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Chapter 112

Yi’er, fearing that Zhong Michu would leave her behind because of Qing Zhe’s words. She tightly gripped Zhong Michu’s hand.

In a daze, Gu Fuyou remembered when she had accidentally entered the Misty Forest and Qing Man had taken Zhong Michu away to heal her injuries. Thinking back, Gu Fuyou realized that the injury Qing Man had referred to must have been Zhong Michu’s broken horns. Qing Man didn’t like mortals; she was made to stay outside, warned not to step past the fence.

Gu Fuyou said, “Let Yi’er wait outside.”

Looking into Yi’er’s hopeful eyes, Zhong Michu hesitated for a moment and then agreed, “Okay.”

Yi’er was overjoyed, happy that Gu Fuyou spoke up for her. She wanted to throw herself into Gu Fuyou’s arms and act spoiled, but instead, she just smiled obediently and continued to stand close to Zhong Michu.

Teasingly, Gu Fuyou said, “I pleaded for you, and you won’t even thank me?”

Gu Fuyou noticed that Yi’er was afraid of her. She couldn’t recall how she had neglected Yi’er when she had been possessed by Qing Jun, only remembering the time she had quarreled with Zhong Michu and angrily yelled at Yi’er and the others, assuming she had scared her then.

Intending to mend their relationship, she made her attitude softer.

Yi’er, young and quick to change emotions, soon forgot her fear when Gu Fuyou softened up and threw herself into her arms. Gu Fuyou lifted her up, walking side by side with Zhong Michu, with Ah Fu quietly following them.

As Qing Zhe’s gaze intermittently fell on Yi’er, his brows knitted together in confusion. The existence of any remnants of the Golden Dragon royal lineage was something he couldn’t quite grasp. His intense stare was difficult to overlook, prompting Yi’er to seek refuge by burying her head in Gu Fuyou’s shoulder, deliberately avoiding his gaze.

Gu Fuyou looked at Zhong Michu, trying to understand what Qing Zhe was up to. She wasn’t familiar with the conflict between the Dragon and Azure Phoenix Clans, but she knew that Qing Zhe’s hawk-like gaze had intimidated Yi’er.

Zhong Michu took a small step forward, blocking Qing Zhe’s view.

The enmity between the Dragon and Azure Phoenix clans was something she didn’t fully understand, but she guessed it was probably due to the extreme ferocity of that past battle, leaving many in both clans with resentment.

Qing Zhe was shocked to discover a surviving member of the Golden Dragon Royal Family.

When Yi’er hatched, the entire Dragon Clan was shocked.

Back then, Zhong Michu purchased the raw stone, sensing a dragon egg within. She couldn’t tell through the shell whether the Dragon inside was of the royal family. As a member of the same clan, seeing it in a dormant state with no hope of awakening, she simply wished to find a peaceful resting place for it.

She never expected that Gu Fuyou’s blood, being that of a Qilin Marrow, would revive its vitality when it came into contact with the dragon egg.

On the day the egg hatched, the golden light that emanated was truly dazzling. Dragons, known for their keen sensitivity to their monarchs, instantly sensed the birth of a Dragon King the very moment she came into the world.

The Golden Dragons found themselves overwhelmed by a powerful surge of emotion, their blood tingling with excitement. The revelation that members of their royal lineage still existed sent waves of thrill through them. Caught up in their euphoria, they transformed into their majestic Dragon forms, filling the air with their continuous, resonant roars. Drawn irresistibly to the unique aura, they quickly came to understand that it was emanating from the dragon egg, the very one brought back by the Dragon Princess.

The Golden Dragon royal family had been believed to be extinct for tens of thousands of years. Ever since their disappearance, the Divine Dragon royal family took on the role of the Dragon Kings of the Four Seas. The Golden Dragons, though submissive, were in a state of despair.

The royal families among the Dragon Clan not only served as leaders but also symbolized faith and the life force of the entire species. With the disappearance of the Golden Dragon Royal Family, the Golden Dragons gradually declined, heading towards inevitable extinction. But upon witnessing that a glimmer of hope still existed, their spirits were rejuvenated, and they felt as if they had awakened from a deep slumber.

Yi’er sees Zhong Michu as her mother. From then on, the Golden Dragons revered and supported Zhong Michu even more, leading to unprecedented unity between the two Dragon factions.

It was one of the main reasons why, when Zhong Michu assumed the title of Dragon King of the Four Seas, there was not a single voice of opposition within the clan.

Perhaps it was true what the old merchant at the city gates had said about the dragon egg: ” his dragon egg had been buried under the Eastern Sea for tens of thousands of years. Ninety-eight years ago, a great tsunami in the Eastern Sea brought it to the surface.”

During the great battle between the Azure Phoenix tribe, led by Qing Jun, and the Dragon tribe, the unhatched egg of the Golden Dragon royal family suffered the consequences of war: it became displaced, got buried deep under the sea, and lost its vitality. Meanwhile, during Zhong Michu’s birth, Yunran plotted to assassinate Di Wujing, prompting Di Jun, enraged by the death of his beloved son, to cause a massive tsunami in the Eastern Sea that brought the Golden Dragon egg ashore.

Gu Fuyou and Zhong Michu went through countless hardships to obtain the dragon egg, accidentally, Gu Fuyou smeared her Qilin Marrow on the dragon egg, sparking life into the last of the Golden Dragon Royal Family; Zhong Michu hatched the egg, naming the dragon Yi’er, and the Golden Dragons of the Four Seas completely submitted to her, solidifying her supreme authority, later, Gu Fuyou reincarnated using Qing Jun’s body.

It seemed as if everything was predestined.

Upon their return to Xian Luo, the passage of time felt vastly different to each of them. For Qing Zhe, it seemed as if tens of thousands of years had elapsed, while for Gu Fuyou, it felt more like just three or four years. Despite these differing perceptions of time, the Misty Forest appeared untouched by the years, remaining exactly as they remembered it, as if frozen in time.

Shadows of varying shapes and sizes danced under the tall and short trees, as sunlight delicately filtered through their bright green leaves. When they arrived at the edge of Qing Man’s territory, Gu Fuyou instructed Yi’er to stay there, explicitly forbidding her from venturing further. Di Jun and Ah Fu also remained behind, respecting her directive.

As they approached the wooden gate, they saw a familiar figure tending to the spiritual plants in the courtyard.

Gu Fuyou greeted with a smile, “Elder Qing Man.”

Without turning around, Qing Man responded, “You brought so many people. Do you think this is a marketplace?” She had sensed their arrival even before they had approached.

Qing Zhe pushed open the gate and approached Qing Man. Standing behind her, he stared at her figure for a long while before softly calling out, ‘Sister.’ Although she was only a few days older than him, he had never acknowledged her as his elder cousin in his youth, due to his pride. However, as time flies, after not seeing her for ten thousand years and barely remembering her face, he couldn’t help but address her affectionately.

Qing Man turned around, replying indifferently, “Qing Zhe. You’ve left the mountains?”

Her gaze swept over Gu Fuyou and Zhong Michu, then back to Qing Zhe, instantly understanding their purpose. She expressed her annoyance, “Disturbing my peace.”

Qing Zhe hesitated, searching for words. Gu Fuyou interjected, “Elder, won’t you invite us in for a warm cup of tea?”

Waving her staff in dismissal, Qing Man retorted, “Who are you to be offered tea in my presence? Out!”

Gu Fuyou, used to this, whispered to Zhong Michu, “The elder has always been like this, never changing.”

Qing Zhe grabbed Qing Man’s wrist, demanding, “Did you know all along that this person occupied Qing Jun’s body?” His tone was firm, expecting confirmation. “Why didn’t you stop it? You secluded yourself in the forest to guard the seal and her body, didn’t you?”

Qing Man replied tersely, “By the time I knew, this girl had already taken over the body. It was too late to stop her.”

“You should have restrained her and sought a way to expel the invader. If you couldn’t, you should’ve at least informed me,” Qing Zhe’s tone dripped with discontent for her inaction.

With an air of indifference, Qing Man, seeming weary of conversation from years of solitude, succinctly responded, “Qing Jun allowed it herself. There was no need for me to intervene.”

Qing Zhe was taken aback by her words. He didn’t believe Gu Fuyou and Zhong Michu, but he couldn’t dismiss Qing Man’s statement.

Gu Fuyou’s gaze darkened. It was true, then; the original consciousness of this body was present, otherwise, how could Qing Man know that Qing Jun had allowed it?

No wonder she had always felt something was off.

Recalling her inexplicable arrival at Xuan Miao Sect, Gu Fuyou involuntarily furrowed her brows, unsure of what Qing Jun might have done while in control of the body. She snuck a glance at Zhong Michu.

Qing Zhe questioned, “Why would she willingly give her body to someone else…?”

She was the Qing Emperor, our clan leader, the most revered in the world. She was supposed to attain immortality, enjoying the highest honors. Yet, she abandoned the path, we followed her; she relinquished her leadership, we obeyed; she even used her body to suppress the Ten Direction and Five Elements Evil-Suppression Formation, we couldn’t stop her, it was inevitable; but now, she’s even sacrificing her body, how can you let this happen?!”

Qing Man remained indifferent, “It’s her choice. Even if we stopped her, what difference would it make?”

Internally, Gu Fuyou reflected on her own encounter with Qing Man. When she first descended from the mountain and entered the Misty Forest, she almost got sent back to the underworld by Qing Man’s staff.

Qing Zhe’s emotions were evident as his chest heaved. Qing Man added, “Qing Jun gave her the other half of the Qimen.”

Surprised, Gu Fuyou realized that half of the Qimen she had received belonged to Qing Jun. She had always assumed it was Qing Man’s.

Qing Zhe’s expression froze. Qing Man continued, “You should understand what that implies. It means she accepted her as a disciple.”

“Saying she’s an outsider might not be quite right anymore,” said Qing Man, acknowledging the significance.

Qing Zhe struggled to accept this. To him, Gu Fuyou was an outsider occupying the body of someone he cherished and respected. It was hard enough to avoid mentioning it, let alone accept it “Now that her body has left the Ruizhu Palace, what about the seal? You felt the tremor, didn’t you?” If not for the significant quake, he wouldn’t have easily descended the mountain.

Qing Man calmly said, “She has her own plans.”

Qing Zhe stayed silent for a while, clenching his fist. He glanced at Gu Fuyou and, in the end, left with a flick of his sleeve.

Gu Fuyou asked, “So, he’s compromising? Has he accepted the situation and decided not to chase after me any longer?”

Qing Man replied with a smirk, “He has his own principles. I can only guide him so far; the rest is up to him.” Gu Fuyou’s expression fell, realizing that whether or not she would be pursued and attacked still depended on his mood.

Gu Fuyou then inquired, “Elder, what did you mean earlier about half of Qimen and being a disciple?”

While Qing Man was observing Zhong Michu, she remembered that, even though 700 years had passed and she had forgotten how Zhong Michu looked, she recalled helping a young Dragon grow its horns. She recognized that the young Dragon was Zhong Michu. Answering Gu Fuyou’s question, she said, “Qimen was compiled and refined by Qing Jun. It was her masterpiece. She gave you the other half of Qimen. When you accepted it, you became her desciple.”

Before Gu Fuyou could ask more, Qing Man glanced at her and said, “Why has the malice in you grown so strong? It’s even more intense than when you were resurrected.”

Just as Gu Fuyou was about to speak, Qing Man interrupted, “The smell of blood on you is overpowering. Go, go, go!”

“Elder…” Gu Fuyou started.

But Qing Man had already grabbed her staff and was shooing them away, pushing both out of the courtyard.

Both Gu Fuyou and Zhong Michu were left speechless.

Feeling helpless, the two of them offered Qing Man a respectful bow. As they raised their heads and their eyes met, memories of a past incident, when they had both been kicked out, came flooding back. In that moment of shared recollection, understanding each other’s thoughts, they exchanged a knowing smile.

Upon their return to the boundary, they were rejoined by Di Jun and Yi’er, and together, they departed from the Misty Forest. While they hadn’t been able to fully reassure Qing Zhe, their efforts had at least managed to stabilize his state, securing a period of peace.

Feeling somewhat relieved, Gu Fuyou turned to Zhong Michu with a question about whether she had met Qing Jun previously. When Zhong Michu confirmed this, Gu Fuyou, feeling a hint of discontent, asked, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

After a long silence, so long that Gu Fuyou thought Zhong Michu was looking for an excuse, she replied, “At that time, when I first met you, you were focused on dealing with the Zuo family. I didn’t know how to tell you.” She added, “After all, knowing or not knowing doesn’t make much difference.”

Gu Fuyou sighed, “I had no idea that this body belonged to the Qing Emperor or that she wrote the Qimen book.”

She didn’t care about what body she got, even if it was a beggar’s, as her sole focus was on wreaking havoc in the Zuo family. It was only later, upon discovering the body’s high cultivation level and its identity as an Azure Phoenix, that she felt she had gained an advantage, finding it beneficial for her plans. Now, with the full knowledge of the identity of this body, she felt a mix of emotions.

Zhong Michu knowingly asked, “Are you unhappy about it?”

Gu Fuyou shook her head, hugging herself, and smiled at Zhong Michu, “It’s weirdly pleasing.” She never thought she would be so close to the Qing Emperor. It was as if she and the Qing Emperor were one, inseparable. Zhong Michu looked at her with a gentle, warm smile reaching her eyes.

Zhong Michu looked at her, a gentle smile reaching her eyes, warming the ambiance.

But, this peaceful atmosphere didn’t last long. A tremor, stronger than the previous ones, shook the earth again. As the group of four and one beast exited the Misty Forest, they saw the same Black Mountain from before, at the center of Xian Luo.

Even standing at a distance, with her cultivation reaching Soul Splitting, the oppressive feeling that sent chills down the spine and instilled a sense of resistance and fear was still as palpable. Unlike before, they didn’t flee in terror.

Gu Fuyou and Zhong Michu looked towards the Black Mountain with furrowed brows, sensing that the tremors originated from there. After a brief moment, they heard a loud crashing sound, like a stone shattering.

Zhong Michu, with her keen eyesight, observed a black beast-shaped statue explode. From within the statue, a chain was threaded. The chain was intact, swaying continuously, causing the distant interconnected statues to also tremble.

These statues were part of the Ten Direction and Five Elements Evil-Suppression Formation, as Gu Fuyou had mentioned. Zhong Michu had later come across this information and thus remembered it.

Zhong Michu wanted to go closer to see what had happened. Gu Fuyou initially intended to join her but hesitated, gripping Zhong Michu’s hand and shaking her head in warning. Just then, Yi’er couldn’t bear the pressure of the place and fainted, caught in Di Jun’s arms.

Both of them tensed up, deciding not to approach the Black Mountain. Instead, they checked on Yi’er, who had merely fainted. Still worried, they left the area and exited Xianluo with Yi’er.

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