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Chapter 55

The Elephant’s Tusk Burn Its body

The most accessible reinforcements were naturally from Dongzhou. The Lord of Gu City in Dongzhou, Lu Yandong, was her brother’s father-in-law and her father’s longtime friend, who would certainly lend a hand. By informing him of the Zuo family’s evil deeds, the Biluo Sect would not stand idly by.

Gu Fuyou and her two companions changed their direction from south to north, heading towards Dongzhou. Perhaps because the Zuo family had deployed most of their forces to battle with Xiaoyao City, their journey was surprisingly smoother than before.

Although the journey was smoother, Gu Fuyou felt increasingly anxious. Unwilling to stop for rest, she was eager to bring reinforcements quickly to save Xiaoyao City from calamity. Whenever she closed her eyes, disturbing images involuntarily appeared in her mind: Xiaoyao City burning, engulfed in red flames like hellfire, with citizens wailing in agony. These nightmares often caused Gu Fuyou to wake up in a cold sweat.

She remained on edge, and despite Dongli and Liu Guizhen’s attempts to calm her, their efforts were in vain. Finally, they safely arrived in Gu City. Out of caution, they kept their masks on even after entering the city. As they walked down the streets among the passersby, Gu Fuyou felt something was off, though she couldn’t quite identify what it was.

She had visited Gu City numerous times, often with her father and elder brother. Gu City, located at the junction between Dongzhou and Nanzhou, was always bustling with cultivators and common folk from both regions, making it a usually lively place. Reflecting on this, Gu Fuyou realized that today the streets seemed less crowded than usual.

As they passed a teahouse, Gu Fuyou, somewhat dazed from the glaring sun, accidentally bumped into a man wearing a green robe. The man quickly stepped back, apologizing, “Miss, I’m sorry, I wasn’t watching my way.”

Wanting to keep a low profile and avoid complications, Gu Fuyou didn’t speak. She just nodded to indicate that it was alright, and quickly moved on with Dongli and Liu Guizhen.

The man in the green robe entered the teahouse and sat down at a central table. He remarked, “Vice President, it’s them for sure. The little lord is in that young lady’s pouch.”

The Vice President of the merchant association, who was busily devouring his noodles, slapped the person next to him and shouted, “Stop eating! They’re here!”

Xiao Qian adjusted his hat and asked, “So, do we take them now? Or just take the little lord?”

The Vice President slapped him on the shoulder and said, “Protect them secretly! Secretly!”

Xiao Qian responded, “What if you lose them again?”

The Vice President feigned a slap and scolded, “Don’t jinx it!”

Xiao Qian shrunk his neck a bit and said, “When will Master Kunling and the President return? When will this end?”

The Accountant replied, “The president sent a message, they have entered Dongzhou, but they were blocked on the way.”

The Vice President asked, “Blocked? By whom?”

The Accountant replied, “By people from the Biluo Sect.”

Slamming the table, the Vice President exclaimed, “What’s the meaning of the Biluo Sect stopping them? Are they afraid we’ll turn Dongzhou upside down or something?”

“Keep your voice down, Vice President. Aren’t you afraid someone might overhear?” Xiao Qian inquired, “Mr. Accountant, this hasn’t happened before. Dongzhou is close to the Eastern Sea, and they’ve always had a good relationship. Why would they stop them now?”

The Accountant said with a hint of uncertainty, “I don’t know. The Biluo Sect said there is a dangerous criminal at large, and it’s a time of martial law across the state, so they’re being extra cautious and thorough in their inspections, delaying them. This time, only two generals came, and being on foreign territory, they were heavily suppressed and couldn’t force their way through. The President said they need to return to the Eastern Sea. It seems likely that the emperor himself will have to come over this time.”

Both the Vice President and Xiao Qian shivered at the thought and cautiously remarked, “They wouldn’t really cause chaos in Dongzhou, would they?”

The Accountant, twirling his beard, ominously replied, “It’s hard to say. If this little lord is indeed the White Dragon, and something happens to her in Dongzhou, the consequences could be far more disastrous than just flooding thousands of miles.”

“Let’s not worry about that for now,” said the Vice President, standing up and tapping the table. As the three of them left, the other teahouse patrons gradually dispersed. Following Gu Fuyou, the Vice President and his companions saw her arrive at the city lord’s mansion. Pretending to be casual, they walked past the street in front of the mansion, where Gu Fuyou had already removed her mask. As they walked by, they saw someone come out to greet Gu Fuyou and her companions inside.

The Vice President glanced over and mumbled, “Who is that?”

The Accountant replied, “That’s Lu Yandong’s son, Lu Zhang.”

The Vice President inquired, “Why didn’t his father come to greet them?”

As Lu Zhang led Gu Fuyou and her companions inside, he said, “Sister Gu, unfortunately, we have guests at the mansion, and your Uncle Lu is occupied with them. He’s quite busy at the moment. You look tired. Was your journey rough? I can arrange a guest room for you and your friends to rest today. Meeting your Uncle Lu tomorrow wouldn’t be too late.”

Gu Fuyou quickly shook her head, grabbing Lu Zhang’s arm, “No, Brother Lu Zhang, we can’t wait. Please inform Uncle Lu that there’s an urgent matter in Xiaoyao City. It’s a matter of life and death. We can’t delay even for a moment. I hope he can step in.”

Lu Zhang replied, “I fear my father might be too busy to spare any time…”

Gu Fuyou pleaded, “Brother Lu Zhang, I’m begging you. I’m not exaggerating. If we delay, I fear for the lives of my sister-in-law and Yi’er.”

After a pause, Lu Zhang finally agreed, “Alright.”

He led the three to the living room and said, “Please rest here. I’ll go see him.”

Dongli and Liu Guizhen sat to one side, while Gu Fuyou stood, too anxious to sit. After Lu Zhang left, two cultivators took their positions by the door.

Perhaps because they had been overly cautious on their journey, they instinctively became alert at the sight of others. This habit hadn’t faded. Seeing the two cultivators, Dongli and Liu Guizhen immediately stood up. Realizing they might have overreacted, they exchanged an awkward glance with Gu Fuyou.

But Gu Fuyou, looking at the two men outside, grew more serious. She had been to the Gu City Lord’s mansion many times but had never seen such behavior. Just as she was about to approach the door, a maid entered with a tray carrying three cups of tea, which she offered to them.

Gu Fuyou hesitated for a moment, thinking she might be overreacting, and finally sat down. After a lengthy wait, Lu Yandong finally appeared.

Lu Yandong, smiling, approached Gu Fuyou, who had already stood up. He patted her shoulder, “My dear niece, it’s been a long time since you visited your Uncle Lu. I heard from your father that you’ve joined Xuan Miao Sect and are seriously pursuing cultivation.” Lu Zhang, following him, looked somewhat uneasy.

Gu Fuyou, dispensing with formalities, went straight to the matter at hand: “Uncle Lu, Xu Ling Sect has violated the rules of the four continents by attacking Xuan Miao Sect unprovoked, causing many casualties. It seems Xuan Miao Sect has now likely fallen to the Zuo family, who are currently mobilizing their forces against Xiaoyao City. Uncle Lu, they’ve even deployed the Huoyun Jiao. Xiaoyao City is in a desperate situation. Please, I urge you to reach out to the Biluo Sect and request their intervention to enforce justice.”

Lu Yandong crossed his arms and sighed, sitting down in the main seat, silent.

Thinking he might be in a difficult position, Gu Fuyou said, “Uncle Lu, these two are disciples of Xuan Miao Sect. They can vouch for my words.”

Dongli and Liu Guizhen nodded, confirming, “Yes.”

Lu Yandong glanced at the two without speaking. Gu Fuyou felt something was wrong, The four sects of the four continent were established to regulate cultivators, to prevent them from pursuing fame and profit, from engaging in needless conflict. Now, with Xu Ling Sect causing such senseless violence, Uncle Lu, the other three sects cannot remain indifferent.”

Lu Yandong began, “My dear niece, this matter…”

Before he could finish, there was a commotion outside. Gu Fuyou, listening intently, recognized a familiar voice calling, “Ah Man, Ah Man!”

Stunned, she exclaimed, “Gu Huaiyou!” Overwhelmed with relief and joy, she longed to see his face after such a dangerous journey.

She rushed to the door. The guards tried to stop her, but she pushed past them. Lu Yandong’s expression had shifted when he heard the shout. Dongli, noticing this, took Liu Guizhen with her and followed Gu Fuyou out.

Outside, Gu Fuyou saw a disheveled man running towards her, only to be restrained. His hair was a mess, eyes bloodshot, and he looked utterly exhausted—it was unmistakably Gu Huaiyou. He yelled, “Ah Man, get out of here! Don’t trust them. Dongzhou has allied with the Xu Ling Sect. They won’t help us!”

“Gu Huaiyou!” Before Gu Fuyou could fully process this, she took a few steps towards him. The man restraining Gu Huaiyou tried to silence him, making the situation even more suspicious.

Gu Fuyou turned her gaze to the approaching Lu Yandong. Was there really a collusion between the Lu family and the Xu Ling sect? Were they going to let the Zuo family destroy Xiaoyao City, where her sister-in-law and nephew were? Would Uncle Lu really ignore the safety of his own daughter and grandson?

Gu Fuyou appeared dazed, drenched in cold sweat. Staggering a few steps, she murmured, “Gu Huaiyou came to ask for help… he arrived earlier…” Perhaps her father had anticipated the Zuo family’s attack on Xiaoyao City and prepared accordingly. Realizing the gravity of the situation, he had sent Gu Huaiyou, who was further from the battle, to seek assistance.

Gu Fuyou turned her gaze to Lu Yandong, “You knew all along about the Zuo family attacking Xiaoyao City, yet you did nothing and even arrested him. Uncle Lu, what are you trying to do? Dongzhou, Biluo Sect, Gu City, you, you’re siding with Xu Ling Sect. Why?”

She couldn’t understand.

Lu Yandong replied, “My dear niece, it’s not that we want to side with the Zuo family. We’re compelled to.”

Dongli and Liu Guizhen flanked Gu Fuyou protectively. Gu Fuyou retorted, “Compelled? Compelled to the extent of forsaking justice? Even abandoning my sister-in-law and Yi’er?”

Lu Yandong said, “In worldly matters, we first separate personal from public, then consider what’s right and reasonable. Xiaoyao City first crossed the line, and while Xu Ling Sect’s actions were extreme, they ultimately benefit the four continents and humanity.”

With a cold laugh, Gu Fuyou shot back, “All because I killed Zuo Tianyi, right? Fine, I admit I was wrong. But the way Xu Ling Sect attacked Xiaoyao City was not just excessive but outright cruel. How does that benefit the four continents? Does the destruction of Xiaoyao City serve the interests of the four contintents?”

Lu Yandong explained, “Xiaoyao City colluded with the Dragon Clan. If the Qilin Marrow fell into the hands of the Dragon Clan, they would rise again, will there be a place for humanity in the four continents? Who knows if Gu Wanpeng plans to divide power with the Dragon Clan or is content being their pawn?”

Translation notes:
The Elephant Burns Itself with Its Tusks (象有牙以焚其身) – an elephant is killed because of its ivory. An idiom that is used to describe a situation where one’s valuable assets or strengths become the cause of their troubles or downfall.

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