The Dragon

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Chapter 20

Fortune And Status Are Decreed By Fate, Not By Humans

After what felt like an eternity, Zhong Michu finally let go. The group helped her inside the house.

Gu Fuyou got up and, with practiced ease, walked to the dressing table, picked up a mirror, and pulled back her clothing to inspect the bite mark. It was clearly outlined by a set of teeth.

Within the depths of the bite mark, there was a trace of a red glow, reminiscent of the fiery luminescence from molten lava.

Gu Fuyou found it peculiar. She pressed her shoulder for another look, and the red glow disappeared, leaving only the swollen, bitten area.

Zhong Michu hadn’t held back in the slightest. When Gu Fuyou pressed the area, it still hurt, though the sharp pain from before had subsided.

Annoyed, Gu Fuyou remarked, “Senior Sister Zhong, are you holding a grudge because I bit you back in Xian Luo?”

Dongli had already helped Zhong Michu lie down and told the group, “Thank you all for bringing her back. It’s getting late, you should head home.”

Si Miao and Gu Huaiyou nodded in agreement and left. Liu Guizhen looked at her, seemingly wanting to say something. In the end, he said nothing and left with the others.

Gu Fuyou was still holding the mirror. She placed it down and moved to the bedside, noticing that Gu Huaiyou and the others had already left.

Dongli smiled at her, “You must be Gu Fuyou.”

Gu Fuyou responded with a smile, “Senior Sister Dongli, you recognize me?”

Dongli replied, “Michu mentioned you.”

Curious, Gu Fuyou inquired, “What did Senior Sister Zhong say about me?”

Dongli said, “She said you are amazing.”

“Really?” Gu Fuyou was skeptical, recalling how Zhong Michu had once accused her of being insincere. Yet she also felt flattered. Touching the end of her braid hanging in front of her, she shyly laughed, “I’m not actually that amazing.”

Gu Fuyou said, “Senior Sister Dongli, if you can’t manage Sister Zhong alone since she’s drunk, I can stay and help.”

As Gu Fuyou moved closer to the bed, she noticed Zhong Michu’s cheeks flushed pink from the alcohol. However, oddly enough, the skin near her temples was snow-white, reflecting the lamp’s brightness, almost blindingly so.

Thinking her vision blurred, Gu Fuyou rubbed her eyes for a clearer view. Just then, Dongli finished covering Zhong Michu with a blanket, leaving only her head exposed.

Dongli then stood up, obstructing Gu Fuyou’s view, and smiled, “Looking at her, she probably won’t cause too much trouble. I can manage alone. You should go back and rest early.”

Gu Fuyou, puzzled, mumbled in agreement, “Alright then. Take care, senior sister.”

After bidding Dongli farewell, Gu Fuyou stepped out. Before she left the courtyard, Liuhe hurriedly approached, “Dongli, the guards reported that Michu might be injured. What happened…?”

Gu Fuyou bumped head-on into Elder Liuhe, who gave her an up-and-down glance, “Why are you here so late, and reeking of alcohol?”

Gu Fuyou: “…”

Oh great, caught red-handed…

As it turns out, good and bad news like to arrive hand in hand.

The next day, Gu Fuyou and the others were summoned to the sect leader’s study for admonishment.

Coincidentally, Gu Wanpeng, having some free days, arrived from Xiaoyao City to visit the Xuan Miao Sect.

He had already heard about the pact between Gu Fuyou and Zhong Michu. Busy with city affairs and receiving a letter from Ji Chaoling suggesting there was no need to worry, he only found time to visit now.

On this visit, he wanted to clarify the matter of the pact, as the brief details in the letter weren’t clear enough. Secondly, he wanted to check on his children’s progress in the Xuan Miao Sect.

Gu Fuyou was putting on earrings in front of the mirror and talking to herself, “Why does father choose now of all times to visit? This is not a good thing at all…”

Although she voiced her complaints, she still dressed in a dignified smoky blue Luo dress and fixed her makeup. She then asked Gu Huaiyou, “Gu Huaiyou, do I look good?”

Gu Huaiyou smiled, “You look lovely. Father will surely like it.”

Si Miao laughed, “It’s a coincidence that Lord Gu came when you were making trouble. Are you dressing up to get a scolding?”

Gu Fuyou said, “You won’t escape the scolding either!”

Turning back to Gu Huaiyou, she asked, “Is big brother really not coming?”

Gu Huaiyou replied, “If both big brother and father come, who will manage the city? If you want to see him, the sect will let us go home in a month. You’ll see him then; there’s no rush now.”

The three of them got ready and headed to the sect leader’s study, running into Liu Guizhen on the way.

Expressing regret, Gu Huaiyou said, “Brother Liu, we’ve dragged you into this.”

Liu Guizhen shook his head, “It’s not your fault.”

While conversing, they encountered Yuan Changsui.

As they spoke, Yuan Changsui appeared, coming from the study. He was here because he’d accidentally hurt Gu Fuyou in Xian Luo and got a lecture for it.

Initially somber, Yuan Changsui’s demeanor shifted upon seeing Gu Fuyou. He said mockingly, “Well, look at you, third Gu, walking out unscathed.”

“Thanks to your ‘blessing’,” she responded sarcastically.

Yuan Changsui gestured dismissively, “No, no, I wouldn’t dare take credit for the senior sister’s deeds.”

Gu Fuyou questioned, “How do you know I didn’t just walk out on my own?”

Pointing to the study, Yuan Changsui said, “The sect leader intends for senior sister to inherit his position. The last initiation ceremony was her first involvement in sect affairs, and unexpectedly, it got disrupted by you. Then you had her break sect rules by entering Xian Luo, and now you’ve summoned her to a place of ill repute like the entertainment district. What bad luck has our senior sister run into to have crossed paths with you?”

For once, Gu Fuyou didn’t retort. Si Miao spat out, “What does it have to do with you?”

“True, true. it’s none of my business.” Yuan Changsui, now in high spirits, walked away briskly.

Gu Fuyou looked upset. Liu Guizhen suddenly advised, You don’t need to take his words to heart, those things are not a big deal for Senior Sister.”

Liu Guizhen, standing with his arms crossed, made this statement with surprising conviction.

Looking at him, Gu Fuyou asked, “Really?”

Liu Guizhen said, “There’s a bit of a problem.”

Gu Huaiyou interjected, “Brother Liu, can you just say everything at once without pausing?”

Liu Guizhen continued, “The Elder is in the study. He’s known to be strict and has a strong competitive streak. I fear he might make things difficult.”

The esteemed elder was someone Gu Fuyou and her two friends had heard about.

The elder’s name was Ji Xiyan. He was the sect leader’s younger brother and was always in competition with him. Whether it was about cultivation level, reputation, or even comparing their disciples.

He was known to be strict with his disciples, and now that Zhong Michu was involved in this incident, he certainly wouldn’t let it slide easily.

The four of them reached the study and had a disciple announce their presence. After a short wait, they heard Ji Chaoling’s voice, “Come in.”

Upon entering, they saw Ji Chaoling sitting at the desk. To his right sat the second elder, with white hair and beard but still exuding vitality, clad in a dark robe and holding a cup of tea. Beside him was the sixth elder, named Liuhe.

Ji Xiyan had one hand on the desk and the other behind him. He bore a striking resemblance to the sect leader, but his constantly furrowed brow made him look more severe and stern.

On the left was a middle-aged man in a purple-gold robe, with sharp eyebrows and an imposing demeanor.

The four of them bowed to everyone present. Gu Fuyou looked at Gu Wanpeng and greeted with a smile, “Father.”

Gu Wanpeng glanced at her and grunted coldly, causing Gu Fuyou’s smile to fade.

Ji Chaoling said, “It’s good you’re here. Some elders mentioned you and Michu went to Yinxue Pavilion last night. Is this true?”

Knowing they couldn’t deny it, Gu Fuyou and her friends confessed.

Ji Xiyan tapped the desk with his finger, saying, “Sect leader, as the top disciple, Zhong Michu should be exemplary. She not only broke the rules by entering Xian Luo, but now she has also visited such a place. These two offenses shouldn’t be dismissed with just a punishment of kneeling in the temple!”

Ji Chaoling took a sip of his tea, then said calmly, “Xiyan, the matter with Xian Luo has already been resolved. You’re aware of the reasons Michu went there. Now, even City Lord Gu has come to express his gratitude personally. We shouldn’t pursue further punishment; her actions have balanced out. Regarding the Yinxue Pavilion…”

Ji Xiyan exchanged glances with the second elder. The latter put down his cup and said, “Sect leader, we can overlook the Xian Luo matter, but these disciples’ visit to such places of ill repute is absolutely unforgivable!”

This Second elder had a rather gloomy temperament and was especially strict with disciples. His temperament was similar to Ji Xiyan’s, making them an impenetrable duo within the Xuan Miao Sect

Gu Fuyou muttered, “The sect rules never said disciples couldn’t go to such places. Why should we be punished?”

Everyone in the room, being cultivators with heightened senses, heard her clear as day.

Ji Chaoling chuckled, “She has a point. Elders, what do you think?”

The second elder said to Gu Fuyou, “The reason there’s no written rule is that it’s an unwritten one. All the disciples know this and abide by it. Only you, indulging in frivolity and acting irresponsibly, went to that kind of place and even took your senior sister and brother there. Tell me, shouldn’t you be punished?”

Gu Fuyou raised her voice, “All the disciples know? Not necessarily! When we went there, we even ran into many senior brothers. If the elder doesn’t believe me, you can ask Senior Brother Liu.”

Ji Chaoling asked, “Guizhen?”

Liu Guizhen nodded, “Gu Fuyou isn’t lying. There were indeed…  other disciples there.”

The second elder’s face turned green. Ji Xiyan coldly said, “Then punish all the disciples who went there. Even if there is no rule, you should all know in your hearts that cultivators should have a clear mind and few desires. You should be diligently cultivating, not recklessly having fun and indulging in pleasures?”

Gu Fuyou defended herself, “We didn’t indulge recklessly. After our experiences outside, we wanted to thank Senior Sister Zhong and Brother Liu, so we invited them for a meal.”

The second elder slammed the table, shouting, “Absurd! Ridiculous! You were in the wrong the moment you stepped into that place!”

“Where did we go wrong?”

The second elder retorted, “Ignorant child, that place is filthy, teeming with lowly and sordid individuals. Associating with them could corrupt you, even with the slightest impure tendencies. Wouldn’t that be willing self-degradation, betraying the teachings of your masters and elders?”

Upon hearing his words, anger surged within Gu Fuyou, a fiery heat that spread through her entire body and caused her face to flush with rage. She felt her face must be a bright, indignant red.

“They live on their own abilities, never doing anything against their conscience. You! You! They! They are just like you! Two arms, two legs, one head, standing upright between heaven and earth, worthy of the sky and the earth! How are they lowly? They’re human, are they lower than you?”

The second elder’s face turned a shade of purple, rage evident in his eyes. His spiritual energy circulated throughout his body, causing his robes to flutter without any wind.

Gu Wanpeng spoke up, “Ah Man, is that how you speak to your elders?”

Realizing Gu Wanpeng’s presence, the second elder suppressed his initial urge to reprimand Gu Fuyou. With no outlet for his mounting anger, he shattered the tea table with a slap, exclaiming, “Ignorant girl, how dare you compare an old man to women of pleasure!”

Ji Xiyan remarked, “Those women serve with their bodies, are fickle, and anyone can have them. They willingly degrade themselves into the mud, they can’t blame others for despising them.”

Gu Wanpeng signaled Gu Fuyou to refrain from further comments. However, she retorted, “Isn’t it the ways of the world that force them? Isn’t it the Xu Ling Sect forcing them? Not everyone is born without worries for food and clothing. The slaves nurtured by the Xu Ling Sect, do they have a choice?”

“You were just lucky to be born into privilege. If the heavens were fair, giving them status, giving them spiritual roots, who knows, today they might be the ones sitting here, and not you, casting your disdain and hurling insults!”

“I am enraged!”

“Ah Man, stop!”

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9 months ago

Enjoying this story a lot. The dynamic between Gu Fuyou and Zhong Michu are very fun and interesting with Gu Fuyou being unrestricted to any social norms and acting as she wishes to what she strongly believes in in wanting to seek justice for those of lesser power to the ones who abuses or take advantage their position onI power. In contrast, Zhong Michu is the opposite where she grew up in a secluded bubble and basically had no choice but to abide the elders around her in cultivating her to the fullest potential yet restricting her from the outside world where she loss the desire to explore what it is like.

They both compliment each other in many ways, Zhong Michu is tolerant of Gu Fuyou’s erratic, spontaneous behaviour of always wanting to be free and allows GF to continue to do so as ZM knows that everything that GF does is for a reason and definitely slowly will fill that void that ZM had from her childhood, teenagehood to now and with that will help her discover what ZM desires or wants in life rather than just listening to those around her. GF learns a lot from ZM that her erratic behaviour does have a backlash to those who she cares a lot for in wanting to be more conscious and as well not to feel inferior with her cultivation level as it’s quite obvious that GF is very strong but the timing as well the people’s attitude towards her are just a reflection of how they feel towards themselves.

8 months ago
Reply to  Wujubmybbt

fuyou is like has an attitude of being transmigrated there

9 months ago

Thanks for the chapter 😊😊

7 months ago

Gu Fuyou, go girl!! She is so damn right, privileged never see their privilege themselves, not everyone has the same opportunities, yet that doesn’t make them any less human or deserving of dignity than anyone else. I hate people who despise other for their misogynistic, classist and privileged mentality

6 months ago

Mmm she really does have the spirit of a transmigrator, or it’s just the fact that this is written from a modern author hahaha. The heavens are really unfair aren’t they?

2 months ago

idk if im going crazy or smthg but their dynamic really reminds me of wangxian from mdzs 🥹🫶

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Ah man is right,