The Dragon

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Chapter 121

Gu Fuyou spent several days in Xian Luo, her attention turned away from the outside world. Yet, the world did not forget about her.

She found solace under a large banyan tree, where sunlight danced through the leaves, creating patterns of light and shadow. There, she idly ran her fingers over the mossy trunk, lost in thought.

Behind her, Feng Sui exhibited a look of deep frustration. He had been actively involved in the wider world, carrying news from Xian Luo and engaging in discussions with the leaders of the Biluo Sect and Cangwu Sect.

His conversations centered around letting go of old grudges and the intricacies of current issues, suggesting they should dissolve like leaves in the wind. There would be no holding onto past wrongs, and the Four Continents should continue as before, in peaceful coexistence. The message was simple: no more conflicts should emerge from fixing Zhuyan’s seal, as enduring another such ordeal would be intolerable.

Feng Sui and Xiao Zhongting took the lead, with the backing of the Azure Phoenix and Dragon clans, they confident in their position. They thought this wasn’t so much a negotiation but rather a notification.

If the leaders of those two sects had any sense, they would surely agree.

What was unexpected was the feigned ignorance of these two sect leaders.

They adamantly refused to acknowledge that Gu Fuyou had sealed Zhuyan. It’s unclear whether they were aware that Zhuyan would grow stronger after absorbing the negative energies from the war. Assuming that the Azure Phoenix and Dragon Clans wouldn’t take action against them, they accused Gu Fuyou of escaping the destruction of Beizhou’s immortal sects and capturing disciples of the Biluo Sect. Furthermore, they fabricated the lie that she had repaired the damaged seal.

Concerning Gu Fuyou and others’ efforts in restoring the Zhuyan seal, Feng Sui and Xiao Zhongting never expected significant gratitude or recognition. But the fact that these sect leaders didn’t acknowledge it, even bringing up old matters to overshadow their achievements, this left them no choice but to describe these leaders as shamelessly brazen.

Did these two genuinely not know? The foundation of the rise of the four sects was built on the prestige they gained from suppressing Zhuyan, which earned them the reverence of all other sects in the four continents. How could these two, as descendants, not know the ‘glorious deeds’ of their ancestors?

They probably knew, which was why they stubbornly refused to admit it, unwilling to acknowledge Gu Fuyou’s repair of the seal on Zhuyan.

If Zhuyan never broke the seal, then what did the ancestors of the four sects seal ten thousand years ago? Admitting what Gu Fuyou did would mean admitting that the founding achievements of the four sects were based on a lie, and the foundation of their sects was built on a scheme. This would be the biggest joke on the four sects.

Hearing all this, Gu Fuyou’s finger stroking the moss paused, then pressed harder, and the thick trunk of the tree split open with a snap, as if struck fiercely with an axe, splitting it through.

She turned to Feng Sui with a chilling smile, “What, they still refuse to give up?”

Her red eyes were chillingly sinister.

Feng Sui swallowed hard, finding himself unable to respond for a moment.

The wind howled, the shadows of the clouds shifted, and the leaves rustled.

Gu Fuyou declared, “Do they really think I won’t touch them? If they can’t keep the peace, then they shall never have peace! Biluo Sect, Cangwu Sect, and Du Pan, I remember them all!”

She already had anger and hatred in her heart.

If not for the constant pressure from Biluo and Cangwu Sects, and Du Pan’s schemes leading to various consequences, Zhuyan wouldn’t have absorbed the strength and broken the seal so quickly. She realized that if it weren’t for their actions, the current situation might not have been so dire, and Zhong Michu wouldn’t have been so gravely injured. Tracing back the root causes, she found reasons to blame herself as well.

Thinking back from the beginning, she could even come to hate herself.

Zhong Michu hadn’t woken up yet, and Gu Fuyou was teetering on the edge of madness. With people continuously provoking her, it seemed only a matter of time before her last strand of sanity would snap.

Her own pain was unbearable, and she felt compelled to unleash it on others.

Gu Fuyou opened her mouth to give Feng Sui an order, but Qing Man approached from the forest without saying a word, simply looking at Gu Fuyou.

Gu Fuyou, catching Qing Man’s gaze, was momentarily taken aback, then her eyes gradually brightened. Even though Qing Man hadn’t spoken, Gu Fuyou understood her meaning. She felt light and eager, a mix of surprise and delight, and hurried back.

Reaching the door, she leaned against the frame, her chest heaving with nervous anticipation, her limbs weak.

She walked slowly, approaching closer.

The person on the bed was still with closed eyes, sleeping quietly, resembling a delicate and striking flower at the tail end of each season.

Gu Fuyou felt disappointed, thinking she might have misunderstood, but still held onto a sliver of hope, wishing for a pleasant surprise to suddenly appear – a bittersweet and naive thought.

She carefully examined the person on the bed.

Zhong Michu’s eyes slowly fluttered open, revealing a weariness that made it hard for her to fully open them.

Gu Fuyou hadn’t misunderstood. Zhong Michu had opened her eyes earlier, which Qing Man had seen before going to find Gu Fuyou. But Zhong Michu was still tired, her eyes closing again after a short while, only to reopen upon sensing someone nearby.

Tears welled up in Gu Fuyou’s eyes. She couldn’t take her eyes off Zhong Michu. With a tender touch, Gu Fuyou caressed the corner of her eye. A tear fell, sliding down Zhong Michu’s neck, still warm to the touch.

Gu Fuyou whispered, “Zhong Michu, talk to me. I want to hear your voice.”

She could see the fatigue on Zhong Michu’s face and understood that she was fighting off sleep. But she couldn’t help but express her desire.

“I want to hear your voice.”

She feared it might be a dream, but then realized, even in her dreams, she had never heard Zhong Michu speak. If she could hear her voice now, even if it were a dream, would be pure happiness.

Zhong Michu rasped, “I heard you calling me.” Her voice was hoarse, carrying the haziness of someone just waking up.

Gu Fuyou gently embraced her, resting her forehead against Zhong Michu’s shoulder. She held her delicately, fearful that any force might shatter her. Earlier, her gaze had unintentionally caught sight of a scar on the back of Zhong Michu’s hand, extending up her sleeve. This was a person who had been broken and stitched back together.

“Yes, I was calling you. Ah Man was calling you. She wants to apologize and has so much she wants to tell you…”

“I want to hear…” Zhong Michu’s voice faded, overwhelmed by exhaustion, drifting back to sleep.

Gu Fuyou inquired softly, “Are you tired?”

Zhong Michu murmured a faint acknowledgment, “Mmm.”

Even though she was so exhausted, Gu Fuyou couldn’t help saying, “Don’t sleep too long, I’m a bit scared.”

With no energy left to respond, Zhong Michu’s finger, resting at the edge of Gu Fuyou’s hand, twitched ever so slightly.

Gu Fuyou proposed, “I’ll sing you a lullaby.”

Still negotiating even at this time, she added, “The more you wake up, the more you get to hear it.”

Zhong Michu showed no further signs of movement. Gu Fuyou lay down beside her, gently arranging the hair on her forehead. Trailing her fingers down, she caressed Zhong Michu’s cheek, and she gently cradled her in her arms.

She began to hum softly —

The pond is full, the scent of the lotus blooms intense.

Zhong Michu’s recovery from her injuries was painfully slow. It took half a month before she could walk, but she still couldn’t use her spiritual powers.

Gu Fuyou held her hand, guiding her as they walked. Her fingers brushed against a rough, raised scar on the back of Zhong Michu’s hand near her wrist. Zhong Michu must have at least a dozen such scars.

Every time Gu Fuyou touched them, her heart clenched as if touching the edge of a nightmare, threatening to pull her into a chilling realm of memories. It left a lingering unease in her heart for a long time.

Gu Fuyou asked Qing Man for some scar-removing spiritual medicine, only to be severely scolded. “She’s still healing and you’re already concerned about appearances!” Qing Man argued.

Once Zhong Michu’s spiritual power returned, most of the scars would naturally fade. And with that, Qing Man kicked both of them out of her courtyard. To her, being able to walk meant recovery was sufficient. She had had enough of their disturbances these days.

Gu Fuyou brought Zhong Michu to the Thirty-Three Skies, staying by her side constantly.

Zhong Michu had slept for too long in Xianluo. Even though she never told Di Jun about the dangers she faced on this journey, her prolonged absence had made him anxious. After sending someone to investigate and learning of her injuries, representatives from the Dragon Clan came to take her back to the Eastern Seas. But Gu Fuyou wouldn’t release her. Like a wild beast guarding its food, she bared her teeth at anyone who approached.

Due to Zhong Michu’s leniency, the Dragon Clan generals who arrived were successively replaced, each one unsuccessful. Ultimately, they resorted to sending over the young princess.

That night, Zhong Michu sat atop a plush cushion, meditating. A purple-gold beast-headed incense burner emitted a soft, calming mist.

As soon as Gu Fuyou entered, Zhong Michu opened her eyes.

Although Zhong Michu looked healthier than when she first awoke, Gu Fuyou still worried about her fragile appearance and couldn’t rest easy. Despite the Dragon Clan’s strong physique that typically healed severe injuries within weeks, this time, Zhong Michu’s recovery was notably slower, and she wasn’t fully healed yet.

Sitting on a small stool next to the couch, Gu Fuyou leaned in, supporting her cheek with one hand while playfully twirling the tassels on Zhong Michu’s clothing. She chuckled, “Your Majesty, rumors outside say I’ve imprisoned you.”

Zhong Michu replied indifferently, “Everyone knows we are close. Who would believe such far-fetched rumors?”

Gu Fuyou casually tied her tassel into a knot, “Really? I feel like some people are already getting restless.”

A flash of surprise crossed Zhong Michu’s eyes, realizing Gu Fuyou was hinting at something else.

The Biluo and Cangwu sects did not acknowledge Gu Fuyou’s role in sealing Zhuyan, as they were concerned about the reputation of their ancestors, even Nianhua hesitated, caught between moral duty and filial piety.

Both the Biluo and Cangwu sects, feeling both embarrassed and threatened by Gu Fuyou, were unwilling to let the matter rest Although Zhong Michu was recuperating in the Thirty-Three Skies, she was well aware of these developments.

What surprised Zhong Michu was that Gu Fuyou was speaking about this, clearly intending to consult with her.

When Gu Fuyou thought about taking revengeful actions, particularly those related to old grudges from seven hundred years ago, she was quite resolute. She might tell Zhong Michu about them, but rarely did she consult with her.

This was the first time she actively sought to discuss and consult.

On the day Zhong Michu left Xian Luo, she coincidentally met Qing Zhe, who was visiting Xian Luo. Qing Zhe sought her out for a private conversation. He was extremely worried about Gu Fuyou, fearing she had been influenced by Zhuyan, possibly becoming more sinister and cruel. He asked Zhong Michu to be cautious around her.

After observing Gu Fuyou closely in secret, Zhong Michu noticed some changes, but now, she was convinced that Gu Fuyou would not become the person Qing Zhe feared.

Gu Fuyou produced an invitation from somewhere. It looked similar to the invite from the previous Immortal Sect Assembly. She laughed, “Li Mingjing has given me a final deadline, demanding an explanation from the three sects. A final deadline, huh? I’ve never seen someone set their own expiration date.”

Zhong Michu understood from Gu Fuyou’s tone that she was gearing up for a fight. She advised, “Ah Man, the seal is barely repaired and cannot withstand damage.”

Gu Fuyou asked, “You don’t want me to fight them?”

Zhong Michu shook her head.

Gu Fuyou toyed with a tassel, “But if we don’t resolve this, they’ll keep bothering me. The simplest and most direct way to shut them up and stop them is just to confront it. Moreover, they deserve it.”

Zhong Michu responded, “The people of the three sects are not inherently evil. The simplest and most direct way to shut them up and stop them in their tracks is also what they deserve.”

Zhong Michu replied, “The people from the three sects aren’t truly evil. We can’t be too harsh, and we shouldn’t corner them. Pushing people too far can backfire.”

Gu Fuyou inquired, “So, what do you think I should do?”

After pondering for a moment, Zhong Michu replied, “I’ll go and provide the so-called ‘explanation’ on your behalf.”

Looking down, she noticed that Gu Fuyou had tied the tassels on her clothing into messy knots.

Zhong Michu chuckled softly, “What are you doing?”

Gu Fuyou replied, “Tying knots.”

She wanted to tie knots not just on her clothes but also in her heart, a knot that couldn’t be undone.

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