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Chapter 127

Upon returning to Xiaoyao City, Gu Fuyou secluded herself, staying in the tower all day and meeting no one other than Zhong Michu.

To her surprise, Scholar Zhai did manage to see her once. With no formalities between them, Scholar Zhai couldn’t help but laugh.

Gu Fuyou, embarrassed and annoyed, clenched her teeth and handed over all responsibilities of managing the sect to her.

While waiting in her room, she noticed her new hair beginning to emerge, its texture as soft as a newborn’s. This softness seemed to be irresistible to Zhong Michu, who often found herself unable to keep from touching it. Gu Fuyou playfully caught her hand, lightly complaining, “It’s just started to grow back, don’t rub it off.”

Zhong Michu’s eyes smiled, “You should learn your lesson.” Unrestrained and mischievous as always. Thinking about it, Gu Fuyou had always been like this, endearing yet worrisome, fearing that one day she might not be protected enough, and the regrets of the Thirty-Three Skies would repeat.

“I ended up like this, and you’re still lecturing me,” Gu Fuyou murmured, clutching her chest and feigning pain.

Zhong Michu was alarmed. Knowing that Gu Fuyou had been seriously injured during the thunderstorm, her seclusion wasn’t just out of embarrassment but also to heal. Seeing her act like this, Zhong Michu rushed to support her, asking, “Is it the injury that’s causing you pain?”

As Zhong Michu moved closer, a mischievous glint appeared in Gu Fuyou’s eyes. She grabbed Zhong Michu’s shoulders and, with a swift move, bit her ear.

Knowing how sensitive Zhong Michu’s ear was, and that it wasn’t protected by Dragon scales, Gu Fuyou bit with precision, neither too hard nor too soft. Even so, Zhong Michu trembled, letting out a soft moan.

Gu Fuyou finally let go, “Hmph, it’s you who should learn a lesson!”

Zhong Michu’s fingers brushed over her wound, sticky to the touch, unsure if it was blood or saliva. She remained silent.

Her gaze shifted and settled on Gu Fuyou, locking onto her with intensity. As she did so, the atmosphere in the room grew dense with unspoken tension.

Gu Fuyou felt a sense of pressure, as if the shadow of the person standing before her had grown tall, filling the entire room, pressing down on her.

In this still room, their clothes fluttered as if in a breeze.

After a long while, the tension dissipated. Zhong Michu closed her eyes and sighed deeply, the Dragon Clan’s desire was not easy to control, especially faced with such a lover.

Gu Fuyou seemed to catch on, leaning in with a playful smile. Her arm wrapped around Zhong Michu’s neck, preventing her from retreating. Gu Fuyou’s soft, mischievous eyes coupled with a hint of restrained wickedness that were incredibly seductive. She cheekily called out, “My Queen~”

She licked her lower lip, tilting her head to lightly kiss Zhong Michu’s neck.

As Zhong Michu instinctively raised her hand to block, Gu Fuyou’s intended kiss landed on her palm instead.

“Hmm,” Gu Fuyou looked up, their lips inches apart, and said with a hint of annoyance, “Zhong Michu, are you really a Dragon?”

With their relationship now clearly defined and formalities out of the way, there was no longer a need for hesitation or holding back.

Once you’ve tasted it, you know.

Zhong Michu’s eyes lingered on Gu Fuyou’s lips as they moved. Finally tearing her gaze away, she gently patted Gu Fuyou’s back, urging, “Stop it, go and focus on your cultivation. Missing this tribulation means waiting a long time for the next opportunity.” She used Gu Fuyou’s recent injury as a pretext to cling to her last bit of self-control.

Gu Fuyou scrunched up her face, “If I can’t become immortal, so be it. Who cares?”

Zhong Michu posed a question, “What if I reach the stage of breaking through and ascending, and you’re still far behind? What then?”

Gu Fuyou replied confidently, “You’ll stay for me. You’ll wait for me.”

Zhong Michu looked at her with a smile, not giving a direct answer.

Gu Fuyou hugged her tighter, “Ha, don’t even think about leaving me behind.”

Gu Fuyou looked up at her, “I gave you the chance to leave me, but you didn’t. Now it’s too late; you’ll never be able to leave.”

Zhong Michu sighed softly, “How could I bear to leave you behind…” Her voice was soft, almost a whisper.

Gu Fuyou replied, “My Queen, you’re now trapped in a cage.”

After a long, lingering gaze, she moved to kiss her.

Zhong Michu mirrored her movement, causing Gu Fuyou’s lips to meet her chin instead.

Gu Fuyou was at a loss for words.

Zhong Michu lowered her head and gently kissed Gu Fuyou’s brow. “Take care of yourself while cultivating, and after you’ve healed…” She paused before saying, “after you’ve healed.”

“You’re so naggy.”

Zhong Michu replied, “I remember someone once said they liked listening to me nag…”

Gu Fuyou quickly interjected, “But I do like it.”

Gu Fuyou pursed her lips. Under the gaze of Zhong Michu, she obediently released her grip and seated herself in the spirit-gathering formation, readying herself for cultivation.

As she immersed herself deeply in her practice, time flew by without her noticing. When she emerged from her seclusion, her hair had grown long, reaching her waist, silky as flowing water.

Scholar Zhai worked tirelessly, setting up the necessary preparations for the foundation of the new sect.

Everything was ready and in place. All that was left was for Gu Fuyou to conclude her seclusion. Once done, she could invite everyone to a grand feast and begin recruiting disciples. With that, the foundation of the sect would be firmly established.

Traditionally, immortal sects were established on spiritual mountains. Firstly, because the spiritual energy was abundant there, and secondly, it symbolized transcendence and detachment from the mundane world. Some sects, like the Zuo family, utilized their spiritual energy to levitate thirty-three floating islands in the sky, symbolizing their soaring ambitions. However, the subsequent generations failed to live up to this legacy.

Gu Fuyou, on the other hand, claimed the entire city of Xiaoyao as the territory of her sect.

Deciding on the sect’s grand name was a major undertaking. It had been centuries since a new sect had been established, and the world’s powers were stagnant like still water, barely rippling with the introduction of something new. The first step in founding a sect was choosing a name, traditionally involving burning incense, bathing, and divination to select an auspicious name, as they believed the name influenced the sect’s destiny.

Gu Fuyou did not follow these traditions. Without any incense burning or purification rites, she simply lifted her brush and wrote — ‘Fuyou Sect’.

Naming a sect after oneself was unprecedented. Anyone hearing of it might accuse her of being shameless.

Additionally, it was a taboo, as most feared they couldn’t bear the weight of their own destiny.

But Gu Fuyou didn’t concern herself with these superstitions. She didn’t choose her name; her father did. She used to despise her name.

Her elder brother was Shuangqing, and her second brother was Huaiyou, names imbued with her father’s hopes. They were to worry for Xiaoyao City’s troubles before enjoying its pleasures, standing in high positions with benevolence and virtue.

Her father’s name Wanpeng – with aspirations as lofty as soaring straight up for nine thousand miles, never to waver from his ambition to reach the clouds.

Only she was Fuyou, ephemeral mayfly, floating through life for a day, existing briefly as a mayfly. Her cultivation, talent, moral character all far inferior to her father and brothers. Even this name was proof in her eyes that she didn’t quite belong in this family.

She’s filled with feelings of inferiority, yet she’s also unwilling to accept it, making her sensitive to everything around her.

“No one ever guided me through it,” Gu Fuyou reflected.

“Eventually, I understood my father’s intentions on my own. The mayfly lives its short life to the fullest. My father, acknowledging my limited talents, wished for me to live a carefree and happy life despite the inevitable.”

“Naming the sect after myself signifies a similar hope for my disciples – to not just drift along seeking the unattainable peak of immortality, but to find joy in what they do, living freely and happily.”

When establishing her sect with the name ‘Fuyou,’ she hoped to instill a similar aspiration in future disciples.

With countless paths in the world, she wanted them not to drift aimlessly or spend a lifetime chasing the unattainable pinnacle of becoming immortal. Instead, she wished for them to find what they’re good at, what brings them joy, and lead a life of leisure and happiness.

This sect was destined to be unconventional. Its first students and elders were those who had their slave contracts dissolved.

On the day the sect was founded, the entrance was bustling like a market. Many guests came to probe, intrigued by her move to dissolve the slave contracts, a move that had startled many.

Slavery had existed for thousands of years. The Zuo family had sold countless slaves everywhere, even in the major families of Nanzhou. Some owners used slaves as confidants because slaves couldn’t betray them. These slaves were privy to many secrets. The institution of slavery itself involved massive interests.

Some couldn’t contain their curiosity and came to see for themselves. They were concerned that Gu Fuyou might overstep, either by taking their slaves or by inciting their own slaves to break their bonds and pledge their loyalty to her.

Next were the families from Nanzhou who came to congratulate. They brought along their younger generations, wishing them to join the sect. Firstly, they wanted to show support; everyone knew that even though Gu Fuyou had left the Thirty-Three Skies and was not the official leader of Nanzhou, she was still the key figure there. Secondly, the head of this sect, Gu Fuyou, was a powerful figure at the Immortalization stage; joining her sect would provide a strong backing.

The Three Immortal Sects also sent representatives. The visitors from Beizhou, after presenting their gifts, left early. They preferred not to get too involved; it’s just their way of doing things.

Delegates from Dongzhou and Xizhou arrived late, but confidently, walking in with heads held high. Members of other families stepped aside upon their arrival. Due to the longstanding reputation and authority of the Immortal sects, it had become habitual for others to give way. The cultivators from the Immortal sects seemed accustomed to this deference. Looking around condescendingly, one of them lightly commented, “Why would Sect Leader Gu choose such a place for her sect?” The tone was dismissive and arrogant.

Dealing with guests was not Gu Fuyou’s strong suit. Had it not been for the auspiciousness of the day and that she was still awaiting the arrival of someone important, she would have sent everyone away early. Even so, her hospitality was superficial at best. “What wind blew the Immortal sect members over here?” she remarked dryly.

The lead visitor replied, “Upon hearing of Sect Leader Gu’s establishment of her sect, our leader sent gifts.” With a wave of his hand, he commanded, “Bring them forward.”

Someone was then brought forward and thrown onto the ground.

Gu Fuyou glanced at the figure and her face turned cold. The man on the ground was delirious and gravely injured, clinging to life. It was none other than Du Pan, whom she had been seeking. She shot a cold glare and remarked icily, “What I agreed upon with Dongzhou and Xizhou was a living Du Pan.”

The lead visitor responded, “This is him, Sect Leader Gu.”

Gu Fuyou retorted, “I asked for a living person.”

The man replied, “He is still breathing. Please understand, Sect Leader Gu. When we found him in Dongzhou and Xizhou, he resisted ferociously. During a clash with a powerful cultivator, one can easily be fatally injured. It took considerable effort on our part to keep him alive to deliver him to you.”

Gu Fuyou’s eyes blazed with anger. She suspected that Dongzhou and Xizhou intentionally sent Du Pan in this state, knowing she sought him for revenge.

The visitor then looked around and said mockingly, “I don’t see many notable figures here. What a pity. Nanzhou has fallen; there are hardly any dignified people left…”

The unspoken implication was clear – the crowd was just a rabble. They felt ashamed but dared not object, nor had the power to refute. The truth was, in Nanzhou, the only ones with true strength and influence were the Zuo family and those clans and sects favored by them.

Gu Fuyou had Du Pan taken away and, growing impatient with the Immortal Sect members lingering and gossiping in the middle of the road, was about to intervene.

At that moment, a Dragon’s roar and a Phoenix’s cry echoed in the sky, followed by a resonant clang that shocked everyone present. They all looked up.

A Divine Dragon floated on a cloud of mist while a magnificent bird stood on a beam of light.

When they landed, they transformed into two majestic generals. The leading general, with a commanding aura, stepped forward and bellowed, “All irrelevant persons, step back.”

As the generals from the two clans fixed their gaze on them, the Immortal Sect representatives stiffened, baffled as to why the clans would make such a grand gesture for Gu Fuyou’s sect inauguration. They hastily retreated.

The general announced, “The Dragon King congratulates Sect Leader Gu on the establishment of her sect and sends 1,314 gifts as a token.”

The other general added, “The leader of the Azure Phoenix clan presents 1,000 gifts.”

The clans of both races presented their gifts, and the central plaza was packed with their offerings. People around gawked, genuinely amazed. Although everyone knew about Gu Fuyou’s close relationship with the Dragon King, no one expected it to be to this extent.

Being revered creatures, the Dragon and Azure Phoenix clans symbolized good fortune and blessings. Each of their gifts was a mark of auspicious favor. In all of history, who else had been honored like this?

Gu Fuyou glanced over the gifts and couldn’t hide her amusement with a light snort. Zhong Michu had already returned to the Eastern ahead of time. For the celebration of the sect’s establishment, she went back only to make another entrance, playing the role of a guest to the hilt.

Turning to Xinghe, she asked, “Where’s my Queen?”

Shocked by her directness, Xinghe hesitated for a moment before managing to say, “Her Majesty will arrive shortly.”

Not long after his response, gentle murmurs filled the air.

Zhong Michu, accompanied by Yier, walked in. Jiu Yao accompanied her, and all eyes landed on the pair. Some admired the prestige Gu Fuyou garnered, having both clan leaders personally attending with lavish gifts. Others whispered praises about the handsome Jiu Yao and the beautiful Zhong Michu, a perfect match in their eyes.

Before they could reach the end, Gu Fuyou approached, grabbing Zhong Michu’s hand and scooping up Yi’er in her arms. “You’re late.” she remarked.

Zhong Michu replied, “Preparing these took some time.”

Left standing alone, Jiu Yao thought, “…Wasn’t I here just to accompany Zhong Michu and boost the event’s prestige?” Despite his efforts to treat Gu Fuyou with respect, considering her body belonged to a revered figure of their clan, it now seemed redundant.

Gu Qi, Thirty-Three, and Sixteen stood in a line, with Feng Sui, who temporarily returned for the sect establishment, at the forefront.

Gu Qi sighed, “The relationship between our leader and Her Majesty is truly special.”

Sixteen commented, “Starting today, we should address her as Sect Leader. But, something about their relationship feels odd to me. It’s different… it’s unlike others…”

Twenty-Three chimed in, “Not like friends, but more like a married couple…”

Sixteen’s face lit up with realization, “Yes, exactly like a married couple!”

Having this epiphany, Gu Qi cautioned Twenty-Three, “Don’t talk nonsense. You’re too young to understand what being married means. It’s not appropriate to compare the Sect Leader and Her Majesty to a married couple.”

Feng Sui watched the pair, hand in hand with Yi’er, heading into the inner sanctum and mused, “Being married isn’t so bad…”

Gu Qi, Twenty-Three, and Sixteen quickly turned to look at him, their faces full of confusion. They all wore the same puzzled expression.

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“Feng Sui watched the pair, hand in hand with Yi’er, heading into the inner sanctum and mused, “Being married isn’t so bad…”

Gu Qi, Twenty-Three, and Sixteen quickly turned to look at him, their faces full of confusion. They all wore the same puzzled expression.”

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