The Dragon

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Chapter 30

Have You Ever Heard a Story?

When the White Dragon reached the finish line carrying Gu Fuyou, there was no sign of anyone else behind them.

Those spectators waiting at the finish line would burst into cheers to greet the victor. This time, however, their voices were filled with astonishment.

The White Dragon landed on the cliff. Nearby, an altar had been set up with an official from the merchants’ association standing by. There was a gentleman writing a document, and upon seeing the first one to arrive, he was left dumbfounded and couldn’t continue writing.

Seated atop the White Dragon, Gu Fuyou tried to catch her breath, her heart still racing.

The onlookers gazed at her with shock and reverence. As Gu Fuyou stepped off the White Dragon and stood by its side, she felt what it’s like to bask in borrowed glory.

It was the official who first regained his composure, announcing loudly, “The winner— Gu Fuyou of Xiaoyao City.”

It was then that the crowd burst into applause, although their cheers were mixed with confusion and uncertainty.

Gu Fuyou couldn’t clearly define her own emotions. In the past, this would have been a moment of glory, something she always desired. She would have been overjoyed, but now, after the adrenaline-filled journey – through stone forests, over raging currents, and soaring into the sky – the sense of accomplishment felt somewhat bland.

Once the gentleman finished writing the document, the official handed it over to Gu Fuyou, saying, “Third Miss, this is the proof of your victory. Later, you can exchange it at the gambling house for your racing prize.”

Before Gu Fuyou could take it, there was another gasp from behind. Turning around, a cold wind hit her face, making her squint.

All she could hear was the sound of something stirring the winds and clouds. Shielding her eyes, she saw the White Dragon taking off towards the direction of the disturbance.

A sinking feeling gripped Gu Fuyou’s heart. She grabbed the document and, without thinking, chased after it.

Running atop the canyon’s high ground, she shouted at the soaring White Dragon, “Wait for me! Wait!”

The surroundings grew dim, with a cold wind blowing.

Knowing she probably couldn’t catch up, she still ran on the cliff’s edge, shouting into the sky, “Why did you help me?”

Chasing halfway, the distance grew. Her legs started to ache and weaken, forcing her to stop. Lips quivering, she whispered, “Why did you come to help me?”

Suddenly, she heard a familiar howl in the distance.

Looking up, she saw a dark figure approaching fast, like a gust of black wind. Embracing it in joy, she exclaimed, “Ah Fu!”

It turned out that Ah Fu had followed them from the canyon’s highlands.

Petting Ah Fu’s head, she said, “I clearly told you to wait at the starting point for your senior sister.”

Ah Fu responded with a series of howls.

Gu Fuyou replied, “I’m not your senior sister, and I don’t understand you. But it’s good you’re here.”

With Ah Fu’s assistance, she mounted its back, instructing, “Ah Fu, chase that cloud ahead…”

Before she could finish, Ah Fu was already in pursuit of the departing White Dragon.

Though still young and at the peak of Qi Practicing, Ah Fu, being a Zhenmao beast, ran like the wind. In terms of speed, it was on par with spirit beasts of the Hollow Void stage.

With the White Dragon soaring in the sky and Ah Fu fervently chasing on the ground, they couldn’t quite catch up but managed to keep it in sight.

Gu Fuyou wondered why this White Dragon happened to appear here, as if specifically to help her.

She had a suspicion, but it seemed so outrageous that she dared not dwell on it.

However, the longer Ah Fu chased, the more familiar the path and scenery became, and her suspicion grew stronger.

Gu Fuyou was breathing rapidly, her voice trembling, “Ah, Ah Fu, let’s take a shortcut. Quick, let’s go this way.”

Gu Fuyou instructed Ah Fu to change their path, heading towards the inn room they had previously booked.

As Ah Fu carried Gu Fuyou along the narrow mountain path, a chilly wind blew. Gu Fuyou looked up to see a cloud of mist entering the very top room at the top of the cliff.

“Ah Fu, hurry.”

Ah Fu, with Gu Fuyou, raced to their room. Gu Fuyou swiftly dismounted from Ah Fu, stumbled a couple of steps, and rushed into the entrance.

In her haste and with her mind racing, she didn’t think much. Entering the dimly lit room, she noticed shadows moving inside.

Her eyes darted to a stack of clothes on the bed. She rolled towards it, quickly grabbing and hugging the clothes to her chest.

The moving figure paused, and silence lingered in the stone chamber for a moment. Gu Fuyou heard her own erratic breathing, cleared her throat, and took two steps into the shadows, saying, “I know it’s you, you’re here.”

A figure slowly emerged from the shadows, revealing itself to be the White Dragon, its body coiled on the wall, lowering its head towards Gu Fuyou.

The White Dragon hummed softly through its nostrils, releasing a cold breath. Having just run against the wind, Gu Fuyou’s hair was already a mess. The cold breath from the dragon caused strands of her hair to droop.

The Dragon’s head moved closer, causing Gu Fuyou to step back until she was against the bed. The Dragon slightly opened its mouth, showing its sharp white fangs.

Gazing into the Dragon’s golden eyes, an innate fear made Gu Fuyou’s legs give out, and she sat on the bed.

Holding onto her white dress, emotions of excitement and fear intertwined, making her tremble, her brain reaching a pinnacle of excitement, almost fainting.

Taking a deep breath, Gu Fuyou cautiously asked, “Are you my senior sister?”

Her voice became more assertive, “You’re Senior Sister Zhong, aren’t you?”

The Dragon’s pupils slightly narrowed, appearing more sharp and imposing.

The Dragon’s body slowly shifted, its mist-like whiskers fluttering. It stared at Gu Fuyou, not answering.

Swallowing hard, Gu Fuyou began, “In Xiaoyao City, there’s a story…”

“Once, there was a fairy in the heavenly palace who descended to the mortal realm. She landed in a peach forest with a serene and elegant scenery. Deep within the forest, there was a clear spring. The fairy took off her feathered robe and left it on the bank, bathing in the spring.”

“A shepherd passed by, and upon hearing the commotion, approached the spring. In his surprise, he took the fairy’s robe, preventing her from returning to the heavens…”

Gu Fuyou glanced at the White Dragon, tugging at the hem of the white dress she was holding, hugging it tighter and leaning back slightly, “If you don’t tell me, I… I won’t return this feathered robe to you.”

The White Dragon observed her for a moment, and with a resigned sigh, spoke, “Gu Fuyou.”

The voice was familiar. Although muddier than Zhong Míchū’s clear voice, Gu Fuyou recognized it.

Her eyes lit up with realization, staring intently at the white Dragon, “Senior Sister Zhong, it’s really you. You are the White Dragon… You are…”

“I…” Tears welled up in Gu Fuyou’s eyes, her voice quivering, “Can I… can I hug you?”

Gu Fuyou stood up and approached the White Dragon. The Dragon, however, retreated and asked, “Aren’t you afraid of me?”

Gu Fuyou persistently asked, “Can I hug you?”

Before the White Dragon could reply, a low hum emitted from its throat. However, Gu Fuyou had already spread her arms wide, pulling the White Dragon into an embrace.

Given the White Dragon’s massive size, Gu Fuyou couldn’t fully wrap her arms around it. Instead, she found herself entirely enveloped in the Dragon’s embrace.

The White Dragon gently lowered its head, resting it atop Gu Fuyou’s. This unexpected hug caught the Dragon off guard, making its majestic visage appear comically stunned as their golden eyes met.

Gu Fuyou tightened her grip and buried her face below the Dragon’s head, holding back tears that began to flow uncontrollably.

The initial summoning ritual wasn’t flawed. She had truly summoned a spirit beast — no, more accurately, she summoned a celestial beast.

She summoned a White Dragon.

Suppressing her emotions, Gu Fuyou asked, “I’m not useless, am I?”

Even though she always displayed pride in front of others, deep down, she was acutely aware of her own abilities. Surrounded by doubt and disdain, her exterior defiance concealed growing self-doubt, sinking so low it bore fruits of inferiority.

She oscillated between self-motivation and self-loathing, uncertain if she would someday give in to despair or achieve her dreams.

Then, Zhong Michu arrived.

The Dragon paused, breathing out a misty sigh. It pulled away slightly, its jaw brushing against Gu Fuyou, as if patting her head, “Gu Fuyou, I told you, you’re amazing, you’re a genius.”

Sniffling, Gu Fuyou wiped the tears from her cheeks. The White Dragon continued, “Can you return my ‘feathered robe’ now?”

Through her tears, Gu Fuyou smiled, “Only if you promise not to fly away suddenly.”

She placed the robe atop the White Dragon’s head, covering its injured horns.

The White Dragon gazed at her, revisiting its previous question, “Gu Fuyou, aren’t you afraid of me?”

Gu Fuyou understood why it asked. Both the Dragon and Azure Phoenix clans possessed unique talents.

The Azure Phoenix clan’s talent was ‘the soul never dies, the body is immortal.’ As long as their spirit wasn’t entirely shattered, they could undergo countless cycles of rebirth.

The innate talent of the Dragon clan is dominance. They are the natural kings, the lords of all spirit beasts. Except for the Azure Phoenix Clan, all spirit beasts naturally submit to them. Even if a spirit beast has greater spiritual power than a dragon, it would still feel affinity towards them and wouldn’t easily harm them.

Thus, Zhong Michu couldn’t summon not because she couldn’t bring forth a spirit beast, but if she did, all the spirit beasts would fawn over her, rushing to please her. She might inadvertently cause a beastly stampede.

This talent gives the Dragon clan an inviolable majesty. Even peers, when standing before a dragon, feel a sense of fear deep within. Especially considering Gu Fuyou is only a Qi-practitioner.

This fear is something Gu Fuyou knows deeply. When Zhong Michu was in her human form, this feeling was faint, and only sensitive spirit beasts could sense it. But once she transformed into her dragon form, this sensation surged intensely, permeating every pore.

Gu Fuyou said, “I’m not afraid.”

Zhong Michu’s eyes slightly narrowed. When she transformed into a Dragon, she wasn’t used to it; many instincts were hard to control. She didn’t think she appeared very friendly: “Why?”

Gu Fuyou repeated, “Why?”

“Because you’re my senior sister,” Gu Fuyou replied, scratching her cheek. Even though she was speaking honestly, she appeared a bit shy, possibly embarrassed about her initial frivolous behavior. “At first, when I met you in Xuan Miao Sect, I might have been a little afraid, but later on, I realized, I knew…”

Knew what?

There isn’t a softer person in the world than you.

The White Dragon whispered, “The first time you saw me, you weren’t afraid of me.”

The Dragon’s voice was muffled and deep. Gu Fuyou didn’t quite catch what she said, asking, “What?”

“I need to change my clothes.”

“Ah? Okay.”

Realizing what was happening, Gu Fu You slowly turned around. The White Dragon transformed into a cloud and returned to her human form.

Gu Fuyou caught a glimpse from the corner of her eye of a black pattern trailing down from Zhong Michu’s porcelain-like shoulder, resembling a Dragon hidden within the mist. The pattern extended downward to her bosom.

A blush formed on Gu Fuyou’s face as she thought, so that’s where Senior Sister Zhong’s beast mark is.

Wiping her tears and straightening her hair, a thought struck her. “Senior Sister Zhong, do all Dragons need to take off their clothes before transforming?”

After a prolonged silence, Gu Fuyou couldn’t help but turn back. Zhong Michu, having dressed, was tying her hair. A blush on her usually cold face made her look extraordinarily charming and cute. “It’s my first transformation. I’m not very skilled.”

Indeed, she wasn’t. When she returned to human form, there were still white scales on her cheek, and a pair of broken horns on her forehead.

Looking at those horns, Gu Fuyou felt inexplicably upset.

Zhong Michu said, “Gu Fuyou, don’t mention to others that I’m from the Dragon clan.”

Being the daughter of Yunran Xuanzun, why was Zhong Michu of the Dragon clan? Why was she raised in Xuan Miao Sect? Did the sect leader know her identity? Anyone could tell there was a mystery here.

But since Zhong Michu didn’t want others to know her identity, Gu Fuyou didn’t think much about it or ask further. She simply replied, “Okay.”

Observing Zhong Michu for a moment, Gu Fuyou noted that in her current state, she would attract too much attention.

Rummaging through her storage bag, she pulled out a hat with white veils and put it on Zhong Michu, laughing, “Now, no one will notice.”

As Zhong Michu touched the hat, Gu Fuyou quickly grabbed her arm and said with a smile, “Let’s leave this place now.”

To avoid curious people who saw the White Dragon.

Without waiting for Zhong Michu’s response, she led her out. Ah Fu was waiting outside and stood up wagging his tail upon seeing them.

The two of them and the beast left Moon Exit Pass and headed back to Wantong City.

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