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Chapter 56

The One Who Seizes Will Fail in the End

“Is Xiaoyao City conspiring with the Dragon Clan?” Gu Fuyou knits her brows, “What… Qilin Marrow… me?”

These words were utterly baffling to her. She understood each word individually, but together, they made no sense. “When did Xiaoyao City ever conspire with the Dragon Clan? Baseless accusations! What’s this about sharing the world? Uncle Lu, you know about Xiaoyao City.”

Lu Yandong shook his head, “I do know, but you’re the one in the dark.”

A hint of despair appeared in Gu Fuyou’s eyes. At first, she thought she misunderstood, thinking Lu Yandong referred to her pact with Zhong Michu. But on reflection, it didn’t make sense. Few people knew Zhong Michu was a Dragon. Having grown up in Jingdu Mountain, her ties with the Dragon Clan was nothing more than her bloodline. Lu Yandong must have misunderstood something.

He mentioned Qilin Marrow out of the blue, implying she was the Qilin Marrow. Xiaoyao City wanted to trade her with the Dragon Clan.

That seemed to be what he meant.

But Gu Fuyou felt even more stunned. This seemed like a huge joke. Like a stubborn stone lying beside her for over twenty years, everyone who saw it would say it’s just a rock. Then suddenly, one day someone picks it up and says, “Look, this is a priceless treasure.” Could anything be more absurd?

Yet, no matter how hard it was for Gu Fuyou to accept, she couldn’t help but think deeper. Her mind raced, recalling past unnoticed details, as if catching a thread that linked all loose ends together. She couldn’t believe it, yet the more she thought about it, the more she confirmed that she was the Qilin Marrow.

Gu Fuyou’s face stiffened: “Am I… the Qilin Marrow?”

Lu Yandong silently looked at her, effectively confirming it. Gu Fuyou staggered back, barely steadying herself, then reached into her pocket, pulling out Ah Fu’s front limb, pressing on its paw pad, pressing out a claw, thumb sliding across it to cut a slit, squeezing out a drop of crimson blood.

This bead, resembling a red agate, seemed ordinary. She then took out the sword embryo from her storage bag. Lu Yandong’s subordinates immediately went on high alert, ready to pounce on any sudden move from Gu Fuyou. Lu Yandong raised his hand, signaling them to stand down.

Gu Fuyou glanced around, wiping the blood on the sword embryo, channeling her spiritual power into it, and the sword embryo’s energy soared immediately.

Gu Fuyou’s face froze. It wasn’t an illusion. The two times she used this sword, an extraordinary energy burst forth. Once in the ice cave in Xian Luo, she thought it was due to Zhong Michu transferring her spiritual power to her; the other time in a ground hole, she couldn’t figure out the reason, and because of Ah Meng’s death, she didn’t dare to think too much about it.

No matter how overconfident she was, she would never have thought she had the Qilin Marrow in her. It was absurd.

Gu Fuyou laughed at the absurdity of it all.

Oh heavens, you really haven’t treated me poorly.

Solving this mystery, everything else made sense. Gu Fuyou seemed to be talking to herself, saying: “So that’s why the Zuo family has been harping on Zuo Tianyi’s death, the marriage proposal, the siege, all were just distractions, they want me?”

Gu Fuyou felt as though she had been thrown into an abyss. Darkness surrounded her, and her entire body felt weightless. “They’re after me, so they attacked Xuan Miao Sect and Xiaoyao City. They even went so far as to spread lies about Xiaoyao City conspiring with the Dragon Clan, forcing you to side with them… No, that’s not right…”

Gu Fuyou’s eyes reddened, staring intensely at Lu Yandong: “They want to unify Nanzhou and want the Qilin Marrow. They act openly, and afterwards, they only need to say it’s for humanity, to prevent Qilin Marrow from falling into the Dragon Clan’s hands. Not only would you not condemn them, but you’d even hand them the knife!”

Lu Yandong, with his hands behind his back, stared deeply into Gu Fuyou’s eyes, saying, “You’re right! To prevent the Qilin Marrow from reaching the Dragon Clan, we would even align ourselves with Xu Ling Sect. This matter goes beyond just a city or a sect; it’s a concern for the entire world. We naturally cannot gamble the prosperity of all humanity! If Gu Wanpeng chooses to betray humanity, then he can’t blame the three continents for abandoning him.”

Gu Fuyou exclaimed, “My father didn’t! Xiaoyao City did not collude with the Dragon Clan; it’s just a lie fabricated by the Xu Ling Sect to move against Xiaoyao City. Uncle Lu, after so many years of knowing my father, don’t you understand him? He has always been straightforward and honorable! My father didn’t even know I am the Qilin Marrow, and neither did I. If we had known, I would be in Xiaoyao City right now, using it against the Zuo family…”

From behind a stone screen, a voice suddenly sounded, “You can try to defend yourself however you like.”

Gu Fuyou quickly turned to look, seeing Zuo Yuezhi leading a group of people out. Upon seeing him, Lu Yandong snorted coldly, his face turning ashen as he averted his gaze, seemingly very reluctant to see him. A middle-aged man in a blue robe walked towards Lu Yandong, passing by Gu Fuyou, while Dongli and Liu Guizhen cautiously guarded Gu Fuyou and retreated backward.

The middle-aged man gave Gu Fuyou a brief glance before ascending the steps. Lu Yandong greeted him, bowing slightly, “Elder.”

Only then did Gu Fuyou realize that this man was an elder of the Biluo Sect. The Xu Ling Sect and Biluo Sect had been in contact earlier, arriving in Gu City ahead of them. Perhaps Lu Yandong’s earlier hospitality was for these people.”

Now understanding what Xu Ling Sect wanted, Gu Fuyou gained some confidence. She glared at Zuo Yuezhi and said, “If one wishes to condemn someone, they can always find an excuse.”

Zuo Yuezhi laughed, “Whether there’s an excuse or not, Xiaoyao City knows the truth. If there was no alliance with the Dragon Clan, then why did the beast tide suddenly appear on Jiansu Peak? Everyone knows that only the Dragon Clan can summon a beast tide! If it wasn’t for that arrow from the sky, how could you youngsters have escaped from a Hollow Void Stage cultivator? Someone was secretly protecting you! I heard from a friend in the Biluo Sect that a high-ranking member of the Dragon Clan recently entered Dongzhou. The Dragon Clan, who usually never leaves the Four Seas, why did they come at this critical moment, and why a high-ranking general, if not to meet you, the Qilin Marrow?”

With that, Zuo Yuezhi produced an arrow. The arrowhead, made from a Golden Dragon’s tooth, shimmered uniquely under the sunlight. He insinuated, “This is the arrow shot at Jiansu Peak. This Golden Dragon tooth is a rare treasure from the Dragon Clan, not something just anyone can possess.”

The implication was clear: the person who shot this arrow was either from the Dragon Clan or associated with them.

Both Lu Yandong and the Biluo Sect elder showed no surprise, indicating they had seen the arrow before. If Xu Ling Sect hadn’t presented ample evidence of Xiaoyao City’s collusion with the Dragon Clan, Lu Yandong wouldn’t be so convinced of the matter.

Gu Fuyou was stunned. She had seen the arrow on Jiansu Peak but didn’t understand what it meant. The beast tide was initiated by Zhong Michu. As for the Dragon Clan’s entry into Dongzhou, Gu Fuyou wasn’t sure, but she intuitively felt it might be related to Zhong Michu’s departure from the sect to the Xuji Mountains. Zhong Michu’s complicated background was already a tangled mess, and now, coinciding with these events, made it even more difficult for Gu Fuyou to clear up the misunderstanding.

To clarify the situation, Zhong Michu’s identity would have to be revealed first. However, if they found out about her true identity, would they kill her to eliminate any potential threat? Even if she explained everything, would they believe her?

If she didn’t clarify, Xiaoyao City’s grievances would remain unresolved. The three continents would undoubtedly side with the Zuo family. Naturally, for the sake of controlling the Qilin Marrow and unifying Nanzhou, they would turn a blind eye to the truth because the life and death of one city and one sect were insignificant compared to the prosperity of all humanity.

Gu Fuyou was plunged into chaos, shaking her head and saying, “No, it’s not like that…”

Suddenly, a hot, bloody wind blew from behind, and someone shouted, “Chong Yu, stop!”

Gu Fuyou turned around and saw a ferocious spirit beast, entirely black, with flames under its feet, dragging a person who was holding onto its tail. As the beast approached her, it opened its mouth, revealing sharp teeth, with drool dripping from its lips and turning the green bricks on the ground into magma.

Gu Fuyou felt a chill crawl up her spine, her heart plummeting. This was the Huoyun Jiao; wasn’t it supposed to be with the Zuo family attacking Xiaoyao City? Why was it here? Its presence here… what did it mean?

Zuo Yuezhi’s face changed color, and he ordered, “Chong Yu, retreat!” He had brought the Huoyun Jiao both as a combat force and for tracking. Many tracking beasts and talismans were not as effective as the Huoyun Jiao. Once it remembered a scent, whether in the sky, water, or land, it could track the source from miles away. The plan was for it to catch Gu Fuyou’s scent, so they wouldn’t be searching blindly as before. Even though capturing Gu Fuyou seemed almost certain this time, one can never be too cautious. Given the experience with Xuan Miao’s Sect and the importance of the Qilin marrow, extreme caution was justified.

Unexpectedly, the situation took a turn for the worse; the Huoyun Jiao didn’t listen to Zuo Yuezhi’s command. It seemed to be attracted by the scent on Gu Fuyou, unable to resist its instinctual appetite.

The Huoyun Jiao, with its considerable cultivation, lunged at Gu Fuyou. Zuo Yuezhi didn’t have time to react. The beast’s gaping mouth was inches away from swallowing half of Gu Fuyou.

In an instant, a white mist emerged from Gu Fuyou’s belt, accompanied by a dragon’s roar. A white shadow flew out, spiraling upwards and growing larger as it coiled around Gu Fuyou, forming a protective barrier. This White Dragon positioned itself between her and the Huoyun Jiao, which then bit into the dragon.

The White Dragon let out a wailing cry, turned its head, and bit the Huoyun Jiao’s neck, lifting it off the ground and away from Gu Fuyou.

The crowd’s first reaction was, “Look, there really is a dragon from the Dragon Clan.” Then they thought, “Why did the Dragon emerge from Gu Fuyou?” Subsequently, everyone’s expressions froze. Lu Yandong exclaimed, “Why… why is it a White Dragon!”

Zuo Yuezhi’s face also turned pale. He speculated that this Dragon might be the Divine Dragon that carried Gu Fuyou during the canyon race. Turning to the person beside him, he asked, “Is this the dragon you saw before?”

“It… it looks somewhat similar…” The man stammered, noting Zuo Yuezhi’s displeased expression, “The one back then didn’t have horns, but this one…”

The Dragon now had horns as long as a finger.

Zuo Yuezhi angrily slapped the man, “Why didn’t you say it was a White Dragon?”

The man wanted to defend himself, thinking: “You didn’t ask!” Indeed, Zuo Yuezhi hadn’t. The others had been so engrossed in debating whether it was a Divine Dragon or a long worm, completely overlooking the color.

Lu Bing, seeing Lu Yandong’s apparent panic, was puzzled. He asked, “Father, what’s so special about a White Dragon?”

Lu Yandong replied, “Only the royal lineage of the Five-clawed Divine Dragons are White Dragons. The reverence and loyalty the Dragon Clan shows to the royal bloodline is unmatched by humans. In the past, the four seas were ruled by both the Golden Dragon and Divine Dragon royal families, who jointly chose a king to lead the entire clan. Now, with the Golden Dragon royal family extinct, the Divine Dragon royal family has been leading all dragon clans. Currently, the royal bloodline is dwindling, and only one lineage of the White Dragon remains. The Dragon King is Di Jun, and his son is Di Wujiang. There were rumors that he died over ninety years ago, which infuriated Di Jun, leading to the great waves in the East Sea. This White Dragon, this White Dragon…”

Lu Yandong murmured, “It’s either a descendant of Di Jun or Di Wujiang. If it dies in my Dongzhou territory, with the last of the only two royal bloodlines falling, they will not let it go easily.” The matter of Di Wujiang back then did not cause Di Jun to wreak havoc in the world, partly because he only had a sense of it and wasn’t completely sure of Di Wujiang’s death. He still harbored some hope deep down, and secondly, it was unknown who killed Di Wujiang.

Now, the life and death of this White Dragon are under the watchful eyes of many. Lu Yandong’s concern was that this Dragon was sent by Di Jun to make contact with Gu Fuyou. If anything happened to it, and Di Jun found out who was responsible, there would be hell to pay.

As Lu Yandong and Lu Bing conversed, the White Dragon let out a painful howl. It was because the Huoyun Jiao’s sharp claws scraped off some of the White Dragon’s scales. While both creatures were of similar size, it was evident to the onlookers that the Huoyun Jiao’s cultivation was significantly superior to the White Dragon’s.

Several people lurking outside the city lord’s mansion saw the two creatures wrestling in the sky. Xiao Qian asked, “Accountant, do you think it resembles His Majesty?”

The accountant, stroking his beard, said, “I’m afraid it might indeed be His Highness’s offspring.”

The Vice President, noticing the shiny scales falling from the sky and realizing they were Dragon scales, became infuriated. He exclaimed, “Damn! A Dragon swimming in shallow waters attracts playful shrimp. Stop the idle chatter! If we delay any longer, our young lord might get completely scraped away. Call our brothers to go to the city lord’s mansion and rescue them!”

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