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Chapter 104

Gu Fuyou returned to the Thirty-Three Skies within just a day or two, and soon after, Feng Sui and Xiao Zhongting came back from their journey.

They, along with a group of cultivators, had been working to eliminate the influence of the Zuo family in Nanzhou. Their success was mixed; they captured many but some of the Zuo family’s cultivators managed to escape to the other three continents.

Gu Fuyou met Feng Sui and Xiao Zhongting on Zhuling Platform, realizing there were few suitable places left for conversation in Lihen Tian.

Xiao Zhongting said, “Those cultivators are not a serious threat and can’t cause much harm. The real worry is the alchemist Du Pan from the Xu Ling Sect, who’s still unaccounted for. The Wanyao Pavilion had close ties with the Xu Ling Sect and was infiltrated by the Zuo family. Based on the information from Miss Si Miao, about half of the Pavilion’s resources and personnel have disappeared, possibly linked to Du Pan. If he’s still loyal to the Zuo family and is lying low, waiting for the right moment to strike back, we need to be cautious.”

Spiritual pills have always been a crucial aid for cultivators, especially beneficial for those below the Hallow Void stage.

Wanyao Pavilion and Xu Ling Sect benefited mutually; Xu Ling Sect utilized the pills for cultivation, while Wanyao Pavilion had access to the finest spiritual plants and spirit beasts of Nanzhou.

With a foundation spanning ten thousand years, the power of Wanyao Pavilion, not in terms of martial strength but its vast resources and myriad pills, can solidify the foundation of any sect.

Du Pan could use these to rebuild his power, staying hidden in the dark. Over thousands of years, he might even create a force as powerful as the Xuan Miao Sect.

Gu Fuyou wasn’t looking that far into the future. The power struggles, vendettas, and battles that would occur in a thousand years, including who controls Nanzhou, didn’t concern her.

Her only goal was to kill Du Pan and dissolve the Zuo family’s power like smoke in the wind.

Gu Fuyou asked, “Where could he possibly hide?”

Xiao Zhongting responded, “He might be in the other three continents, or even… possibly in Zhongzhou or the Four Seas.”

Seeing the expression on Gu Fuyou’s face, Xiao Zhongting advised, “The three sects are not to be underestimated. If we’re searching for someone, a direct approach won’t work. Even though we’ve defeated the Zuo family, we’re also significantly weakened. It’s not the right time to make new enemies, my lady…”

Gu Fuyou replied, “So you’re suggesting we sneak into the three continents for a covert operation? An open manhunt is hard enough, and some of the Zuo family cultivators still managed to slip away. If we go onto someone else’s territory for a covert operation, how long do you think it’ll take to catch them all?”

Scholar Zhai said, “General Xiao is right. The Zuo family’s main force is gone. Catching the remnants isn’t urgent. They can’t rebuild the Thirty-Three Skies so quickly. Rushing might backfire. Remember, you also waited several years before making your move against the Zuo family. There’s no need to rush now. You have time. If not one or two years, then ten or twenty — you can afford it.”

As they were discussing, Sixteen hurried in and presented an invitation after a quick bow.

Upon Gu Fuyou’s nod, Scholar Zhai took it, glanced at it, and read, “The Immortal Sect Assembly?”

Upon hearing these words, Gu Fuyou let out a cold laugh.

The Immortal Sect Assembly is where the leaders of the four Immortal Sects meet. It’s said that they discuss the current state of the cultivation world and decide on its future path, aiming to make the world of cultivation more prosperous and colorful.

Whether it truly aimed to make the cultivation world more vibrant, Gu Fuyou didn’t know.

She had once attended such an assembly, right here on the Zhuling platform. They convened just for her. The outcome was her suffering immense pain, and her physical body dissipating.

Xiao Zhongting asked, “Who sent it?”

Scholar Zhai glanced over the invitation and replied, “Li Mingjing. It’s an invitation for the leader of Nanzhou.”

Xiao Zhongting frowned, “That’s from the leader of the Biluo Sect. The Biluo has a marriage alliance with the Xu Ling Sect and is closely aligned with them.”

Scholar Zhai, holding her folding fan and the invitation, handed it to Gu Fuyou, “The Zuo family has just fallen, and now there’s an assembly, almost as if it’s specifically meant for us.”

Zhong Michu remarked, “Nanzhou isn’t isolated from the other three continents the Four Seas. As the leader of Nanzhou, you’ll eventually need to connect with the other continents. This assembly might be an opportunity for others to recognize her…”

Gu Fuyou interjected, “As the leader of Nanzhou? Since when did I take charge of Nanzhou?” Aside from Xiaoyao City and these Thirty-Three Skies, she had no jurisdiction over the other cities.

Xiao Zhongting was taken aback, “But you control the Thirty-Three Skies…”

“Ah,” Gu Fuyou realized, looking back at the sect leader’s throne on the steps. From that high position, one could look down upon everyone.

For so many years, the Thirty-Three Skies had become a symbol in Nanzhou, a symbol of power.

Just like in ancient times when rebels overthrew the old ruler, occupied the palace, and seemingly became the new emperor.

Gu Fuyou commented, “But these Thirty-Three Skies are now a wasteland. Well… at least more than half of it has turned to ash. If any of you want it, you can take it.”

She stayed here merely due to her obsession. She wanted to punish the members of the Zuo family, to execute them here. She was stuck in her thoughts, fearing that if she left, Zhong Michu wouldn’t be able to find her.

Xiao Zhongting clarified, “I didn’t mean it that way. You’ve defeated the Zuo family and have the ability to command respect. You being the leader of the Nanzhou wouldn’t be contested by the noble families.”

Gu Fuyou laughed, “So, by defeating the old master, I become the new master? Is that what you all really want, a new master?” There was a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

Xiao Zhongting spoke with a serious expression, “The Zuo family dominated Nanzhou, and the other noble families had no choice but to rely on them for survival, having been weakened over many years. You know this better than anyone. What would happen if you just let them go now? With the Three Sects still in power, the current state of the four continents is just like Nanzhou of the past. The Three Sects are the new Zuo family, and we in Nanzhou are like the other noble families. The stage may have changed, but we’re still caught in between, trying to survive.”

“If there’s no one to lead Nanzhou, the other three continents will easily extend their influence here. It’s unclear whether they’ll grow stronger first or be completely devoured by the Three Sects’ power. They’re not foolish; they see your strength and your alliance with the Dragon King. They want you as their leader for protection.”

Gu Fuyou questioned, “Aren’t they afraid I’ll become like the Zuo family?”

Xiao Zhongting remained silent. Gu Fuyou, reading his expression, understood and laughed, “They trust you, General Xiao.”

Xiao Zhongting stated solemnly, “And I trust you. I know you’re different from the Zuo family.”

This kind of direct trust left Gu Fuyou feeling uneasy. It seemed like he understood her well, perhaps even idealizing her.

Before, she didn’t care about others’ opinions; she was here for revenge, and once that was done, even if the sky collapsed, it wouldn’t concern her. But because of Zhong Michu, she now found herself caring about how others saw her.

Gu Fuyou caressed the invitation. It had golden embossing, with a smooth surface.

Her thoughts drifted.

—Don’t you want to turn the entire Nanzhou into the Xiaoyao City of the past?

With a sigh of resignation, Gu Fuyou admitted to herself that deep down, she did harbor such a desire, but since Zhong Michu had voiced it, she felt defiant: “Fine, I’ll be the leader.”

“I’ll attend this banquet in a couple of days.”

Feng Sui spoke up, “I’ll make the arrangements.”

It’s only logical to bring more people. Anyone with clear sight could see that the timing of this invitation was too convenient, with ulterior motives in play.

If the other three sects merely wanted to meet, the attendees would serve as a show of force. If the three sects had other intentions, they weren’t to be underestimated.

Gu Fuyou casually said, “There’s no need. I’ll go alone.”

Xiao Zhongting advised, “We don’t know their intentions yet. It’s better to take some people with you, especially since this assembly is arranged by the Biluo Sect…”

Gu Fuyou, unconcerned, dismissed the idea, “No matter what they plan, it’s just my life they’re after. None of the cultivators in the Three Sects have transcended to a higher level; they can’t harm me. I might not be able to defeat them, but I can escape. More people would just be a hinderance.”

Gu Fuyou said to Xiao Zhongting, “I have another task for you.”

She paused for a moment as Feng Sui and Xiao Zhongting looked at her attentively.

Gu Fuyou paced back and forth, seemingly agitated, as if she was struggling to decide on something and finding it hard to speak.

Finally, she stopped, her back to the two men. After a brief silence, she said, “I want you to thoroughly investigate the backgrounds of the prisoners from the Zuo family.”

Xiao Zhongting inquired, “Backgrounds of the prisoners?”

Gu Fuyou turned around, her brow furrowed in frustration, “Don’t you get it? I want to know about their lives, their actions, their character. After serving the Zuo family for so many years, the noble families must have a good understanding of them. This shouldn’t be difficult.”

“What do you want with this information?” asked Xiao Zhongting.

Her gaze grew cold.

Realizing he shouldn’t press further, Xiao Zhongting noted that Gu Fuyou’s moods shifted rapidly, but at least they were evident on her face, making them easier to read.

He and Feng Sui took their leave upon understanding her orders.

Scholar Zhai watched her with a smile but remained silent.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Gu Fuyou asked.

“If you’ve decided to do this, why keep fighting with Miss Zhong?” Scholar Zhai prodded.

“What decision?” Gu Fuyou’s eyes flashed with a mix of emotions.

She could never forgive the Zuo family. Torturing people like Zuo Yuezhi brought her satisfaction, but it wasn’t enough before they died. How to fill the void left by the Zuo family’s deep-rooted hatred, which could only be quenched by their blood?

However, seeing these unfamiliar faces, even if she tore them apart, the satisfaction was shallow, like scratching an itch through a shoe. Instead, she felt a weight pressing on her heart, making it hard to breathe. It was like drinking poison to quench thirst.

After wiping out the Zuo family, what would she do? Her desires swelled too quickly, and she didn’t know how to fill the remaining hatred or remove the weight from her heart.

Perhaps she should be like Si Miao, letting go of everything and following her brother with such clean determination.

But she wasn’t Si Miao. She was different and couldn’t act as decisively as her.

She had come this far and yet felt unsatisfied. Being the last of the Gu family, if she were to leave, their entire past would vanish like smoke, completely obliterated by the Zuo family, leaving behind nothing but a tragic story of mutual destruction.

She also didn’t want to let go, instinctively feeling there was still much she needed to do, yet she dared not think too deeply about it.

There were still many people around her, Yi’er, Ah Fu, and… Zhong Michu…

Biting her lip, she thought, “Ah, I shouldn’t have involved her in the first place, shouldn’t have kept her around. It has just led to endless troubles.”

“To investigate those people, what will you do with that information? Surely you’re not just interested in the Zuo family’s glorious history,” Scholar Zhai asked.

Gu Fuyou remained silent. She thought she might be looking for a way out.

How exactly she would use this information wasn’t clear yet.

Perhaps, just maybe, there might be another way to find more satisfaction than killing all the Zuo family members, a way to find peace without feeling so heavy.

But that was uncertain; she didn’t know the outcome. It might be even more cruel than killing them all. She couldn’t promise Zhong Michu such an uncertain outcome; if it didn’t meet Zhong Michu’s expectations, it would only lead to greater disappointments.

It might be better to let her believe that she has turned into a ruthless killer.

Zhong Michu, always knowing what to say, knowing it would anger her, deliberately provoking her!

Gu Fuyou said, “I won’t just do as she wishes!”

“She understands, she knows everything. She knows what I want to hear. She knows what will make me angry, and yet she insists on saying it!”

Frustrated, Gu Fuyou said, “I should just sew her mouth shut, that would solve everything.”

Scholar laughed, “But you can’t bring yourself to do that, can you?”

Gu Fuyou shot her a sideways glance.

Scholar Zhai, hiding a smile behind her fan, looked up and recited, “To love something is to wish for its life; to hate it is to wish for its death.”

Gu Fuyou pressed her lips together, muttering, “I have many things to do now, like managing the entire Nanzhou. I need to attend the Immortal Sect Assembly, and I’m going now! I don’t want to think about her.”

That woman caused her so much distress. If she could avoid thinking about her, she might find some peace for a while.

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