What’s wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

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Chinese Title: 只想修炼化形的蛇蛇有什么错

Genre: Girls Love, Xanxia

Author: 城玉

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Ji Yuebai, a genius in the cultivation world seen only once in a thousand years, was seriously injured during an outdoor training session when she encountered a little green snake.

She had always considered it her duty to eliminate demons and protect the Dao. Usually, she would dispatch these kinds of creatures with a single sword strike, but now, her severe injuries made it difficult to mobilize her spiritual energy. A slight misstep during her healing process could lead to demonic possession.

Helpless, Ji Yuebai could only watch as the jade-green little snake swam towards her across the water and wrapped itself around her body.

She made up her mind that as soon as her wounds healed a bit, she would cut this creature into a thousand pieces.

However, the little green snake, unaware of the impending disaster, flicked its pink tongue unconsciously. It just so happened to touch Ji Yuebai's ears, as smooth and lustrous as pearls and jade, and suddenly found that the body beneath it started shaking uncontrollably.

It's often said that snakes are naturally lustful, and demon snakes even more so. Ji Yuebai could no longer bear such a humiliation. What if she succumbed to demonic influences? She attempted to channel her spiritual energy into her sword, but at that moment, an icy sensation came from her wounds, providing temporary relief from the pain.

She then saw the green snake's slender tail gently applying a sacred healing herb, which hadn’t touched water, to her wounds.


Ji Yuebai, the junior master from Tian Yuan Sect, who was always at odds with the demonic path, caused quite a stir in the sect when she returned from her training with a snake demon in tow.

Many people in the sect thought Ji Yuebai had lost her mind. Even more self-proclaimed warriors of justice, under the banner of demon-slaying and protecting the Dao, demanded the death of the little green snake, branding it a vile creature of evil.

That is, until Ji Yuebai stood on the Life and Death stage, shaking the fresh red blood from her sword, and said coldly: "Is there anyone else who objects? Let them speak on the stage of life and death."

From that moment on, no one in the sect dared to bring up this matter again.


The little green snake followed Ji Yuebai in her daily cultivation. When Ji Yuebai got up, it did too; when Ji Yuebai rested, it would curl up into a ball in her arms and rest with her.

The unrivaled swordmaster of Tian Yuan Sect, Ji Yuebai, finally had a companion.

Many noticed that the Shishu, who used to have a stern face every day, now had much softer corners to her lips.

Until one day, Ji Yuebai woke up to a gentle, silky touch. She looked down to see an exquisitely beautiful woman with green snake skin softly curled up in her arms, her wrist resting on her waist in an almost boneless manner, and her voice was utterly captivating: "Yuebai, I've transformed~"

It was then that the always single-minded Ji Yuebai understood the true meaning of the term "demon."



  1. Potus Alex says:

    I want to read this story too. But I don’t see the chapters. Where is it?

    1. admin says:

      They are still pending and scheduled. I need to review them one last time before releasing. Editing requires a lot of effort… The translation draft for the story is complete, but it has not yet been edited.

      1. Potus Alex says:

        Ah, I see. Thank you! I am looking forward to reading them.

  2. admin says:

    This is an isekai story, by the way. Modern -> Cultivation world.

  3. jbebe says:

    Synopsis looks interesting–and it’s an isekai? Sign me up! Thank you for translating–looking forward to release date.

    1. admin says:

      Yes, it will be released once the dragon is finished. The story is still ongoing. I won’t be posting translations until it’s completed, which should be sometime this year.

    2. Yama says:

      What a shame to see this yet not translated. Love ur work and hope to see it as soon as u will have time for that. Good luck and sending much love

      1. admin says:

        I’m going to start releasing this in feb.

  4. Yandere devil says:

    Hey admin or translator can you please translate this historical baihe. It’s one of best Yuri novel I completed read it. 禁止欺负话本女主

    1. admin says:

      It looks interesting. I’ll try it, but if I do, it will be after I finish this novel.

    2. MatrixM says:

      It’s being translated, though the translation quality isn’t good, imo, because it REALLY needs an editor. Here’s the NU link

  5. dadin says:

    is this your next project after The Dragon ? then I’ll look forward to this .. since I like your translation style.. it’s easy to read and you always pick great novels

  6. Hime says:

    So excited for this 😍❣️

    1. admin says:

      Yeah next week 🙂

  7. Henbane says:

    One of the best romance LNs I have read. Thanks a lot for the beautiful translation

  8. MatrixM says:

    If you’re still looking for suggestions, please consider the other works by the author of The Dragon. I really really liked her writing style coupled with your TL-style.

    1. MatrixM says:

      here’s a reddit post with a bit of detail on each. Was happy to find out about this

      1. MatrixM says:

        I didn’t realise you replied on the other page. Sorry about that. I’m excited, though!

    2. Aaa says:

      If you’re looking for something else to pick up, consider Jianghu Demolition Squad by the same author as the dragon? It sounds really good and i loved the writing style in your translation of the dragon ^^

  9. Hatimo says:

    Do you have any Kofi/Patreon page where I can support u? 🥺

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