The Dragon

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Chapter 111

Di Jun’s Dragon life had been very long, and during this lengthy existence, no one had ever grabbed his tail, nor dared to do so.

He was shocked. The Dragon’s head swiveled back, staring at its tail, seemingly in disbelief that someone had actually captured it.

But quickly, the momentary astonishment faded, and he withdrew his tail without pulling it back. Gu Fuyou, still clutching tightly, did not let go. She was so agitated that she did not realize how hard she was gripping.

Di Jun was at a loss, truly, he had never been treated this way before.

The corners of Gu Fuyou’s mouth turned downwards as she stared intently at him, as if implying she wouldn’t let go unless he clarified things.

If it were anyone else, Di Jun might have taken action, but Gu Fuyou was not just anyone. If he made a move, that untrained Dragon whelp outside would come charging in. With the Azure Dragon present, they couldn’t afford to start a fight among themselves.

The White Dragon slightly bared its fangs and slowly exhaled a cold breath. Its tail moved a little as it inquired, “She didn’t tell you?”

In his understanding, Dragons were proud creatures, similar to the Azure Phoenix Clan.

While the Azure Phoenix Clan displayed their arrogance to everyone, Dragons showed their pride particularly towards their partners. Anyone who has shed blood and tears for their partner considers it a great accomplishment, almost like boasting to their partner.

“No,” Gu Fuyou swallowed hard, the cold air feeling as though it was stuck in her throat. “She… she didn’t…”

From the beginning, she knew Zhong Michu kept things to herself, bottling them up inside. Even after many years, it’s hard to change such ingrained habits.

A tall, thin figure emerged in the blue light of the night pearls in the hall, arriving silently. “Old clan leader, you have seen the person, now it’s time to discuss my matter,” Qing Zhe said.

Di Jun shifted his gaze towards Qing Zhe, who in turn looked back at Gu Fuyou. His demeanor was much calmer than when they first met. However, the fact that he dared to come to the Eastern Sea and face his enemies showed how troublesome he was.

Sweat began to bead on Gu Fuyou’s back as the interruption sent a sudden rush of blood to her head. In a swift motion, she spun around, her expression fierce as she shouted, “Shut up!” Her temper had been particularly volatile of late. The recent days spent in the tranquil company of Zhong Michu, surrounded by a serene and trouble-free environment, had been a stark contrast. Zhong Michu’s gentle nature, reminiscent of flowing water, had a soothing effect on Gu Fuyou, suppressing her innate aggression.

However, her aggressive nature hadn’t entirely faded away. When provoked, Gu Fuyou still transformed into a fearsome, bloodthirsty being, driven by fearlessness and a relentless pursuit of satisfaction.

Her voice, stern and icy, brooked no opposition. Qing Zhe, caught off guard, instinctively retreated a step. Realizing his reaction, his gaze towards Gu Fuyou grew more layered and complex.

Di Jun, after casting a brief glance at Qing Zhe, turned his attention to Gu Fuyou. Following a moment of contemplation, he delivered a definitive response, “She did go.”

Gu Fuyou inhaled sharply, the cold air searing into her lungs, her heart burning hot, her voice hoarse, “When did you arrive?”

“Let me think,” Di Jun pondered. Unconsciously, his tail swished, causing Gu Fuyou to loosen her grip and allowing him to withdraw it.

Di Jun looked sideways at Gu Fuyou, noticing her pale face, his eyes narrowing, “When you still had a whole corpse.”

As he continued to speak, memories stirred his anger, “Hmph! I really couldn’t stand the sight of her then. Over a mere piece of flesh, she acted as if life and death were at stake. That Thunder Tribulation at Zhuling Platform must have damaged her brain. She didn’t act like a member of the Dragon royal family should.” He ended with a hint of regret.

Gu Fuyou froze, remembering her argument with Zhong Michu, speaking harshly in anger, using this incident to mock her.

Why had she said that? Gu Fuyou realized she had been stung by Zhong Michu’s words and, in retaliation, had wanted to inflict similar pain. In her emotional turmoil, she had unleashed a barrage of hurtful words, aiming to wound Zhong Michu as deeply as she could.

Reflecting on Zhong Michu’s reaction, it struck her that the look on her face hadn’t been one of speechlessness or guilt. She had struck Zhong Michu at her most vulnerable point.

The image of Zhong Michu’s pale, distressed face lingered vividly in Gu Fuyou’s mind. A laugh, laced with mockery and a hint of self-admiration for her boldness, escaped her lips.

After a while, coming back to her senses, she turned to Qing Zhe, “Why are you here?”

Her words were ambiguous. Although Qing Zhe knew she was asking about his purpose here, he couldn’t shake off a feeling of being overlooked.

Di Jun laughed, more restrained this time, producing a series of muffled sounds. “Elder, you heard it. My younger generation can’t let go of this person. You’ve dealt with the Dragon Clan before, so you must know our temperament well. We would never willingly part with something we’ve marked as ours.”

The Dragon Clan is wild, and the Azure Phoenix Clan is proud. Throughout history, neither has bowed to the other. Even though Qing Zhe had the advantage in seniority, Di Jun showed him no extra respect, his words always tinged with sarcasm.

Qing Zhe remarked indifferently, “The old clan leader wants to protect her, even if it means opposing the Azure Phoenix clan.”

Di Jun broke into laughter, “If not her, then who else should I protect? You?”

Qing Zhe remained silent. Before he came, Jiu Yao had informed him that the recent Dragon Kings were somewhat unconventional.

This ‘unconventional’ was in comparison to the nature of the previous Dragon Kings. Indeed, by that standard, they were unconventional.

Qing Zhe said, “She stole the Qing Emperor’s body! The physical form of our clan leader, and an esteemed ancestor at that. Do you think this is something that can be brushed aside with a few words?”

Di Jun was somewhat aware of the matters regarding the Qing Emperor and his uncle. That’s why he had shown Qing Zhe some respect, inviting him into the palace. But that was the extent of it.

Di Jun placed his Dragon claw on Gu Fuyou’s shoulder, tapping it lightly, “But she’s been branded by my granddaughter. Here. Once branded, they belong to our Dragon Clan. That’s the rule.”

Qing Zhe scoffed, “I forgot, your Dragon Clan are the greatest thieves in the world.”

Di Jun replied, “You can’t say that. If the Qing Emperor’s spirit is aware, perhaps she willingly gave her body to her, forging a new bond with our Dragon Clan.”

Despite his limited Dragon facial expressions, one could somehow sense he was smiling, “After all, they didn’t even leave a mark on each other back then.”

Qing Zhe’s face turned sour, but surprisingly, he didn’t argue.

Upon hearing Di Jun mention the Qing Emperor, Gu Fuyou’s thoughts immediately drifted to something Zhong Michu had said back at the Biluo Sect. Those words hinted that Zhong Michu had encountered Qing Jun at some point, sparking curiosity in Gu Fuyou about the circumstances of their meeting.

Gu Fuyou frowned.

She was irritated at the moment and had no interest in dealing with Qing Zhe. She assumed Qing Zhe found her equally annoying. Following Di Jun’s words, she suggested, “If you don’t believe me, you can ask Elder Qing Man. She surely wouldn’t lie for me.” For some reason, Gu Fuyou felt assured with the idea that Qing Jun would willingly give her body to her. It wasn’t just to appease Qing Zhe; she genuinely felt like Qing Man would support her.

Qing Zhe looked down, his expression turning melancholic, “Qing Man…”

“Is she still in the Xian Luo Misty Forest?” Qing Zhe interjected.

Gu Fuyou looked up at him and replied, “Yes.”

After a long silence, Qing Zhe gazed at Gu Fuyou for a while, finally saying, “Come with me.”

“Okay.” If this issue can’t be peacefully resolved, as Qing Zhe said, this body once belonged to the clan leader of the Azure Phoenix, a revered ancestor. It’s not something that can be brushed aside with a few words. The worst-case scenario would be an all-out war between the two clans.

Although the Dragon Clan might not have feared the Azure Phoenix Clan, Gu Fuyou was reluctant to involve Zhong Michu in such matters. Observing Qing Zhe’s softened stance, she sensed an opportunity for a breakthrough. Unfazed by the potential trouble, she agreed to accompany him.

Compared to his previous fury at Biluo Sect, where he was ruthless and showed no mercy, Qing Zhe now seemed much more mild-mannered. Gu Fuyou was unsure if it was due to Di Jun’s power or if he had a change of heart. Either way, she didn’t particularly care.

In short, as long as there were no cries for war and no life-or-death confrontations, it was always a good thing.

When Gu Fuyou went out, Zhong Michu had almost finished explaining everything to Jiu Yao.

Jiu Yao’s look of surprise had not yet faded, “Such a peculiar occurrence has never happened in our clan. So, she is the one you’ve always kept in your heart.”

After a pause, Jiu Yao added, “Michu, compared to the White Dragon, you resemble the Azure Phoenix more.”

Zhong Michu remained silent. Unlike the Dragon Clan, she often heard such comparisons. It might be Di Jun’s lament. She wasn’t like her father, who would take whatever he desired without considering emotions, nor was she like her mother, who was solely focused on her cultivation above everything else.

Whom she resembled was hard to say.

Jiu Yao remarked, “Perhaps the Heavens took pity on your feelings, bringing her back to offer you some solace.”

Zhong Michu couldn’t help but smile at this. Although baseless, it was a pleasing thought.


A figure rushed forward, followed by a shadow that resembled a dark cloud.

Zhong Michu crouched down slightly as Yi’er ran into her arms, while Ah Fu squatting behind.

After Zhong Michu left for Biluo Sect from Xuan Miao Sect, she had entrusted Yi’er to Yinhe and Xinghan to bring her back to the Eastern Sea. The little girl had been restless, hearing rumors about the hunt for Zhong Michu and Gu Fuyou across the four continents.

Yi’er held Zhong Michu’s face with her small hands, “Are you hurt?”

Zhong Michu smiled softly, “No.”

“Where’s Ah Man Mother?”

“She’s fine too, speaking with the old clan leader.”

Only then did Yi’er let out a sigh of relief, managing to muster a stern expression, “You made me worry.”

Zhong Michu touched her cheek, “It’s my fault.”

Yi’er suddenly lifted her head, glancing behind Zhong Michu. A smile blossomed on her face, but it quickly faded, as if she was wary of something. Carefully suppressing her glee, she whispered, “Ah Man Mother.”

Knowing Gu Fuyou had come out, Zhong Michu was about to turn around when she felt a familiar presence close to her, arms wrapping around her waist. Gu Fuyou rested her forehead against her back.

“Zhong Michu.”


Zhong Michu gripped the hand around her waist. Gu Fuyou murmured, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me.”

“What’s wrong?” Zhong Michu was puzzled by the unexpected apology.

“I feel… distressed.”

Zhong Michu tried to turn around to look at her, but Gu Fuyou held on, hugging her even tighter, almost as if she wanted to meld her into her bones and blood, reminiscent of their time in the Xuan Miao Sect’s study. Zhong Michu asked, “Did the old clan leader give you a hard time?”

“Let me see you, Ah Man.” Zhong Michu could forcibly break free from her grasp, but she didn’t want to hurt her.

With a surge of aching emotions, Gu Fuyou took a while to respond softly, “Zhong Michu, Qing Zhe wants to go to Xian Luo and confront me in front of Elder Qing Man.”

Gu Fuyou’s words came out so rapidly that Zhong Michu was momentarily stunned. She responded, “That’s good. I’ll go with you.”


They continued to hold onto each other, neither speaking nor letting go.

Seeing this, Yi’er nestled herself into Zhong Michu’s embrace, sandwiching Zhong Michu between the two of them.

Jiu Yao had intended to closely observe the person who had captured the Dragon King’s heart, but unexpectedly, the Dragon Clan seemed to have no sense of shame, especially that girl who was the least bashful. In the open and without any reservation, they hugged and embraced each other. He found it both amusing and helpless.

Everyone rested for the night, and the next day at dawn, Qing Zhe and Gu Fuyou set off for Xian Luo together.

This time, the portal to Xian Luo was open for an unusually long time, remaining unclosed and allowing free entry and exit.

Di Jun, wary of Qing Zhe’s potential sudden betrayal and making a move against the two on the way, exceptionally decided to accompany them on this long journey.

Yi’er, having been separated from Zhong Michu and Gu Fuyou for too long, and each separation leading to some incident, felt anxious about parting again after such a brief reunion. She insisted on going with them.

When Qing Zhe saw Yi’er for the first time, his brows furrowed deeply, unable to tell if it was repulsion or surprise. “Is she from the Golden Dragon Royal Family?”

Zhong Michu, not liking the way he was scrutinizing her, led Yi’er away.

Although Zhong Michu didn’t respond, Qing Zhe was already convinced. He said, “The Golden Dragon Royal Family should have no one left…”

“Don’t take her to see Qing Man. Qing Man doesn’t like the Golden Dragon Royal Family.”

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