The Dragon

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Chapter 17

Defying Heaven’s Wrath

This man’s cultivation is not weak, and his booming voice carries far and wide across the wilderness.

In the wilderness, besides the Zuo family and Gu Fuyou and others, there are other cultivators, some who have just finished their training, some waiting outside, and others who have just arrived to enter the Xian Luo for training.

The Xian Luo gate does not have a fixed schedule for opening. Sometimes it’s open for decades, and other times, only a few months.

This time, after the Four Immortals Sect’s divination, it was announced to the world that Xian Luo would be open for a year. Thus, people arrived at their own pace.

Many were drawn to a man’s outburst and turned their attention to him.

Zuo Tianlang, hearing the shouts, pulled on his reins and glanced downward, asking his subordinates, “Who dares to insult me?”

A person flew up on his sword and replied, “It’s the siblings from the Xiao family.”

Zuo Tianlang snorted coldly. ‘The Xiao family? They’re nothing more than minor city lords under Bailu City’s jurisdiction, not even qualified to be dogs to my Zuo family. That Xiao Yuan could serve as my shield, taking that hit, was her good fortune. Handle this matter. If Xiao Zhongting knows his place, I won’t hold it against him. But if he continues to insult the Zuo family, you know what to do.”


The man flew to Xiao Zhongting, stood with his arms folded on his flying sword, without landing, and spoke from atop his sword, “Xiao Zhongting, your sister’s act of saving the young master will be rewarded. The Xu Ling Sect will send 100,000 spirit stones, a thousand spirit pearls, a hundred artifacts, and a hundred bottles of spirit pills as a token of gratitude.”

Xiao Zhongting, gravely injured and kneeling on the ground with bloodshot eyes, retorted, “Even if you offer countless treasures, what use are they? Can they restore my sister’s future? Can they heal her completely?”

“What do you want?”

“What do I want? Ha! Zuo Tianlang ruined my sister’s future, and you ask me what I want? I want him to apologize to her. Would he? I want the Xu Ling Sect to provide justice. Would they?”

The man, with a condescending look, responded, “Xiao Zhongting, the young master is willing to let this go, don’t be ungrateful. Your sister is nothing, and the entire Xiao family is nothing compared to the Zuo family. If you continue to make a scene, disturb public order, and slander the Zuo family, you won’t be able to bear the consequences.”

He then tossed a pill bottle, “This medicine can ease your sister’s injuries. Take them and think carefully about your actions.”

After issuing both a threat and a bribe, the man assumed Xiao Zhongting would know his place and prepared to leave.

Seething with anger, Xiao Zhongting grabbed the pill bottle and threw it at the man with all his might, roaring, “Who wants your Zuo family’s filthy pills!”

Although the man dodged, Xiao Zhongting’s action felt like a slap to his face, darkening his expression.

Xiao Zhongting continued, “Is there no justice in Nanzhou anymore, allowing you to be tyrants, treating people as less than human?”

The man took off a golden whip from his waist, and with a swift motion, lashed it across Xiao Zhongting’s chest, sending him flying back, blood spurting from his mouth.

With a cold smile, the man said, “In Nanzhou, the Zuo family is the sky, the Zuo family is justice! Who are you to challenge us? If you’re unwilling to accept our gracious offer, then the destruction of the Xiao family is just a matter of time!”


The man lashed out again, striking Xiao Zhongting on the shoulder. Severely injured, Xiao Zhongting couldn’t dodge and could only struggle to defend himself.

The man continued to whip him, deliberately avoiding fatal blows but inflicting painful injuries.

Gu Fuyou, her face dark with anger, was about to intervene when someone grabbed her arm.

Turning around, her eyes lit up immediately. “Si Miao! Gu Huaiyou!”

It was Si Miao holding Gu Fuyou, with Gu Huaiyou standing beside her. Both of them seemed unharmed, and there was another man beside them.

This man had sharp eyebrows and bright eyes, standing tall with a long sword in hand—a handsome man one would not easily forget.

Gu Fuyou felt he looked familiar, as if she had seen him somewhere. But she couldn’t recall where. Judging by his attire, he must be a disciple of Xuan Miao sect. “This Senior Brother is…?”

Gu Huaiyou introduced, “This is the senior disciple of Elder Sanqing, Liu Guizhen. Brother Liu.”

Gu Fuyou greeted, “Senior Brother Liu.”

Liu Guizhen, with a stern face, simply nodded in acknowledgment.

The three had already noticed Zhong Michu and called out almost simultaneously, “Senior Sister Zhong.” They couldn’t help but appraise her simple attire.

Gu Huaiyou and Si Miao knew that Zhong Michu had come because Gu Fuyou had summoned her. Beyond their gratitude, there was a hint of sympathy in their eyes.

Zhong Michu remained calm and gave a slight nod to the three of them.

Seeing the situation unfold before her, Gu Fuyou felt the urge to intervene. Si Miao, understanding her intentions, cautioned, “Ah Man, it’s better if you don’t get involved in this.”

Gu Fuyou glanced at Xiao Zhongting, who, despite being whipped, grabbed the whip and fiercely pulled the man down from his sword.

The subordinates of Zuo Tianlang were not to be trifled with. Enraged, they went for the kill, intending to beat Xiao Zhongting to death.

Gu Fuyou frowned, “That man’s sister’s severe injuries are likely because of Zuo Tianlang. They show no remorse and now they want to beat that man to death. The Zuo family is a major sect in this region; how do they expect people to respect them with such behavior?”

“It’s not just ‘likely’,” Si Miao clarified. “That woman was injured by Zuo Tianlang himself.”

“What happened?”

Si Miao and Gu Huaiyou then recounted everything that happened after they got separated.

That day, the two of them were swallowed by Dizang, along with Liu Guizhen, who was protecting his junior disciples and couldn’t avoid being swallowed.

The three of them worked together and came up with a plan.

Si Miao burned the herbs she had on her, causing the Dizang to sneeze. The powerful force was too much for Si Miao and Gu Huaiyou to withstand, so Liu Guizhen created a barrier to protect them.

They were then safely expelled from Dizang’s body.

However, even after being expelled, their troubles weren’t over. Zuo Tianlang was determined to capture Dizang, creating chaos in the outer layer, affecting many cultivators who couldn’t escape.

While searching for Gu Fuyou, the three of them also got involved in the chaos.

Not long after, the Dizang became still, and everyone thought it was finally over.

Unexpectedly, as it exhausted its energy, its body started emitting a poisonous gas and its abdomen began to swell rapidly. Zuo Tianlang ordered his men to cut it into pieces for easy transport.

Just as they exerted force on its belly, the Dizang suddenly exploded.

The explosion was overwhelming, like mountains collapsing and the sky turning dark. The nearby cultivators couldn’t dodge in time, and Zuo Tianlang, who was closest, had no chance to escape.

Facing the explosion directly, he would have been seriously injured if not killed.

In the face of danger, Zuo Tianlang, keeping his composure, shouted, “Beard Slave, grab someone to shield me!”

The closest one was Xiao Yuan. Beard Slave, who was more skilled, took advantage of Xiao Yuan’s preoccupation with dodging the explosion and caught her off guard. With a swift move, he bound her and dragged her to Zuo Tianlang, using both of them as a shield.

Both Xiao Yuan, at the early stage of the Golden Core, and Beard Slave, at the peak of the Golden Core, managed to withstand the blast.

Zuo Tianlang remained unharmed behind them. Beard Slave was left covered in blood, barely conscious, and Xiao Yuan, equally bloodied, passed out with her Golden Core shattered.

For cultivators, after forming the Golden Core, spiritual power accumulates in the Dantian. It’s as crucial as the heart is to blood.

For cultivators, after forming the Golden Core, spiritual energy accumulates in the dantian, much like the heart circulates blood. If the Golden Core is shattered, it’s almost impossible to repair, and without repair, their path of cultivation is essentially ruined.

The Xiao siblings were exceptionally talented, having grown up together without any conflict, and had both reached the Golden Core stage after over three hundred years of hard work.

In terms of talent, Xiao Yuan was even more gifted than Xiao Zhongting. Xiao Zhongting cherished and protected his sister, always giving her the best spiritual pills and medicines, hoping she would one day achieve great success in her cultivation.

This time, they came for training, only to suffer such a disaster.

Xiao Yuan’s path to cultivation was now essentially destroyed. How could Xiao Zhongting not be filled with hatred and resentment?

After hearing this, Gu Fuyou’s eyes were filled with disgust. “Zuo Tianlang’s actions are becoming increasingly shameless.”

Si Miao commented, “No matter how shameless, it’s still an internal matter of the Zuo family. Ah Man, we shouldn’t get involved. We don’t want to cause trouble for Uncle Gu.”

In Nanzhou, apart from Xiaoyao City and Xuan Miao Sect, other cities either fell completely under the Zuo family’s influence, willingly submitted, or succumbed to their power, essentially becoming vassals of Xu Ling Sect.

No matter how much the Xiao family protested, it was an internal affair of Xu Ling Sect, and outsiders, especially from Xiaoyao City, should not interfere.

The positions of Xiaoyao City and the Xuan Miao Sect in Nanzhou have always been delicate. Imagine the Xu Ling Sect ruling Nanzhou, they’d never be content with gaps in their own territory.

However, Xiaoyao City and Xuan Miao Sect had a good relationship, and their leaders were not easily swayed, making it difficult for Xu Ling Sect to act against them.

Nevertheless, if Xuan Miao Sect or Xiaoyao City made even a small mistake, Xu Ling Sect would not let it go.

That’s why Si Miao advised Gu Fuyou not to get involved.

When Zuo Tianlang’s subordinate used his whip, he infused it with spiritual power. With each strike, flesh tore and clothes were ripped apart.

Xiao Zhongting, covered in bloody marks, initially managed to fight back, but later, drained of spiritual power, he could only bear the beatings, although he continued to curse the attacker without ceasing.

If this Xiao Zhongting were an internal cultivator, his physical body wouldn’t be able to withstand such a beating. At this rate, he’d be beaten to death.

Although other cultivators were around, they didn’t dare intervene out of fear of Xu Ling Sect.

Just as Gu Fuyou couldn’t hold back any longer and was about to step in, a flash of sword light streaked past her, severing the golden whip in the man’s hand.

Zhong Michu said, “He’s going to die.”

The man didn’t want to escalate the situation but was angered by Xiao Zhongting’s insults. Now that someone intervened, he took the opportunity to back down.

Throwing aside the broken whip, the man spat at Xiao Zhongting, “Fool who doesn’t know the difference between life and death,” and left on his flying sword.

Xiao Zhongting struggled to his feet, bowed to Zhong Michu, and said, “Thank you, miss.”

With unsteady steps, he returned to Xiao Yuan’s side.

He didn’t want to bow to Xu Ling Sect by accepting their pills, but Xiao Yuan’s severe injuries were life-threatening without treatment. With his own spiritual power exhausted and injuries too severe to transfer energy to Xiao Yuan, he was in a difficult position.

Gu Fuyou set Ah Fu down and opened her bundle, saying to Si Miao, “They’ve left. It’s fine to help him now.”

Zhong Michu had already approached. With a surprised expression from Xiao Zhongting, she held Xiao Zhanyi’s hand, transferring her spiritual energy to her.

Gu Huaiyou took off his cloak and handed it to the barely clothed Xiao Zhongting, saying warmly, “Brother Xiao, if you don’t mind…”

Choked with emotion, Xiao Zhongting replied in a hoarse voice, “Thank you.”

Si Miao sighed and also came over, telling Zhong Michu, “Senior sister, her Golden Core is shattered. She can only absorb a fraction of the spiritual energy you’re giving her. It’s more effective to heal her wounds before transferring spiritual energy.”

Zhong Michu looked up at her but continued to transfer her energy.

Gu Huaiyou asked, “Do you have any methods?”

Si Miao hesitated, “I have a way, but I lack the necessary herbs. It’s quite troublesome.”

It’s tough to cook without ingredients.

Gu Fuyou had already opened her bundle, cheerfully handing it over, “I have them.”

Si Miao glanced at her and the herbs she held, taking a sharp breath, feeling almost dizzy, “Oh Heavens, Gu Huaiyou, I see your little sister holding a treasure trove of rare spiritual plants.”

Gu Huaiyou was equally shocked, “Really? Ah Man, where did you get these? Did you rob the Wanyao Pavilion?”

The Wanyao Pavilion is the biggest spiritual plant trading market in Nanzhou. Only there could one find so many rare spiritual plants at once.

Gu Fuyou replied, “I picked them in the forest.”

Si Miao grabbed her, saying through gritted teeth, “Tell the truth.”

Gu Fuyou laughed, “Why would I lie? Come on, save her first.”

Si Miao finally let her go and began selecting plants from the bundle, unable to part with each one she picked up. After a long while, she chose two suitable ones.

She transformed one into a fragrant essence and directed it into Xiao Yuan’s nose, while the other was turned into juice and fed through her mouth, guiding it to be absorbed.

Si Miao said, “Senior Sister, please transfer more spiritual energy to her. That should stabilize her injuries.”

Zhong Michu did as instructed, continuing the energy transfer.

Gradually, the girl’s complexion improved. When she opened her eyes, she called out, “Brother.”

Tears welled up in Xiao Zhongting’s eyes as he took her hand, “I’m here.”

Xiao Yuan seemed to understand what had happened to her, her expression filled with sorrow. She wiped her brother’s tears with the back of her hand. “Brother, men aren’t supposed to cry easily.”

Xiao Zhongting, choked with sobs, said, “It’s my fault. I couldn’t protect you.”

Xiao Yuan, her voice trembling, said, “It’s not your fault. I was just unlucky.”

Xiao Zhongting hugged her tightly, and the siblings cried together.

Seeing this, everyone felt a pang of sadness and prepared to say their goodbyes.

Si Miao picked another rare spiritual plant from Gu Fuyou’s bundle and handed it to Xiao Zhongting. “This is Wormheart Grass. It can be used to refine Spirit Restoration Pills. It won’t repair her Golden Core, but it will help…”

Xiao Zhongting, with both hands, gratefully accepted it and, along with Xiao Yuan, attempted to kneel in thanks.

Considering they were all peers, and Xiao Zhongting and Xiao Zhanyi were even older than Zhong Michu and Gu Fuyou, the group quickly moved to prevent the siblings from kneeling and helped them up.

With reddened eyes, Xiao Zhongting faced everyone and bowed deeply, expressing gratitude, “Thank you, Second Young Master Gu, thank you, Third Miss Gu, thank you, Miss, thank all of you.”

Then, he bid farewell and, supporting each other, the siblings slowly walked away.

Once the pride of the heavens, now fallen from grace.

Their departing figures were so sorrowful that no one could bear to watch. With a sigh, the group set off back to Xuan Miao Sect.

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author and translator did an amazing job of making even the reader feel powerless. a great world building chapter. Setting the scene for a future boss fight? I sure hope so.

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