The Dragon

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Chapter 83

“What is the elder trying to imply by telling me these things?”

“The City Lord’s grandnephew being confined has been delivered, and I have fulfilled my responsibility. I have also made clear the intentions of the Wantong City Lord’s alliance, so I haven’t broken my promise to him. As for how to handle it, that decision lies with the City Lord.”

Zuo Yuanrong appeared unconcerned. If Gu Fuyou didn’t know him, she might think he didn’t believe her, but with Zuo Shaode’s words in mind, she knew Zuo Yuanrong was just being indifferent.

Zuo Yuanrong stated, “I will send a message to the Thirty-Three Skies later. I believe the Sect Leader will handle it fairly. If the matter is resolved and the elder has contributed, the Sect Leader will surely express his gratitude.”

Gu Fuyou smiled without comment, tapping her foot lightly. Zuo Yuanrong’s heart fluttered with her movement, and he leaned closer to her. The hall fell silent as Gu Fuyou didn’t speak. Zuo Yuanrong, itching for conversation and not wanting her to leave so soon, asked in a husky voice, “How does the elder think I handled it?”

Gu Fuyou leaned back, propping her elbow on the armrest, resting her cheek on her hand, and said with a smile, “I’m just an outsider. The internal affairs of the Zuo family are not my concern.”

“Nonsense,” Zuo Yuanrong objected, his hands propped on the armrest. Gu Fuyou’s right hand, placed on the armrest, was now between his hands. “The elder is a distinguished guest of our Zuo family. Wherever you are, we shall serve you well…”

As Zuo Yuanrong spoke, his hand slowly rested on the back of Gu Fuyou’s hand. “If the elder wishes, you can be more than just a guest; you could be the master of our Zuo family.”

Gu Fuyou stared coldly at his hand, yet didn’t withdraw hers, merely smiling, “The City Lord must be confused. The master of your Zuo family is Zuo Yuezhi.”

“Oh,” Zuo Yuanrong said, “I might be confused. I can’t decide on the Thirty-Three Skies, but in Bailu City, I am the one in charge.”

“Being the master of Bailu City?” Gu Fuyou mused, “That’s somewhat interesting.”

Zuo Yuanrong’s gaze grew intense as he fixed his eyes on Gu Fuyou. She tapped her temple with her index finger, closing her eyes in contemplation. As she turned her head, her slender, fair neck was exposed, the muscles elegantly curving towards her collarbone. Zuo Yuanrong swallowed hard, his mind wandering.

As the City Lord, he had seen countless beauties and never lacked women. Unfortunately, he had long been drawn by the most beautiful Azure Phoenix and the most handsome Dragon clan members, which he couldn’t obtain. The more unattainable they were, the more he desired them. He had seen many from the Azure Phoenix Clan, but this one was the most exquisite he had ever encountered, truly deserving of the title “peerless beauty.” Thus, he was unable to resist his desire.

Gu Fuyou opened her eyes and smiled at Zuo Yuanrong, “But Bailu City is too small. City lord, I am not someone who hasn’t seen the world. If I were to be a master, I would rather be the master of the Thirty-Three Skies.”

Zuo Yuanrong chuckled, “The elder may not know, but my nephew sitting on the throne of Lihen Tian is not sitting comfortably. Having just arrived from Wantong City with such news, you must be aware. The Thirty-Three Skies may not be as peaceful as my Bailu City.”

Gu Fuyou said, “The Wantong City Lord is powerful, and Zuo Yuezhi of the Zuo family is not far behind, perhaps even slightly superior. If the two were to clash, Zuo Yuezhi might stand a better chance of winning. The City Lord and the Wantong City Lord are brothers, but you are more distantly related to Zuo Yuezhi…”

Suddenly, Gu Fuyou withdrew her hand. Zuo Yuanrong failed to hold it, and in the next moment, Gu Fuyou used that hand to lift his chin, leaning in to speak, “Bailu City and Wantong City are interdependent. If Wantong City falls, do you think Zuo Yuezhi will spare you?”

Her fair Azure Phoenix skin made her eyes appear even redder. Zuo Yuanrong was captivated by her beauty, his mind clouded, unable to ponder the implications of her words, “According to the elder, should I side with my brother?”

Gu Fuyou’s finger slid over Zuo Yuanrong’s chin, “That depends on what the City Lord thinks.”

Zuo Yuanrong, quite pleased, laughed, “I find the elder’s words very sensible. Your words have opened my eyes.”

Zuo Yuanrong reached for Gu Fuyou’s hand again. But she had already withdrawn, rising from her seat and descending the steps, “I have said all I needed to, even more so. I believe the City Lord has also said everything.”

Zuo Yuanrong was reluctant to let her go, “If I have questions in the future, may I seek advice from the elder again?”

Gu Fuyou replied, “That will depend on whether I have the time.”

Gu Fuyou left the hall and was escorted to her quarters, separated from Zuo Yuanrong’s chamber by only a garden and a corridor. On the way, it wasn’t Zhong Michu or Scholar Zhai who first asked her about the situation, but the four cultivators from Zuo Shaode.

She candidly admitted that Zuo Yuanrong was smitten, and the four of them had varied expressions: disbelief, doubt, or relief. She let them speculate, not taking it to heart.

Arriving at her residence, it was similar to the expansive halls of Lihen Tian. Gu Fuyou lay sprawled on a couch, her head resting to one side. She groaned long and loud, her head aching.

A pair of hands gently pressed on her temples, the fingertips cool and soothing as they moved softly. Gu Fuyou really wanted to ask Zhong Michu what kind of incense she was wearing, as it had such a noticeable calming effect.

Gu Fuyou lifted her right hand, staring at it intently. After a long while, she remarked, “I want to chop it off,” as if she seriously intended to do so.

Zhong Michu approached her, pressing her hand down, and said, “You’ll need it in the future.”

Gu Fuyou chuckled, grasping Zhong Michu’s hands and rubbing her own right hand over them, “You’re just like me now.”

Zhong Michu, puzzled, asked, “How so?”

Gu Fuyou remained silent, smiling, holding Zhong Michu’s right hand playfully. Zhong Michu’s fingers were slender and slightly longer than hers. Gu Fuyou had always loved these hands, symmetrical and fair, especially expressive when playing the zither.

It was a pity that during the past seven hundred years, Zhong Michu had suffered some injury, leaving scar marks on her palms as if burned by fire. Gu Fuyou wondered how she could be so careless. Dragons almost entirely have scales for protection, except for a few areas, including the undersides of their claws. It must have been quite rare to get injured there.

Gu Fuyou scraped her fingernail over the scar on Zhong Michu’s palm. Zhong Michu’s eyes flickered, her voice hoarse, “Ah, Man, that’s ticklish.”

Lost in her world, Gu Fuyou didn’t notice Zhong Michu’s discomfort. Her smile gradually faded, and she suddenly asked softly, “Zhong Michu, would you ever despise me?”

Before Zhong Michu could respond, Gu Fuyou quickly added, “Never mind, pretend I didn’t ask,” and released Zhong Michu’s hand.

Gu Fuyou felt Zhong Michu sit beside her and heard her softly say, “If you don’t remember, I can tell you countless times, I won’t despise you.”

Gu Fuyou lay on her side, her brows involuntarily furrowed, covering her heart. Human emotions aren’t like loosening a pocket to make it hold more, or tightening it to hold less. They’re uncontrollable.

Gu Fuyou wasn’t just afraid of losing control; she was worried it would eventually spiral out of control, bringing about many uncertainties.

She didn’t want uncertainties; she only wanted revenge.

Seeing that Gu Fuyou remained silent, Zhong Michu changed the subject, mentioning the mixed-blood Shaoqing girl and the plan to have her serve as Gu Fuyou’s guard.

Gu Fuyou then responded, “I will speak to Zuo Yuanrong about it tomorrow.”

Zhong Michu added, “I know you want to take all the slaves of Bailu City, but can you leave her to me?”

Gu Fuyou looked startled, sitting up and turning to face her, “What do you want her for?” she asked, somewhat urgently.

Zhong Michu replied, “I want to take her as my disciple.” Life’s irreparable losses often drive one to seek solace in other ways.

Gu Fuyou, arms crossed, reflected for a moment before seriously addressing Zhong Michu: “If she is to be taken as a disciple, it should be me who takes her. She’s a mixed-blood of the Azure Phoenix Clan. What could you, a mixed-blood of the Dragon clan, possibly teach her…” Though she considered herself not a pure Azure Phoenix, there was even less she could teach.

Gu Fuyou then reconsidered, “You already have Yi’er by your side. Taking her in might lead to favoritism.”

Zhong Michu replied, “It won’t.”

Gu Fuyou countered, “It will.”

“It won’t,” Zhong Michu insisted, gazing at her. Gu Fuyou’s heart skipped a beat, sensing Zhong Michu was about to say something alarming. She quickly conceded, “Alright, it won’t. Let her be yours. Yi’er being promoted to senior sister will surely be happy.”

The next day, Zuo Yuanrong arranged for her to select slaves. She took the opportunity to suggest making Twenty-Three her guard. Zuo Yuanrong was inevitably surprised; the Azure Phoenix Clan typically despised mixed-bloods, with few exceptions. Gu Fuyou had her own way of deflecting and sweetening her words to Zuo Yuanrong, who immediately agreed.

Scholar Zhai and Zhong Michu walked together. Scholar Zhai, hiding behind her folding fan, said to Zhong Michu, “Gu Fuyou’s smile at Zuo Yuanrong is too enticing. Look, the City Lord is almost leaning against her.”

Zhong Michu remained silent.

Scholar Zhai continued, “Tsk tsk, since ancient times, heroes have struggled to resist beauties, let alone a brute like him. The Zuo family members are usually ambitious, but Zuo Yuanrong turned out to be such a disappointment.”

“He’s easier to manipulate, which is good,” Zhong Michu remarked.

“The prerequisite is to sell one’s charms,” Scholar Zhai noted. “Aren’t you upset?” Zhong Michu turned to stare at Scholar Zhai.

Scholar Zhai quickly covered her mouth with the fan. She wasn’t blind; she could see Zhong Michu’s feelings for Gu Fuyou. She had accidentally let it slip out that day.

Zuo Yuanrong selected the highest quality slaves to win Gu Fuyou’s favor. Among them, she saw Seven, head bowed, lifeless. Although many slaves there lacked vitality, Seven was different. His was a silence that had hit rock bottom, with no further depths to fall.

Gu Fuyou wasn’t very satisfied with the rest of the slaves. They were too submissive, resigned to their fate, and wouldn’t think of escaping even if freed.

Just when she thought she wouldn’t find anything worthwhile, Xiao Zhongting brought news: a person was imprisoned in a cell next to Dashe, and Gu Fuyou could use him.

This person was also a slave of Bailu City, but with a unique number—Zero. Bailu City’s slaves were numbered starting from one, with lower numbers indicating greater strength. Zero implied non-existence but also signified the pinnacle of ability among Bailu City’s slaves.

When Gu Fuyou learned this, she was full of questions. Why was this person excluded from the slave count, so powerful and yet not used by Zuo Yuanrong? Xiao Zhongting’s knowledge was limited, only revealing that Zuo Yuanrong hadn’t tamed him yet. Even under the slave contract, the person could sometimes resist, so he remained imprisoned.

After hearing this, Gu Fuyou was deeply intrigued. She decided to see this slave who had earned her admiration, without informing Zuo Yuanrong. At night, she went alone to the prison near Dashe to meet him.

Under the night sky, the moonlight slanted into the pirson, illuminating only half of it. Gu Fuyou saw the man sitting cross-legged in the cell, his upper body hidden in a thick darkness. The darkness didn’t affect her vision; her pupils contracted as she saw him—bare-chested, wearing dark red pants, his face covered with a black beard, his hair slightly curled, looking like a wild man.

The man spoke with a deep, magnetic voice, “Strange, there’s still a Qingluan in this world, and one has come to Bailu City. Truly, hidden from the sun for too long, the world changes unpredictably.”

Gu Fuyou held back a smile. Xiao Zhongting had said this man was born with rebellious bones, too rigid to be worn down. She liked that, liked it very much.

“Strange, a slave, yet capable of reaching the peak of the Hollow Void stage.”

“Who are you?”

“A Qingluan.”

“You’re dodging my question.”

Gu Fuyou laughed, “And what about you? Who are you?”

The man didn’t respond. Gu Fuyou continued, “You don’t have to say; I already know, a slave of the Zuo family.”

The man scoffed, “One day, I’ll find a way to break the slave contract. You’ll see.” He mistook Gu Fuyou for someone from the Zuo family.

Gu Fuyou said, “The slave contract has existed for many years, yet no one has ever devised a way to break it.”

“That doesn’t mean it can’t be done.”

“True,” Gu Fuyou nodded. “Are you skilled in formations?”

The man replied, “Somewhat.”

“Coincidentally, so am I.”

“Just so happens, I also know how to break the slave contract.”

The man said excitedly, “You’re lying!”

Gu Fuyou responded, “I have the Qimen in my possession.”

The man fell silent, lost in thought. Suddenly, he stood up, the chains clanking loudly as he stepped into the moonlight, gripping the iron bars with both hands. Gu Fuyou could now see his imposing figure, with iron spikes piercing through his shoulder blades, connected to the chains.

His eyes were piercing as he said, “You’re deceiving me.”

Gu Fuyou smiled, “Do you want to learn? Become my disciple, and I’ll teach you.”

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Thanks for the chapter

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Is the slaveman going to be a problem for Michu? Why Gu Fuyou’s pupils contracted as she saw him—bare-chested?
Of course, this is GL story, but with Gu Foyou always avoiding Michu’s love… I’m getting irritated a lot with her already.

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Her pupils were adjusting to the darkness, thats all.

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They’re already picking their disciples each ^^ I’m happy Gu Fuyou has someone to share her knowledge with. How much I wished she could take all their slaves with her in one go (⁠ ⁠;⁠∀⁠;⁠)

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New disciples join the party! How fun! I wonder if it’s like Michu saw her past self (longing for a mother that despised her) in twenty three, selecting her because of that.

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Idk if this man can be trusted, Fuyou escape slavery by killing herself, so is that the way she wanna teach?