The Dragon

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Chapter 125

The rain was pouring down refreshingly, imbuing those within it with a sense of rebirth, evoking the innocence and purity of childhood.

Gu Fuyou tilted her face up to the rain, feeling the cool droplets splash into her eyes, bringing a slight sting. She blinked away the water and turned back, her gaze meeting the people sheltered under the eaves. A radiant smile then spread across her face.

The person seemed to understand the unspoken words of her heart. As she approached her, it was as though the rain itself dared not touch her. Each step she took seemed to magically part the raindrops, like the seas making way.

As she drew near, it felt as if they had been waiting an eternity to meet.

When Zhong Michu was just a step away from Gu Fuyou,

Gu Fuyou’s body weakened, and she let herself lean forward.

Resting her forehead gently on Zhong Michu’s shoulder, she closed her eyes, savoring the sensation of arms encircling her waist, the dampness of her rain-soaked clothes, and the scattering of raindrops around them.

Ah, now the only place where she could be free and rest was in this tiny space, held in Zhong Michu’s arms.

Zhong Michu carefully lifted Gu Fuyou into her arms. The bleeding on Gu’s arm had ceased, and her face, slightly pale from the ordeal, resembled frosted white jade, accentuated by the rain’s drenching.

She was a delicate flower blooming in turbulent times, the eternal red glow in gloomy skies.

She was the knot that tied around her heart.

Gu Fuyou rested her head on her chest, and soon drifted to sleep.

Someone exclaimed, “Your Majesty!”

Zhong Michu looked up in response. Seven stared at her anxiously, swallowing hard. After a while, he asked, “What should we do now?” His eyes were filled with a longing for guidance.

Like eagles that had been trapped and never seen the open sky, now free from their chains but unsure how to fly.

Most of these people had been slaves from a young age, and the only thing they learned was obedience.

Physical chains might be easy to remove, but mental shackles are harder to break.

Now free, their minds were still in chaos, standing on the road of life, lost and unsure how to move forward.

Seven’s question awakened many others. Sixteen asked, “Where should we go?” Now that they were free, the world was vast, but after the initial excitement faded, they felt lost, as if they had nowhere to belong.

Someone asked hesitantly, “Leader, does this mean you no longer need us?”

“Your Majesty.”

“Your Majesty?”

“Your Majesty!” As the adrenaline subsided, the crowd gathered around Zhong Michu.

This group had the innocence of young birds. With Gu Fuyou and Zhong Michu’s guidance, they had escaped from Bailu City, defeated the Zuo family that had oppressed them for thousands of years, and gained their freedom. It was no surprise that they came to view these two as their guiding lights, their symbolic mothers.

With the contracts dissolved, they had no more ties to Gu Fuyou, and suddenly, they felt empty and lost.

Before, they didn’t need to think too much. What they should do, what was expected of them, what the purpose of their life was – all they had to do was follow their master’s orders and go with the flow.

This sudden change made them feel like fledgling birds pushed from the nest, naturally scared, even though they were leaving a prison.

Zhong Michu gently adjusted Gu Fuyou, making her more comfortable in her embrace. “She means…”

The previously turbulent voices suddenly quieted down.

“If you have a place to go, be it living as ordinary citizens, becoming hermits, or if you wish to join a sect as disciples, it’s all up to you.”

Many people, restless and anxious, looked ready to speak.

Zhong Michu continued, “If you haven’t decided where to go, or have nowhere to go, and wish to stay in Xiaoyao City, then stay in Xiaoyao City.”

Their anxious hearts, which had leapt into their throats, settled back down, comforted. Sighs of relief were followed by smiles.

Zhong Michu stated, “Regardless, she wants you to go out and explore before making a decision. The gates of Xiaoyao City will always be open.”

As the clouds slowly drifted apart, the first golden rays of sunlight began to peek through, heralding a new day.

With a commanding presence and in a solemn tone, Zhong Michu said, “From today onwards, you are no longer slaves. Your actions are your own. As free individuals, you should live with dignity and integrity!”

Feng Sui, with a resonant voice, responded, “Yes.”

The gathered crowd echoed in unison, their affirmation resonating, “Yes!”

“If you’re to be recognized as individuals, you should have a proper name. If you remember your ancestral surname, continue to use it. If you don’t know it, you can adopt the Gu surname.” At this point, Zhong Michu’s gaze softened, glancing affectionately at Gu Fuyou, “This is her promise.”

“If you don’t wish to be known by a number, choose your own name. If you find this challenging, Scholar Zhai can assist you in picking a name.”

This announcement stirred a wave of excitement.

Before this dreamlike release from their contracts, having their own name was perhaps the most cherished desire for those born into slavery.

Zhong Michu noticed their shining eyes set on Scholar Zhai. It seemed that they were holding back from rushing over to her solely because Zhong Michu was present. With a gentle smile, she held Gu Fuyou and walked away.

As soon as Zhong Michu left, the crowd surged forward like hungry wolves, eager to approach Scholar Zhai. They fumbled and jostled but halted abruptly, not wanting to harm her. Apart from Gu Fuyou and Zhong Michu, Scholar Zhai was the one they respected the most in the group.

“Scholar Zhai, Scholar Zhai, I want to pick a name!”

A tall man, despite his embarrassment, spoke, “Scholar Zhai, I’d like to use the Lady’s surname. Could you give me a name that signifies high aspirations?”

One after another, they surrounded Scholar Zhai. There were so many people that some couldn’t even get close, their frustration evident as they hopped around like agitated monkeys.

The name register that Scholar Zhai held was meant for recording their names, but she hadn’t expected almost everyone to crowd around her for names. Soon, the register wasn’t enough.

Those who received their new names walked away contentedly. Standing under the eaves, they eagerly tried out their new names. One said, “Scholar Zhai named me Chao, with the courtesy name Donglai, which implies vigor. Call me Gu Chao.”

Another replied, “Scholar Zhai named me Min, with the courtesy name Changkong. Donglai, Donglai, call me by my name.”


“Hey!” The man replied with a joyful and simple smile, “Donglai.”


Both exchanged a satisfied grin.

Zhong Michu took Gu Fuyou to the city’s teleportation formation, heading back to Xiaoyao City. Gu Fuyou had ordered Feng Sui to construct a bidirectional teleportation formation here, with the other end connected to Xiaoyao City.

Not only here, but many locations in Nanzhou had also had their teleportation formations reconstructed, all connected to Xiaoyao City.

Gu Fuyou’s vision was to transform Xiaoyao City into a new Wantong City. She believed that if the teleportation formations were re-established, Xiaoyao City would become a bustling hub, possibly enticing the descendants of those who left Xiaoyao City to return and resettle.

This might seem insignificant, but it was something she did for her father who had worked tirelessly for Xiaoyao City.

Thousands of slaves, with ninety percent returning to Xiaoyao City, were still bound by the mental chains of a lifetime of servitude. Not many could instantly soar upon being unshackled.

However, it was better than Gu Fuyou had anticipated; at least ten percent were willing to venture out and travel.

Before leaving, Feng Sui bid farewell to Gu Fuyou. Many former slave leaders came to see him off. Many slaves, who didn’t remember their family names, adopted the surname Gu. Some took up roles as martial officers or patrol generals to maintain order.

The once-declining Gu family was revived in a different form, thriving and full of vitality.

Seven, now renamed Gu Qi, admired Feng Sui for his clarity of purpose and asked, “Brother Feng, when will you return from this journey?”

Facing the morning sun, Feng Sui replied with a twinkle in his eyes, “I will return when the time comes.” Freeing the slaves had always been his mission. He wished to traverse all the continents and oceans. There were still countless slaves sold everywhere, and he hoped to save as many as possible.

“Take good care of our master for me,” he said.

Gu Qi nodded earnestly and replied, “Take care.”

With a wave, Feng Sui departed.

Gu Fuyou, having left the Thirty-Three Skies, settled back in Xiaoyao City. Moving her base and freeing the slaves kept her extremely busy. She had to allocate housing and assign duties to thousands of people, and despite the help of Scholar Zhai and Liu Niang, it was overwhelming.

In exasperation, Gu Fuyou threw her pen away, let out a long sigh, and leaned against Zhong Michu’s shoulder, “Your Majesty, you’ve been a ruler for a long time and are good at this. You do it for me.” It all felt like homework assigned by a teacher.

Zhong Michu chuckled softly, “Your troubles arise because many of these people have a foundation in cultivation, and most even have considerable abilities. They can’t be treated as ordinary citizens. Instead of reopening the old city, why not establish a new sect and take them as disciples rather than making them citizens?”

Gu Fuyou pondered for a moment and frowned, “Your suggestion makes sense.”

“But look at me. I’m not cut out to be a sect leader.”

Zhong Michu disagreed, “I think you are perfectly suited for it.”

After some reflection, Gu Fuyou’s eyes brightened. Holding onto Zhong Michu’s arm, she laughed, “You should be my Chief Law Protector.”

Zhong Michu picked up the discarded pen and gently said, “Alright.”

“And you’ll write the sect rules for me.”

Zhong Michu responded with a gentle voice, “Alright.”

Gu Fuyou started, “Rule number one: All rules are subject to the Sect Leader’s mood.”

Zhong Michu laughed, “What a mess.” However, she began to write down the rules, word for word, with clarity.

The two of them patched up the rules here and there, and in no time, they added about thirty more.

By nightfall, as the dark sky loomed, Gu Fuyou, with a smile, was about to say, “Rule thirty-seven: The Chief Law Protector must find ways to please the sect leader every day.”

Suddenly, on a whim, her expression changed. Clutching her chest, she frowned, “I need to undergo tribulation.”

Hearing this, Zhong Michu got up, walked to the window, and lifted the bamboo curtain. The night sky was dark, with gathering clouds and the distant sound of thunder.

Gu Fuyou, without time to look for the pills needed for the tribulation, she headed straight to the artifact forging workshop.

Back in the Xian Luo, after Qing Jun’s departure, Gu Fuyou had sensed the impending tribulation.

Originally, this body was at the Immortalization Stage. After Gu Fuyou took over, perhaps due to a soul mismatch, she could only exert power up to the Soul Splitting stage. Now, with Qing Jun gone and having freed the slaves, her mood brightened, and her energy ascended, bringing her cultivation to the brink of a breakthrough.

Benefiting from the situation, it appeared she would cross the tribulation before Zhong Michu.

Zhong Michu followed her to the workshop, grabbing her arm. “The tribulation from Soul Splitting to Immortalization is not to be underestimated. Why aren’t you preparing and setting up formations? What are you doing here?”

Gu Fuyou, busy inside the room, pushed her out, saying, “I am preparing. You’re in the way here, don’t disturb me, go out, go out.”

Zhong Michu, unsure of Gu Fuyou’s plan and finding it both amusing and frustrating, didn’t dare to interrupt her, knowing well that undergoing tribulation was a critical event for cultivators.

After waiting outside for a while, she couldn’t help but worry and activated a teleportation formation.

In Xiaoyao City, a teleportation formation provided a direct link to the Eastern Sea. Utilizing this, she journeyed back to Penglai Island, where she summoned clan members proficient in formations. Along with a team of doctors and a well-stocked supply of medicinal pills, she made her way back to Xiaoyao City.

Having completed the setup of a formation to lessen the impact of the tribulation, noon had arrived. The sky turned tumultuous, darkening the surroundings and bending trees in the wind, casting an atmosphere akin to nighttime.

As Gu Fuyou stepped out of the workshop, she was greeted by a sky so ominous it seemed on the verge of collapse, echoing Zhong Michu’s warning that this tribulation was a formidable challenge not to be underestimated.

Gu Fuyou, however, appeared fearless and even eager to face it.

The tribulation was set to have a wide impact, so to prevent damage to the city and harm to innocent bystanders, Zhong Michu chose a plain a hundred miles outside of Xiaoyao City for the tribulation.

Gu Fuyou followed her there. The tribulation, which had been gathering force throughout the night, unleashed its fury shortly after her arrival, with thunderous roars that shook both heaven and earth.

Gu Fuyou stood within the formation, with the ready and alert Ah Fu by her side. Her eyes reflected the brilliance of the descending thunder. Instead of taking the force of the thunderbolt herself, she presented an object from her hand. The object flew upwards, taking on the impact of the thunderbolt for her.

The thunder resonated like a blacksmith’s hammer, rhythmically striking and refining the spiritual object. As it was shaped by the thunderous blows, the object’s brilliance surged, emitting a dazzling radiance that captivated the eyes.

Zhong Michu was shocked for a moment and immediately recognized the object. In a focused voice, she exclaimed, “Ah Man!” She felt a mix of annoyance at Gu Fuyou’s recklessness and warmth towards her, she was deeply moved. Gu Fuyou had been thinking about this object for so long and was willing to use her own tribulation to forge it.

The spiritual object enduring the full force of the thunderbolt was the Heart Protecting Scale, meticulously crafted by Gu Fuyou from Di Yi’s dragon bone. Her intent was to harness the power of the thunderbolt, a natural phenomenon of the Immortalization transition, to provide the final, crucial refinement for it.

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