful and full of energy, their rough edges yet to be softened by life’s experiences. Their interactions were marked by deep wounds and an unwillingness to compromise, each clinging to their own stubborn beliefs.

But time cannot be turned back. As everything passes by, looking back, all that remains is a sigh of regret.

Following the ceasefire, they experienced a brief period of tenderness, their feelings reigniting. Until Di Yi went on a campaign, a mountain wall forever separated them.

In Xian Luo, where the Black Mountain, the passage of seasons went unnoticed. Qing Jun stood outside the mountain, observing clouds roll and rain stop, day after day, night after night.

When she lost what she held dear, all she could recall were the precious moments they’d spent together.

When the time for her celestial tribulation arrived, Qing Jun avoided it, handing over her magical artifact which bore the brunt of the Thunder Tribulation, forging the Yan’er Bell.

Lost within the illusions of the Yan’er Bell, she consoled herself with a man who seemed almost real. While she tried to fool the world and herself, her heart knew the truth.

Finally, one day, when she couldn’t hold back any longer, she broke down and embraced the illusion of Di Yi. He smiled warmly, and she cried out the words she never had the chance to say, “I love you, I love you…” and shattered every last illusion.

Gu Fuyou woke up abruptly from the dream, sat up straight, panting, looking at her hands, her vision blurred by tears. For a moment, she couldn’t distinguish if she was Qing Jun or Gu Fuyou, unable to break free from despair.

Gu Fuyou took a deep breath, her gaze fixed on the person resting on the bed. The weight of her profound emotions enveloped her, pressing down like the surrounding darkness in the room. After maintaining her composure for several days, she finally broke down, like to a tranquil lake disrupted by a stone, sending ripples across its surface.

Embracing the person on the bed, Gu Fuyou found herself repeating, “I love you, I love you…” Over and over, the words poured out, mingling with her memories of Di Yi, the Dragon bones confining Zhuyan within the mountain, and Qing Jun’s ten-thousand-year vigil atop the mountain.

As tears streamed down her face, her words became a reflection of her growing fear and despair, her resolve crumbling with each utterance.

Jolted awake from this intense, dream-like state, she was engulfed in a wave of raw emotion. “I love you, you can’t leave me,” she whispered, a plea born from the depths of her heart.

Disturbed by the sounds of crying and shouting in the middle of the night, Qing Man awoke and made her way to the room. There, she found Gu Fuyou in an emotional embrace with Zhong Michu, crying as though she had just reclaimed her soul. Annoyed by the scene, Qing Man exclaimed, “She’s still alive! Why are you making such a fuss?”

Only after a series of threats did she finally leave.

As Gu Fuyou’s agitation from her dream subsided, she gently gazed at Zhong Michu’s face and tenderly touched it, noting how much weight she had lost in just a few days.

Settling herself beside Zhong Michu, Gu Fuyou curled up close, whispering into her ear, “I love you, and I want to say it a thousand times just for you to hear. You need to wake up soon.”

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Thanks for the chapter..

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Seems like the visions/dreams that Gu Fuyou has been having were from Qing Jun’s body and not her soul. I don’t see a direct parallel between the two pairs of lovers so perhaps this was meant to be the impetus for her realizing her love?

Thank you for the translations!

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