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Chapter 77

Gu Fuyou handed the jade ring Xiao Zhongting gave her to Scholar Zhai, asking her to deliver it to Xiao Zhi and persuade her to switch allegiances with emotion and reason.

That evening, Scholar Zhai brought back good news. With her persuasive skills and Xiao Zhongting’s token, combined with Xiao Zhi’s aspiration to not be buried in obscurity, Xiao Zhi agreed to trust them.

Scholar Zhai then inquired about the situation in Xiao Zhi’s City Lord’s Mansion, uncovering some interesting facts. Over a year ago, when Zuo Taisui passed away, the position of the Xu Ling Sect’s sect leader became vacant.

In terms of status and qualifications, Zuo Yuezhi was a protector while Zuo Shaode was an enforcer, both holding comparable positions. In terms of achievements, they were evenly matched.

Regarding cultivation, both had reached the stage of Soul Splitting, but Zuo Yuezhi was slightly lower in rank than Zuo Shaode.

In terms of seniority, Zuo Yuezhi was a nephew, and Zuo Shaode was a second uncle, slightly at a disadvantage.

In terms of power, Zuo Shaode controlled Wantong City, the world’s most lucrative place, and managed half of the spirit stone sources in Nanzhou, whereas Zuo Yuezhi, though he owned several cities and spirit mines, was still slightly less wealthy than Zuo Shaode.

Comparing these aspects, Zuo Shaode seemed more qualified to take over as Sect Leader. However, in the end, Zuo Yuezhi secured the position because the Thirty-Three Skies were his territory, and the major elders supported him.

It was like an ancient imperial family, where Zuo Shaode was a powerful feudal prince, and Zuo Yuezhi was the crown prince within the palace.

When the emperor died, the ministers supported the new ruler’s ascension. By the time Zuo Shaode arrived, the throne had already fallen into another’s hands, with no one in the court to support him. He was isolated and had no choice but to submit.

This was the drawback of a family ruling the world – selecting successors based on kinship rather than merit.

Xiao Zhi told Scholar Zhai that initially, many cultivators and staff in the City Lord’s Mansion were extremely dissatisfied, openly stating that the sect leader position rightfully belonged to Zuo Shaode.

Even Zuo Shaode’s son and Xiao Zhi’s husband held this view. However, they were all silenced by Zuo Shaode, who forbade such rebellious talk. Gradually, the resentment in the mansion subsided.

Scholar Zhai relayed everything to Gu Fuyou. She commented, “It seems Zuo Shaode might harbor some resentment.”

Gu Fuyou laughed, “That’s good. If he wants to struggle for power, all the better. When the snipe and clam grapple, the fisherman profits.”

The next morning, Gu Fuyou wanted to see Yi’er and look for Zhong Michu, but she was nowhere to be found. She learned from Scholar Zhai that Zhong Michu had already gone out.

Gu Fuyou pouted in dissatisfaction. She didn’t even tell me.

However, she quickly put aside her displeasure and returned to her room. She excitedly selected various treasures given by Zuo Shaode and some rare items from her collection to give to Yi’er. Not finding anything particularly appealing, she decided to take everything, storing it all in her storage bag before going to see Yi’er.

The people from the Eastern Sea were staying at Si Miao’s house. As she approached, Gu Fuyou heard Yi’er’s soft, slightly aggrieved voice, as if pleading for something.

Entering the courtyard, she saw Zhong Michu crouching down, with Yi’er clinging to her, refusing to let go: “Mother, let me stay with you, please. I’ll be very obedient, I don’t want to go back to the Eastern Sea.”

“Yi’er, be good, go back with Xinghan and Yinhe.”

“But Xinghan and Yinhe can go back alone, I don’t want to leave, I want to stay with you.”


Zhong Michu’s voice grew stern. Sensing her mother’s displeasure, Yi’er rubbed her cheek against her, “Mother, don’t be angry.”

But, she felt very confused and upset. Zhong Michu was very fond of her and would fulfill any request that didn’t harm her. This time, she only wanted to stay with her mother, yet Zhong Michu refused.

Seeing Yi’er’s expression, Gu Fuyou felt a surge of pity and asked Zhong Michu, “What’s going on? You’re sending her back?”

Zhong Michu glanced at her and said softly, “Yes.”

She sighed lightly, holding Yi’er’s hands. “Mother has to do something very dangerous now. Staying with me is not safe, and it might reveal our identities to others.”

Yi’er pursed her lips, looking down without speaking.

Gu Fuyou was startled, realizing she was reluctant to part with Yi’er.

She suddenly became cautious and distractedly said, “Right, she should go back, and you should too.”

She knew that being unattached was most suitable for her revenge. Without attachments, she could be more ruthless than anyone.

Even if it meant mutual destruction with the Zuo family, she would consider it a win, as her goal was to destroy them. Having attachments made her hesitant.

She didn’t want to keep Zhong Michu around for this very reason. Unknowingly, she had gotten used to Zhong Michu’s presence and forgotten to send her away.

Now, with Yi’er around, whom she had grown fond of, she found herself wishing Yi’er would stay by her side every day.

She thought to herself that she wasn’t someone meant to be alone. Returning to this world felt like breaking ties with everything else. Everyone else seemed intricately connected to the world, except her.

Her arrival or departure seemed to matter to no one. Si Miao? She knew deep down that Si Miao would eventually leave her too.

She wanted to leave a mark in this world, to be remembered by someone. So, she found herself unconsciously drawn to Zhong Michu and delighted in Yi’er’s birth, like her own daughter.

It felt like salvation to still have a family. She shouldn’t disturb them with her quest for revenge, yet she couldn’t overcome the desire in her heart.

She realized her own selfishness and contradictions and despised herself for it. “Human nature is hard to change. You’re always thinking of yourself, causing trouble for others, and making no progress, Gu Fuyou,” she thought.

Gu Fuyou’s long eyelashes drooped, her eyes dimming as she said, “Right, Zhong Michu, once you’re healed, you should also leave.”

Zhong Michu hadn’t expected Gu Fuyou to send her away too, feeling inevitably sad. After a while, she said, “If I leave, how will you explain to Zuo Shaode?”

Gu Fuyou was taken aback, not having thought of this.

She had told Zuo Shaode that Zhong Michu was a highly useful slave she had found. If Zhong Michu left, Zuo Shaode would surely notice.

Was it really that she couldn’t explain it, or did she not want Zhong Michu to leave deep down? Gu Fuyou murmured vaguely, “Indeed, so you…”

Zhong Michu said, “I’ll stay. You still need me for your contact with Xiao Zhongting.” Her words carried a hint of threat.

“Um, yes…” Gu Fuyou felt outmatched and uneasy, as if she had said something wrong, and fell silent.

Zhong Michu called, “Xinghan.”

Xinghan came over to carry Yi’er onto Ah Fu’s back. Yi’er struggled one last time, whispering, “Mother, I can turn into a little dragon and hide in your sleeve, they won’t find me.”

Zhong Michu remained silent. Yi’er’s bright eyes were full of hope. She was so endearing it melted hearts, especially Zhong Michu’s, who adored her.

Zhong Michu had to turn away, unable to look at her.

Yi’er’s face couldn’t hide her disappointment. Gu Fuyou handed over the storage bag to comfort Yi’er, saying, “Yi’er, for our first meeting, Ah Man Mother gives you these little gifts, okay?”

Yi’er accepted them, saying, “Thank you, Ah Man Mother.”

Gu Fuyou smiled, “Don’t be sad.”

Yi’er wanted to ask Gu Fuyou to persuade Zhong Michu, but remembering Gu Fuyou had also agreed to her departure, she couldn’t say it. Instead, she puffed up her cheeks and then kissed Gu Fuyou’s forehead, saying, “Ah Man Mother, when you’re done with your tasks, you must come with Mother to visit me in the Eastern Sea.”


After saying this, Yi’er reluctantly glanced at Zhong Michu before getting onto Ah Fu’s back, leaving with Xinghan.

Gu Fuyou felt both reluctant and melancholic, letting out a long sigh. Suddenly, she heard Zhong Michu say sternly, “If you can’t fulfill a promise, don’t casually make it.”

Gu Fuyou was startled, then realized Zhong Michu was referring to her earlier promise to visit Yi’er in the Eastern Sea.

Zhong Michu’s tone revealed her displeasure.

Gu Fuyou rarely saw her like this, as Zhong Michu usually had good control over her temperament.

Feeling as if Zhong Michu was accusing her of being unreliable, Gu Fuyou wanted to defend herself.

But then she remembered that indeed, she might not be able to keep her promise. The longevity of her current body was uncertain, as was her success in defeating the Zuo family, and whether she would be unharmed after everything was uncertain.

Therefore, the promise to visit Yi’er with Zhong Michu in the Eastern Sea wasn’t guaranteed.

It was, in essence, a hollow promise.

Gu Fuyou thought that Zhong Michu, being so devoted to her daughter, didn’t want Yi’er to face disappointment after getting her hopes up. It was inevitable that Zhong Michu would be upset.

Gu Fuyou felt a tinge of envy, uncertain whether she envied Yi’er for having Zhong Michu think so carefully and tenderly for her, or envied Yi’er for having such a loving mother.

Gu Fuyou pursed her lips, which she had opened to respond. After a long pause, almost in a coaxing tone, she asked, “I’m going to Yinxue Pavilion. Will you come with me?”

Zhong Michu responded in a muted voice, “Yes.”

She was sulking, just like before.

Gu Fuyou’s eyes curved in a smile, softening her expression under the sunlight. She didn’t realize how tenderly she was looking at Zhong Michu.

As the two made their way to Yinxue Pavilion and stood in front of the bustling pavilion, it felt like a lifetime had passed. Looking up, both recalled the same scene, but with different people in it.

Zhong Michu seemed to see a girl sitting by the railing amidst a rain of flowers, her ears adorned with a vibrant white lily, her smile radiant.

The image that flashed in Gu Fuyou’s mind was of a woman in a smoke-blue dress, standing alone, looking up in confusion, yet captivating the whole room.

Gu Fuyou was filled with emotions. Since leaving Xian Luo, there were three places she hadn’t visited: Xuan Miao Sect, Xiaoyao City, and Yinxue Pavilion. She didn’t go, didn’t dare to.

Yinxue Pavilion held too many good memories. The head of the pavilion was like family to her, and the gentle women there were like sisters or mothers.

However, all of them were mortals with a mere hundred years of lifespan and had long since passed away. The beauty of these memories only intensified the sense of melancholy she felt when recalling them.

As she had said, there weren’t many left in this world who she loved or who loved her.

Zhong Michu asked, “What are you here for?”

Gu Fuyou said, “Wantong City will soon be in chaos. Sister Zhu used to take good care of me. Ah, Zhu Ruo, you remember the head of the pavilion, right? That time I called you down from the mountain, you got drunk, and then…” Gu Fuyou suddenly stopped.

Zhong Michu gave her a deep look and said, “I remember, very clearly.”

Gu Fuyou: “…”

Gu Fuyou cleared her throat and said, “Yinxue Pavilion was Sister Zhu’s heart and soul. I want to keep it safe and intact.”

Zhong Michu asked, “How do you plan to do that?”

Gu Fuyou replied, “By buying it. When the time comes, I’ll send those girls to a safe place and protect Yinxue Pavilion with a formation. Even if it gets damaged, it can be repaired. The most important thing is to keep the people safe. Speaking of people, I don’t know who’s in charge here now, whether they are as open-minded as Sister Zhu. I hope they aren’t mistreating those girls.”

Zhong Michu said, “I heard that Yinxue Pavilion was sold to someone else, with a new owner. It’s not managed by the people inside anymore. What if the current owner doesn’t want to sell?”

“Won’t sell?” Gu Fuyou snorted, “Then I’ll force them with martial power.”

“And if the owner is someone with high cultivation, do you want to make it known to the entire city?”

“If force doesn’t work, I’ll try a softer approach.” Gu Fuyou flirtatiously blinked, “Beauty and spiritual stones, money and charm, he’s bound to give in.” With her current appearance, considering herself extremely beautiful, she didn’t believe the owner wouldn’t be tempted.

Gu Fuyou naturally assumed the owner was a man from Zhong Michu’s tone. She glanced sideways, her demeanor somewhat like Qing Jun, flirtatiously saying, “If he doesn’t give in, I’ll seduce him into it.”

Zhong Michu looked deeply at her. Gu Fuyou thought she was surprised by her current shamelessness and laughed, “I told you before, I have no limits now. As long as I can kill those I want to kill and protect those I want to protect, I can do anything.”

Zhong Michu didn’t respond to that but simply said, “Let’s go.”

Together, they entered Yinxue Pavilion.

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