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Chapter 115

Gu Fuyou dispatched a family head to Beizhou, plagued by uncertainty. She wondered if Nianhua was acting rationally, recognizing the trickery and deeming it unfair to implicate her, or if it was simply the family head’s eloquence at play. Meanwhile, the much-talked-about punitive force was delayed, with no news for over a month.

Gu Fuyou’s days passed as usual. But Li Mingjing was extremely anxious, joining forces with the master of the Cangwu Sect to go to Beizhou. If only two regions faced Gu Fuyou, they would have many concerns, especially since Zhong Michu and Gu Fuyou had a deep friendship. They had to be prepared to confront the Dragon Clan afterwards. Only with the power of three regions could they take action.

After going to the Qianyun Sect, Nianhua set aside the matter of the punitive force and was busy investigating the clues about the annihilation of another immortal sect.

Li Mingjing argued, “Brother Nianhua, what more is there to investigate? Besides Gu Fuyou, who would dare disrespect a sect and hate them enough to annihilate a whole sect? The more you delay, the more you give her a chance to recuperate. Once she regains strength, dealing with her will be difficult.”

Nianhua frowned, “If a war breaks out, it’ll be a major conflict spanning four continents, leading to countless cultivators dying and shaking the cultivation world. Such a significant matter requires caution. Brother, you seem too hasty, lacking the calmness of a cultivator.”

The Cangwu Sect’s leader recalled that Gu Fuyou had sent someone, “If Gu Fuyou doesn’t confront us directly, it means she has something to hide.”

“She has already sent a special envoy,” Nianhua informed.

“But for such a significant issue, she should have come personally to clarify everything. If she’s innocent, everything would be fine. But now, she’s just sent someone else, showing a lack of sincerity,” countered the head of the Cangwu Sect.

Nianhua glanced at him, “It’s said she was injured during an incident at the Biluo Sect.”

Li Mingjing retorted, “That’s just an excuse.”

Nianhua remained silent. Both of them couldn’t persuade Nianhua and left disappointed.

On the way, before Li Mingjing and the Cangwu Sect leader could part ways, a hurried disciple approached. Seeing the leader, the disciple seemed relieved and said, “Sect Leader.”

“What’s the urgency? Why have you sought me out here?”

“Master Gu has captured our disciples!”

Li Mingjing was shocked and asked, “What happened?”

The disciple hurriedly explained. It turned out that right after Li Mingjing left, they received news that a group of their disciples had been captured by villains. During the fight, they tore off the clothes of one of the captors, revealing them to be slaves.

Given the previous incident in Beizhou, the disciples of Biluo Sect naturally thought it was the work of Nanzhou. Gu Fuyou’s action seemed to be a preemptive strike, a response to the pressure from the three continents.

They immediately dispatched forces to chase towards the south, following the tracks to Xiaoyao City. They arrived just as Gu Fuyou, furious and leading a group, reached Xiaoyao City. Without exchanging words, a fight broke out, and Gu Fuyou captured all the people from Biluo Sect.

Li Mingjing was furious. The head of Cangwu Sect sneered, “Brother Nianhua thought there was something strange going on. Look, now Gu Fuyou has shown her true colors!”

Li Mingjing said, “Brother…”

“I understand. You go ahead. I will mobilize cultivators and inform Brother Nianhua,” the head of Cangwu Sect said.

Li Mingjing bowed in respect and hurriedly bid farewell, heading back to Biluo Sect.

Meanwhile, cultivators from both continents returned to their sects, creating a tense atmosphere, like the calm before a storm.

Gu Fuyou lay lazily on the floor of a watchtower in Xiaoyao City, the tower’s highest floor. The doors and windows were wide open, letting the cool breeze flow freely.

Scholar Zhai came up, tapping her forehead with a folded fan, clearly troubled. “Cultivators from both regions are approaching. It seems they are serious this time.”

“Where are Feng Sui and the others?”

“They’ve already gone to the border city.”

“Any movement from Beizhou?”

Scholar Zhai shook her head.

Gu Fuyou sat up. She had initially hoped to stall the situation, but trouble was inevitable.

Recently, she received news from the slaves stationed in Xiaoyao City about an attack on the city.

Xiaoyao City was close to her heart. It was inevitable that she would get angry, disturbing her peaceful state of mind. She personally led a group straight to Xiaoyao City, unexpectedly encountering people from Biluo sect. Due to a misunderstanding, a fight ensued, and she captured them.

At the time, her anger clouded her judgment. Thankfully, Scholar Zhai was there to calm her down.

Beizhou had already shown a reluctance to start a conflict. However, Biluo Sect’s provocation was unusual and suspicious.

“Is Du Pan instigating this?” Gu thought, now calm, realizing it was a trap. Considering the events in Beizhou and now in Xiaoyao City, it seemed likely that Du Pan was setting both sides against each other. She understood that peace would be elusive without eliminating him. Yet, with her own position now exposed and Du Pan still hidden, the challenge of dealing with him had significantly increased.

“It could be Biluo Sect acting on its own or in collusion with Du Pan,” she pondered. Regardless, she knew she couldn’t kill the captured disciples, as it would give their enemies leverage over her.

Gu Fuyou gave orders to Master Zhai to lead the Biluo Sect disciples towards the border. Recently, she had established new transportation formations throughout the city, creating a network that connected various locations in Nanzhou. Her vision was to transform the city into a central hub like Wantong City. Thanks to these new formations, their journey to the border was now remarkably convenient.

After exiting the teleportation formation, she saw a sky full of cultivators, riding the wind on their swords, looming over the city with a tense and deadly atmosphere, almost sensing the coldness of their murderous intent.

Gu Fuyou had only dispatched slaves and had not mobilized the cultivators from the noble families. The City Lord of this small border town couldn’t help feeling nervous, but seeing Gu Fuyou herself arrive boosted his confidence, calling out, “Sect Leader.”

Gu Fuyou, alone, leading the captured disciples of the Biluo Sect out of the defense formation, smiled at the people in the sky, “What a grand show of force.”

A commanding voice from above said, “Gu Fuyou, you first annihilated a Beizhou immortal sect, then captured our Biluo Sect disciples for no reason. You keep criticizing the Zuo family, but your actions are no different. If you don’t give us an explanation today…”

Interrupting, Gu Fuyou pushed one of the Biluo Sect disciples towards them, saying, “Here, I’m returning them to you.”

Li Mingjing was speechless.

Li Mingjing frowned, “Are you provoking Biluo Sect? Do you really think we fear you?” In Li Mingjing’s eyes, capturing and then releasing was either a sign of fear or a provocation, a mockery of Biluo Sect’s powerlessness. Clearly, Gu Fuyou was the latter.

Gu Fuyou chuckled, “Sect Leader, it was your Biluo Sect that attacked first.”

A cultivator by Li Mingjing’s side coldly retorted, “It was you who captured our sect’s disciples first.”

Gu Fuyou feigned innocence, “It wasn’t me who captured them. It was Du Pan. He not only captured your people but also attacked my Xiaoyao City. Sect Master, tell me, what’s his purpose?”

As Gu Fuyou closely observed Li Mingjing’s expression, she saw his surprised look. She thought to herself: either he’s putting on an act, or he genuinely doesn’t know.

Li Mingjing asked, “Do you have evidence?”

“Why don’t you ask him? Then you’ll know.”

Li Mingjing’s expression changed slightly, revealing discomfort for a brief moment. Gu Fuyou caught it, her lips curling into a sly smile. So, Li Mingjing did know where Du Pan was.

“I’ve returned your people. Please leave. My city is small and can’t accommodate everyone for tea,” Gu Fuyou said, turning to walk into the city.

She didn’t really expect Li Mingjing and the others to leave but gave them a chance to back down. She was doing her best to control her aggression, not wanting to give in to the violence, as it would fulfill Du Pan’s wishes and leave Nanzhou devastated, which Zhong Michu wouldn’t appreciate.

However, someone was too blinded by rage to see the bigger picture. A cultivator drew his sword, forming a spell with his hand, shouting, “Stop! Return the rest of my brothers too!” Gu Fuyou hadn’t released all the initial captives.

She couldn’t release them because she hadn’t been the one to capture them in the first place.

A flash of red in Gu Fuyou’s eyes, she turned back, radiating killing intent, gritting her teeth, “You don’t listen! What a waste of my words!”

With a wave of her sleeve, she summoned a gust of wind, redirecting the spiritual sword back towards the cultivator.

As the confrontation intensified, both sides drew their weapons and harnessed their spiritual energy, each poised for an imminent strike.

Suddenly, the ground beneath them began to tremble, as if the very earth was sinking. Caught off guard, everyone paused, each side suspecting the other of causing the disturbance. But as the tremors persisted, growing stronger, it seemed as though the heavens and the earth themselves were on the brink of tearing apart.

Confused, they wondered whether it was a natural disaster or man-made calamity.

They looked to the most powerful individuals, who were all poised to fight.

Suddenly, an otherworldly roar erupted, its echoes reverberating across the universe. The sound was so chilling that it seemed to pierce through the very soul, sending shivers down the spine and turning blood cold. This terrifying roar proved too much for those with weaker cultivation. They stumbled, blood spilling from their lips as their vision began to darken.

When Li Mingjing looked at Gu Fuyou, she saw her standing there, deep in thought, raising his suspicion. Regardless of whether Gu Fuyou was involved in this anomaly, she certainly had some understanding of it.

Out of caution, Li Mingjing decided to temporarily retreat with his people.

Gu Fuyou returned to the city, and the uninformed people cheered, “The Sect Leader is mighty!” believing she was responsible for the disturbance. She couldn’t help but laugh, though the roaring hadn’t ceased, and she felt a heavy weight in her heart, returning to her assigned chamber.

Zhong Michu arrived at the small border town just a day after the mysterious phenomenon. Inside, Gu Fuyou had been secluded in her room for an entire day. Though she hadn’t explicitly mentioned entering seclusion or meditating, her disciples, Feng Sui included, hesitated to intrude, troubled by her uncharacteristic silence.

The sight of Zhong Michu felt like the arrival of a savior to the anxious disciples, yet her expression of worry hinted at the possibility of another conflict brewing.

Upon reaching Gu Fuyou’s door, Zhong Michu didn’t hesitate; she pushed it open. Inside, she found Gu Fuyou leaning intently over a desk, the room enveloped in a fragrant mist. With a frown and a swift wave of her sleeve, Zhong Michu dispersed the haze.

The woman at the desk sat upright. Zhong Michu said, “I asked you to inform me if anything happened. With two regions pressuring, you remained silent.”

The woman raised her head, her expression languid. Resting her cheek on her hand, she offered a seductive smile.

Zhong Michu was startled, “Qing Jun?”

A realization hit her, and she said gravely, “Qing Zhe has left his seclusion. You’re aware of this, aren’t you?”

“Why didn’t you come out?”

Qing Jun, covering her mouth, yawned. “I didn’t really want to see him.”

Qing Jun glanced at Zhong Michu, stood up, and said teasingly, “As your ancestor, I did you a favor at the green mountain spiritual cave by giving you a chance for intimacy. You should be grateful instead of looking so resentful at me.”

Zhong Michu’s face flushed, then darkened again, her ears remaining a delicate shade of red as her mouth drooped.

Qing Jun approached, reaching to touch Zhong Michu’s cheek, but Zhong Michu moved aside.

“Alright, don’t be angry.”

“I’ve already said before, I’m just a lingering consciousness, very fragile, prone to dissipate at any moment. I can’t just come out whenever I want.”

Zhong Michu asked, “Then why did you come out today?” From Qing Jun’s words, there must have been a purpose.

“This might be my last awakening. I felt you approaching, and I have something important to entrust to you.”

Zhong Michu thought for a moment. Given the timing, it didn’t seem like there was anything urgent, “The three sects?”

Qing Jun nodded, being direct, “Stop Gu Fuyou. Don’t let her start a war with the three sects.”

Zhong Michu said, “It was the three sects who provoked first, fearing Ah Man’s retaliation, they wanted to strike first, which led to today’s chaos. You must be aware.”

Switching topics, Qing Jun suddenly asked, “Did you feel the tremors today? Heard the roar? Have you seen that Black Mountain in the center of Xian Luo? It’s ominous, isn’t it?”

Zhong Michu was deeply unsettled just thinking about that Black Mountain, feeling an ominous presence. “What exactly is that thing?”

Qing Jun hand rested on the edge of the table, gently tracing the tablecloth’s pattern. In a shockingly calm voice, she revealed something alarming, “Zhuyan.”

Zhong Michu felt a mix of horror and an odd sense of inevitability, as if she had expected it to be Zhuyan.

“The day you went to Xian Luo, one of the stone statues used to maintain the formation was broken. Today, with the earth shaking and that roaring sound filling the skies, it seems the formation has been breached.”

Qing Jun looked at Zhong Michu solemnly, “In this world, there’s no known method to kill Zhuyan. We can only suppress it. Even then, the Azure Phoenix Clan and the Dragon Clan nearly exhausted their remaining power to do so. Today, no one in the cultivation world is a match for Zhuyan. If it escapes, it’s unimaginable what destruction it will bring to this world.”

Zhong Michu, aware that Qing Jun wouldn’t bring it up without a solution, asked, “Is there a way to stop it?”

“Yes. Zhuyan is a beast born from warfare, an embodiment of countless resentful and murderous energies. This makes it fierce and invincible, even more so than Dragons. The world’s legends about Zhuyan are mistaken. It’s not that its appearance causes war; rather, war strengthens it. War came first, then Zhuyan.”

“Gu Fuyou’s battles in Nanzhou have already fueled Zhuyan with significant power, allowing it to disturb Xian Luo from within its seals. The frequent tremors in the world are signs of it trying to break free.”

Qing Jun continued, “Therefore, do not start a war with the three sects. Another large-scale war will only feed it more power, and Zhuyan’s might would become unbeatable, even by the combined forces of the cultivation world.”

Zhong Michu firmly responded, “You should be saying this to the three sects, urging them to stand down.” It wasn’t their side that was discontent with the status quo.

Qing Jun gazed at her, “I don’t know them, nor can I control them, and I don’t have the time to guide each one. I’m explaining the situation to you because you have the time. Little White Dragon, you have influence over Gu Fuyou, and your words carry weight with the three sects. If you feel overwhelmed, you can also seek out Qing Zhe. Both clans together might be able to mediate.”

Zhong Michu was still skeptical, feeling Qing Jun was hiding something, “Seven hundred years ago, the Xu Ling Sect also initiated a large-scale war. Why was there no movement then?”

“At that time, I was there to maintain the seals. There are three layers of seals keeping Zhuyan in check: the first consists of 81 Chain Formations inside the mountain; the second is the external Ten Direction and Five Elements Evil-Suppression Formation; and the last is the Cold Ice Suppression Formation, which counters Zhuyan’s nature. This body was part of the formation,” Qing Jun said, turning around to show her figure to Zhong Michu.

Zhong Michu pondered over the information in her mind. She had seen the Ten Direction and Five Elements Evil-Suppression Formation, and as for the Cold Ice Suppression Formation, Gu Fuyou had also mentioned it. When they had emerged from the Ruizhu Palace, the ice on the cave walls hadn’t melted, leading Gu Fuyou to speculate it was part of another formation. The Stone Maiden Formation they had broken was merely to prevent accidental entry.

As for the Chain Formations, it was likely inaccessible unless one ventured deep into the mountain.

Qing Jun said, “As you know, after my physical body was taken by Gu Fuyou, the power of the formation weakened significantly. But Zhuyan couldn’t break the formation. However, Gu Fuyou incited war in Nanzhou, and the flames of war fed Zhuyan’s power, strengthening him and weakening the formation. Now, it’s likely that half of the Chain Formation inside has been broken. If you continue to fight, you might as well just wait for heaven’s judgment.”

After thinking for a while, Zhong Michu said, “I can intervene to stop the fighting, but how can the formation be repaired?”

Seeing Zhong Michu relenting slightly, Qing Jun inwardly sighed in relief. Aloud, she said, “I established that formation. It’s recorded in the Book of Qimen. Gu Fuyou knows how to repair it.”

“It might also be… a way for her to repay some of her karmic debt.”

Concerned about Gu Fuyou, Zhong Michu was cautious, still thinking, when Qing Jun suddenly approached, extending her hand towards Zhong Michu’s forehead. Zhong Michu stepped back to avoid it, asking, “What are you doing?”

Qing Jun moved forward again. This time, Zhong Michu didn’t avoid her. Qing Jun’s palm rested atop her head, pronouncing, “A blessing from the elder of the Azure Phoenix Clan.”

Zhong Michu was shocked. The tradition of receiving blessings from the elders of the Azure Phoenix clan was an ancient custom she had only heard of. Given that the Azure Phoenix clan consisted of auspicious creatures, their blessings held significance.

Quietly, Qing Jun murmured, “May no evil harm you, and may your journey be smooth.”

After finishing the blessing, she moved her hand down, caressing Zhong Michu’s head and ears, saying, “Don’t be mad at me, be good to her.”

After these words, Qing Jun suddenly slumped into Zhong Michu’s embrace, seemingly falling asleep.

In what seemed to be a dreamlike realm where everything was shrouded in darkness, swallowing all traces of light, two figures remained visible.

Gu Fuyou stared intently in the direction of Qing Jun’s voice, witnessing her ambiguous smile with mixed feelings.

Qing Jun teased, “I know you love ‘Records of the Azure Emperor’ and Qimen arts. Now that you’ve met the author herself, you must be speechless with joy.”

The surprise was there, but not as much as she had imagined.

Gu Fuyou looked at Qing Jun’s smiling face, recalling how she always teased Zhong Michu despite having Di Yi by her side. The retort, “You shameless woman, go touch your own White Dragon. almost slipped out.

Biting back her words, she remarked, “Should I still call you master?”

Qingcan ignored Gu Fuyou’s displeased expression and playfully said, “Say it, just once.” Her voice was seductive and soft.

Gu Fuyou was more annoyed and scoffed, refusing to call her.

Having teased enough, Qing Jun turned serious and asked, “Did you listen to what I said earlier?”

Gu Fuyou responded coldly, “Saving the world? Let those who want to do it, do it. I am considered evil, and those three sects claim to uphold righteousness, and now’s the perfect time for such virtuous beings to step forward for the sake of humanity. It’s not my place.”

Qing Jun remarked, “Saving the world? You make it sound so grand. Aren’t you concerned about your own survival in this? If the world collapses, what will be left for you?”

With a nonchalant expression, Gu Fuyou responded, “I don’t care. If everything’s gone, so be it. If I can drag the three sects down with me, it’s worth it.”

Qingcan chuckled, “You can’t fool me. Everything you’ve seen, heard, thought, and felt, I can access it all. Perhaps you had nothing to hold onto before, but now…”

Recognizing she couldn’t mislead Qing Jun, Gu Fuyou candidly replied, “Your thoughts and feelings, I can now see a glimpse of them too. Don’t assume I’m unaware of your scheming.”

Qing Jun, unfazed, coaxed her, “Think of it as fulfilling your master’s last wish. And if my consciousness disperses, you’ll have this body to yourself. You don’t want me watching when you’re intimate, do you?”

Gu Fuyou blushed, realizing she had been misled about Zhong Michu’s injury, now understanding Zhong Michu’s concern about Qing Jun. She bit her lip, “For the Chain Formation, one has to seal it from within the mountain. Someone must stay inside. If I were to seal it, I’d be trapped inside forever, alongside Zhuyan. Even if I possessed this body, what use would it be?”

Qing Jun proposed, “You can have the Little White Dragon seal it.”

Gu Fuyou’s expression turned fierce, angry at the idea of using Zhong Michu and unable to bear hearing Qing Jun call her ‘Little White Dragon.’ But then, a realization struck her, and Qing Jun voiced the same thought.

“After she seals the formation, you can use a summoning formation to bring her back.”

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