The Dragon

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Chapter 79

Gu Fuyou aimed her words to shake the trust between Zuo Shaode and Zuo Yuezhi, but she didn’t expect to succeed so quickly.

Yet, fate intervened. Zuo Tianlang arrived in Wantong City unannounced, directly entering the city lord’s mansion and being led to the guest hall.

At that time, Zuo Shaode was speaking with Gu Fuyou. Her remark from two days earlier, hinting at Zuo Yuezhi possibly plotting against Zuo Shaode’s life, lingered like a thorn in his heart.

Normally, Zuo Shaode wouldn’t have been so affected by a stranger’s manipulative words. But now, harboring rebellious thoughts and considering Qingluan’s arrival from the Thirty-Third Skies and her confidential meeting with Zuo Yuezhi at Zhuling Platform, her words carried weight. This made him start to doubt and become suspicious.

Zuo Shaode had specifically invited Gu Fuyou to probe her intentions and to try to extract more information from her. However, before they could speak much, a voice was heard outside. “Young Master, the city lord is currently occupied with guests. It’s inconvenient for him to meet you now. I will lead you to the Eastern Garden to rest, and you can meet him later…”

Another voice interrupted, “I am family with my great-uncle, what’s the inconvenience? I’ll meet whatever guests he’s with.”

As the voice neared, a man in a bright red embroidered robe with a jade fan entered, announcing, “Great-uncle!”

Zuo Shaode was surprised by Zuo Tianlang’s sudden appearance, as no one had informed him of the visit. It seemed Zuo Tianlang had boldly entered the City Lord’s mansion without obstruction or prior notice. Zuo Shaode, after an initial look of surprise, smiled and said, “You rascal, what brought you to my Wantong City?”

Zuo Tianlang explained, “Father divided several cities for me to manage. I was passing through Wantong City, so I came to visit you, great-uncle.”

Zuo Shaode, unable to vent his frustration on Zuo Tianlang, still greeted him with a smile. Turning to his subordinate at the door, he scolded with a hint of anger, “You should have informed me in advance of the Young Master’s arrival. Where are your manners?”

Zuo Tianlang interjected, “Great-uncle, don’t blame them. I came in unannounced; if you have to blame someone, blame me.”

Gu Fuyou, rising slowly from her seat, faced Zuo Tianlang for the first time since the harrowing events at Lihen Tian, where her flesh and blood had transformed into a pool of blood. Part of her motivation for utilizing Zuo Qingqing to enter the Thirty-Three Skies was to confront Zuo Tianlang. Previously, she had braced herself, worried about losing control and killing him; now, caught off guard and unexpectedly encountering him, she struggled to contain her overwhelming hatred.

Zuo Tianlang looked the same, his face etched in her memory for countless years. As he passed by her, she felt enveloped by darkness, haunted by the image of the corpse hanging at the lookout tower. Her heart felt like it was gripped by a cold hand, and her hands trembled uncontrollably, yet she clenched them tightly.

Zuo Shaode dismissed the notion of any blame, “What nonsense are you talking about,” and sent the subordinate away.

Zuo Tianlang said, “I heard great-uncle was entertaining guests.” He then turned to look at Gu Fuyou, unable to hide his astonishment at her allure, a blend of elegance and charm. Zuo Tianlang, a man fond of wealth, power, and beauty, had too many distractions. Even with decent talent and abundant resources, his cultivation progress was relatively slow among peers of the same region, only reaching the mid-stage of Nascent Soul.

Gu Fuyou’s eyes, reddened by the flames of hatred, stared coldly at Zuo Tianlang, her emotions beyond her control. Observing from the shadows, Zuo Shaode noticed her unusual demeanor and spoke to Zuo Tianlang, “You must recognize her, she’s your father’s honored guest, recently descended from the Thirty-Third Skies. Originally headed for Bailu City, she passed through here, resolving a troublesome matter for Wantong City, so your great-uncle invited her to express his gratitude.”

Regretfully, Zuo Tianlang responded, “Is that so? Alas, I was away recently and missed the opportunity to meet this esteemed person…”

Gu Fuyou’s face was icy, her eyes a mix of red and dark green. She had once thought that even if revenge failed, she would drag Zuo Tianlang to hell with her. Now, she was tired of acting, tired of dealing with the Zuo family, and wanted to confront them openly. Only the Zuo family’s blood could quench the fire in her heart and satisfy her thirst for vengeance. She wanted Zuo Tianlang to experience unbearable pain, right now!

As she was about to strike like thunder, a cool, delicate hand grabbed her wrist from behind, its faint fragrance slightly easing her tense nerves.

The person behind her, trying to calm her, spoke in a gentle voice, “Master, Scholar Zhai has suddenly fallen ill and is asking for your help.”

Gu Fuyou turned around. Zhong Michu stood behind her, wearing a mask. Gu Fuyou, still not fully awakened from her nightmare, gasped for breath.

Zhong Michu had entered quietly, unnoticed by Gu Fuyou, consumed by hatred, and by Zuo Tianlang, who was captivated by the beauty of Qingluan. Zuo Shaode noticed and was impressed by Zhong Michu’s ability to bypass the guards and enter the hall, piquing his interest.

Seeing someone enter and address Gu Fuyou as ‘master,’ Zuo Tianlang frowned, “What is this? How dare a servant enter the hall! What are the rules! Guards, why let a slave in? Get her out!”

Gu Fuyou turned sharply, her eyes glowing dark green like a serpent’s, coldly staring at Zuo Tianlang, her voice hoarse, “She is my slave, and she follows my rules. It’s not your place to intervene!”

Zuo Tianlang was taken aback, not expecting such a strong reaction over a slave.

Zuo Shaode watched with interest, glancing at Zuo Tianlang and then observing Gu Fuyou’s expression.

Gu Fuyou said to Zuo Shaode, “City Lord Zuo, I must take my leave now.”

Zuo Shaode expressed concern, “Let me send a physician with you.”

“No need. It’s an old ailment of hers; I can handle it.” Gu Fuyou, lacking the energy to continue the charade, turned and left.

At first, she managed to walk a few steps. But in the corridor, Zhong Michu had to support her, lending her strength to move forward, all the way to the courtyard and into the room where Gu Fuyou rested.

Gu Fuyou waved her sleeve, closing the door, leaning against it. She lifted her head, exhaling deeply, her expression weary as if she had been through a great battle.

Gu Fuyou gave a bitter smile, “I’m glad you arrived in time, otherwise, I might not have been able to stop myself from killing Zuo Tianlang.”

Zhong Michu stood in front of her, worried, “Ah Man…”

Gu Fuyou didn’t want to see the affection in Zhong Michu’s eyes, as it made her feel weak. She closed her eyes, changing the subject, “How did you end up in the hall?”

“Just wandering around.”

Why she was wandering there was a mystery. Gu Fuyou smiled faintly, asking, “Aren’t you angry with me anymore?”

Zhong Michu was silent.

Gu Fuyou said, “You should be angry with me.”

Zhong Michu responded, “You actually wish I were angry.”

Gu Fuyou admitted, “I am a heartless scoundrel.”

Zhong Michu didn’t reply. Gu Fuyou couldn’t resist opening her eyes to look at her. Zhong Michu’s expression was still gentle, her amber eyes warm, drawing Gu Fuyou closer. She went over and hugged her, exhausted, “Senior Sister, let me lean on you for a while, just for a while.”

Calling her ‘sister’ held a touch of nostalgia, yet was all the more heartbreaking, “As long as you need.”

Gu Fuyou, in a hoarse voice, revealed, “When I returned to the Thirty-Three Skies, Zuo Tianlang had hung my brother’s corpse at the palace gates. I hate him, I wish to tear him to pieces.” She had never spoken of her experiences in the Lihen Tian, except for the slave contract, she hadn’t told Zhong Michu anything. She wanted to bear the pain alone, to forever remember it, not sharing or diluting it with anyone.

But now, overwhelmed and unable to bear it any longer, she felt a strong need to confide in Zhong Michu. In seeking comfort from Zhong Michu, she simultaneously grappled with feelings of self-loathing, torn between her reluctance to respond and her inability to let go.

Zhong Michu stiffened slightly, then hugged Gu Fuyou back, gently stroking her hair, “We will get revenge, everything will be accounted for.”

The next day, Zuo Shaode came to the courtyard, bringing a physician for Gu Fuyou to command. Gu Fuyou lay on a couch, using Scholar Zhai’s fan to shield herself from the sun. As long as Zuo Tianlang was out of sight, all was peaceful.

When Zuo Shaode arrived, Zhong Michu was talking with Gu Fuyou. They knew that Gu Fuyou’s unusual behavior the day before, and Zhong Michu’s intrusion into the guest hall, had attracted Zuo Shaode’s attention. It was reckless but unavoidable. They could only deal with problems as they arose.

After Zuo Shaode’s arrival, Gu Fuyou continued lying down, casually draping her leg over Zhong Michu. Zhong Michu sat beside her, massaging her leg.

Zuo Shaode was straightforward, “This slave of yours is not low in cultivation.”

Gu Fuyou moved her foot, playfully chiding, “Gentler.”

Zhong Michu was silent.

Gu Fuyou smiled at Zuo Shaode, nodding towards Zhong Michu, “Her? She’s skilled in every way – from managing affairs in the hall to working in the kitchen, from capturing phoenixes and dragons to giving massages and serving tea. She truly is a master of all trades. She’s the one who’s captured my heart. So, even if Lord Zuo is interested in her, I just can’t let her go.”

Zuo Shaode smiled, “A gentleman does not take what others love.”

Gu Fuyou, playing with a lock of hair on her shoulder, asked lazily, “Does City Lord Zuo have any business here today?” She knew from yesterday’s message from Xiao Zhi that Zuo Tianlang was staying at the city lord’s mansion temporarily. When Zuo Shaode’s second son heard about Zuo Tianlang’s actions upon entering the mansion, he was furious, questioning if Zuo Tianlang already considered Wantong City his own.

Gu Fuyou reasoned that at this point in time, Zuo Yuezhi would not specifically send Zuo Tianlang here. Zuo Shaode was powerful and not as weak as the City Lord of Bailu City. Until Zuo Yuezhi firmly secured his position as the sect master, as long as Zuo Shaode did not make any moves, Zuo Yuezhi would not act against him, especially not in a way that would make Zuo Shaode think he was trying to take over Wantong City.

This arrogant son was probably just out for a leisurely visit.

But Zuo Shaode couldn’t think this way. As a cautious man, his suspicions ran deep. After harboring ambitions for the sect master position and being incited by Gu Fuyou, it seemed to confirm her words. Just a few days later, Zuo Tianlang arrived in Wantong City with his attendants. Claiming it was a leisure visit, who could believe that?

Zuo Yuezhi might be attempting the same tactic – sending his son to Wantong City to start establishing connections, possibly prepping for future takeover. Once this thought crossed Zuo Shaode’s mind, he couldn’t dismiss it, growing increasingly suspicious.

Zuo Shaode said, “About that spirit beast…” He paused, then continued, “I’ve been thinking, since you’re a distinguished guest of our sect, and you’ve subdued the beast, there’s no reason you shouldn’t keep it as your mount.”

Gu Fuyou raised her eyelashes , “Oh? Is this Zuo Yuezhi’s instruction?”

Zuo Shaode smiled slightly, “Does the honored guest wish it to be his instruction, or mine?”

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