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Chapter 110

Gu Fuyou said, “I remember now. Zhong Michu, when I was very young, I wanted to become a hero.”

Staring distantly, Gu Fuyou spoke with a touch of melancholy, “I always wanted to do something extraordinary to make my father and brother happy, to make them proud. I always hoped they would look at me with admiration.”

Swiftly overtaken by sadness and resentment, her voice choked with emotion as she spoke. “I destroyed the Zuo family, avenged my wrongs, reclaimed Xiaoyao City, and now control the entirety of Nanzhou. I no longer have to tread carefully or be overly cautious. Zhong Michu, am I impressive?”

Zhong Michu replied, “You are.”

Gu Fuyou rested her forehead on Zhong Michu’s shoulder, a hot tear rolling down her eyelash, “My cultivation has reached the stage of Soul Splitting, surpassing my father and brother. They no longer need to worry about me every day.”

Gently stroking her back, Zhong Michu whispered, “If they knew, they would be so proud of you.”

Gu Fuyou replied, “But they will never know.”

“I wanted to stand out because of them. Now they’re gone, and there’s no one… watching me.”

“There’s still me. I will always watch you,” Zhong Michu said, cradling the back of Gu Fuyou’s head and speaking softly into her ear. “Watching as you achieve greatness, as you rise to prominence, seeing the people build temples in your honor, and witnessing others remember your name, admire you, love you. I will be happy for you.”

Gu Fuyou suddenly paused, as a distant memory flashed through her mind. It was a scene bathed in moonlight, where she held Zhong Michu’s hand in the cool night breeze. Zhong Michu was a vision of radiant beauty, her hair gently stirring in the air.

The memory was too distant and somewhat unclear, she wasn’t sure if it was a dream or something that had really happened.

Her words, slurred with drunkenness, tumbled out as she insisted on talking to Zhong Michu, oblivious to the significance of what she was saying at that moment…

Upon returning with dry rations, Le Zihuan witnessed Zhong Michu and Gu Fuyou in a close embrace, seemingly unable to bear parting from each other. While it was not unusual to see women embracing, there was something peculiar about the atmosphere surrounding them. He felt hesitant to approach or interrupt this intimate moment.

However, not everyone around shared his sense of discretion.

The old man guarding the Immortal Maiden shrine chased after them with a broom in hand, pointing at Gu Fuyou and shouting furiously.

Zhong Michu asked, “What did you do?”

Gu Fuyou, enveloped in her grief, found a strange solace in her pain at times. Experiencing extreme joy brought about feelings of guilt, weighing on her like a burden she felt undeserving of. It was only in her pain that she allowed herself to sink unrestrainedly. Being in Zhong Michu’s presence and sharing her anguish with her offered a sense of comfort. She loved hearing Zhong Michu’s gentle, indulgent voice, which soothed her heart.

She felt both the need to punish herself and a desire for comfort, she couldn’t escape this twisted, sick mentality.

The old man’s interruption irritated her, and she said through gritted teeth, “I didn’t do anything wrong or hurt him. I just spoke the truth. He didn’t believe me, called me mad, and even tried to hit me.”

The old man, seeing Gu Fuyou embracing another woman, chased after them, intending to hit Zhong Michu as well.

Gu Fuyou laughed, “Zhong Michu, he doesn’t even recognize you.”

The tear that had escaped Gu Fuyou’s eyes earlier didn’t redden them; instead, they shone like gemstones freshly cleaned. “Your Majesty, he is your loyal defender, blaming me for disrespecting you. Look, he even chased me to your presence.”

Zhong Michu cast a glance at the old man and then freed Gengchen from her sleeve. Gu Fuyou initially felt a surge of surprise, thinking Zhong Michu was about to seek retribution. However, she quickly came to the realization that such actions were not in Zhong Michu’s nature.

Soon, something picked up Le Zihuan from the distance. Underneath Gu Fuyou, a layer of white mist started to rise, gradually becoming denser and swirling upwards.

Gu Fuyou experienced a sense of lightness embracing her, lifting her off the ground. It was then that Zhong Michu transformed into a White Dragon, gracefully supporting her ascent.

The old man’s legs gave out, and he collapsed to the ground, trembling, stammering, “Dra-dra-dragon…” unable to finish his sentence, not even able to pronounce the word ‘Dragon King’ fully.

As the White Dragon soared, gliding gracefully through the clouds and mist, people on the streets looked up in astonishment. Witnessing the majestic White Dragon in the sky, they were filled with awe. This place, where they had built a living shrine, already held a deep reverence for the Dragon King in their hearts. Overwhelmed by the sight, they all knelt and offered their prayers.

From above, Gu Fuyou laughed and said, “Zhong Michu, you’ve frightened them. They look so silly.”

It wasn’t just the commoners who were startled. Even Le Zihuan was shocked, collapsing on Gengchen, stuttering, “Gre-great one, you are a, a Divine Dragon, a Dragon…”

Gu Fuyou sat on the Dragon’s back, patting it and saying, “She’s not just a Divine Dragon. She’s the Dragon King. Young man, you’ve truly struck gold.”

She ignored the stunned Le Zihuan, leaning forward and burying her face in the Dragon’s snowy mane, soft as a mist. “Zhong Michu, is Xuji Mountain located in Beizhou?”

The White Dragon paused for a moment, then responded, “Yes.”

“Let’s stop by Xuji Mountain on the way.”

The White Dragon did not respond. Gu Fuyou asked, “Can’t we?”

“Why do you suddenly want to go to Xuji Mountain?”

Gu Fuyou replied, “I just remembered the time we originally planned to go to Xuji Mountain together, but never actually saw what it looks like.  If we had gone to Xuji Mountain then, would things have turned out differently?”

Before the White Dragon could answer, Gu Fuyou continued, “The Zuo family wouldn’t have let me go. With Ji Xiyan around, they can easily find us. Maybe they would have even secretly dealt with you.”

“Let’s go, I want to see it.”

The White Dragon responded slowly, sounding quite unnatural, “Alright.”

Xuji Mountain, situated at the northernmost tip, forms a part of an expansive mountain range that stretches across half of Beizhou. Dominating the center is this snow-capped peak, draped in a cloak of silver and white. Here, the ice and snow converge to create an array of beautiful and rare formations, each more mesmerizing than the last.

Once inside Xuji Mountain, Le Zihuan couldn’t withstand the cold. The White Dragon glanced at him, advising, “Just bear with it for a little longer. Once we pass this section, it’ll be better.”

True to her word, when they reached the middle of a mountain peak, the White Dragon transformed back into her human form, and the three of them landed on a flat area.

Le Zihuan found himself too astonished for words. He felt enveloped in the warmth of spring, surrounded by lush greenery. Yet, when he turned around, the stark contrast of the snowy landscape behind them struck him, the chill palpable even from a distance. It seemed as if an invisible, fine line divided the realms of winter and summer.

Gu Fuyou shared in the surprise. Sensing her thoughts, Zhong Michu offered an explanation, “Around the mountainside, there are Chilie Bird’s inner cores buried, which raises the temperature. That’s why, even in the snowy mountain, it feels like the height of summer.”

Gu Fuyou teased her, “So extravagant.” To others, a single core pill is a treasure. But in the eyes of the Dragon King, it’s just a trinket to change the weather.

As they walked up the slope, they saw many low-growing trees with lush green leaves. Upon closer inspection, Gu Fuyou realized they were all tea trees.

The slope before them was blanketed with tea trees, suggesting that even more could be hidden beyond sight. These trees, Gu Fuyou reasoned, couldn’t have just sprung up spontaneously. Curious, she asked, “Zhong Michu, did you have these planted?”

As the mountain wind wafted a familiar fragrance around them, Zhong Michu turned to gaze at Gu Fuyou. After a moment of contemplation, she softly confirmed with a simple “Yes.”

For every year, a tree of longing; for a hundred years, longing without end.

“Speaking of which, I used to roast tea. If I have time…”  As Gu Fuyou walked ahead, her words suddenly halted. She felt as if she had said something like this to Zhong Michu before.

Glancing back at Zhong Michu, she seemed calm, making Gu Fuyou wonder if she was just overthinking things.

Zhong Michu guided the two of them to her cave dwelling. Upon arrival, Gu Fuyou’s gaze was instantly drawn to a pond teeming with lotus leaves situated at the front. The leaves, verdant and fresh, appeared to stretch endlessly. Gu Fuyou realized that the familiar fragrance she had sensed earlier was emanating from these lush leaves.

Zhong Michu said, “These seeds are from Xiaoyao City.”

Delighted, Gu Fuyou caressed the lotus leaves, reluctant to let them go.

Seeing her genuine happiness, a smile also appeared in Zhong Michu’s eyes. She gestured to Le Zihuan, guiding him into the cave dwelling. Inside, she provided him with some pills, designed to help him withstand the cold and enhance his cultivation.

Le Zihuan felt a deep sense of gratitude. After spending some time in the cave dwelling, they stepped outside to find Gu Fuyou rolling up her pant legs. She was stepping barefoot into the pond, her hands feeling around in the water.

At first, her brows were furrowed in concentration, but then her expression suddenly brightened. She pulled out a piece of lotus root, its surface glistening with water droplets in the sunlight. She waved it towards Zhong Michu, showing off the lotus root, her fair hands smeared with pond mud.

The sunlight fell on her, her smile radiant and joyful as she called out, “Zhong Michu, Zhong Michu, look!”

Memories and reality momentarily overlapped.

Zhong Michu’s eyes shimmered, reminiscent of clear water gently disturbed, as her breathing faltered. A wave of emotion welled up, making her eyes burn with intensity. Unable to contain this surge of feelings, she swiftly turned away, letting two silent tears fall unnoticed.

The present Gu Fuyou was still the same person, but sometimes remembering the bright, unrestrained person she used to be, she still felt heartache and helplessness.

Zhong Michu leaned against the wall, struggling to contain her emotions, but she couldn’t help letting out a low moan of pain. Le Zihuan, standing nearby, saw her crying and panicked, his back breaking out in a cold sweat, “Your Majesty, are you… unwell?”

Zhong Michu waved her hand, indicating him not to speak too much.

Gu Fuyou, seeing Zhong Michu suddenly turn around, approached with the lotus root, asking, “Zhong Michu, what’s wrong?”

Taking a deep breath, when Zhong Michu turned back, she had regained her composure, smiling gently, “Just look at you, you’ve gotten your clothes all dirty.”

Gu Fuyou observed her closely, remarking, “You look a bit pale, what happened?”

Zhong Michu tried to dismiss her concern, but Gu Fuyou didn’t buy it, looking towards Le Zihuan for answers.

Finally, Zhong Michu admitted, “It might be the injury left by Qing Zhe. I feel a bit unwell.”

“Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

“No need to worry, it’s not serious.”

“You… Never mind, I shouldn’t have delayed. We’ve seen Xuji Mountain, let’s return to the Eastern Sea early.”

Zhong Michu expressed no objections. Together, the group took to their swords and soared into the sky. As they ascended, the patch of green land below them, nestled within the snow-capped mountains, slowly receded from their view, becoming veiled by a dance of mist and clouds.

Upon entering the Northern Sea, the Dragon Clan there escorted them back to the Eastern Sea without encountering any pursuers.

The day they set foot on Penglai Island, there was a sudden tremendous tremor, reminiscent of the previous confrontation with the Zuo family. It felt as though the universe itself was shaking.

This continued for five or six times before it finally ceased.

Although it was an extraordinary phenomenon, no one understood why it happened. Gu Fuyou thought it might be Qing Zhe reaching there, clashing with Di Jun.

But the Divine Dragon from Penglai Island who came to greet them said, “The leader of the Azure Phoenix clan, Jiu Yao, along with his people, has come to visit Penglai Palace. The old clan leader is currently entertaining them.”

Zhong Michu and Gu Fuyou exchanged glances. In Zhong Michu’s mind, the phrase “waiting for a rabbit by a tree stump” arose, implying that opportunity had come to their doorstep.

Gu Fuyou thought, “The persistent ghost refuses to go away.”

Zhong Michu said, “Go and inform the old clan leader that I have returned.”

“Yes.” One person, upon receiving the command, quickly went to report to Di Jun.

Gu Fuyou had already figured out her plan. “Do you want to meet Qing Zhe?”

Zhong Michu replied, “Whether we fight or talk, we can’t keep avoiding him forever. The best outcome would be to talk things out and make him accept the situation, without the need for conflict. You’re unwell and it’s not appropriate for you to meet him now. Let me talk to him first. With the old clan leader there, he won’t dare to act rashly.”

Just as she finished speaking and was about to instruct someone to take Gu Fuyou and Le Zihuan to rest, the person who had gone to report came back and said, “The old clan leader wants to see this…” he paused, searching for the right word, “lady.”

Gu Fuyou raised her eyebrows, laughing, “Zhong Michu, the old clan leader doesn’t do as you wish.”

Zhong Michu frowned, not wanting Gu Fuyou to meet Qing Zhe and Di Jun alone. “I’ll go with you.”

“The old clan leader said, only the lady.”

Just then, Jiu Yao came out and joked, “A wife meeting her in-laws shouldn’t be this nerve-wracking.”

“Jiu Yao…”

“You’d best let her speak with the elder and the clan leader alone. And you, you now owe me an explanation, Michu.”

Gu Fuyou didn’t seem concerned. “If I must go alone, then I will. They can’t eat me.”


“If I’m in danger, I’ll shout your name, and you must rush in to save me.”

Zhong Michu said helplessly, “Ah Man.”

Hearing her call her that, Gu Fuyou’s eyes curved in a smile.

In the end, Gu Fuyou went alone to meet Di Jun and Qing Zhe. Upon entering the hall, she didn’t see Qing Zhe.

The hall was filled with a cold presence, as if a massive creature lurked in the shadows. As she approached, the creature swam out, its eyes opening, striking fear into the heart.

Gu Fuyou bowed slightly, addressing it, “Old clan leader.”

The White Dragon’s head moved into the light, drawing close to Gu Fuyou. It shifted from side to side, inspecting her from head to toe, letting out a pondering hum.

Di Jun inquired, “Are you Gu Fuyou?” His voice was deep and resonant.

Gu Fuyou cheekily responded, “The very same.”

Di Jun continued, “I heard Zhong Michu left a bite mark on you.”

To her, this was a rather intimate question, so she didn’t immediately respond.

Di Jun pressed on, “She was willing to compromise, going to Xu Ling Sect to save you even when severely injured. And you can summon her twice – her feelings are clear. What about you, Gu Fuyou? Do you love her?”

Gu Fuyou opened her mouth, expecting it to be easy to say the word, but as it approached her lips, she found it weighed a thousand pounds.

She had never said it to anyone before, not even to her father.

Gu Fuyou finally said, “I’m willing to spend my entire life by her side, following her every wish.”

She added, “Except when it comes to the matters of the Zuo family.”

Emperor Jun let out a ‘hmph’ of cold laughter, followed by a loud, hearty laugh. The Dragon’s voice was deep and thunderous, almost deafening. He turned and swam away. “I’ve always been curious about what kind of impressive person you are. Turns out, you’re just this. It’s a pity that you now occupy someone else’s body. By the time I got there back then, you’d already turned into a pool of blood, so I never got to see your extraordinary beauty that she can’t seem to forget.”

Distracted by Di Jun’s questions earlier, Gu Fuyou hadn’t picked up on the subtle hints in his words. Realizing it now, her heart skipped a beat. She reached out, grabbing the White Dragon’s tail, “Wait, what did you just say?”

“You went there, during the Immortal Sect Assembly? You went to Zhuling Platform?”

Gu Fuyou noticed her voice trembling, “Zhong Michu… she went there too?”

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