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Chapter 51

Against Heaven’s Will, the Celestial Master Plucks a Flower

Ji Chaoling noticed the intent in Zuo Yuezhi’s gaze. Seeing him subtly shift his shoulders, Ji Chaoling realized Zuo Yuezhi was aiming for Zhong Michu. Although Ji Chaoling had initially been fighting with Zuo Yuezhi, now, after enduring the crushing power of the manifestation’s palm, he was seriously injured and his spiritual power was slow to return. Struggling to rise, he stumbled and fell back down.

Zuo Yuezhi had already bypassed him, launching an attack towards Zhong Michu and the others behind the stone stele. From his sleeve, thin threads flew out, alive like serpents, winding towards the four disciples.

Fortunately, when Ji Chaoling realized he couldn’t move, he shouted urgently, “Jiu Yuan!”

Jiu Yuan was currently battling with his spirit beast, chasing Ji Xiyan. Ji Xiyan didn’t retaliate but merely dodged. The two were deeply entangled. Hearing Ji Chaoling’s call, Jiu Yuan snapped back to reality. Turning his head and seeing Zuo Yuezhi heading towards the juniors, his usually rosy face now seemed aflame with anger. He moved in a flash, blocking Zuo Yuezhi’s path.

Ji Chaoling coughed a couple of times, then said with conviction, “Protector Zuo, now you intend to swallow Xuan Miao Sect whole. We lack the strength, and I have no complaints, but your Xu Ling Sect is a reputable one. You must act with some restraint; don’t harm the younger generation! Those who cultivate should maintain a shred of kindness in their hearts. Otherwise, the cycle of karma will inevitably bring retribution.”

Dodging Jiu Yuan’s attacks and retreating to face Ji Chaoling once again, Zuo Yuezhi shook his head, “No wonder your brother said you’re not fit to be a sect leader. Sect Leader Ji, I respect you as a person, but as for leading… that’s not your strength. A leader must be decisive in killing and showing mercy is utterly useless. Have you heard that when cutting grass, one must remove the roots? If I let them go today, ha, the cycle of karma and inevitable retribution would truly come tomorrow.”

Listening to his words, Ji Chaoling caught sight of Ji Xiyan standing on the Zuo side, his chest heaving violently for a few moments, then shouted loudly, “The Heavens are watchful!”

“If man doesn’t bring you down, the Heavens surely will!” Ji Chaoling declared, his voice resounding towards the heavens.

“Perhaps the heavens will destroy you first,” remarked Zuo Yuezhi as his clan retreated, forming a group around him. From his hand, a radiant yellow light emerged, enveloping them all.

The heavens rumbled like muffled thunder, and a fierce wind swept across the land, darkening everything. The Dharma Manifestation above was launching another palm strike. The Zuo family clustered together, making it easier for the manifestation to target Xuan Miao Sect without holding back. As this palm descended upon the elders in the square, even if they managed to block it, the elders would be gravely injured. The shockwaves would also affect Zhong Michu and her companions, leaving no strength to resist.

Ji Chaoling struggled to his feet, preparing to block the strike once more. All the manifestation’s energy was concentrated in this palm. If he could withstand this blow, the entity’s spiritual power would be exhausted, and it would dissipate. Just hold on through this palm…

But as Ji Chaoling mobilized his spiritual energy, he felt immense pain internally. He wondered if he could even survive, let alone block the palm.

The elders looked up at the palm descending from the sky, not only powerless to stop it but also filled fear. It’s a natural human reaction; even Ji Chaoling, with his high cultivation, felt a chill in the face of this Dharma Manifestation. As they looked upon it, like gazing upon a towering mountain, they felt their own insignificance. Facing such a setback, how could they march forward, risking their lives?

Yet, under the overwhelming presence of the Dharma Manifestation, amidst the turmoil of storm and shadow, a delicate figure stepped out, standing in the dim world. Compared to the might of the heavens and the earth, she seemed too frail in her plain clothes. She looked up at the manifestation, her expression calm, and with a twist of her white wrist, she made a gesture as if plucking a flower.

Zhong Michu and others were inside a small protective formation set up by Jiu Yuan. Dongli, facing the square, saw this scene and was stunned, saying, “Master…”

Upon hearing this, Zhong Michu, who was originally lying in Gu Fuyou’s arms, perhaps sensing something in her heart, or perhaps hearing Dongli’s words and knowing something was wrong, struggled to turn over. But having been seriously injured, she barely got up before almost collapsing to the ground again. It was Gu Fuyou who supported her. Lifting her head, she saw across the square the scene of Yunran gently holding a flower, and her eyes suddenly reddened. “No, don’t, please don’t.”


Ji Chaoling realized what Yunran intended to do and exclaimed in panic, “Junior Sister!”

Yunran looked back, offering a faint smile. Ji Chaoling was at a loss for words. He watched as the lady in front of him summoned blossoms, thousands of petals lifted by the wind. The Dharma Manifestation’s palm strike was fierce, but the floral breeze was exceptionally gentle. As they clashed, the palm seemed to hit a mass of clouds, its force unable to extend. In the next moment, the aura of the Dharma Manifestation suddenly softened, merging with the floral wind and gently blowing in all directions, transforming the severe cold into a warm spring.

The final spiritual power of the Dharma Manifestation was neutralized by Yunran, and the manifestation dissipated. The dark clouds scattered, the heavens and earth brightened, and a rain of flowers fell. Purples and reds decorated the landscape, and although it was already autumn in Jingdu Mountain, it felt like spring, with the fragrance of flowers everywhere and a warm breeze tenderly touching everything.

Yunran collapsed among the petals, and Ji Chaoling staggered towards her. Yunran’s body aged rapidly, withering, and in the end, she turned into a wisp of ash and was carried away by the wind. He said mournfully, “Junior sister,” as a tear fell.

Yunran had sacrificed her cultivation to neutralize the Dharma Manifestation and, among the elders, she had the lowest level of cultivation; yet before she had given birth, her cultivation had once surpassed his, with hopes of stepping into the next realm before him. Now, her powers had declined due to her damaged body, and he was aware of her pride; without hope of attaining immortality, she preferred not to live an ordinary life but to depart in a blaze of glory, having made peace with her fate, a decision he realized he could not stop.

All the elders in the sect had seen Yunran in her glory days, so full of life and pride. As petals fell and a warm breeze lingered, all harshness was buried, and a moment of tranquil tenderness was achieved. Jiu Yuan sighed, “Oh, Xuanzun…”

A snow-white petal brushed against Zhong Michu’s cheek. She caught it and held it close to her heart, curling up tightly. Yet, the petal slipped through her grasp, eventually vanishing.

Gu Fuyou could not bear to watch and took her into her arms, only then realizing that she was trembling all over. Tightening her arms, she felt a profound sadness and said, “It’s okay to cry, don’t keep it all inside.”

Zuo Yuezhi and others had also heard of Yunran’s story. Once ambitious and after giving birth to a daughter, her brilliance was dimmed. Now, unexpectedly, she came forward to stop the strike, and indeed she stopped it. Amidst their surprise, a sense of respect arose, but this respect did not halt their steps.

In the square, Zuo Yuezhi had seven people. Including Zuo Shaode and Ji Xiyan, there were nine in total. As the magical manifestation dissipated, they immediately targeted Zhong Michu and her group. On Ji Chaoling’s side, they originally had nine members. Ji Chaoling’s side originally also had nine people, but with Yunran’s death and the arrival of Zheng Changwei from Xiaoyao City, there were still nine people, still evenly matched in strength.

Ji Xiyan stood with his arms crossed, not taking any action. Ji Chaoling glanced at him and walked with heavy steps to where Zhong Michu and others were, with the spirit beast of Jiu Yuan, a white ape, also waiting on the side. Ji Chaoling said, “Michu, my good child.”

Zhong Michu’s voice came out weakly, “Master…”

Ji Chaoling continued, “Leave with them and take care of yourself in the future. Though your identity is complicated, remember wherever you go in the future, you are a disciple of the Xuan Miao Sect. Remember the teachings of your master: be pure and righteous, without shame before heaven and earth. Michu, in all you do, never forget your original intentions.”

Zhong Michu grabbed his arm, seriously injured and breathing unevenly, “Master, are you going to abandon your disciple too?”

Ji Chaoling gestured with his hand and took out the Sect Leader’s command token, “Your master will always be by your side, protecting you and the Xuan Miao Sect.”

He quickly placed the token inside her robes, not allowing her a chance to respond, and abruptly stood up, signaling, “Jiu Yuan.”

Jiu Yuan and the White Ape, in perfect sync, understood immediately. Just as Zhong Michu was about to shout, “Master”, the White Ape stretched out its left arm, gathering Dongli and Liu Guizhen into its embrace with its left, and with its right, it gathered Zhong Michu and Gu Fuyou, leaping several meters high and jumping to a distance of about nine meters away.

The one closest to the white ape at this moment was Zuo Yuezhi, who was fighting with the second elder of the Xuan Miao Sect. Seeing the situation, he immediately made a gesture with his eyes, with one palm strike, sent the second elder crashing into the hall. Just as he was about to pursue Zhong Michu and the others, Ji Chaoling blocked his path.

Zuo Yuezhi remarked, “Sect Leader Ji, the end is near, struggling is futile.”

Ji Chaoling said, “You act so recklessly, have you calculated that the three continents will not intervene?”

Zuo Yuezhi laughed lightly, his sleeve fluttering, “Sect Leader Ji, let me share a truth with you. We practice cultivation with the goal of becoming immortals, yet until we achieve immortality, we remain human. And humans? We chase what we want. If someone is not swayed, it is because the temptation isn’t big enough. And when the rewards are grand enough, all this talk of righteousness and virtue? It’s all just talk. If it’s true for your brother, it’s true for every sect in the three continents,” he gestured towards the Heavens, “The Heavens are on my side, Sect Leader Ji. They’ve set the stage for my Xu Ling Sect to rightfully unify Nanzhou at last.

Ji Chaoling heard the deeper meaning in his words, but knew that he could not get more information at this moment, and even if he could, he was powerless to intervene. What he could manage was only the matter at hand. He looked towards Ji Xiyan not far away and called out deeply, “Brother Mu.” After becoming the Sect Leader, he had not called him that again. “You’d rather be the lackey of the Zuo family, betray your sect, and stab your own brother in the heart!”

Ji Chaoling’s expression turned stern as he shouted coldly, “Then come over here and kill your brother yourself, don’t just hide behind Zuo Yuezhi!”

Ji Xiyan replied, “Elder brother, you will not die. I will not kill you. You will have to watch with your own eyes as I become the Sect Leader and achieve immortality through my cultivation.”

Sect Leader Ji declared, “Today, either you die or I perish.”

As soon as his words fell, the spiritual power around Ji Chaoling surged, the sky turned dark, and yet a radiance emitted all around. The heavens lit up with points of light like countless stars spinning and shimmering, falling straight down like meteors, targeting the people of the Zuo family.

Zuo Yuezhi remarked, “You want to emulate Yunran?!”

Everyone scattered, drawing their magical artifacts to either defend or attack. In the chaos, many were caught off guard.

Ji Xiyan exclaimed, “At the very least, spare your life! You don’t need to do this!”

Blood dripped from the corner of Ji Chaoling’s mouth, his eyes glaringly bright and terrifying, “Little brother, you cannot become the Sect Leader.”

Ji Xiyan coldly retorted, “You’ve always, always looked down on me!”

Ji Chaoling looked up to the sky, “The motto of the Xuan Miao Sect is about heritage and the endless cycle of life. Little brother, you have always failed to grasp it.”

No sooner had he finished speaking than the meteors crashed down, a huge sound echoed from the main peak, and the mountain itself began to crumble from within, collapsing thunderously.

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