What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

What’s wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform? By Mar 01, 2024 5 Comments
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Chapter 33

When Xu Nian approached, she was timidly curled up on Ji Yuebai’s shoulder, almost shrinking into a ball. But on her return, she was spirited and proud, radiating an aura of grandeur.

Clinging to Ji Yuebai was, without a doubt, the best decision she had ever made in her snake life.

As they returned to the cave with Ji Yuebai, Xu Nian was planning to shower her with extravagant praises to express her loyalty.

But she was taken aback when Ji Yuebai suddenly stumbled and coughed up blood, the blood trickling down through her fingers.

Startled, Xu Nian quickly transformed to support Ji Yuebai, wrapping around her and helping her to a couch, her concern evident in her voice: “How did you get injured? I heard you went to the cold cliff, is it because of that?”

Ji Yuebai steadied her breath before speaking softly, “I just forcefully used my spiritual energy to clear the blockages in my meridians caused by the cold cliff. A few days of rest and I’ll be fine. No need to worry.”

The fresh blood had stained her pale lips red, adding a touch of morbid beauty to her pale, translucent complexion.

Xu Nian carefully wiped the blood from Ji Yuebai’s lips and fingertips with a cloth from the table, guilt-ridden: “It’s all because of me that you got hurt, I’m sorry.”

Ji Yuebai lifted a hand to pat her head, her tone much softer: “Don’t blame yourself, I’ve promised to protect you.”

The more Ji Yuebai said this, the more Xu Nian felt guilty. If it hadn’t been for her, Ji Yuebai wouldn’t have had to force her spiritual energy and get injured.

For the next few days, Xu Nian diligently stayed by Ji Yuebai’s side. When Ji Yuebai read, Xu Nian fanned her. When Ji Yuebai drank tea, she eagerly rolled the teapot to refill it. Whenever Ji Yuebai sat down, Xu Nian swiftly pushed a cushion behind her.

She tried to provide Ji Yuebai with the most attentive and supreme service.

Several times Ji Yuebai tried to speak, but Xu Nian always interrupted her.

“Yuebai, this is the only thing I can do to help you.”

Looking into her remorseful, pleading black eyes, Ji Yuebai found herself swallowing the words she meant to say.

However, Ji Yuebai didn’t realize this was just the beginning.

After Xu Nian retrieved the food box from the servant, she earnestly invited Ji Yuebai to dine together. Since regaining her memory, Ji Yuebai had stopped eating, but she couldn’t bring herself to refuse Xu Nian’s kindness now and picked a peach blossom-shaped pastry from the box.

Xu Nian watched with a full mouth, curiously looking at Ji Yuebai, “Why are you only eating this? It’s so bland.”

Ji Yuebai replied, “Cultivators should not consume too much grain and meat, to avoid accumulating impurities that hinder cultivation.”

Xu Nian nodded in a half-understanding, “I see.”

Watching Ji at the peYuebai elegantly each blossom pastry, a small crumb landed on her lips. Without thinking, Xu Nian gently used her clean tail to brush it off Ji Yuebai’s lips.

Ji Yuebai, not understanding her intention at first, felt a cool touch as the pointed snake tail caressed her lips.

The snake lowered her head, slightly embarrassed, and whispered, “Sorry, I just wiped it without thinking.”

Ji Yuebai unconsciously touched her lips, reassuringly, “It’s okay, you meant well.”

Xu Nian looked up, her eyes shining as she gazed at Ji Yuebai, “Your lips feel so soft, and they are so pretty. I wish I could be even a tenth as beautiful as you when I transform.”

Ji Yuebai’s ears turned warm as she comforted, “I’ve heard that transformed snake demons are very beautiful. You won’t be any less.”

“That’s good,” Xu Nian said, happily flicking her tail.

Ji Yuebai, needing to regulate her internal energy and repair her meridians, went to bed earlier than usual that night. After reading for a while, she got up to bathe and rest.

Xu Nian had been waiting for this moment. She seemed to be diligently cultivating in the Black box but was actually keeping an eye on Ji Yuebai outside. As soon as Ji Yuebai put down her book, Xu Nian leapt out and followed her all the way to the bath.

Ji Yuebai, of course, noticed her little antics but wasn’t sure what she was up to, so she stopped and asked, “Do you want to bathe too?”

Xu Nian looked up, her big, round eyes earnestly gazing at her. “I want to serve you during your bath.”

Hearing this, Ji Yuebai’s usually cold and distant face showed a rare sign of surprise. She instinctively wanted to refuse, “There’s no need.”

But the snake, covering her face with her tail, pretended to cry, “It’s because of me that you got hurt. I just want to do something within my power to help. I’m a useless snake, and I can’t help you more. Please don’t despise me for being so incompetent.”

After a moment of silence, Ji Yuebai couldn’t bring herself to refuse, “Alright.”

Deep inside the cave was a warm, spiritual pool. After some refurbishment, it now looked quite luxurious. Long curtains hung around, and the floor was laid with waterproof Lingxi wood, warm underfoot. The pool’s walls were adorned with simple carvings, and by the wall, a metallic golden dragon continually poured in fresh, babbling water.

Xu Nian happily bustled about in the pool, first lighting sleep-inducing incense, then deftly spreading flower petals in the water with a basket. Seeing Ji Yuebai remove her robe, Xu Nian swiftly approached, adeptly undoing her belt with her tail and teeth.

Ji Yuebai felt quite uncomfortable: “I can undress myself.”

Xu Nian blinked, “But you’re injured. It’s not right to let a wounded person do such things.”

In a swift and graceful motion, Xu Nian smoothly straightened Ji Yuebai’s robe and hung it neatly alongside the belt, presenting a picture of efficient helpfulness. Ji Yuebai found herself momentarily at a loss for words.

Xu Nian then tried to help her with the inner garment, but as her tail touched the garment, Ji Yuebai stopped her.

Her long black hair cascaded over her snow-white inner garment, the steam tinting her fair complexion a light pink. A hint of discomfort flashed across her face: “I’ll do this part myself.”

Xu Nian nodded, “Okay, then I’ll go prepare the bathrobe and the soap beans.”

By the time Xu Nian returned gracefully with the dry towels, bathrobe, and soap beans, Ji Yuebai had already entered the bath.

In the misty steam, Ji Yuebai’s silky black hair spread out in the water, accentuating her skin, pale and tender like cream. Hearing Xu Nian’s approach, she turned, her black eyes reflecting Xu Nian’s figure.

“Just put them over there.”

The breathtaking scene made Xu Nian involuntarily swallow. Although she had seen it before, but every glance was still breathtaking. She did as instructed, setting everything aside, then grabbing a towel, intending to join her in the water to help wash her.

Indeed, she just wanted to help, not covet Ji Yuebai’s beauty.

However, just as she swam up to Ji Yuebai, before she could even touch her, she found her neck pinched in Ji Yuebai’s hand.

Xu Nian wriggled, about to look pitifully wronged, but Ji Yuebai interrupted her.

In an unexpectedly gentle voice, Ji Yuebai said, “Xu Nian.”

Startled, Xu Nian gave a nervous chuckle, “What is it, Yuebai?”

Ji Yuebai took the bath towel from Xu Nian’s tail: “You’ve been working hard serving me. It’s time for me to repay your efforts.”

Oh no, it seemed like Ji Yuebai was about to turn the tables.

Xu Nian felt a sense of foreboding: “No… there’s no need.”

Ji Yuebai’s soft fingers gently caressed Xu Nian’s body, the delicate touch causing her to shiver: “You seem to be enjoying it, aren’t you?”

Xu Nian, on the verge of tears, protested, “No, I’m not, Yuebai, your injury hasn’t healed yet.”

Ji Yuebai flipped her over, the bath towel lightly grazing her belly. Watching Xu Nian’s body squirm uncomfortably, Ji Yuebai said calmly, “It’s fine, I can manage this much.”

Xu Nian, writhing in discomfort, pleaded, “Ah, Yuebai, I’m sorry, I was wrong. Please, let me go. I won’t ever again…”

Ji Yuebai’s voice was cool but pleasant, “What did you do wrong?”

Xu Nian quickly admitted defeat, “I lusted after your beauty, wanted to lay my hands on you, I won’t dare anymore.”

Ji Yuebai hadn’t expected such an excuse and coughed lightly, releasing her grip.

“Just don’t do it again.”

Finally pardoned, Xu Nian scrambled out of the pool and fled as if escaping, utterly embarrassed about being caught coveting someone’s body. She wanted to hide away, preferably not seeing Ji Yuebai for a while.

Ji Yuebai, still in the pool, watched Xu Nian’s hasty retreat and let out a light chuckle.

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