The Dragon

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Chapter 67

Endless Longing

Gu Fuyou stood motionless, hesitating for a moment. Seeing her not coming over, Zhong Michu attempted to stand up and walk towards her.

Gu Fuyou eventually moved closer. As she did, Zhong Michu grabbed her wrist, pulling her over, causing Gu Fuyou to stumble and awkwardly sit on the bed.

Before Gu Fuyou could properly sit up, Zhong Michu advanced and began to undo her clothes, causing Gu Fuyou’s mind to explode in panic.

With one hand trying to fend off Zhong Michu and the other covering her clothes, they struggled. Gu Fuyou, not seated firmly, fell back onto the bed, making it easier for Zhong Michu to proceed.

“Hey, what are you doing? Wait, wait!”

Gu Fuyou thought about using her spiritual power, but knowing that Zhong Michu was injured, she couldn’t bring herself to fight seriously. Even her attempts at resistance were half-hearted, and besides, she doubted she could overpower Zhong Michu even if she tried.


Eventually, Zhong Michu succeeded. Gu Fuyou’s clothes were peeled back, revealing her slender, pale shoulders. She was gasping for breath, feeling more exhausted than undergoing a tribulation.

As Zhong Michu’s fingers brushed against Gu Fuyou’s shoulder, the cool touch sent a shiver down her spine. She glanced over to find Zhong Michu tenderly stroking where her shoulder met her neck, with a carefulness that suggested a fear of causing harm with anything more forceful.

Gu Fuyou suddenly remembered – the bite mark.

When she had first explored the body of the Qingluan, she had found it. The so-called eternal imprint remained the same, appearing in the same place and shape, even after she had changed bodies. She had thought that was the extent of the mark’s effect.

But it must have been that bite mark which summoned Zhong Michu. Only a Dragon’s branding could achieve this! Each Dragon’s mark is unique, and Zhong Michu would surely recognize her own bite on Gu Fuyou, if she remembered biting her.

Clearly, she remembered.

Ultimately exposed, any further concealment was pointless. Gu Fuyou ceased her struggle and softly called out, “Senior Sister Zhong.”

Zhong Michu’s body trembled, and she withdrew her hand, holding the one that had touched the bite mark. From the moment she realized she was summoned, she had only guessed and hoped. Seeing the bite mark confirmed it beyond doubt. Hearing ‘Senior Sister Zhong’ felt like a death sentence.

She clasped her hands over her heart, her eyes warming up, and slowly moved away from Gu Fuyou. The length of time had amplified her sorrow and longing to a despairing degree, which suddenly surged out, overwhelming her. She curled up, saying, “Leave.”

Her pained, suppressed moan, like a lament, and teardrops fell onto the bedsheet.

Frightened by her state, Gu Fuyou got up, supporting her, and called out, “Senior Sister Zhong…”

Her voice strained and tearful, she said, “Leave… go…”

Gu Fuyou’s hand froze in the air for a moment before she silently withdrew it. She got off the bed, straightened her clothes, and walked towards the door. Halfway there, she paused, turned back, and softly said, “I’m right outside. Call me if you need anything.”

Gu Fuyou glanced at her once more and silently left, closing the door behind her. She sat down on the steps outside under the eaves. Scholar Zhai, under a ginkgo tree, peeling an orange, saw Gu Fuyou come out, walked over, and sat beside her, asking, “What happened?”

Gu Fuyou gave a bitter smile: “She recognized me. I have her bite mark on my body.” She knew that if she sought revenge, she would eventually face her and be recognized. But she hoped it could be delayed, even if just for a day.

Scholar Zhai, familiar with the dragon’s branding, let out a long “Oh.” She offered an orange to Gu Fuyou, asking, “Want some?”

Gu Fuyou shook her head. Scholar Zhai ate quietly, then sighed, “Gu Fuyou, what’s meant to be will happen. No use hiding from it, just accept it.”

Gu Fuyou, feeling choked, whispered, “What sins did she commit in her past life to meet someone like me?”

Si Miao was called back from Wanyao Pavilion, where she was refining pills, to tend to Zhong Michu’s injuries before returning to the Pavilion. That night, Scholar Zhai retired to rest, and Gu Fuyou sat outside under the eaves all night, but Zhong Michu did not call for her.

The next day, as Si Miao returned, Gu Fuyou and Scholar Zhai were discussing matters of Wantong City at a stone table in the courtyard. The three-legged crow on Si Miao’s shoulder asked, “How is our senior sister? How is she recovering from her injury?”

Gu Fuyou replied, “She’s in the room, I’m not sure.” Zhong Michu hadn’t called for her, and she didn’t dare to go in.

While they were talking, Gu Fuyou sensed a disturbance in the wind and turned to look. Zhong Michu was walking towards them, her white clothes stained with blood and her sash torn. Today, she was wearing a lake-colored dress, likely prepared by Scholar Zhai earlier.

Gu Fuyou glanced at Zhong Michu and noticed her calm demeanor, showing no sign of yesterday’s pain, which left her stunned for a moment until the three-legged crow called, “Senior Sister.”

She too called, “Senior Sister Zhong.”

Zhong Michu glanced at her briefly. Gu Fuyou was speechless.

Zhong Michu turned to Si Miao and said, “Si Miao,” her call suggesting more than just a greeting, as if there was more to say.

The crow said, “Senior Sister, this is Wantong City, the residence I have arranged.”

When Zhong Michu initially saved Si Miao from the Lu family, she intended to keep her in the Dragon Clan for protection, or if Si Miao wished, she could join a Merchant Association. Si Miao declined and left with Gu Huaiyou’s body after healing her injuries. Zhong Michu couldn’t persuade her to stay.

Later, when Si Miao joined the Wanyao Pavilion and informed Zhong Michu, she initially wanted to visit her but then thought about the Pavilion’s dealings with the Zuo family and its mixed influences. Si Miao’s intention in joining was clear, and Zhong Michu’s visit might bring unnecessary trouble. Knowing Si Miao was safe in the Pavilion, she didn’t disturb her and only replied to her letters, offering help if needed.

Zhong Michu looked at the speaking crow. Si Miao stroked its head, and the crow said, “It can speak like a parrot after taking a pill.”

Zhong Michu understood. People had created a pill that allowed any bird to speak like a parrot, a popular amusement. Higher-grade spirit beasts, once they developed intelligence, could even converse with humans.

Si Miao and the crow had a connection; it could sense her thoughts and speak on her behalf. What was a pastime for others became a miraculous cure for Si Miao to communicate again.

Zhong Michu remarked, “That’s good.” She had felt regret when the clan’s doctor said Si Miao’s tongue couldn’t be healed.

Zhong Michu then glanced at Gu Fuyou and asked Si Miao, “Did you meet her earlier?”

Gu Fuyou, feeling neglected, hurried to speak, but Si Miao had already answered, “Yes.”

Zhong Michu furrowed her brows. Gu Fuyou said, “Actually, not that early…”

Zhong Michu’s gaze shifted to her, looking at her calmly and intently for a long while. Gu Fuyou felt smaller under her stare. Zhong Michu asked, “When did you come back?” Her voice was clear and cold, her tone even.

Gu Fuyou replied, “A little over a month ago…” Around the time she encountered Zhong Michu in the Thirty-Three Skies.

Zhong Michu continued looking at her without speaking. Gu Fuyou added, “Well, actually, it’s been over a year…” That was when she found Si Miao, coinciding with Zhong Michu’s duel with Zuo Taisui.

Zhong Michu still didn’t speak. Gu Fuyou honestly confessed, “About three years.”

Zhong Michu’s breathing was not as calm as before, but her expression remained unchanged. She scrutinized Gu Fuyou’s face and asked, “What’s with this body of yours, and how did you end up in her body?”

Gu Fuyou said, “I really don’t know. I thought my body had turned into a pile of mud and I was headed for the underworld. But when I opened my eyes, I was inside the Ruizhu Palace in Xian Luo. You remember, right? The woman lying on the ice platform, her body became mine, and I can use it as I wish.”

When Zhong Michu heard Gu Fuyou mention “a pile of mud” again, her face instantly turned pale. She looked a bit relieved when Gu mentioned she could freely use her new body, but her lips remained tightly pursed.

Possessing another’s body, especially a Qingluan’s, was an unheard of…

Gu Fuyou laughed and said, “I got lucky. This Qingluan body was almost at the Immortalization stage, just a step away from becoming immortal. But since I’ve taken over, its cultivation level has dropped quite a bit…” The body was still at Soul Splitting stage.

Zhong Michu silently stood at her. She never thought she would see her again. She believed she had gone mad, having witnessed her turn into a pool of corrupted blood. She was merely summoned here, but the familiar setting made her feel like the person before her was the one she longed for, despite having no basis for it, she just felt a familiarity.

Tears gradually filled Zhong Michu’s eyes. She shifted her gaze and saw Scholar Zhai, asking, “Who is this?”

Gu Fuyou introduced, “This is Scholar Zhai. I met her right after I left Xian Luo. She was about to be sold to Bailu City, and I saved her. There have been many changes in the outside world, and I have a lot to learn, so she’s been guiding me. Scholar Zhai is very knowledgeable; you two will surely have a lot to talk about.”

She had stopped the carriage because it belonged to the Zuo family, curious why everyone else looked terrified at being sold to Bailu City, while only Scholar Zhai seemed calm. Surprisingly, Scholar Zhai wasn’t calm; she had just fainted from hunger, appearing as if resting with her eyes closed.

That was the first time Gu Fuyou genuinely smiled after waking up from Xian Luo. So, she decided to meddle a bit more and invited Scholar Zhai for a meal, discovering her exceptional conversational skills. Despite being only in her thirties, Scholar Zhai had a wealth of knowledge.

Originally, she just wanted Scholar Zhai to guide her to Gu City to find Si Miao. As they traveled, they grew closer, and Gu shared a bit about the Zuo family, finding Scholar Zhai’s insights very insightful. That’s why she decided to keep her close.

Scholar Zhai smiled and gave Zhong Michu a courteous bow, saying, “I’ve long admired your name.”

Zhong Michu glanced at her. Scholar Zhai had a handsome, unadorned face, ambiguous in gender at first glance but with a delicate voice, clearly that of a woman. Zhong Michu returned the bow, saying, “Scholar Zhai.”

Zhong Michu smiled enigmatically. Gu Fuyou felt a chill down her spine and looked at her. Zhong Michu said, “I never thought I would be the last to know about your return.”

Gu Fuyou remained silent.

Zhong Michu then said, “I thought…” She paused briefly before continuing, “Considering our bond as fellow disciples for over a year, I believed that if you returned, you would want to see me, to find out how I’ve been…” Her voice softened with the last sentence.

Gu Fuyou replied, “I’m aware. Si Miao informed me. It turns out you’re the granddaughter of the old Dragon King Di Jun. Your cultivation has soared, and over a year ago, you achieved the peak of Soul Splitting stage. You’ve ascended to the throne, ruling the Four Seas in peace and being dearly loved by your subjects. I know all this.” Gu Fuyou smiled and said, “Zhong Michu, I always said you would be adored by many and revered by the world. You’re destined to achieve immortality and leave a lasting legacy.”

When Zhong Michu saw her speaking with such pride, she experienced a whirlwind of emotions – anger, urgency, amusement, and tenderness, not sure whether to laugh or cry. It was like she was grinding her teeth as she said, “Gu Fuyou, you truly are a heartless scoundrel.”

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