The Dragon

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Chapter 96

Zhong Michu and Si Miao were set to depart the next day,

Yi’er was torn between two choices. Returning to the Eastern Sea meant she wouldn’t see Gu Fuyou anymore. She had grown attached to her role as a big sister during this time, enjoying her time with Twenty-Three and Feng Sui. Staying with Gu Fuyou meant she wouldn’t see Zhong Michu.

Before leaving, Zhong Michu pulled Yi’er aside and knelt down to straighten her clothes. “Yi’er, I have a task for you,” she said.

Yi’er responded eagerly, “Mother, tell me.”

Zhong Michu glanced at Gu Fuyou and said, “While I’m not here, stay by Ah Man’s side and look after her for me.”

Now that Zhong Michu had chosen her path, Yi’er felt relieved and nodded, “Okay.”

Zhong Michu smiled softly, “Since you’ve agreed—”

Yi’er confidently finished, “I must keep my word.”

Zhong Michu gently stroked her cheek, “Good girl.”

Standing up, Zhong Michu instructed Xinghan and Yinhe to closely watch over and protect Yi’er. At the same time, Gu Fuyou was saying her goodbyes to Si Miao.

The three-legged crow had grown larger and was ready to fly. On its back, Gu Huaiyou’s body was laid out, with Si Miao kneeling beside it.

Over the years, whenever Si Miao traveled, she always took Gu Huaiyou’s body with her, never straying too far or too long from him.

Gu Fuyou did not object.

Gu Huaiyou, like her, feared loneliness. But unlike her, he always remained quiet and obedient.

Now, she realized he was probably the most neglected member of their family. Overshadowed by an older brother with brilliant talent and a doted-upon younger sister, he was often overlooked due to his quiet and unremarkable nature.

Nobody likes being neglected. He must have longed for the company of those he cared about.

Previously, Gu Fuyou could only see her own misfortunes, sympathizing with herself. But death gave her a broader perspective. It’s just that it was too late for it to matter.

Holding Gu Huaiyou’s hand, she buried her face in his palm, “Brother, the Zuo family will soon pay for what they’ve done. Only one last step remains. Brother, bless me.”

She paused for a long moment, then finally lifted her head. After giving Gu Huaiyou a final glance, she gently leaped down from the three-legged crow.

Zhong Michu approached, and as the crow took off, she said, “Ah Man, I’ll take good care of her. You don’t have to worry.”

Gu Fuyou watched them fly away and then looked at Zhong Michu. She smiled with an unreadable expression but chose not to say anything in response to Zhong Michu’s assurance.

“I’m leaving. The Thirty-Three Skies are different from other cities. Don’t be careless or reckless. Take care of yourself.”

“Zhong Michu.”


“When will you return?”

Zhong Michu looked intently at her, her eyes softening with affection. “I’ll hold off Biluo Sect. Once you take the Thirty-Three Skies, I’ll return.”

“Alright,” Gu Fuyou suddenly stepped forward, turned Zhong Michu around, and said, “Then go.”

Despite the hardship of saying goodbye, they moved with purpose and spoke with conviction, not allowing themselves to hesitate.”

Zhong Michu turned back to Gu Fuyou with a light smile, “I’ve never seen you like this, almost as if you can’t wait for me to leave.”

“You’ve chased me away so many times. Gu Fuyou, there’s a limit to everything.”

“And what happens when that limit is crossed?”

Zhong Michu fell silent for a moment, as if pondering her response.

Finally, Gu Fuyou heard her speak, “Severe punishment.”

Zhong Michu’s voice was low and heavy, carrying the weight of her words.

To any ordinary person, such a warning from the Dragon King would have been enough to make them submit in fear. But Gu Fuyou was no ordinary person, and even when she was just a minor Qi-training cultivator, she had dared to ride on a Dragon’s back and pull its horns.

Listening to Zhong Michu, Gu Fuyou sensed something different in her tone.

Her cheeks flushed slightly as she pushed Zhong Michu, “If you don’t leave now, you won’t catch up with Si Miao.” The silhouette of the three-legged crow was now just a red dot in the distance.

Zhong Michu spoke softly, “Alright, I’m leaving.”

A large cloud formed around her, from which a figure spiraled upwards, carrying the clouds away into the distance until it disappeared from sight.

As late autumn transitioned into winter, Nanzhou braced for the colder days ahead. In its northern part, the Thirty-Three Skies was enveloped in a heavy twilight, casting a somber atmosphere over the area following the first frost.

The autumn wind was harsh and biting. The Thirty-Three Skies, with their thirty-three floating islands, were secured by layers of powerful formations, creating an imposing and majestic sight.

After Zuo Yuezhi sent Du Pan to the Biluo Sect, there had been no news for a long time.

He understood that despite their alliance through marriage, the Biluo Sect wouldn’t easily intervene unless it was in their interest. Negotiations with Du Pan wouldn’t be straightforward.

He felt a profound sense of isolation, as though in the moment the walls fall, everyone is quick to add their push.

From the outside, the Xu Ling Sect appeared strong and prosperous, but in reality, it had been on a decline for the past seven hundred years.

It was hard to find capable and talented individuals among the sect’s descendants. The next generation was lacking, with no one to follow.

Seven hundred years ago, they had expended significant effort and resources to capture the Qilin Marrow. Although they gained little from the Qilin Marrow, they thoroughly offended the Dragon and Azure Phoenix Clans. Consequently, few cultivators from the Four Seas of Zhongzhou traveled to Nanzhou, further suppressed by the Merchants’ Association’s influence. This led to a significant decline in the profits of Wantong City and Bailu City.

To make matters worse, there were signs of depletion in the spiritual mines within Nanzhou.

The Qianyun Sect had little interaction with the Xu Ling Sect, and the Cangwu Sect was known for its opportunistic nature. After the incident seven hundred years ago, their interactions had decreased even further.

The Biluo Sect, having previously offended Zhong Michu, reluctantly allied with the Xu Ling Sect through marriage. Still, their relationship was strained and conflicted.

The Xu Ling Sect’s overbearing nature and uncompromising actions often left no room for others. Someone once said, “If the Xu Ling Sect loses its dominant position and shows any weakness, they will be like a drowning dog, vulnerable to attacks from all sides.”

When the Xu Ling Sect, Xuan Miao Sect, and Xiaoyao City coexisted in Nanzhou, the Xu Ling Sect’s status was unchallenged, even leading the Four Immortal Sects.

However, after unifying Nanzhou, due to various reasons, they gradually declined.

The will of heaven is unpredictable.

Compared to seven hundred years ago, the Xu Ling Sect was now just a shell of its former self, outwardly strong but internally weak.

Alone in Zhuling Platform, Zuo Yuezhi sat in the sect leader’s throne, feigning sleep.

Suddenly, the voice and image of Ji Chaoling appeared in his mind. His voice was sharp, his face smiling with satisfaction as he said, “Sect Leader Zuo, those who cultivate should retain a bit of kindness in their hearts. There should be a limit to one’s actions. Otherwise, the cycle of karma will inevitably bring retribution.”

The cycle of karma will inevitably bring retribution.

Shocked by this voice, Zuo Yuezhi suddenly opened his eyes, realizing it was just a nightmare.

Someone rushed in and knelt before him, “Sect Master, Qingluan is attacking.”

Zuo Yuezhi’s already pale face turned ashen. Nanzhou was vast and difficult to defend.

With Wantong and Bailu cities breached, the Thirty-Three Skies were like a body without its arms. Even if the Qingluan were to attack the last few cities, and it was almost predictable where she would strike next, he couldn’t send reinforcements. His forces were stretched thin, and it was unwise to disperse them further, especially with the Biluo Sect’s reinforcements yet to arrive. He had to recall all his forces back to the sect.

He couldn’t act like Zuo Shaode, risking the invasion of the Thirty-Three Skies while launching a full-scale attack on Qingluan. Not to mention the Thirty-Three Skies, built by human effort over generations, symbolizing the authority of the Xu Ling Sect, and also being the most fortified place in Nanzhou with layers of defensive formations.

The last city to fall was the Xiaoyao City. The Xu Ling Sect remained the only place she hadn’t set foot in, and Zuo Yuezhi knew a decisive battle was inevitable.

Leaving the Zhuling Platform, Zuo Yuezhi flew towards the central courtyard. Ever since Qingluan appeared, the Zuo family had known no peace.

As he landed, a cry of alarm came from the watchtower. Looking up, he saw a streak of green shooting towards the sky. His heart tightened, and he involuntarily took a few steps forward.

The Thirty-Three Skies were layered with defensive formations, and even if the Qingluan reached the Xu Ling Sect, she should have been stopped at the lowest level. How could she have ascended to the Lihen Tian so quickly?

On closer inspection, he realized it wasn’t her forces that had broken through, but she herself had single-handedly stormed the Lihen Tian.

As a Soul Splitting stage cultivator, Qingluan could easily overcome anyone in the Thirty-Three Skies in single combat. What’s more—

She was using Zuo Tianlang as a human shield.

Zuo Yuezhi’s face darkened, a storm brewing in his eyes.

Gu Fuyou, holding Zuo Tianlang, hovered in mid-air, just outside the territory of Lihen Tian. The boundary of this territory was embedded with one hundred and eight Zhenmao Inner Pills, forming a complete encirclement around Lihen Tian.

 Back then, when Zhenmao Inner Pills was plentiful, the Xu Ling Sect, being the preeminent sect, naturally possessed the highest quality of these pills. The Xu Ling Sect had established the first barrier using these pills, creating a highly offensive defense capable of summoning thunderbolts as thick as an arm that could shake the heavens and earth.

The continuous spiritual power meant unending thunderbolts. Cultivators feared thunderbolts the most, and even Gu Fuyou, unless absolutely necessary, wouldn’t dare to touch this barrier. Thus, she didn’t venture into the range of the thunderbolts, standing far away in the air.

This allowed everyone on the city tower to see her clearly.

The cultivators manning the spiritual crossbows saw Gu Fuyou holding Zuo Tianlang, torn between attacking and holding fire.

“It seems she came alone.”

“Is this Qingluan overly confident or just recklessly fearless?”

Gu Fuyou called out, “Zuo Yuezhi.” Her voice spread across the entire Lihen Tian, clear to everyone’s ears. Everyone tensed, as if she might attack at any moment.

Gu Fuyou, not seeing Zuo Yuezhi, teasingly said, “After such a long separation, don’t you want to see your son?”

“Qing Jun,” Zuo Yuezhi had already flown to the eaves of the watchtower, his hands clasped behind his back, his long sleeves fluttering in the wind. If not for the too intense sharpness in his eyes, he would have seemed almost like a sage.

Upon seeing him, Gu Fuyou’s face immediately broke into a smile.

Zuo Yuezhi, getting straight to the point, asked, “What do you want?”

“What do I want?”

Gu Fuyou pressed her sword, Yinhen, against Zuo Tianlang’s neck, her eyes reddening, making her smile seem more sinister.

Seeing Zuo Yuezhi, Zuo Tianlang, on the brink of collapse, found a semblance of support, becoming even more fragile, his voice muffled and unclear.

Zuo Yuezhi, seeing Zuo Tianlang in such a state, felt a tightness in his heart. Hearing his son’s voice, his expression grew even uglier. He said to Gu Fuyou, “Qing Jun, as a cultivator at the stage of Soul Splitting, with your hands stained with so much blood, the heavenly tribulation will be difficult for you…”

Before he could finish, Gu Fuyou, right in front of him, slowly cut open Zuo Tianlang’s neck. The wound gradually widened, blood spurting out.

Zuo Yuezhi stared at her, his facial muscles twitching.

“I want you to witness your closest kin dying in front of you, to feel anger, grief, despair, yet find yourself hopelessly powerless. I couldn’t wait to see this moment, so I came to find you.”

“Zuo Yuezhi, it’s this very moment, the expression on your face.”

Her light, cheerful laughter sounded sinister and evil to the onlookers, her stunningly beautiful smile appearing terrifying.

“I love it so much.”

Everyone thought to themselves, “She’s a madwoman.”

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