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Chapter 64

Night of Dark Moon and Strong Winds

She glanced at Zhong Michu’s departing figure from the corner of her eye. Standing side by side, Zhong Michu and Jiu Yao appeared taller than even Zuo Yuezhi, who was standing on the platform. Behind them were their attendants. As they came to a stop, the attendants moved forward to offer their gifts, seemingly in celebration.

“Dragon Lord of the Four Seas and the Azure Phoneix Clan Leader, offering congratulations on Zuo Sect Leader’s birthday,” announced one of the attendants.

Zuo Yuezhi remained silent for a moment before finally speaking. Jiu Yao, with a deep and unhurried voice, commented, “What’s the matter? Aren’t you going to invite your guests to sit? Is this how the Xu Ling Sect treats its visitors?”

Zuo Yuezhi motioned his attendants to accept the gifts and offered a faint smile, “Thank you for your kindness, esteemed guests. Please take your seats.”

Zhong Michu and Jiu Yao settled down at a prominent table on the right side, directly opposite her.

She found the unfolding events highly entertaining. She recalled how they once fled from Xuan Miao Sect all the way to Gu City, battered and bruised, finally forced into submission by the combined efforts of Zuo Yuezhi and Lu Yandong, bearing countless wounds and humiliation.

How the tables have turned.

Hiding part of her face behind the fan, her eyes couldn’t help but focus on Zhong Michu’s waist.

Zhong Michu and Jiu Yao, now seated, had obscured the view, but she had clearly seen earlier. Hanging from Zhong Michu’s waist was a storage bag that seemed out of place against her elegant outfit. It was hers, likely the same one she had given to Zhong Michu back in Gu City.

To distinguish it, she had embroidered the character ‘Man’ on it. Despite being skilled in embroidery, her handwriting was less refined, resulting in the character having a weird appearance. Such a distinctive storage bag was surely one of a kind.

Lost in thought about retrieving it, she sensed that Zhong Michu might still have the sword inside the bag. Having that sword would make confronting the Xu Ling Sect much easier.

She wondered if Zhong Michu still remembered her, else why would she carry such an unsightly bag? Her feelings were a mix of bewilderment and fondness.

While she was lost in her thoughts, Jiu Yao was quietly observing her, “Michu, the Qingluan at the front table is undoubtedly from my clan. When did she become a distinguished guest of the Zuo family?”

Zhong Michu replied indifferently, “If she’s from your clan and you don’t recognize her, how should I know her?”

She was observing Zhong Michu when Jiu Yao mused, “Michu, she’s been watching you.”

Zhong Michu looked over to see the Qingluan, who was strikingly beautiful, a common trait among her kind. She leaned casually on the table, her gaze playful and alluring.

Zhong Michu was momentarily startled. “Do you recognize her?” asked Jiu Yao.

“Somewhat familiar,” Zhong Michu admitted, then shook her head, “I can’t remember.”

Jiu Yao pondered, “All the Qingluan in our clan have been in seclusion for millennia. I wonder which one she is and why she hasn’t returned to Zhongzhou or the Ruizhu Palace, instead wandering the four continents.”

Zhong Michu suggested, “Your clan’s records should reveal her identity.”

Jiu Yao laughed, “It’s not that simple. Our clan’s portraits are buried in some corner, and if she’s a descendant of the recluses, she wouldn’t be in the records.”

Zhong Michu advised, “Why not ask her directly?”

“That’s true,” Jiu Yao conceded. “No point in speculating.”

Jiu Yao intended to inquire, but the Qingluan had already left.

She had to leave early. Before dealing with the Xu Ling Sect, she wanted to avoid entanglements with the Azure Phoenix Clan, complicating matters.

She returned to the resting chamber arranged by Zuo Yuezhi. As night approached, Zuo Qingqing visited her, excitedly sharing that Zhong Michu was staying overnight, hoping to converse with her.

Waving her fan, she chuckled to herself. The naive girl didn’t realize Zhong Michu wasn’t here to celebrate a birthday; she was here to gauge the real strength of the Xu Ling Sect.

The grudges between the Xu Ling Sect and Zhong Michu were too deep, not something that could be easily forgiven.

She speculated that Zhong Michu must be seeking personal revenge. From the incident with former Sect Leader Zuo Taisui, she had waited until she was strong enough to act. Otherwise, the Dragon Clan would have waged a decisive battle against the Xu Ling Sect seven hundred years ago.

Although the Xu Ling Sect dominated Nanzhou, it wasn’t invincible. Despite Zuo Taisui’s death, with Zuo Yuezhi handling affairs and new talents emerging, made the sect seemingly more prosperous than a century ago. Whether the sect was truly invincible remained to be seen.

As night fell, she watched Zuo Qingqing’s departing figure with a smile. Who knew if the Zuo family was just calm on the surface, with turmoil beneath? With the destruction of Xiaoyao City and the submission of the Xuan Miao Sect, the Zuo family had no more worries, ruling Nanzhou unchallenged for seven hundred years. But after Zuo Taisui’s death, she doubted if the position of sect leader was uncontested within the family.

Standing outside the hall, she didn’t realize how much time had passed until the sky turned completely dark, a lone moon hanging in the sky, and the night breeze fluttering her clothes.

Her immediate priority was to retrieve her sword.

She stepped out, her figure graceful and silent, blending into the night. Zuo Qingqing mentioned Zhong Michu’s accommodation was in the Wankong Hall, not far from hers. In Lihen Tian, where every three steps there was a barrier and every nine steps a formation, she moved through them effortlessly, as if they were non-existent.

Upon reaching Wankong Hall, she lightly leaped onto the roof of the chamber. Inside, the hall was brightly lit.

A handsome man in armor stood guard outside the door. Suddenly, a gust of wind seemed to blind him momentarily. He squinted, then called out sharply, “Who’s there!” Seeing no one in the courtyard and the door still closed, he wondered if it was just an illusion.

She had already entered the hall, observing the guard from inside and shaking her head at his near discovery due to the sharp intuition of the Dragon Clan.

She moved silently through the hall, draped in heavy red curtains. She guessed Zhong Michu would be meditating by now, assuming her habits hadn’t changed.

Once Zhong Michu lowered her guard, it would be easier to act.

She had just taken a few steps when her eyes narrowed. She silently rose into the air, balancing on a beam.

Below her, the woman in black emerged from behind the screen, seemingly heading out.

She was impressed by the woman’s swift, flawless movement.

Suddenly, she exhaled a visible breath in the cool air, and her heart sank. Realizing her mistake, she quickly moved, but a moment later, where she had been standing, an icy cascade poured down.

She landed softly, only to find the ground slippery with ice. Ice sprang up, trapping her waist and legs.

“Is she a water or ice spirit root?” she wondered. Even an ice spirit root cultivator wouldn’t usually act as swiftly as Zhong Michu.

Separated by a thin curtain, she saw a pair of pale hands gently parting it.

Zhong Michu spoke, “After hundreds of years, the Xu Ling Sect still prefers to act in the shadows…”

She felt momentarily dazed, remembering a time when Zhong Michu had similarly lifted a curtain, looking at her and saying something – “Safe travels.” That was when she was heading to Xian Luo.

The memory briefly overwhelmed her, but the present demanded her attention.

Zhong Michu looked at the figure trapped in ice, surprised, “It’s you.”

She regained her composure. Zhong Michu approached, asking, “What are you doing here?”

She smiled slightly, “Guess.”

Zhong Michu remained silent.

Frowning slightly, Zhong Michu recalled, “I remember where I’ve seen you before.”

Still smiling, she asked, “Oh, where?” Resigned to her remarkable memory, even after seven hundred years.

Zhong Michu firmly said, “Xian Luo.”

Zhong Michu’s gaze was fixed on her, “Why are you awake? Why is a Qingluan mingling with the Zuo family? And why sneak into my chamber now? Did the Zuo family send you?”

She replied playfully, “So many questions. Which should I answer first?” Her eyes curved attractively, “Come closer, and I’ll tell you.”

Zhong Michu stood still, her expression cold.

She teased, “You’re not coming? Then I’ll come to you.”

As she spoke, the ice trapping her shattered. She transformed into a swift green shadow, darting towards Zhong Michu with the lightness of a feather. However, being an internal cultivator and with Zhong Michu being skilled in both internal and external cultivation, she was at a disadvantage. Knowing this, she aimed to surprise and strike first.

Zhong Michu reacted quickly, advancing instead of retreating, watching her attack while trying to capture her. She, however, seemed to know that Zhong Michu wouldn’t use lethal force.

Just as Zhong Michu caught her wrist, she leaned forward, attempting to bite Zhong Michu’s ear. Zhong Michu no longer needed to hide her identity, and therefore, her ears.

Zhong Michu’s expression changed, and she swiftly moved back, covering her right ear, glaring coldly at her.

She fanned herself, laughing, “Why so distant? Don’t want to listen?” Knowing Zhong Michu’s ears were a weak spot, she had aimed there, forcing her to evade.

Suddenly, ice spikes rose from the ground, turning the warm hall into an ice cave. The ice climbed up her clothes, reaching her neck. She didn’t move, only watching Zhong Michu, softly saying, “Don’t be so angry.”

Zhong Michu paused, her stern look softening. She approached, melting the ice as she moved. Reaching the ice sculpture, she gazed at the smiling face and melted the ice. However, as the ice melted, the Qingluan’s body rippled like water, and then spun into nothingness, leaving a talisman floating down.

Zhong Michu caught it, wondering, “A puppet? Or an illusion?” Not well-versed in formations or artifact crafting, she couldn’t immediately tell.

She walked outside the chamber and opened the door, calling out, “Xinghan.”

The man standing guard outside hurriedly approached, “Your Majesty.”

Zhong Michu asked, “Did you notice anything unusual just now?”

“Nothing…” Xinghan paused, frowning, “There were two gusts of wind.”

Seeing Zhong Michu’s expression, Xinghan immediately became anxious, “I’m at fault. Was it someone from the Zuo family? Your Majesty, were you frightened?”

Zhong Michu replied, “It’s alright.”

She retreated back into the room, closing the door. Glancing at the talisman in her hand, which was covered in ice, she clenched her hand and the talisman shattered into ice crystals, dissipating into nothingness.

For some reason, she felt inclined to keep her encounter with that Qingluan from Jiu Yao. She had an strange feeling about that Qingluan and decided to visit Xian Luo when free to inquire about her from the Qingluan elder in the inner forest, who might know something.

Meanwhile, the Qingluan in question was walking along the path, brushing off the frost from her body. The fan in her hand, frozen brittle, shattered into pieces as she waved it. Sighing, she thought, “Ah, Senior Sister Zhong is always troublesome. I didn’t get the storage bag, and now my magical artifact is destroyed too.”

Having already alerted her presence, retrieving the storage bag would be more challenging. She had to set aside that plan for now. With Jiu Yao, the Azure Phoenix Clan leader, also in the area, it was no longer safe for her to linger.

Deciding her next move, she took advantage of the night to bid farewell to Zuo Yuezhi. Zuo Yuezhi, thinking she was uncomfortable in Jiu Yao’s presence, didn’t suspect the complexities and let her go without suspicion. After exchanging a few pleasantries, he saw her out of Lihen Tian.

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