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Chapter 22

The Spoiled Girl Doesn’t Understand Worldly Emotions

After she had been punished to kneel in the ancestral hall, Gu Fuyou returned to her residence, sulking and avoiding her father, Gu Wanpeng.

Although Gu Wanpeng stayed at the Xuan Miao Sect for three days, the father and daughter ultimately didn’t meet again to have a proper conversation.

When it was time for Gu Wanpeng to return to Xiaoyao City, Gu Fuyou lay on her bed with disheveled hair, refusing to see him off.

Gu Huaiyou sat beside her and nudged her, saying, “Ah Man, there shouldn’t be lingering resentments between a father and daughter. Listen to your second brother, go apologize to father, and everything will be in the past.”

Gu Fuyou turned to face the wall, murmuring, “I did nothing wrong.”

Gu Huaiyou sighed. Outside, Gu Fuyou had a more restrained temper, keeping to herself unless provoked. But at home, she was fiery and stubborn, constantly clashing with Gu Wanpeng. Almost every time he was home, they would quarrel.

After their arguments, their relationship would become cold, neither willing to back down.

Fortunately, while Gu Fuyou was stubborn, she was also willing to listen. After some persuasion from her elder brother, she would usually reconcile with Gu Wanpeng, and his anger would dissipate.

However, her second brother’s words were not very effective.

The two brothers often lamented that temporary persuasion was just a band-aid solution for their little sister’s rebellious temperament. They feared she might face challenges outside because of her flaws, unsure of how to make her change.

When Gu Fuyou was young, there were only three men in the family, making it difficult to raise a ‘rose.’ Gu Wanpeng was frequently away on official duties, Gu Shuangqing’s cultivation was progressing well as he began to take over the affairs of Xiaoyao City, and Gu Huaiyou, still a youngster, did not know how to educate someone.

Consequently, Gu Fuyou was left to the servants for her upbringing, grew up freely, and eventually went astray.

When the family realized this, it was already too late. Trying to correct her now would not only be an excruciating process for her but would also leave their hands bloody from the rose’sthorns

Unless Gu Fuyou chose to change herself, which seemed unlikely since she felt she was just fine the way she was.

Perhaps one day, she would meet someone for whom she would be willing to change, making herself better for him.

For this reason, Gu Wanpeng and Gu Shuangqing once sought potential husbands for Gu Fuyou…

Gu Huaiyou advised, “Even if you don’t apologize, father is leaving. You should at least see him off.”

Gu Fuyou responded firmly, “No!”

“Huaiyou!” Gu Wanpeng’s voice called from outside the courtyard, urging them.

Gu Huaiyou stood up and said, “If you don’t resolve this now, it will be awkward the next time you see Father. Don’t tell me you plan not to return for the family visit next month?”

Gu Fuyou pulled the blanket over her head, saying, “Then I won’t return.”

Hearing Gu Wanpeng’s voice again, Gu Huaiyou, realizing he couldn’t persuade her, left to bid his father farewell.

Once he left, the room grew quiet.

Throwing off the blanket and with her hair in a mess, Gu Fuyou felt restless. She was unable to sleep or focus on a book. She took a wooden hairpin from beside her bed, fastened her hair, and then went outside.

She took a shortcut down the mountain and, upon seeing the teleportation formation, walked into the nearby woods and stood behind an old locust tree.

Soon, voices approached from the mountain path. Three figures slowly descended and stopped near the teleportation formation.

It was Ji Chaoling, Gu Wanpeng, and Gu Huaiyou.

Gu Wanpeng had official matters to discuss with Ji Chaoling and family matters to entrust to Gu Huaiyou. Using a sword to fly down the mountain would be too quick, leaving little time for conversation, so the three decided to walk instead.

Gu Fuyou, however, managed to get ahead of them. She saw the people but didn’t go out, just leaning against a tree trunk, watching Gu Wanpeng pass by the two and enter the teleportation formation until his figure disappeared.

As she was spacing out, someone suddenly patted her from behind. Turning around, she was greeted with the smiling face of Si Miao.

“Why hide here sneakily, dear silly sister? If you wanted to see him off, you should have done it openly,” Si Miao teased.

Gu Fuyou crossed her arms and huffed, “Who said I wanted to see him off?”

Going out to see him off would seem like a compromise, like admitting she was wrong. Wouldn’t her grievances and anger seem like child’s play, as if she was just throwing a tantrum?

But who says her sorrow was just for show?

Without another word, Gu Fuyou turned and headed straight back to their residence, as if she had just been out for a leisurely stroll. Si Miao’s face remained smiling, not pressing the topic further.

As the two entered the courtyard, they saw a dark figure in the corridor ahead, with a faint scent of blood in the air.

Gu Fuyou called out, “Ah Fu!”

The shadow turned, revealing ferocious fangs and menacing wolfish eyes. In its mouth, it held a piece of bloody meat. To anyone, it looked like a wild beast in the midst of a kill.

However, upon seeing Gu Fuyou, the beast’s demeanor changed instantly. Its eyes softened, and it happily gobbled up the meat in a few bites, charging towards her like a jubilant cloud, trying to snuggle – much like a domesticated dog.

With a smack, Gu Fuyou pushed it away, “You reek of blood! Don’t rub against me.”

As Gu Fuyou walked into the house, Ah Fu followed her, whining pitifully.

Once inside, she saw a large bloodstain on the floor, as big as a grown bull. Clearly, Ah Fu had feasted before they returned.

In haste, she opened a pearwood storage cabinet inside – it was empty.

The cabinet, akin to a storage bag, had the inner space of a small room. She used it to store Ah Fu’s food.

Exiting the room, Gu Fuyou glared at Ah Fu, “Are you a pig? Eating so much!”

Ever since she had brought Ah Fu out, it had grown sharp fangs and become significantly bigger in just a day. Apart from occasionally asking Gu Huaiyou to hunt spirit beasts for Ah Fu’s food, she basically let Ah Fu roam free.

Ah Fu’s size and appetite grew daily. It would eat anything — the remnants of Si Miao’s pill concoctions, the meals Gu Fuyou cooked, and the flesh of the spirit beasts Gu Huaiyou caught. Now, it had even started sneaking into the storage cabinet to consume the stored food when she wasn’t around.

Gu Fuyou couldn’t help but marvel at the creature, thinking it truly was a rare spirit beast. It had gained intelligence just a few months after its birth, comparable to a human toddler.

“Isn’t Ah Fu growing too fast? Most Zhenmaos don’t grow like this,” Si Miao remarked.

Gu Fuyou also found it strange that Ah Fu was growing so quickly.

From birth until now, barely four months had passed, yet Ah Fu was already the size of an adult horse.

Its fur, which was originally grey with a tinge of white, was now shiny black. The fur on its belly and legs was white, completely like ‘dark clouds covering snow.’

Gu Fuyou pondered for a while, but couldn’t find an answer. She thought about asking Zhong Michu, perhaps she would know.

However, she didn’t want to think about it, and as soon as she thought of Zhong Michu, she started to feel uncomfortable again, irritable all over.

Since their argument in the ancestral hall, Gu Fuyou had been on edge. The dispute might not have seemed significant to others, but for someone like Zhong Michu, who seldom spoke and preferred to avoid conflicts rather than confront them, it was quite intense.

Gu Fuyou felt awkward and didn’t want this knot between her and Zhong Michu, but she didn’t know how to make up with Zhong Michu.

In the past, when she quarreled with Gu Wanpeng, Gu Shuangqing would usually mediate, pointing out where she was wrong.

Now, having argued with Zhong Michu, she didn’t know where she went wrong. In fact, she felt she hadn’t done anything wrong, yet they indeed had an argument.

It was frustrating.

The more she spent time with Zhong Michu, the less she knew how to get along with her.

When dealing with family members, she always acted cute and silly for attention, a behavior that became second nature; with Si Miao, it was a mix of teasing and mutual assistance; around people like Zhu Ruo, known for their gentleness, care, and accommodation, she felt free to be herself; however, in the presence of Yuan Changsui and others who looked down on her, she preferred keeping her distance, choosing avoidance over engagement.

But how should she interact with Zhong Michu? Being overly familiar might push her away, while being distant was against her nature. She didn’t want Zhong Michu to see her strange temper, yet she hoped she’d be understanding of it.

Sometimes, she’d act without thinking, and later regret her behavior, wishing she could go back in time and correct her mistakes.

She really wanted Zhong Michu as a friend, she was sure she would be her confidant, wanted to become closer, to become inseparable friends, to become friends for life, she desired it too much. This fervent feeling, she had only had once in this life, and that was the first time she learned about array formations.

Gu Fuyou sighed. Worried.

Dealing with her father, thinking about how to apologize to him, never required so much thought.

Thinking, thinking, Gu Fuyou chose to give up thinking.

And she maintained this mindset until the day Xuan Miao Sect allowed disciples to go home.

Due to a family matter, Si Miao had to return early, and Gu Fuyou, still upset and not ready to go home herself, was deeply worried about her, prompting her to have Gu Huaiyou escort Si Miao back first.

After a few days, just as she was planning to go back, Zhu Ruo suddenly sent a message.

The Wandering Market is open.

This Wandering Market, hosted by the largest merchant association across all five continents and seas, opens its doors every three years.

Merchants from all over the world are drawn to this marketplace for trade. From esteemed establishments like the Wanyao Pavilion to humble villagers from remote mountains, anyone with valuable items can trade here. Hence, the market sees a diverse range of visitors: distinguished individuals from the Four Immortal Sects, independent cultivators, and reclusive powerful figures. Everyone is here.

The market offered a range of items for trade, including magical artifacts, spiritual pills, spirit beasts, spirit plants, rare treasures, and all sorts of wonders. Gu Fuyou’s ‘Records of the Azure Emperor’ was acquired from this very place.

There are also activities like beast battles, magical duels, and scholarly debates were organized, offering generous rewards.

This is a grand event in the cultivation world, bustling with activity. Because the location of the market changes each time, the association is named the Wandering Market.

This year, the Wandering Market is set to open in Wantong City. Gu Fuyou had visited the Wandering Market several times before, always accompanied by her elder brother, Gu Shuangqing.

However, this time, Gu Shuangqing was tied up with numerous obligations and couldn’t make it.

Gu Fuyou thought to herself that since she had been there a few times and was familiar with the rules, and since it was in Wantong City, so close by, she might as well go and take a look by herself.

With her mind made up, she packed her things that very day and descended the mountain with Ah Fu.

On her way down, she came across a wisteria tree and remembered that it was here where she had first seen Zhong Michu.

She walked up to the tree; it was the height of summer, and the wisteria was in full bloom, its pale purple blossoms like clusters of light silk.

Counting the days in her head, Gu Fuyou realized it had been over a month since she last saw Senior Sister Zhong and hoped she was no longer mad at her.

As this thought crossed her mind, a breeze brought a whiff of a familiar, refreshing scent. Looking up, she found Zhong Michu standing beneath the wisteria blossoms — ethereal and radiant, her beauty complementing the vibrant flowers.

Gu Fuyou looked at the talisman in her hand, embarrassed. She had only thought about her in her mind, yet her hand had unconsciously taken out the talisman, and her mouth had unwittingly called her name.

Summoning her had inadvertently become a kind of bodily habit.

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