The Dragon

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Chapter 42

Who will listen to my true feelings?

Gu Fuyou, slightly tipsy, acted with even less restraint. She took Zhong Michu’s hand, their fingers intertwined, and chuckled, “I am a carefree person, I am grateful that Senior Sister did not abandon me.”

Zhong Michu glanced at her, “Gu Fuyou, you are drunk.”

Gu Fuyou corrected, “Ah Man.”

Zhong Michu paused, “…”

Again, Gu Fuyou stressed, “Ah Man.”

Sighing, Zhong Michu responded, “Ah Man, let’s go back and rest.”

Gu Fuyou grinned, “Who says I’m drunk?” Pointing to the sky, she added “I can still clearly see where the North Star is, look.”

“The North Star is over there.”

“I know. I did it on purpose.”

Another pause.

Gu Fuyou fully embraced Zhong Michu’s hand as if it were her own possession and held it close, “I used to love sitting on rooftops, staring at the night sky, contemplating life. Silly, right?”

“Not at all.”

Gu Fuyou laughed, her eyes shining brightly as she looked up at the sky. “The North star has always been there, guiding travelers for countless years, showing the way. Sometimes, looking at it, I feel inspired. All stars surround the North Star; I want to be like that—respected and loved. I want to achieve greatness, for my father to be proud of me. I want to forge my spirit sword, create a legacy, and be admired by all.” She rambled, pouring out whatever came to mind, turning to Zhong Michu, “All of these things, Senior Sister Zhong can easily achieve.”

In under a hundred years, those who mastered internal cultivation and achieved the Golden Core stage were recognized as unmatched geniuses across all regions.

Nowadays, there are very few cultivators with such talent. Those with such skills inevitably become famous. And among them, standout female cultivators are even harder to come by.

Perhaps these young women don’t seek fame and wealth and prefer solitude, or maybe they’re content supporting their husbands.

Most likely the latter. Cultivators, desiring eternal life, often find reproduction challenging. When a female cultivator conceives, the fetus draws nutrients, and her spiritual power nourishes the child. The pregnancy strengthens the child, but birth is extremely difficult for the mother. This doesn’t just affect their physical health, but their cultivation level drops significantly.

In the world of cultivation, the strong are revered; once a woman marries and has children, her cultivation is often impacted, reinforcing why men have historically held power. Even with the widespread practice of cultivation, a subtler patriarchal attitude persists.

Just as it has always been, few sects have female leaders. The Four Immortal Sects have never had a female leader, while the Xuan Miao Sect has had a few. The tales of exceptional women wandering the world with their swords are many. Yet, the public is more enamored by their romances than their heroic feats.

Gu Fuyou believes Zhong Michu will surely become a sect leader, achieving great power, transcending realms, elevating the Xuan Miao Sect’s prestige, and leaving a legacy. It’s hard to imagine someone like Zhong Michu entangled in love, delicately leaning against a man. Gu Fuyou thinks of Zhong Michu as pure and superior, overlooking the world.

She shouldn’t be bound by anyone.

Gu Fuyou reflected on their pact, knowing it will eventually end. Their worlds are so different that without this bond, they might drift apart.

Gu Fuyou shook her head, her body feeling light but her mind heavy. Stumbling, she made her way towards Zhong Michu.

“Gu Fuyou?”

Gu Fuyou stubbornly said, “Ah Man.” Feeling weak, she let go and fell into Zhong Michu’s embrace, “Senior Sister Zhong,” she mumbled, “I’ll be good to you in the future. I’ll listen to everything you say. Please don’t break our pact. I want you by my side, watching over me, always.”

Zhong Michu didn’t respond. Gu Fuyou buried her head in her embrace, feeling comforted by the soft warmth, which made her sleepy. “You bit me,” she mumbled, “you have to take responsibility…”

With heavy eyelids, she began to lose consciousness, caring about nothing except her desire to sleep. When she woke, it was already morning. She sat up, cradling her head, unable to recall how she returned. Trying hard to remember only intensified her headache, yet she could recall fragments—like instructing Zhong Michu to speak with Yunran, perhaps too bluntly. After that, it was all a blur.

“Ah…” Gu Fuyou removed her hands, showing a startled expression on her face. She had been only tipsy earlier. What might she have said or done if she had lost even more control?

In a flustered rush, she jumped out of bed and headed straight to Zhong Michu’s room. The door was wide open, so she walked right in. “Senior Sister Zhong!”

Zhong Michu came out from behind the curtain and said, “You’ve come at just the right time. I have something to discuss with you…” She noticed Gu Fuyou’s messy appearance, took a quick glance downwards and remarked, “You’re not even wearing shoes.”

Gu Fuyou asked, “Senior Sister Zhong, I got drunk yesterday. Was it you who brought me back to my room?”


Gu Fuyou nervously asked, “Did I say anything foolish?”

“You… don’t remember?”

From Zhong Michu’s response, Gu Fuyou realized she must have done something embarrassing. She cautiously said, “I was quite drunk at the time. If I said or did something to offend you, I apologize. Please don’t be angry.”

Zhong Michu remained silent, causing Gu Fuyou’s heart to race. “Senior Sister Zhong…”

Zhong Michu replied, “You didn’t do anything wrong.”



Gu Fuyou sighed in relief, muttering, “That’s good, that’s good.” Recalling what Zhong Michu mentioned earlier, she asked, “You said you had something to discuss. What is it?”

Zhong Michu responded, “I’m returning to Xuan Miao Sect.”

Gu Fuyou’s face paled instantly, “Senior Sister Zhong, did I do something last night that upset you?”

Shaking her head, Zhong Michu clarified, “Don’t overthink it. It’s not about that. I’ve been away for too long; it’s time to return. Otherwise, my master will be worried.”

“When are you leaving?”


Gu Fuyou exclaimed, “So soon?”

“There’s no need to delay. I already informed your elder brother yesterday.”

“I wanted you to meet my father. I’m sure you two would get along.”

“There’s always another day.”

Though Gu Fuyou tried to convince her to stay twice, seeing Zhong Michu’s determination, she refrained from saying more. When Zhong Michu said she would leave today, she meant it. By noon, she was ready to set out. Gu Fuyou and Ah Fu accompanied her to the outskirts of the city, reaching a pavilion. Zhong Michu summoned Gengchen, mounted her spirit sword, and said, “You should go back now.”

Gu Fuyou sat atop Ah Fu, expressing hesitantly, “Let me accompany you a bit further.”

“There will be a time for farewells. Go back. After your visit, when you return to the sect, we can meet again.”

Gu Fuyou looked sad and lowered her head. Zhong Michu called out, “Gu Fuyou.”

Automatically, Gu Fuyou replied, “Ah Man.” Realizing what she had just said, she was momentarily stunned, a flash of memory crossing her mind. She quickly looked up at Zhong Michu. With a slight smile, Zhong Michu began to ascend on Gengchen, “I will speak to her when I return. Meanwhile, take your time and open your heart to speak with your father. I’m leaving now.”

As Gengchen turned, taking Zhong Michu into the distance, Gu Fuyou finally regained her composure, shouting after her, “Senior Sister Zhong, I’ll talk to my father! When I’m back at the sect, I’ll tell you all about it.”

In the expansive blue sky, Zhong Michu’s figure had vanished. Ah Fu raised its head, letting out a low whimper as if sharing in the sentiment of departure. Gu Fuyou, smiling, patted it, “We’ll see her again once we’re back at the sect. Let’s head home.”

Ah Fu carried Gu Fuyou back to the city lord’s mansion. As they passed the guest hall, she noticed a plum blossom messenger leaving. She entered and saw Gu Shuangqing holding a letter, smiling, “Miss Zhong left?”

“Yes. What’s that?”

“A letter from father, saying he’ll probably be back in three days.”

“In three days? Ah, isn’t that his birthday?”

“You remember quite clearly.”

“I’ve obtained a millennium-old ‘Shouxing Jade’. I’m considering carving it into a bracelet as a birthday gift.”

“Shouxing Jade? And a millennium-old one at that? Where did you get such a treasure?” Although Shouxing Jade is a stone, it has a warm touch. Such ancient jade not only calms the mind and clarifies the spirit but can also ward off evil spirits.

“Heh, Senior Sister and I bet on a raw stone. I won this and several other items.”

“Ah, so it was Miss Zhong. But it’s thoughtful of you. Father always loved jade. He’ll appreciate this gift.”

“Big brother, I’m off to carve the jade.” Saying this, she excitedly ran out, swift as the wind.

Gu Shuangqing said, “Let the mansion’s jade master carve it, so you don’t ruin it.”

Gu Fuyou’s voice echoed from a distance, “I’m pretty skilled, you know!” Gu Shuangqing chuckled, shaking his head. As he began to read the letter in his hand, his brow furrowed in concern.

Three days passed, marking the elder city lord’s birthday. In Xiaoyao City, there wasn’t a tradition of celebrating the New Year. Instead, families gathered annually for the elders’ birthdays. Gu Wanpeng was not one for extravagance; he did not host grand feasts on his birthday but simply had a reunion meal with family. Nevertheless, the mansion was bustling, with sweeping and incense burning. Gu Fuyou joined the master chefs in the kitchen, preparing several dishes herself.

Gu Huaiyou remarked, “She seems unusually enthusiastic today.”

Gu Shuangqing remarked, “Is her enthusiasm a bad thing? It’ll make Father happy. They can’t always argue whenever they meet. After all, they’re father and daughter. Their temperaments are so alike; they speak their minds without reservation, often hurting each other deeply in the process.”

Gu Huaiyou cast a glance at his elder brother, responding with a bitter smile, “There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just that it’s been years since I’ve seen her so eagerly anticipate our father’s birthday. I just hope he doesn’t disappoint her. If she waits in vain, it might have been better for her not to have any expectations to begin with.”

Hearing this, Gu Shuangqing said, “Are you implying something? Ah Man is impulsive and doesn’t understand. Don’t you see, Father has his difficulties? He’s not absent because he wants to be; he’s simply too busy.”

Gu Huaiyou retorted, “I know, he’s always so busy. Too busy even to share a meal with his own daughter.”

Gu Shuangqing laughed, “What’s gotten into you today? Possessed? I’ve never heard you speak so critically.”

Gu Huaiyou let out a deep sigh, “This situation, this atmosphere, it reminds me of when she was young, sitting on the front steps, waiting for the two of us to come home.” Gu Shuangqing was choked up and remained silent for a while.

In the end, Gu Huaiyou’s words proved prophetic. The moon was high, but Gu Wanpeng hadn’t returned. A subordinate brought news that he was delayed on his journey. Gu Shuangqing dismissed most of the household servants, keeping only two to attend to them. Gu Huaiyou glanced at Gu Fuyou’s expression, intending to comfort her, but noticed that her face was unchanged.

Gu Fuyou was watching Yi’er and seemed oblivious to Gu Huaiyou’s gaze. Yi’er, nestled in Lu Shiqing’s embrace, was yawning continuously, struggling to keep her eyes open. Gu Fuyou said, “It seems he won’t be back for a while, and Yi’er is tired. Sister-in-law, you should take Yi’er and rest.”

Yi’er, half asleep, murmured, “I still want to wish grandfather a happy birthday.”

Gu Fuyou chuckled, “He’s always been like this – promising to return by the third watch of the night, but only arriving at dawn. Go to sleep, Yi’er. When you wake up in the morning, grandpa will surely be back.”


“Would your aunt lie to you?”

After she had coaxed Yi’er to sleep, Lu Shiqing took him back to their room. Stretching her back, she announced, “Brothers, I’m heading back to rest as well. I’m utterly exhausted.”

Gu Shuangqing began to speak, “Ah Man, something has come up with father.”

Gu Fuyou responded dismissively, “When hasn’t something come up with him? If he were punctual today, I would have found that strange.” For the past twenty-plus years, Gu Wanpeng had been incredibly busy, often absent from home for entire years. He typically didn’t celebrate his birthdays, and even if he did, he would always return late.

The two brothers fell silent. Just as Gu Fuyou was about to return to the courtyard, footsteps echoed from outside. Gu Shuangqing’s eyes brightened, exclaiming, “Father’s back!”

The approaching figure was indeed Gu Wanpeng. He waved his hand, signaling his subordinates to wait outside. Approaching Gu Fuyou, he said, “Come with me.”

Gu Fuyou sensed the unusual atmosphere but didn’t comment. Seeing him return, she was genuinely pleased deep down and followed him into the house. The two brothers ordered someone to warm up the wine. Gu Wanpeng took the main seat and, raising his hand, said, “Don’t rush.”

Turning to Gu Fuyou, he inquired, “Tell me, did you truly kill Zuo Tianyi? How did you do it? I want to hear the full account of what transpired.”

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