The Dragon

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Chapter 90

During their stay in Bailu City, news arrived from the Merchant Association.

Wantong City had become lively.

Previously, Gu Fuyou had sent a message to Zuo Shaode, informing him that Zuo Hanling went to rescue Zuo Tianlang, not to form an alliance with him. She believed that Zuo Shaode’s spies in Bailu City would have relayed similar information—that Zuo Yuanrong was willing to reconcile, but his two sons opposed the alliance. Given Zuo Shaode’s understanding of his nephew, he wouldn’t doubt this and would also deduce that Zuo Hanling might seek help from the Thirty-Three Skies.

After receiving Zuo Hanling’s message, the Thirty-Three Skies had already dispatched the first batch of cultivators to Wantong City. Zuo Yuezhi, rational and calm, had no real intention of starting a conflict, nor did he show any fear of engaging with Wantong City. The number of people he sent was neither too many nor too few.

He came for the sake of reconciliation. At this time of internal and external troubles, with infighting within the clan, no matter who won, it was always the Zuo family that would suffer.

Zuo Shaode understood this all too well. However, he was even more aware that in these turbulent times, this was his best opportunity to seize the position of the sect leader. Once Zuo Yuezhi resolved the alliance between the Azure Phoenix Clan and the Dragon Clan, thus eliminating any concerns from behind, he would be free to manage Nanzhou. By then, it would be difficult for Zuo Shaode to resist.

Therefore, he would not let go of Zuo Tianlang as a bargaining chip, nor would he allow his nephew Zuo Hanling to spoil his plans.

Gu Fuyou thought that he might put Zuo Hanling under house arrest, just like Zuo Tianlang, and then release him once the situation was under control. After all, if something happened to Zuo Hanling, it would be difficult for Zuo Shaode to explain to Zuo Yuanrong.

Little did she know that the Zuo family could be so ruthless. Zuo Shaode acted decisively, planning to push all the blame onto the Thirty-Three Skies, forcing Zuo Yuanrong to share his hatred and leaving no way out.

When Gu Fuyou left Wantong City, she not only destroyed the city’s teleportation formation but also damaged its defensive formation. Hatred seeped into these formations like termites into grain, gnawing them from the inside until they were nothing but hollow shells. They appeared normal on the surface, but in reality, they were hollow shells. Once struck, they would collapse with a crack.

During the clash between Zuo Shaode and the cultivators from the Thirty-Three Skies, it was discovered that the city’s defensive formation was as fragile as thin ice, and the teleportation formation was in disarray.

Initially, everything was under Zuo Shaode’s control. He had anticipated easily defeating the first batch of cultivators sent by the Thirty-Three Skies. However, things didn’t go as planned. Although he managed to overcome them, it resulted in heavy casualties and left him bleeding profusely, far beyond his initial expectations.

The fact that he even slaughtered the Sect Leader’s personal guards and nearly annihilated them made the fury of the Thirty-Three Skies easy to imagine. The forces summoned by Zuo Yuezhi were already on their way to Wantong City, and this time, it seemed they were serious.

Taking advantage of this lull, Zuo Shaode contacted Gu Fuyou, asking her to persuade Zuo Yuanrong to lead forces to Wantong City. The outcome of this conflict would be decisive.

She was determined to go.

She could have waited for the two tigers, Zuo Shaode and Zuo Yuezhi, to exhaust each other in their fight, then swoop in to annihilate them both.

But she couldn’t wait. She wanted to kill Zuo Shaode and Zuo Yuezhi with her own hands. She didn’t want them to die somewhere unknown to her.

Most importantly, she needed to capture Zuo Tianlang. She didn’t want to accidentally kill him or let him escape during the clash between Zuo Yuezhi and Zuo Shaode.

She wasn’t concerned about gains or losses; she just wanted the Zuo family to suffer excruciating pain.

As Gu Fuyou prepared to leave, she took all the slaves with her. There was no need for a city or a stronghold. Her strategy was all about offense, never defense, like a wild wave, either dissipating on its own or shattering Nanzhou into pieces.

She would conquer a city, destroy it, and then move on to the next.

The Zuo family would never know where she would strike next, what she would do, or which place would suffer her wrath next. They could only spend their days in constant vigilance and fear.

What a thrill it was.

Bathed in gentle sunlight, Gu Fuyou left the city with her imposing entourage. Even the blood maples of the Sancong Forest seemed to bow in the breeze as they passed.

Gu Fuyou glanced back at Bailu City one last time. The city, now devoid of slaves and the Zuo family, was left in nothing but deathly silence and a pale shadow of its former self.

Gu Fuyou sighed deeply in her heart. Initially, she had wanted to hang the corpses of all the Zuo family members from the city walls.

Lined up, it would have been quite a sight.

But Zhong Michu was still there. Regarding the events of that year, Zuo Yuanrong had not been involved, although he had only avoided the situation and ultimately did not interfere.

In the end, she thought better of it.

By noon, they had arrived at Tu Mountain, a majestic range stretching between two cities. Its sweeping arc linked Wantong City and Bailu City, shaping a natural crescent that cradled the landscape.

In the belly of the mountain range, on a flat plateau, a group of delicately dressed women, moving as gracefully as willows in the wind, appeared particularly strange in this wilderness.

They were from the Yinxue Pavilion. Unlike Bailu City, Wantong City had many residents, most of whom were ordinary people who knew nothing of cultivation. Before Zuo Shaode made his move, Zhong Michu had already ordered their evacuation, as Nanzhou was in chaos.

With frequent movements of cultivators between Bailu City, Wantong City, and the Thirty-Three Skies, they couldn’t go far without being noticed. The people from the Merchant Association had dug out cave dwellings for them here, providing them with all necessities, including food and clothing.

Si Miao was also there, having brought the body of Gu Huaiyou.

Gu Fuyou went to see Gu Huaiyou, speaking to him beside the stone couch for a while.

The three-legged crow on Si Miao’s shoulder said, “Zuo Yuezhi’s men have arrived. They’re probably fighting by now.”

Indeed, a fight had broken out, even the air around Tu Mountain, a hundred miles away, felt tense and restless.

The three-legged crow continued, “Zuo Yuezhi didn’t come.”

Scholar Zhai said to Gu Fuyou, “It’s good he didn’t come. Otherwise, in their desperation, they might join forces against you, the outsider, first.”

Zhong Michu advised, “Ah Man, you don’t have to rush over there. You can wait until they finish fighting.”

Gu Fuyou stood up, smiling, “I won’t interfere. Let them fight. I’ll just watch from the sidelines.” She added, “And look for Zuo Tianlang.”

Gu Fuyou said, “So, to move more easily, I won’t bring too many people this time.”

Slaves with poor cultivation were left behind. Except for Liu Niang, who was pregnant, all slaves with numbers under one hundred were taken by Gu Fuyou.

Scholar Zhai, who had no cultivation, was left behind. The Dragon King, a powerful being in the Soul Splitting stage, was also left behind.

Zhong Michu stopped her, her brows furrowed in concern, “Wantong City is not like Bailu City. Moreover, Zuo Yuezhi’s men are there now. You can’t go alone.”

Gu Fuyou replied, “I’m not alone. I have Feng Sui and the others with me.”

Zhong Michu looked at her, silent.

Gu Fuyou smiled, “Now is not the time for confrontation. I’m just going to get Zuo Tianlang out and ensure his ‘safety’.”

Zhong Michu said, “It’s like snatching food from a tiger’s mouth.”

Gu Fuyou responded, “I’m not the same Gu Fuyou who could only rely on talismans and hide in corners to save my life during the Qi-training stage anymore. Your Majesty, I am an Azure Phoenix. Not long ago, I killed Zuo Qingfeng. Even if I can’t defeat so many of the Zuo family, I can at least save myself. Besides, with so many slaves willing to protect me with their lives, even if it’s through a sea of flames or a mountain of blades, they would pave a smooth path for me with their bodies.”

Zhong Michu opened her mouth to speak, but Gu Fuyou suddenly extended her hands, cupping Zhong Michu’s face gently yet firmly, preventing her from speaking. Smiling at her, she said, “This place isn’t without danger. We need someone in charge to protect these powerless people. Zhong Michu, this task suits you best. You stay here.”


“I’ll be back soon.”

Yi’er ran over, clutching the hem of Gu Fuyou’s dress, “Ah Man Mother.”

Gu Fuyou caressed her cheek, then glanced at Ah Fu standing not far away.

Turning around, she took to the air, followed by a procession of people.

Zhong Michu watched her leave in silence. Yi’er stood beside her, holding her hand, as she let out a soft sigh.

When Gu Fuyou and her group arrived in Wantong City, it was bustling with activity. The city had become a scene of intense magical combat, with massive crossbows being moved on one side and a dragon-trapping golden net deployed on the other. The combat magic was so intense that the earth rose thousands of feet high, flames reached thousands of layers into the sky, and cultivators engaged in fierce combat, with sword energy crisscrossing everywhere, leaving destruction in their wake.

The cultivators of Wantong City formed a sword formation, resisting a dozen cultivators, turning the buildings beneath their feet to dust.

Gu Fuyou had destroyed the city’s defensive formation, and repairing it was not an overnight task, which is why Zuo Yuezhi’s men could so easily break in.

The streets were eerily quiet, devoid of people. The once magnificent houses and buildings had collapsed and were in ruins. It was hard to imagine that this had been the crowded and bustling Wantong City. Looking up, she saw cultivators clashing in the sky, with sparks raining down.

As they made their way to the city lord’s mansion, they unexpectedly ran into someone. Gu Fuyou thought, “Zuo Yuezhi is truly furious this time, sparing no expense.”

Among the people she encountered were the Third and Sixth Elders of the Xu Ling Sect, whom she recognized.

The Sixth Elder’s face darkened upon seeing her, “Elder, what are you doing here? Could those rumors be true?”

Gu Fuyou didn’t need to ask which rumors he referred to; they were likely about her colluding with Zuo Shaode to create chaos in Nanzhou.

Gu Fuyou asked him, “Do you know where the City Lord is?”

The sixth elder sneered, “You surely know better than I do.”

Gu Fuyou then inquired, “Where is Zuo Tianlang?”

The Sixth Elder’s expression grew colder: “The Sect Leader treated you sincerely, yet you harbor treacherous ambitions and cause chaos in Nanzhou.”

Gu Fuyou felt somewhat relieved; it seemed they hadn’t taken Zuo Tianlang just yet. But she found it odd that, with Zuo Yuezhi’s forces knocking at their door, there was still no sign of Zuo Shaode. With his Soul Splitting cultivation, he had no reason to fear these people joining forces against him, nor was he likely to be cowering inside, sending only his subordinates to their deaths.

Gu Fuyou decided to investigate the City Lord’s mansion. The Sixth Elder barked at her, “Qingluan, I am speaking to you!”

Suddenly, Feng Sui stepped forward, blocking the Sixth Elder, his body like a mountain.

The Sixth Elder was shocked: “You are a slave of Bailu City, how… why are you serving her…?”

Looking around, he saw about a hundred people scattered along both sides of the street, not just Feng Sui. All these people were obeying Qingluan’s commands.

He exchanged a glance with the Third Elder, both equally surprised and gasping in shock.

But Feng Sui didn’t care about their surprise and raised his hand to strike.

After Gu Fuyou entered the City Lord’s mansion, she found no trace of Zuo Shaode or Zuo Tianlang. Instead, she encountered Xiao Zhi, who was injured and captured by Zuo Yuezhi’s men.

Gu Fuyou rescued her. Xiao Zhi, seeing her savior, breathed a sigh of relief.

Gu Fuyou asked, “Where is Zuo Tianlang?”

Xiao Zhi replied gravely, “The City Lord has taken him out of the city.”

Gu Fuyou frowned, “Out of the city?” She pressed urgently, “What are they doing outside the city?”

Was it a decoy tactic?

Zuo Shaode was the linchpin of Wantong City. To leave during a clash with Zuo Yuezhi’s forces seemed like a deliberate move to hand over the city.

Given the current state of the city, with its defenses destroyed and its resources moved, leaving behind an empty city wouldn’t matter much.

But he already knew she would come back to help him. If they joined forces, they might be able to annihilate all of Zuo Yuezhi’s forces. Yet, he chose to withdraw.

Gu Fuyou wondered, “Could it be that he suspects me?”

Zuo Shaode was a shrewd and cautious man. The four men he assigned to accompany Gu Fuyou, ostensibly to assist her, were actually there to monitor her and regularly relay information back to him.

Gu Fuyou’s takeover of Bailu City not only eliminated Zuo Shaode’s pawns in the city but also the cultivators he had placed with her.

When those two cultivators failed to report back for a long time, and Zuo Shaode learned that Qingluan was heading towards Wantong City without any news from them, he grew suspicious.

Zuo Shaode planned a final test for Qingluan.

If Qingluan had no ulterior motives, he would falsely claim to be circling back, planning to encircle Zuo Yuezhi’s forces from both sides.

But if Qingluan had other plans, he would let her confront Zuo Yuezhi’s forces, willingly ceding Wantong City to them as a stage for their conflict. In the clash of these two tigers, he would reap the benefits.

Zuo Shaode quietly left the city with half of his main forces, leaving a group of cultivators as scouts to keep a close eye on the situation in Wantong City. He led the remaining cultivators to Tu Mountain, intending to use it as a temporary base for regrouping and reorganizing.

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