The Dragon

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Chapter 105

She really went to the Biluo Sect alone.

The disciple who greeted guests at the sect’s entrance looked at her and then behind her, as if they too felt she shouldn’t have come alone. They seemed to expect a large, imposing group to arrive.

Growing impatient, Gu Fuyou waved her invitation, “Is the Biluo Sect planning to hold the Immortal Sect Assembly right here at the mountain gate?” The disciple snapped back to reality and respectfully led the way.

The place in the Biluo Sect where they discussed matters and entertained guests was remarkably similar to the Zhuling Platform, with its white jade steps and pillars that shone like ivory clouds. Situated at the mountain’s peak, surrounded by a light mist, it felt like a celestial realm, solemn and sacred, distinctly separate from the mundane world.

Gu Fuyou, reaching the final step, looked back at the lush greenery of the mountains and wondered if her preference for the small tower in Xiaoyao City was too mundane.

Her gaze then landed on a figure, a guest welcomed by another disciple from another direction.

Their eyes met, and Gu Fuyou’s expression hardened.

Zhong Michu, dressed in Dragon King attire, stood shoulder to shoulder with Jiu Yao. They were initially speaking in low voices, but upon inadvertently catching sight of Gu Fuyou.

Zhong Michu paused, then furrowed her brow, quickly approaching, “Why are you here?”

Gu Fuyou, anxious to avoid any encounter, glanced left and right in search of an escape route but found none. The idea of pretending not to notice her felt too obvious. Despite the usual ease in their interactions, Gu Fuyou couldn’t bring herself to speak to Zhong Michu this time, her mind still clouded by an unresolved grudge.

Yet, when Zhong Michu spoke, she naturally responded, “If you can be here, why can’t I?” She glanced at Jiu Yao, then back at Zhong Michu.

The Immortal Sect Assembly originally invited the Dragon Clan and the Azure Phoenix Clan, but they never showed up, turning it into an exclusive gathering of the Four Immortal Sects. Surprisingly, this time both clans had sent representatives.

What surprised her more was that both clans actually sent people. Zhong Michu was expected, but Jiu Yao’s presence made her wonder if he came for her.

Zhong Michu said, “The Biluo Sect is currently hosting this assembly, which is allied with the Zuo family. They’re targeting you; this is a dangerous place.”

“I know,” Gu Fuyou replied.

“If you knew, why did you come?”

Gu Fuyou narrowed her eyes and smirked, “Do I look like a sheep to you?”

“It’s easy to dodge a spear in plain sight, but hard to defend against an arrow from the shadows. It’d be easier if they just showed me their schemes openly, so I wouldn’t have to be on guard day and night.”

Zhong Michu glanced behind, her expression mirroring that of the welcoming disciple. “Did Feng Sui and the others come with you?”

“I came alone.”

“How reckless.”

Jiu Yao approached, looking like he had something to say. Before he could speak, a voice resonated from behind, “Why is everyone standing here?”

Gu Fuyou turned and recognized the arrival to be Nianhua, the Sect Master of Qianyun Sect.

Nianhua greeted the three with a warm smile, his gaze lingering on Gu Fuyou a bit longer. Zhong Michu and Jiu Yao exchanged pleasantries with him, while Gu Fuyou headed straight in.

Zhong Michu and Jiu Yao followed her, with Jiu Yao whispering, “You’re not fair, Michu. I heard rumors about you stirring things up in the Southern Continent with a Qingluan, and I didn’t believe it. Seeing this today, I realize it’s true. You met this Qingluan long ago, and you seem to get along well, yet you didn’t tell me, even though you knew I was looking for her.”

Zhong Michu looked at Li Mingjing, her gaze frosty, “Jiu Yao, this matter is too complicated. If there’s a chance, I’ll explain it to you.”

Li Mingjing greeted Gu Fuyou, looking her up and down with a smile, “Your presence is indeed unique.”

Gu Fuyou, with a half-smile, replied, “Let’s skip the formalities, Sect Leader.”

Glancing to the side, Gu Fuyou noticed an elderly man in a green robe, his hair and beard white, with bright eyes set in slightly sunken sockets, giving him a profound look.

The Sect Leader of Cangwu Sect. The most revered figures from the five continents and four seas were all here.

Even the last gathering at the Zhuling Platform hadn’t boasted such an assembly.

Li Mingjing smiled subtly, giving Gu Fuyou a meaningful glance, then stepped forward and announced loudly, “Everyone.”

All eyes turned to him. He continued, “The purpose of the Immortal Sect Assembly is to clarify the path of cultivation and defend the righteous way. Today, we’ve gathered here for this cause.”

Jiu Yao interjected, “Sect Leader, let’s get straight to the point, no need for these pretty but empty words.” Those who had dealt with the Azure Phoenix Clan knew their straightforward nature. Li Mingjing just smiled lightly, unfazed.

Li Mingjing continued, I’m sure you’re all aware of the events in Nanzhou, the fall of the Xu Ling Sect, and the destruction of the Zuo family.”

Gu Fuyou thought to herself, “Ah, here it comes.”

The crowd was silent, their gazes, some overt and some covert, fell on Gu Fuyou.

Li Mingjing looked at Gu Fuyou, “The five continents and four seas have been peaceful for many years. What grievance did you have, Elder, that led you to such drastic actions, causing war to sweep across the entire Nanzhou?”

“What grievances?”

“The Zuo family was notorious for its tyranny. As cultivators driven by insatiable desires, they oppressed Nanzhou for years. As a major cultivation sect, they failed to set a good example and accumulated a long list of grievances. As cultivators, we should harbor good intentions. You, as their peers, did not advise or stop them, turning a blind eye. I had to step in. I was just following the will of the people. Go to Nanzhou and ask how many families willingly joined me, ready to risk their lives for my cause. This clearly shows one thing,” she said with a tone of righteousness, “that I am upholding the righteous way.”

Even she didn’t believe her own words.

Li Mingjing replied, “So, Elder, you naturally took the throne of the Thirty-Three Skies?”

“It’s my family’s turn to be the sect leader this year. You’ve had your turn; why can’t I?” Gu Fuyou narrowed her eyes and retorted sarcastically, “Or are you implying that the four sects, being so close-knit and loving, seeing the Zuo family fall, want to avenge them and have come to settle scores with me?”

Li Mingjing chuckled, “There’s no need to twist the truth, Elder. The Three Sects are not about bullying the weak or being unreasonable. Whatever the Zuo family was like is another matter. Their downfall is already decided. Let’s talk about you, Elder.”

“If your actions were purely to uphold righteousness, we would naturally respect you,” Li Mingjing’s tone shifted to a more serious one, “But if it’s just for the love of chaos, a bloodthirsty nature, causing turmoil in the world, such an evil spirit must be eliminated by all of us cultivators.”

Jiu Yao spoke up, “Evil spirit? You’re taking my Azure Phoenix Clan too lightly. Since the beginning of time, born as auspicious creatures, we’ve protected the human realm for years, and we won’t tolerate such disrespect!”

He didn’t recognize this Azure Phoenix and wasn’t speaking up for Gu Fuyou out of tribal solidarity, but because she was an Azure Phoenix, and as the tribe leader, he couldn’t allow anyone to slander the Azure Phoenix Clan.

Li Mingjing calmly replied, “Please calm down, clan leader. I have no intention of disrespecting your clan. We invited you and the Dragon King here to reveal the true nature of this Azure Phoenix.”

Zhong Michu suddenly felt an ominous premonition.

Li Mingjing looked up, spotting something, and said, “Perfect timing.”

He turned to Gu Fuyou, “Elder’s true nature will soon be clear. If I am wrong, I am willing to apologize and accept any punishment.”

With that, Li Mingjing swept his sleeve and went to greet the newcomer.

In the distant sky, a streak of azure light, followed by a mass of dark clouds, approached rapidly.

In the blink of an eye, a middle-aged man in azure robes arrived on a flying sword. The man, strikingly handsome with a hint of red at the corners of his eyes, adding a touch of devilish charm, landed.

Li Mingjing greeted, “Elder.”

The man paid him no heed, leaped off his sword, bypassed him, and walked straight towards Gu Fuyou.

He stopped in front of her, his eyes piercing as he addressed her, “Qing Emperor.”

“When did you awaken?”

Gu Fuyou froze for a moment when she heard the title “Qing Emperor”.

This man was addressing ‘Qing Emperor,’ not her, but the body she inhabited. His gaze fixed on Gu Fuyou’s eyes, gradually becoming more intense.

Gu Fuyou came to her senses, realizing now was not the time to be shocked by these revelations.

This was another Qingluan.

Previously, when Gu Fuyou was in Xian Luo, she had stayed with Qing Man for a while. Qing Man had taught her many things. For instance, the real name of her current body was Qing Jun. She also learned that, as rumored, only three Qingluans remained in the world. She learned about the duration of Qing Jun’s slumber, and how long Qing Man had been in seclusion in the Misty Forest.

Qing Man warned her about the last Qingluan, named Qing Zhe, who lived in seclusion in Zhongzhou and was an obstinate and grumpy old man. Although it was unlikely she would encounter him, Qing Man advised her to steer clear if she did.

Because Qing Zhe was too familiar with Qing Jun, he could recognize her at one glance—

“You are not the Qing Emperor!” Qing Zhe’s voice was laden with rage. The unintentional display of his spiritual power was chilling to the bone.

He was clearly a cultivator at the Immortalization stage. Far from being ugly, he was rather handsome. But his intense stare made him look ferocious.

Gu Fuyou instinctively took a step back. Qing Zhe grabbed her wrist angrily, “What kind of evil spirit dares to possess her body!”

Gu Fuyou ignored his accusation, her attention drawn elsewhere. Her eyes widened with a hint of a smile.

Behind Qing Zhe, the dark cloud that had followed him earlier had settled, revealing a figure. The slender frame and the large black robe — wasn’t that Du Pan, whom she had been desperately searching for?

While she felt somewhat intimidated by Qing Zhe due to the difference in their cultivation levels and partly because she felt guilty for occupying Qing Jun’s body, the sight of Du Pan reawakened her dormant, cold blood, causing it to boil again.

Du Pan was still alive, waiting for her to exact her vengeance, to alleviate the injustices in her heart.

It felt like a starving person who, upon finding that a tree was barren of fruits, suddenly spots a single piece left just for her.

Her fear was suppressed by excitement, her eyes almost bleeding with intensity as she stared at Du Pan, “After searching for you for so long, only to find you were right here all along!”

Du Pan stood in the distance, not coming closer.

Gu Fuyou licked her lower lip and summoned her weapon, Yinhen. She glanced around; everyone was staring at her, their emotions unreadable. But she guessed, except for Zhong Michu, probably no one would let her leave here easily.

Despite all her calculations, she never anticipated someone would bring out this reclusive ancient Qingluan. She thought there were no Immortalization stage cultivators among the three Immortal Sects, and she could escape safely, but now one had appeared.

Escape was not an option.

Well, then she wouldn’t run. Gu Fuyou’s eyes glinted fiercely, determined to deal with Du Pan first, no matter what.

Seeing her filled with malice, Qing Zhe’s hatred deepened. He struck with a palm that seemed to move mountains and seas, the weather changing with his fury, shouting, “Get out of her body now!”

Thousands of sword shadows covered the sky, the sword energy was vast but as fast as lightning, attacking Qing Zhe.

The attack was fierce, and Qing Zhe, with a swift movement of his palm, met the sword energy head-on, using offense as his defense.

When their forces collided, Qing Zhe’s palm technique dissolved the sword energy, which then reverted to its original form as a long sword and was sent flying away.

Meanwhile, Qing Zhe’s other hand was already empty. The person he had been holding was already rescued by someone else.

Zhong Michu, holding onto Gu Fuyou’s shoulders, whisked her away, retreating several meters back and out of everyone’s reach. With an upward stretch of her hand, she caught Gengchen, the sword that had been repelled.

Gu Fuyou asked, “Can you defeat him?”

The Immortalization stage cultivator.

Even though Zhong Michu was skilled in both internal and external cultivation and was at the peak of the Soul Spirit stage, she was still a level below.

It was risky.

Zhong Michu honestly replied, “I can’t win.”

Gu Fuyou responded, “Then why did you come?” If Zhong Michu hadn’t intervened, she might not have been targeted and could have remained safe. Now, by helping her, hadn’t she just revealed that they were allies? This would likely result in both of them being attacked.

Zhong Michu shot her a sidelong glance, seeming reluctant to answer such an obvious question from Gu Fuyou.

She really didn’t want to answer that.

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7 months ago

Until chapter 105, Gu Fuyou is still ungrateful and ignorant. What a spoiled brat!

2 months ago
Reply to  ALex

Shut up, how was she a spoiled brat? Losing her whole family caused deep trauma in her and you call her spoiled? Just because Zhong Michu is there for her does not mean she can let go of those deep hatred that easily, in fact, it’s really up to Zhong Michu to decide if she wants to remain by her side and wants to help Gu Fuyou move on. If she truly loves her, she won’t let go of Gu Fuyou that easily and will slowly help her heal. Both Zhong Michu and Gu Fuyou have the rights to feel hurt and sad, it’s just that they have different ways to heal through it.

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Thanks for the chapter..

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Aiyah Fuyou still thinks she can keep Michu away? If Michu sees anything being done to her of course she’d interfere ;-; Fuyou is as dense as a black hole.