The Dragon

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Chapter 18

Amidst Snow, Aromatic Sleeves Flutter by the Rail

Everyone returned to the Xuan Miao Sect and, after bidding each other farewell, each went to their respective residences.

Upon arriving in her room, Gu Fuyou carelessly dropped her bundle, bathed, changed her clothes, and without even giving a second thought to Ah Fu, she promptly went to bed, and fell asleep.

After resting for half a day, she went to see Ji Chaoling the next day.

She came to apologize to Ji Chaoling for summoning Zhong Michu into Xian Luo.

But she wasn’t afraid. Since her childhood, her spoiled and unruly behavior had often resulted in many punishments from Gu Wanpeng.

This not only emboldened her, but her skin had also thickened.

Ji Chaoling met her in the sect leader’s study. Emerging from behind the rows of bookshelves, he wasn’t wearing the official sect leader attire but donned a simple, pale blue robe, holding a book, with a warm and friendly smile on his face.

It was Gu Fuyou’s first time meeting him, and If asked about her impression after seeing him.

Only two words — deeply elegant.

It’s hard to discern the true age of someone at the Hallow Void stage, but this man clearly possessed methods to retain his youthful appearance. With his handsome features and youthful appearance, compared to Zhong Michu, he seemed more like her elder brother than someone from her mother’s generation.

“Gu Fuyou,” Ji Chaoling’s voice was rich and deep, slowly pronouncing her name as if adding a certain charm to it, “I’ve wanted to meet you, but I haven’t had the time, causing such a long delay.”

His deep, ink-like eyes seemed to be covered in a hazy mist. When Gu Fuyou met his gaze, she felt a sense of calm.

Gu Fuyou spoke of the Xian Luo incident. He listened attentively and at the end, smiled, informing her that Zhong Michu had already reported it to him upon returning to Xuan Miao Sect.

Ji Chaoling did not punish either of them. Zhong Michu was not at fault for helping a fellow sect member, and Gu Fuyou did no wrong by summoning her spirit beast in a moment of urgency.

He not only refrained from reprimanding her but also comforted her, especially about her descent into the inner layers of Xian Luo.

As Gu Fuyou was about to leave, Ji Chaoling called out to her, “Gu Fuyou.”

Gu Fuyou turned around at the door and asked, “Is there something else, Sect Leader?”

Ji Chaoling spoke gently, “Get along well with Michu.”

After taking her leave from Ji Chaoling, Gu Fuyou returned to her dwelling.

Although she was spared from punishment, she felt a deep sense of loss.

Ji Chaoling was an exceptionally gentle person; it was evident to anyone who met him.

From their brief conversation, Gu Fuyou felt the depth of his affection for Zhong Michu.

Zhong Michu’s mother was Yunran Xuanzun, but who her father was remained unclear. While Gu Fuyou had no evidence, in her heart, she regarded Ji Chaoling as Zhong Michu’s father.

Having such a caring and tender-hearted master and father, Gu Fuyou envied Zhong Michu deeply.

It’s worth mentioning that Gu Fuyou and others left Xian Luo early. When they came out, the opening time of Xian Luo hadn’t passed halfway, and most of the disciples who went to Xianluo for training hadn’t come out yet.

There were no formal classes at Xuan Miao Sect, and disciples were left to their own cultivation.

Taking advantage of this free time, Si Miao was busy refining pills and planting spiritual plants, finding suitable spots for the spiritual flowers and herbs Gu Fuyou had brought.

This routine continued for over a month.

Si Miao had kept Gu Fuyou so busy assisting her that she didn’t find time to visit Gushen Peak, making it over a month since she last saw Zhong Michu.

Finally, after taking care of everything and crafting various pills, the two planned to sell them at Yinxue Pavilion, as was their custom.

They decided to use the occasion at Yinxue Pavilion for a celebration and also to extend an invitation to Liu Guizhen, thanking him for his assistance in Xian Luo.

Yinxue Pavilion is a bustling entertainment venue, renowned across all continents for its constant lively atmosphere, performances, and beautiful women.

The Pavilion, popular among women, sees a high demand for beauty and spiritual pills.

Si Miao and Gu Fuyou often craft spiritual pills, which they bring here to sell, earning spiritual stones and accumulating private funds.

Located in the conveniently accessible Wantong City, Yinxue Pavilion benefits greatly from the city’s extensive network of teleportation formations.

One-way teleportation formations can generally only go one way and are unstable, with a high chance of ending up in the wrong location.

The two-way teleportation formations require setups at both departure and destination points. If undamaged, allow stable travel back and forth.

Wantong City serves as a major transit hub, with many cities having two-way teleportation connections with it.

Many travelers, finding sword flight too slow and lacking teleportation formations between their points of interest, first teleport to Wantong City, then proceed to their desired location from there.

Wantong City is home to numerous teleportation formations, with nearly a thousand two-way arrays, thereby living up to its name that suggests extensive connectivity

Consequently, Wantong City sees a large influx of visitors. It’s filled with taverns, tea houses, theaters, arenas, trading places for spiritual plants and beasts, dueling arenas, and countless other entertainment and trading venues. It’s bustling and unparalleled in its liveliness.

A teleportation formation at the foot of the Xuan Miao Sect connects directly to Wantong City, ensuring incredibly convenient travel.

Gu Fuyou and Si Miao went early in the morning and were pleased to find that the people at Yinxue Pavilion had reserved a good spot for them.

Their private room on the third floor was spacious and clean, overlooking the lively main hall. There was also an outdoor balcony, from where they could take in the bustling street view.

The hostess mentioned with a smile, “The head of the establishment had received your message a while ago, and knowing you had left Xian Luo, assumed you would come here to celebrate. So, she kept this room vacant just for you.”

Here, the term used for the head of the establishment is ‘Zhai Zhang’ – a refined title.

In other pleasure districts, patrons usually refer to the matronly figures as ‘Mama’ and the younger, beautiful ones as ‘Sister’.

Yinxue Pavilion differs, primarily trading in arts and poetry, and only resorting to more sensual business as a last resort.

Hence, patrons here don’t frivolously engage with the women and, valuing sophistication, they respectfully refer to the manager as Zhai Zhang.

Si Miao went to deliver the spiritual pills. Meanwhile, Gu Fuyou leaned against the balcony railing, watching the play in the hall below. Soon, an irritated Si Miao joined her, her face flushed with a mix of annoyance and embarrassment.

“What happened?”

Si Miao replied, “Zhu Zhai Zhang halved the price for our spiritual pills. I couldn’t negotiate with her, so it’s up to you now.”

Si Miao enters the room, and shortly after, a woman, graceful in her movements and holding a fan, ascends the stairs. Her already beautiful face is enhanced by her makeup, making her even more enchanting.

Upon seeing her, Gu Fuyou smiles and says, “Sister Zhu, you’ve almost made Si Miao cry.”

Zhu Ruo responded with a playful smirk, “She wouldn’t.”

Before they could converse further, Gu Huaiyou and Liu Guizhen arrived.

Upon entering, Liu Guizhen looked distinctly out of place and uneasy, his demeanor suggesting he wasn’t familiar with such establishments.

Liu Guizhen had been somewhat dragged here by Gu Huaiyou. On the steps, Liu Guizhen voiced his reservations, “Younger Brother Gu, our school has always forbidden disciples from entering places of entertainment and leisure. It’s not appropriate for us to be here.”

Gu Fuyou greeted him, “Brother Liu, does our sect actually have this rule?”

She’s skimmed the sect rules and doesn’t remember seeing this one. Could she have missed it?

It shouldn’t be like that. There are many cultivation methods in the world. Some methods forbid indulgences like alcohol and romantic relations, but the cultivation method of Xuan Miao Sect doesn’t abstain from such things.

Liu Guizhen said, “It’s an unwritten rule.”

Gu Fuyou, looking down from the railing, chuckled, “Not necessarily.”

Everyone followed her gaze to see a few disciples seated in a corner of the hall. Liu Guizhen recognized them as fellow disciples; some were even of his generation.

Liu Guizhen was speechless.

Gu Huaiyou pushed him inside, saying, “Brother Liu, it’s just a banquet. We’re all gathering to express our gratitude for your help. It’s not wild. The delicacies of Yinxue Pavilion are famous far and wide. You can’t miss them.”

They had just entered when a beautiful woman in blue followed them, holding a basket filled with delicate flowers covered in dewdrops.

Gu Fuyou said to Zhu Ruo, “Sister Zhu, everyone’s here. You can order the dishes now.”

Turning her head to the newcomer, she smiled, “Sister, such lovely flowers!”

The woman in blue laughed, “Is everyone here? Isn’t the senior sister you’ve been praising coming? I thought there would be some ladies here, so I picked some flowers for you to enjoy.”

Gu Fuyou picked a lily from the basket. Its pure white petals were plump, reminiscent of a dancing girl’s skirt.

She tucked it behind her ear, her long hair braided and hanging down her back. When she smiled, she was the picture of youthful charm. “Sister Zhu, does it look nice?”

Zhu Ruo chuckled, “It looks beautiful, but probably not as beautiful as your Senior Sister.”

She joked, “If we could keep her as a sister, that would be the best.”

The blue-clad woman interjected, “In your letters, you praised your Senior Sister so much. We’re all curious to see such a spirit-like beauty. If only we could befriend her.”

Hearing this, Zhu Ruo’s expression changed, her tone cold, “You’re increasingly disrespectful. She possesses a pure and elegant spirit. Our place is too impure for her.”

Realizing her mistake, the blue-clad woman quickly apologized, “My apologies for speaking out of turn.”

While they spoke, Zhu Ruo ordered the dishes and drinks. She also called for four elegant girls to perform songs.

The trio entered a room. Gu Fuyou walked out to the balcony and sat down.

Zhu Ruo, gazing at the lit street, sighed, “I just hope she doesn’t find our place too dirty for her.” Her eyes reflected a deep melancholy.

Gu Fuyou knew Zhu Ruo was reflecting on their status and reputation. In their line of work, they often faced disdain and sometimes even self-contempt.

Gu Fuyou reassured her, “Sister Zhu, she’s not like that!”

Si Miao, having overheard, teased, “When you first met Senior Sister Zhong, you always criticized her. Now, after visiting Xian Luo, you can’t stop praising her. What happened to your complaints?”

Gu Fuyou smiled and said, “The longer I know Senior Sister Zhong, the more I realize she’s like a river clam.”

Zhu Ruo was curious, “How so?”

Gu Fuyou grinned, “Hard on the outside, soft on the inside.”

At that, the girls all laughed.

Zhu Ruo, the woman in blue, and the four performers were all more curious about Zhong Michu, urging Gu Fuyou to invite her.

Unable to resist their pleas and having missed Zhong Michu for so long, Gu Fuyou thought it would be a good idea to invite her to join the fun and express her gratitude.

Deciding on this, she took out a talisman and called out, “Nanzhu Jun.”

In Xian Luo, she had been captured by a Wind Beast and couldn’t summon Zhong Michu without her powers. After that incident, she had the idea to transform the summoning formation into a talisman. Even without powers, she could still summon Zhong Michu by invoking the talisman.

As the talisman shone brightly, Gu Fuyou looked around, but saw no sign of Zhong Michu.

Zhu Ruo pointed downwards, “Is it that young lady?”

Gu Fuyou looked down, her eyes lighting up. She stood at the railing and waved energetically below, “Senior Sister Zhong, over here!”

Clad in a snow-white dress with a light blue shawl draped over her shoulders, Zhong Michu looked up, her hair adorned with a jade bamboo hairpin.

Gu Fuyou turned to Zhu Ruo and the others, “Sisters, look!”

Several ladies moved to the railing to have a look. With beauties clustered together, they gazed at Zhong Michu below, commenting with smiles, “What a sight!”

“Such a pretty lady.”

“Such a delightful beauty, so endearing.”

Gu Fuyou took the lily from her hair and threw it down to Zhong Michu.

Seeing this, the ladies chuckled and each took a delicate flower from their baskets, throwing them at Zhong Michu.

The commotion drew the attention of those on the floors above and below. As they noticed the lively scene, they all moved to the railings to watch.

Seeing the beauty below, they joined in the fun. Many started throwing fresh flowers from the floors above, and some even crushed the flowers to sprinkle the petals.

In a moment, it was as if there was a rain of flowers, fluttering down from the sky.

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