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A flash of white light illuminated the dark clouds, and a thunderbolt struck Zhuling Platform. Even if it was just a Thunder Tribulation from advancing from the Golden Core to the Nascent Soul stage, no one dared to underestimate it. When it comes to Tribulation Lightning, cultivators prefer to avoid it if they can.

People from various immortal sects retreated to a safe distance.

The White Dragon, Zhong Michu, endured a direct strike from a bolt of lightning on her back, sending her spiraling down onto the platform. Her scales, still healing from a previous encounter with the Huoyun Jiao, had not fully regrown. As the main lightning bolt shattered into a web of smaller strands, it lashed across her body mercilessly. Each strike reopened wounds on her tender, newly healed flesh, marking her with fresh scars from this fierce ordeal.

The Dragon’s claws tightly clutched the jade platform, etching deep marks into the golden auspicious clouds engraved upon it. In a sudden movement, the White Dragon lifted its head, releasing a mournful howl towards the heavens, a sound soon drowned out by the roar of another thunderclap. Almost immediately, another bolt of lightning struck its tail, searing even the scaled portion of its hind legs. This left a charred, gruesome wound where flesh was exposed and turned inside out, from which blood flowed freely.

The White Dragon continued her agonized cries, her golden eyes reddening, taking on a sinister orange hue. She moved closer to the platform steps, her claws leaving a trail of frost as she slowly approached Zuo Taisui, seated in the leader’s position, like a wild beast stalking its prey.

Zuo Yuezhi and Zuo Qingfeng stood unwavering on either side of the steps, while Zuo Taisui remained seated confidently.

Another bolt of lightning struck, scattering across the White Dragon, trapping her as if in an electrified net, trying to pin her to the ground.

The White Dragon roared fiercely, suddenly rising, scattering the electric currents as Zuo Yuezhi and Zuo Qingfeng simultaneously blocked the currents – at this moment, the White Dragon lunged, snapping her jaws toward Zuo Taisui, her rationality lost with only her beastly instincts remaining.

Before Zuo Taisui could rise, he casually lifted his right hand, pointing a finger. The White Dragon felt as though a mountain was pressing down on her, crashing her onto the steps, which now bore cracks from the impact.

Struggling to rise, her howls became more violent and piercing.

Zuo Taisui, barely lifting an eyelid, glanced at Di Jun and withdrew his hand.

The White Dragon got back up and charged again.

The brothers Zuo Yuezhi and Zuo Qingfeng, working in perfect harmony, took action. From Zuo Yuezhi’s sleeve, red threads shot out like a spider’s web, binding the White Dragon. Zuo Qingfeng drew a fierce blade, flipped it to use the blunt side, and struck the White Dragon with all his might, knocking her off the platform.

Di Jun, irritated, stroked his chin beard. A subordinate beside him remarked, “Your Majesty, if this continues, the princess might…”

Di Jun responded coldly, “I’m not blind!”

Dongli, unable to restrain Zhong Michu or overcome the likes of Zuo Yuezhi, turned to Di Jun for help. “Your Majesty, her wounds haven’t healed. She’s still facing the Thunder Tribulation. If we don’t stop her from this reckless behavior, her injuries will worsen. Even if she’s saved now, it could leave her with chronic issues.”

Di Jun sighed deeply. He saw more than what was evident; he recognized the bigger picture.

He also realized that the girl, in extreme pain, harbored a death wish.

Useless, he thought. Such a trivial matter and she wants to live or die over it!

Di Jun let out a sigh, heavy with frustration and deep in thought. He pondered over the girl’s well-known disdain for the Dragon Clan, and now, with her sect destroyed and her suicidal inclinations, the situation seemed increasingly grim. It was one thing to stop others from harming her, but how to stop her from seeking her own death?

He needed to think of a solution.

After some thought, Di Jun saw the White Dragon rise again, blood dripping endlessly from the corner of her mouth.

Above, the clouds were glowing with the brightness of the impending lightning strike.

Overcome with rage, the White Dragon roared defiantly as the lightning bolt descended. In a bold and furious charge, it collided head-on with the electric surge. The sound of their cries merged—a tumultuous symphony—as the Dragon broke through the lightning but simultaneously plummeted downwards.

As the clouds scattered, Zhong Michu lay there, seemingly unconscious, her form reverting to human. Her white dress, now drenched in red, clung to her with only a few untouched white spots remaining, evoking the image of a snow-white flower slowly losing its color.

Di Jun, with a light step, flew forward to catch her.

After the Thunder Tribulation, the clouds dispersed, revealing a clear sky.

Di Jun looked down at Zhong Michu. Her chin and ears were bleeding, her eyes open but unfocused. Di Jun wasn’t sure if she was gravely injured or had been struck senseless by the lightning.

Di Jun shook her lightly and held her in his arms, remarking disdainfully, “Brainless.” He then turned and walked towards the exit of Zhuling Platform.

Zuo Taisui abruptly stood up. With the destruction of the Qilin Marrow and the ensuing chaos on Zhuling Platform, everyone was in a sour mood. “Your Majesty, you’re leaving just like that?”

Di Jun glanced back at him and asked, “What’s the matter, Sect Leader? Do you wish to invite me for tea?”

Zuo Taisui rose and descended the steps, raising his hand in gesture, “Your Majesty, look around.”

“Isn’t this what happens when someone undergoes tribulation?”

Zuo Taisui stood with his hands behind his back, silently looking at Di Jun.

Pretending to have a sudden realization, Di Jun said, “Ah, I understand now. You all wish to congratulate my granddaughter on her advancement in cultivation, don’t you? There’s no need for praise. Whether she can hear it or not, I’m unsure. But I can accept gifts on her behalf.”

Members of the Biluo Sect sneered, “Your Majesty, why pretend to be oblivious? Yes, you are the Dragon King of the Four Seas, but we are currently in their domain. Imagine if everyone acted as she did, causing chaos in a sect’s sacred grounds and then departing without a second thought. What would become of the sects’ dignity? How could they possibly retain their respect and authority in such circumstances?”

Di Jun’s gaze sharply turned to the speaker, his eyes narrowing, “She’s not just anyone. She’s a princess of the Dragon Clan, the future Dragon King.”

“If you want clarity, I’ll make it clear,” Suddenly, the skies turned ominous. As Di Jun spoke, he seemed to loom larger, evoking the sensation of looking up at a vast mountain.

His voice thundered, echoing powerfully, “I understand the thoughts crossing your minds. Consider the world’s finite space – when one claims new territory, another loses it. The Dragon Clan hasn’t expanded its borders for ages, not from fear but to uphold our integrity. If any of you have ambitions to extend your realms, go ahead. Our Dragons could use some exercise.”

“Why not have all four continents confront us? Even if the Qilin Marrow wasn’t destroyed, do you honestly believe you can rule the world? Think of Danxue Mountain in Zhongzhou, still reigning supreme over all others. And the Azure Phoenix Clan, upon hearing about this Qilin Marrow, might be even more excited than us.”

Di Jun continued, “I’m tired of your games. If you want clarity, let’s have a grand showdown across the Five Continents and Four Seas!”

The color drained from the faces of the Biluo Sect members. Di Jun’s words were tantamount to declaring war. While the four sects could confront one Dragon Clan, the real fear was the Azure Phoenix joining forces with the Dragon Clan. A battle between these powers would lead to devastation and spell doom for the world of cultivation.

That’s why, even as an elder of the Biluo Sect, the speaker hesitated to respond.

A member of the Qianyun Sect, who had remained silent, finally stepped forward, bowing respectfully, “Your Majesty, please calm down.”

Delegates from other sects were elders, but the representative from the Qianyun Sect was its leader, Nianhua.

Di Jun snorted coldly.

“If an all-out war breaks out between the clans, there will surely be massive casualties with devastation across the lands. The spiritual roots of the world would be damaged, taking who knows how many years to repair. Your Majesty, as the leader of your clan, surely does not wish to see such an outcome. Neither do we.

Di Jun sarcastically retorted, “Really? The Xu Ling Sect in Nanzhou seems quite lively to me.”

Nianhua glanced at Zuo Taisui, smiling, “Everyone should mind their own business. Qianyun Sect only concerns itself with Beizhou, hoping for peace in the world.”

Di Jun remarked, “It seems the four continents are not as united as I thought.”

Nianhua didn’t respond directly but said, “I believe the elder’s words were not meant to challenge Your Majesty’s authority or declare war. It’s just that there are certain manners guests should observe. It’s not appropriate to come and go as one pleases.”

Di Jun chuckled, nodding in agreement. “Well said.” He gestured to a side, and a servant brought forth a brocade box. Inside was a pearl from the Eastern Sea.

While precious to smaller sects, for the Four Immortal Sects, it wasn’t of significant value.

Di Jun said, “A gift from the Dragon Clan, to celebrate your newfound treasure.”

“Bidding farewell!” Holding Zhong Michu, Di Jun led his entourage away, his voice echoing from the distance, “If any of you wish to visit the Penglai Palace, you’re most welcome. No need for gifts; the Eastern Sea isn’t short of such trinkets!”

Zuo Taishu stared coldly at the luminescent pearl. The more dazzling its glow, the more it pained his eyes.

“Congratulations on obtaining such a treasure?” What a great irony! This ‘treasure’ is now nothing more than a puddle of rotten blood.

It can’t even be called a puddle of rotten blood. The poisoned blood transformed by Gu Fuyou mingled with the dragon blood, making it impossible to distinguish between the two. The blood had already clotted, and the thunderstorms had charred it to a pitch-black lump.

Yet, there were others present, and the mystery of Gu Fuyou’s death still needed investigation. Having to placate members of the other three sects, Zuo Taisui had to suppress his fury. With a cold voice, he ordered, “Put it away.”

After leaving the Thirty-Three Skies with Zhong Michu, she had completely fainted. She remained unconscious during the entire journey until they returned to Penglai Palace.

One day, while Dongli was changing her dressing, Zhong Michu suddenly woke up, gasping as if she were drowning, desperately grabbing the hand before her.

She looked like a frightened young animal, her eyes wet and restless.

Dongli tried to calm her. Zhong Michu said, “Dongli, Dongli, I had a dream. They turned to ash, and I couldn’t catch them. Dongli, I couldn’t hold onto anything.”

Dongli paused, holding back tears. “It wasn’t a dream,”

Zhong Michu murmured, “It wasn’t a dream.” Zhong Michu’s brow furrowed, and it felt like a lump of air was pressing down on her chest, making it hard to breathe. She spat out blood and collapsed backward onto the bed.


Sweat drenched Zhong Michu as she continued to cough up blood. As her coughs weakened, another doctor exclaimed, “Her wound has reopened!”

Doctors rushed to find help; some fetched medicine, while others held onto Zhong Michu’s wrist, channeling spiritual energy into her.

Dongli crouched beside the bed, using a handkerchief to wipe away the blood on her face. The blood flowed into her ear, accumulating there.

“Michu, you need to hold on, you must survive. Do you understand?” Dongli pleaded, tears streaming down her face.

“The Sect Leader entrusted the command token to you, entrusted Xuan Miao Sect to you. The elders made way for us, and Gu Fuyou… she turned herself into a bargaining chip so we could escape from the Zuo family. We’ve come so far; you can’t give up. There’s so much you still need to do.”

“Everything will be alright.”

“Everything will get better.”

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I think she stayed alive to not leave her daughter alone and her promise with her master. Also don’t like her grandfather

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Well her daughter wasn’t even born till recently, probably she was just trying to get strong enough to honor her master and reclaim the sect, get honorable revenge on those who wronged her.

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Thanks for the chapter..

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Backstory 🙂 very fun!

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