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Chapter 89

The first time Gu Fuyou saw the Nine-clawed Golden Dragon, it was unlike the White Dragon she knew. The Golden Dragon, surrounded by clouds and mist as it soared, was covered in golden scales that shone like pure gold. Its eyes were a deep crimson, resembling red jade, exuding an air of nobility and splendor that was almost blinding.

The Golden Dragon that flew across the sky was only slightly larger than a common python, much smaller than the White Dragon that had revealed its true form in Yunduan Grand Canyon years ago. The little Golden Dragon landed on the city tower and transformed back into human form, throwing herself into Zhong Michu’s arms with a joyful cry, “Mother!” She had not obeyed and returned to the Eastern Sea, fearing Zhong Michu’s scolding, so she had secretly followed her with Xinghan and Yinhe.

It wasn’t until they reached Bailu City that Zhong Michu sent a message to Xinghan, revealing that she knew of their presence. After Xinghan and Yinhe rescued Liu Niang, they waited outside Bailu City until Zhong Michu sent another message, and she couldn’t wait to see her.

Yi’er, hugging Zhong Michu’s neck, said softly, “Mother, don’t be mad at Yi’er.”

Gu Fuyou laughed from the side, “She wouldn’t bear to be mad at you.”

“Ah Man Mother.”

Following behind, Ah Fu, Xinghan and Yinhe landed on the city tower. After Seven and Liu Niang’s tearful reunion, their emotions gradually settled. Seven, wiping away his tears roughly, gently used his sleeve to wipe Liu Niang’s tears. Holding her hand, he approached Gu Fuyou and called out, “Master.”

Gu Fuyou couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow, her expression quite strange. It was natural for Seven to call her master, as almost all the slave contracts in Bailu City were in her hands, including not only Seven’s but also Liu Niang’s, who had survived.

“Don’t call me master,” she said, her tone urgent and heavy due to the strange feeling in her heart, sounding somewhat harsh.

Seven’s face turned red. He was a straightforward man and didn’t understand what he had done to displease Gu Fuyou. Now, he sincerely regarded her as his master. Liu Niang’s return was the greatest blessing he could ask for, a token of his loyalty. Hearing Gu Fuyou’s words, his enthusiasm deflated, leaving him uneasy.

“Just call me Qing Jun,” Gu Fuyou suggested.

Seven was stunned for a moment before realizing Gu Fuyou wasn’t reprimanding him. He smiled broadly, shaking his head, “You are our master now; it would be disrespectful otherwise.”

“Anyway, just don’t call me master,” Gu Fuyou insisted.

Feng Sui suggested, “Then we’ll call you My Lady.”

Seven nodded in agreement, “Yes, yes.”

Gu Fuyou glanced at Feng Sui, “You have a different way of addressing me.”

Feng Sui replied earnestly, “Master.” Since he had agreed to it, he intended to honor it.

Seven said, “My Lady, you clearly saved Liu Niang. Why did you hide it from me, saying… saying…”

Gu Fuyou replied, “If I hadn’t lied that she was dead, ould you continue to foolishly work for them? Besides, I didn’t actually save her, the one who saved your wife is her…”

She gestured towards Zhong Michu. Seven’s face flushed, stammering, “She’s not, not my wife yet.”

Liu Niang said to Seven, “This lady is the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea.”

When the others heard Xinghan addressing Zhong Michu as “Your Majesty,” they were initially surprised. Now, realizing she was the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea, they were even more astonished, recognizing her as a person of great importance. Twenty-Three was especially stunned by this revelation.

Seven and Liu Nian knelt down and paid their respects, saying, “Your Majesty, thank you for saving our lives. To us, it’s like being reborn. I, Seven, I…” He was a slave, owning nothing, not even his life, which now lay in Gu Fuyou’s hands, and thus couldn’t offer it as a token of gratitude.

Gu Fuyou, leaning on Zhong Michu, understood his dilemma and said with a smile, “You’ve braved dangers for me without hesitation, and you would do the same for her.”

Zhong Michu glanced at Gu Fuyou but didn’t object, simply saying, “Rise.”

Gu Fuyou then declared, “Since the two of you are not yet married, I will make a decision. From today, you are husband and wife.”

At her words, both blushed, their embarrassment unable to hide their joy. They exchanged glances, almost moved to tears again, never having imagined they would see the day when they could openly be together. “Thank you, my lord, for making this possible!” they said, embracing each other tightly. In the world of slaves, marriage required the master’s permission, which their previous master would never have granted. Now, they could be legitimately married.

Yi’er, who had been quietly lying in Zhong Michu’s arms, listened to their conversation and then asked softly, “Mother, there’s an Azure Phoenix over there.”

The little Golden Dragon, with its keen sense of smell and extraordinary talents, had noticed Twenty-Three in the crowd. “She’s from the same clan as Ah Man Mother. But there’s something different, similar to the feeling from Mother.”

Zhong Michu explained, “She is a half-breed of the Azure Phoenix Clan and humans, not a pure Azure Phoenix.”

“Just like Mother,” Yi’er said, intrigued, sitting up and peering over Zhong Michu’s head to look back.

Zhong Michu called out, “Twenty-Three, come here.”

All eyes turned to Twenty-three, who felt her face burning with no place to hide. She walked up to Zhong Michu and knelt, saying, “Your Majesty…” She had always thought this person was like her, never imagining she was the Dragon King.

“Your name is Twenty-Three?” Yi’er asked, looking at her with bright, cheerful eyes. Twenty-Three bowed her head, “Yes, Your Highness.”

Yi’er laughed, “What a strange name.” Then she asked Zhong Michu, “Mother, can I play with her?”

The old Dragon King had always been strict with Yi’er, not allowing her to leave the Eastern Sea freely, fearing she might encounter trouble before she was fully grown, potentially ruining the last hope of the Golden Dragon royal family. The birth rate among the dragon race was even lower than that of cultivators. Currently, there were no dragons of Yi’er’s age in the Four Seas. The youngest was at least a hundred years older than Yi’er. Now, meeting Twenty-three, who was not too different in age and shared a similar heritage with her mother, Yi’er naturally took a liking to her.

“Of course,” Gu Fuyou said. “Actually, she’s your junior sister.”

“Junior sister?!” Yier was excited by this novel idea.

“Your mother has taken her as a disciple.”

“Mother, Mother,” Yier joyfully turned to Zhong Michu for confirmation.

Twenty-Three shook her head, “No, I’m not.”

Gu Fuyou, puzzled, looked at Zhong Michu, “Haven’t you taken her as your disciple yet?”

“I haven’t found the right opportunity,” Zhong Michu replied. Now that it was out in the open, she asked Twenty-Three, “Would you like to become my disciple?”

Twenty-three remained silent, not responding. Gu Fuyou teased Zhong Michu, “Zhong Michu, you planned to take her as your disciple, but did you ever consider she might not accept your offer?”

Twenty-Three quickly denied any reluctance, saying, “I’m a slave, I’m not worthy…” This was the longest sentence she had ever spoken to Gu Fuyou.

Gu Fuyou, with her arms crossed, firmly said, “There’s no such thing as being unworthy. When an opportunity presents itself, you must seize it. To ignore it when it’s right in front of you is foolish.”

Gu Fuyou gestured for Feng Sui to come over. “He was also a slave, but when I offered to take him as a disciple, he didn’t feel unworthy.”

Twenty-Three looked up at Feng Sui. Gu Fuyou chuckled, “Ah, this makes Feng Sui Yi’er’s junior brother too.”

Feng Sui was speechless.

“Really?!” Yi’er exclaimed, excited to finally be someone’s senior.

Gu Fuyou continued, “Zhong Michu, if you take her as your disciple now, she’ll be the youngest.”

Zhong Michu did not respond but asked Twenty-Three, “Are you willing to become my disciple?”

Twenty-Three raised her head, her decision clear in her eyes, and bowed to Zhong Michu, “Master, I respectfully accept your guidance.”

Yi’er joyfully said, “I’m a senior sister now, Ah Fu, I’m a senior sister now!” Delighted not to be the youngest anymore.

Gu Fuyou agreed, “Yes, yes. Perfect, double celebration tonight. We’ll have a feast for Seven and Liu Niang’s wedding and your initiation ceremony.”

The somber city, in the night, welcomed a burst of joy. Gu Fuyou said there would be a feast, and indeed there was. The chosen location was the square outside her sleeping quarters, which was relatively clean and brightened with flying lotus lanterns.

The slaves decorated for Seven and Liu Niang, gathering all the red velvet carpets in the city and laying them on the ground. Seven, a person of great cultivation, had not achieved his status overnight but had grown gradually. Having stayed in the city for a long time, he was considered a senior by many slaves. They admired and felt close to him, celebrating his union with Liu Niang with rare energy and enthusiasm.

It was then that Gu Fuyou learned that Liu Niang’s name was a play on the word ‘six’, ranking her even higher than Seven in strength. It was a reminder not to judge by appearances; such a delicate-looking person could be so powerful.

Under such circumstances, if Zuo Yuanrong were to kill someone, it should have been Seven. Gu Fuyou understood after knowing that Liu Niang had been serving by Zuo Yuanrong’s side. Liu Niang was very beautiful, and Zuo Yuanrong, seeing her as his woman, naturally wouldn’t allow others to touch her. And after Liu Niang had a child, her cultivation would decline, which infuriated Zuo Yuanrong, prompting him to take it out on Liu Niang.

In all the years of Bailu City, no slave wedding had ever been as grand as theirs. Compared to the ceremonies of cultivators of the same level as Seven, it was modest, but for them, it was an enviable and joyous occasion.

There were too many slaves in Bailu City, and the square couldn’t accommodate them all. So, Gu Fuyou instructed them to find their own places to celebrate. Except for those with lower numbers, the rest of the slaves were still afraid of her and didn’t dare show their happiness in front of her, so she let them go elsewhere to drink and make merry, freeing them from restraint.

Yi’er, riding on Ah Fu, made her way into the crowd, causing a stir. As the Princess of the Eastern Sea and calling Gu Fuyou ‘mother’, everyone gave her respect. She took Twenty-Three and Feng Sui with her, almost commanding the crowd like calling the wind and summoning the rain.

Gu Fuyou and Zhong Michu sat in the seats of honor. Seven and Liu Niang came to toast them, Liu Niang’s face flushed with happiness and Seven smiling broadly. Seeing the couple’s deep affection, Gu Fuyou, after drinking, laughed and said, “Alright, go to your bridal chamber, go on, hurry up.”

The two, feeling shy, retreated. The laughter and joy in Bailu City lasted all night. When Yi’er grew tired, Zhong Michu carried her to rest, and Gu Fuyou followed, leaving the others to their revelry. Without her, they were even more uninhibited.

Yi’er, used to sleeping with Zhong Michu, clung to her neck and refused to let go, insisting on sleeping together. Gu Fuyou, seeing this, pouted, “You spoil her too much. She’s big enough to sleep alone now.” Gu Fuyou’s cheeks were flushed, slightly tipsy.

Yi’er, already dozing in Zhong Michu’s arms, mumbled repeatedly, “I want to sleep with you.”

Gu Fuyou glanced at Zhong Michu and eventually went inside the house, muttering softly, “Fine.”

Seeing Gu Fuyou slightly drunk, Zhong Michu asked, “Can you walk steadily on your own?”

Gu Fuyou twirled around, her steps light and dance-like, her skirt blooming like a flower, and laughed, “Do you think I’m like you, falling over after just one cup?”

Zhong Michu just looked at her, speechless.

Zhong Michu, holding Yi’er, lay half-reclined on the outer bed. Gu Fuyou went to rest in the inner room, quickly falling asleep due to her tipsiness.

After the noise of the feast, her dreams became very quiet.

She walked through the empty streets of Bailu City, a river of blood under her feet, bodies lying on broken walls, the sunlight intense, the silence terrifying.

Moving forward, she heard the sounds of a fight and turned to see. Zuo Qingfeng was stabbing Gu Wanpeng in the chest. She cried out in horror, “No!” and rushed over, but it was too late. Gu Wanpeng was gone, his physical body destroyed.

Her anguished cries, a mix of howls and roars, eyes red with rage: “I will kill you!”

She thrust her sword, but Zuo Qingfeng’s figure twisted into a pool of blood, then reformed beside her, impossible to kill.

She vaguely saw a figure to her left. Paying attention, it became clear. It was Zuo Tianlang, sneering as he pushed a blade into Si Miao’s mouth. She wanted to save Si Miao, but then saw another figure to her right. Gu Huaiyou was about to cut his own throat.

Torn between left and right, she felt suffocated, her head splitting with pain. Unknowingly, the blood began to drown her.

Struggling, she screamed, “No!!!”

She woke up suddenly, drenched in sweat, gasping for breath. Looking around the unfamiliar place, still unsettled, she called out anxiously, “Zhong Michu! Zhong Michu!”

A figure entered the room. It was Zhong Michu, still holding a drowsy Yi’er, who clung to her like a koala.

Gu Fuyou watched them intently, then, pushing back her hair and holding her forehead, she chuckled to herself.

“What’s wrong?” Zhong Michu asked.

“I had a nightmare,” Gu Fuyou replied.

Zhong Michu sat beside the bed, Yi’er occupying her entire embrace. Gu Fuyou said, “Leave a little space for me, just a bit.”

Zhong Michu shifted her position to hold Yi’er, making room for Gu Fuyou. Gu Fuyou lay down again, resting on Zhong Michu’s lap, her face close to her waist, trembling slightly as she let out a long sigh.

Zhong Michu reached out a hand, gently brushing away the sweat-soaked hair from Gu Fuyou’s forehead. Gu Fuyou grasped her hand, pressing it against her cheek, gazing up at Zhong Michu. She couldn’t help but reach out to touch Zhong Michu’s face.

Her beautiful eyebrows, delicate nose, bright eyes, and white teeth, her skin like ice and bones like jade, a beauty that could captivate anyone. But it wasn’t just her beauty that made Gu Fuyou so reliant on her. She stroked Zhong Michu’s eyelashes with her palm, feeling the ticklish sensation as they brushed against her skin.

With a touch of sadness, she said, “Little lamb, little lamb, do you know you’ve caught the eye of a big tiger, ready to skin and devour you?”

She had met Zhong Michu at her most vulnerable, when she needed comfort the most. Gu Fuyou couldn’t tell if her feelings were genuine affection or a selfish desire to fill her own emptiness, which is why she kept her close. Zhong Michu’s arrival was so timely, almost as if she had always been there. The thought made her feel even more guilty, yet she couldn’t let go.

Zhong Michu softly replied, “Hmm? I am a Dragon.”

Gu Fuyou paused, then burst into giggles, her hand around Zhong Michu’s waist. Indeed, this person was no tame lamb, but a dragon, fierce and dominant.

If anyone was to be devoured, it would be her.

That was better, somehow. It eased her guilt.

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