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Chapter 76

Everything is Ready

As Gu Fuyou spoke, Xiao Zhongting found it hard to believe, immediately denying, “Impossible.” Frowning at Gu Fuyou, he said, “Although I don’t remember her face, I remember she was the daughter of City Lord Gu and human, not an Azure Phoenix. And besides…” But if not, who else would know about him letting Gu Fuyou go in Xiao City years ago? Did those from Xuan Miao Sect who were with Gu Fuyou back then tell her? Why would they randomly share that?

Xiao Zhongting couldn’t figure it out but also couldn’t believe she was Gu Fuyou.

Gu Fuyou smirked, “And how could Gu Fuyou, who is sworn enemies with the Zuo family, stoop to align with them?” She stepped back and sat down, “City Lord Xiao, why do you think I came to you?”

Xiao Zhongting looked into Gu Fuyou’s eyes, eyes that were staring back at him, with a hint of dark green in the pupils, shimmering coldly. Such eyes, too familiar, were like his own, hiding all regrets and hatred.

He had been tormented by this for a hundred years. Suddenly seeing those eyes, he felt a sense of empathy and regret for not meeting sooner.

Xiao Zhongting spoke sincerely, “Because you hate the Zuo family.”

Gu Fuyou’s eyes curved in a satisfied smile as she revealed to Xiao Zhongting why the Zuo family pursued her, how she died in Lihen Tian, then suddenly woke up, and took over Qing Jun’s body. She only omitted the incidents at Black Mountain in Xian Luo and at Ruizhu Han Palace.

Xiao Zhongting was astounded, “Qilin marrow, resurrection, such things actually exist in this world…” The matter of the Qilin Marrow was still kept secret by the Four Immortal Sects, this miraculous treasure of heaven and earth appeared and disappeared suddenly, known to very few.

And this resurrection by borrowing a body, unheard of in history, was completely new to Xiao Zhongting.

He scrutinized Gu Fuyou, asking deeply, “Even if what you say is true, Miss Gu, why would you entrust me with all this information without fearing I might betray you to the Zuo family for favor or use it to blackmail you?”

Gu Fuyou, resting her fingertips on the edge of a teacup on the nearby table, looked outside the room, her charming eyes like hooks: “Zhong Michu said you can be trusted.”

“Miss Zhong…”

Gu Fuyou continued, “Don’t use people you distrust, don’t distrust people you use. I lay my cards on the table with you, hoping to trust you, and you to trust me, to lessen suspicions. Facing the Zuo family, this colossal entity, we must join hands without any barriers, otherwise, how can we act? Of course, all this is predicated on City Lord Xiao having the ambition to overthrow the Zuo family and willing to join forces with me, otherwise…”

At this point, Xiao Zhongting knew what he had to do, saying, “What if I choose to stay out of this and not take action?”

Gu Fuyou responded, “Then you won’t leave here in one piece today.”

Though she spoke with a smile, Xiao Zhongting was momentarily intimidated by the terrifying silence in the room.

After a while, Gu Fuyou said with a smile, “Don’t mind me, City Lord Xiao, I was joking.”

Xiao Zhongting was startled, then burst into hearty laughter, slapping his forehead, “Good! I, Xiao Zhongting, am willing to gamble once again. Seven hundred years ago, I was ready to rise in revolt, and after seven hundred years, my ambitions hasn’t faded.”

As his laughter subsided, Xiao Zhongting added, “However, I have one condition.”

Gu Fuyou raised her eyebrow, surprised that Xiao Zhongting would propose a condition. Although she had invited him, it wasn’t unusual for him to bargain with his cooperation. However, she remembered Xiao Zhongting refusing Zuo family’s spiritual medicine even on his deathbed, giving her the impression he wasn’t the type to leverage situations for personal gain. Had years of serving under the Zuo family made him shrewder?

“What’s the condition?”

Xiao Zhongting solemnly said, “If heaven does not favor us and we ultimately fail, I hope the Dragon Clan can step in to rescue my daughter, provide her with protection, at least keep her safe for a lifetime, and not let her stay in the Zuo family to suffer their torment.”

So it was for his daughter, a common human sentiment. But…

Gu Fuyou struggled, “I can’t promise that, the Eastern Sea isn’t under my control…”

Then, a clear voice from outside chimed in, “Okay.”

Gu Fuyou: “…”

Xiao Zhongting’s expression relaxed, and he bowed towards the outside, loudly thanking, “Thank you, Miss Zhong!”

Turning to Gu Fuyou, Xiao Zhongting bowed with a fist and said seriously, “Miss Gu, I, Xiao Zhongting, is willing to climb mountains of swords, descend into pots of boiling oil. I seek neither glory nor riches, just to uproot the Zuo family from Nanzhou, at your disposal, even at the cost of my life!”

Seeing him agree, Gu Fuyou breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, she had won over a capable general. Although she was almost certain before meeting Xiao Zhongting, his agreement now really settled the matter, feeling different indeed.

Gu Fuyou had already discussed with Scholar Zhai. After Xiao Zhongting declared his stance, she didn’t waste words with him, directly inquiring about the situation in Bailu City. Xiao Zhongting was straightforward, speaking clearly and concisely, summarizing the city defense, military strength, the cultivation and character of several top figures, and their whereabouts in a few words.

Although Xiao Zhongting wasn’t a member of the Zuo family and lacked access to Bailu City’s core authority, his hundred years of diligent cultivation to the peak of Nascent Soul stage and his recent promotion as the city’s defense general made his knowledge invaluable for Gu Fuyou.

After their meeting in the hall, which lasted as long as a meal, they emerged to a setting sun casting a gentle and warm light.

Xiao Zhongting took out a jade ring from his pocket and handed it to her. It was a storage ring, which he had been fondling like mutton fat jade, “Miss Gu, please give this to my daughter, Zhi. Tell her to take care of herself. She will trust you when she sees this.”

Since Xiao Zhi’s marriage into the Zuo family, he had visited her a few times. At that time, because she had secretly run to the Zuo family, he was furious but powerless, unable to forcibly take her back. Even if he could, what about the many people in Xiao family, the citizens of Xiao City? He, a grown man, couldn’t help shedding tears in front of his daughter.

Since then, whenever Xiao Zhongting went to the Zuo family, Xiao Zhi refused to see him again, fearing her father would see her situation in the Zuo family and feel pained and guilty. Because of this, father and daughter hadn’t seen each other for many years.

Gu Fuyou accepted the ring. Both noticed the person sitting on the railing. Zhong Michu leaned against a pillar, with Yi’er sleeping in her arms, bathed in the warm golden glow of the setting sun.

Xiao Zhongting bowed to Zhong Michu, lowering his voice, “Miss Zhong.”

Zhong Michu said, “You shouldn’t stay here long. Kunling will escort you back. We’ll have someone at your place for future communication.”

“Okay.” Xiao Zhongting hesitated, then added, “Miss Zhong, about Zhi’s matter, if it comes to that…” The love of a parent for their child is deep and far-reaching. Even someone like him couldn’t help but repeatedly confirm.

Zhong Michu assured, “Don’t worry, I’ll ensure her safety.”

“Thank you.”

Xiao Zhongting headed towards the back courtyard, quietly leaving the city led by Kunling.

After Xiao Zhongting left, Gu Fuyou looked at Zhong Michu for a long time before saying, “You didn’t have to make such a promise to him for my sake.”

Cultivators take promises and oaths very seriously, as their cultivation could attract divine retribution if they fail to keep their word.

Zhong Michu smiled at her without saying anything.

“What’s the matter?”

“It’s not just for you…”

Gu Fuyou’s face changed, showing unmistakable embarrassment as she brushed her hair behind her ears, “Ah, yes, um…” She wished she could take back her earlier assumption. She had thought Zhong Michu’s promise was solely for her benefit, since it was made during her negotiation with Xiao Zhongting.

Feeling overly self-conscious and embarrassed, she realized her mistake.

“It’s not entirely for you.”


“Ah Man.” Zhong Michu called her softly, every time she used this name, it was with earnestness, as if her words were coated with sweetness. “Regarding the Zuo family, I have a part to play too. Making that promise is no big deal.”

Gu Fuyou’s expression calmed, and in the sunlight, her eyes sparkled with a beautiful shade of green. “Zhong Michu…”

“Yes, I’m here.”

In dealing with the Zuo family, whether it was working with Si Miao, Scholar Zhai, or Xiao Zhongting, she never felt uneasy about leveraging their strengths. She had said before, to ensure the Zuo family’s downfall, she would do anything, without any moral limitations. But when it came to Zhong Michu, even a small promise made on her behalf made her feel like she was using her…

“It’s getting late, let’s go back.”


The two had been outside for a long time. Zhong Michu handed the sleeping Yi’er to Xinghan, and Gu Fuyou carried the storage bag as they returned to the City Lord’s mansion.

In Gu Fuyou’s storage bag was the material for a sword embryo. Now with all the materials ready and the major root array formulas memorized, she could start forging the sword.

Xiao Zhongting had pointed out three key figures in Bailu City.

First, the city lord Zuo Yuanrong. The three Zuo brothers – Zuo Taisui, Zuo Shaode, and Zuo Yuanrong – each controlled a strategic location vital to the Zuo family.

Second, Zuo Qingfeng, the younger brother of Zuo Yuezhi. After Zuo Yuezhi became the sect leader, he couldn’t trust his two uncles, who were not only older but also had slightly higher cultivation. They controlled two major cities, their power rivaling the clan leader. Hence, he stationed Zuo Qingfeng in Bailu City under the guise of recuperation but actually to keep an eye on things.

Third, the alchemist Du Pan, responsible for the formulation and improvement of Bailu City’s slave contract secret medicine. He was the one who concocted the slave contract medicine for Gu Fuyou.

If all three were in Bailu City, it would make Gu Fuyou’s actions extremely difficult.

Xiao Zhongting informed her that Du Pan was currently away, located in the Wanyao Pavilion in Wantong City. Si Miao was also there, and both being top alchemists, they inevitably interacted. Du Pan’s presence in the Wanyao Pavilion was actually relayed to her by Si Miao.

Xiao Zhongting also shared that a large amount of spirit stones were being transported to Zuo Qingfeng’s residence, indicating he might be entering closed-door cultivation soon.

With two of the three key figures absent, only Zuo Yuanrong remained, making it an ideal time to act. Zuo Yuanrong was known to be greedy and cowardly, even less courageous than his descendants.

Gu Fuyou thought it was the perfect opportunity to forge the sword, right under Zuo Shaode’s nose in his mansion. He probably wouldn’t interfere, and might even unwittingly contribute precious materials to her cause.

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