What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

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Chapter 44

“Perfect, just like that, hold the pose,” Xu Nian said, marveling at Mu Yanyu’s expertise: “It’s truly remarkable, as expected of you.”

Under Mu Yanyu’s direction, Xu Nian struggled to strike one beautiful yet challenging pose after another. She managed to fulfill Mu Yanyu’s requests, thanks largely to her natural flexibility as a snake. Xu Nian mused that if Mu Yanyu were in the modern world, she would undoubtedly be an outstanding photographer and stylist.

As Mu Yanyu watched the outtakes on the memory stone with satisfaction…

Xu Nian took down her hair and tried to replicate the hairstyle step by step from memory, following Mu Yanyu’s methods. However, due to her inability to see the back of her head and her new, clumsy fingers, she struggled to achieve the same effect as when Mu Yanyu had styled it.

This made Xu Nian a bit disheartened, fearing her miraculous transformation plan might be doomed. After all, she couldn’t always ask Ji Yuebai for earrings and Mu Yanyu for hair styling – it was too much of a hassle, and neither of them had time to play with her every day.

Xu Nian gestured to Mu Yanyu, asking, “Is there a hairstyle that’s both beautiful and easy to do?”

Mu Yanyu thought for a moment, “Yes, there is.”

Xu Nian clasped her hands together, pleading, “Then teach me that simpler one, please. I can’t manage the complicated ones.”

Mu Yanyu then styled Xu Nian’s hair, leaving two strands by her cheeks and some wispy hair by the ears, and tied her long hair into a thick braid at the back, securing it with a ribbon. She then added the same jewelry as before.

Xu Nian looked in the mirror and loved the new style. It was simple, easy to manage, and atmospheric – perfect for someone like her. She looked at Mu Yanyu gratefully and sincerely complimented, “Your hands are truly skillful.”

Mu Yanyu, caught up in the excitement, grasped Xu Nian’s delicate hands, replying, “Oh, it’s nothing. You’ve fully inspired me too. We’ve achieved this together.”

Xu Nian looked at her, puzzled.

Mu Yanyu explained, “I plan to open a jewelry shop in the cultivation world once I save up more spiritual stones. Later, I could collaborate with Qianji Peak to create functional jewelry, like hidden weapons, daggers, poison needles, and such artifacts. I’d like you and Ji Yuebai to model them for the memory stones and promote them through Tingfeng Pavilion across various sects…”

Xu Nian’s eyes sparkled at the idea. She quickly clasped Mu Yanyu’s hand, “Mu sister, I’m all in on your venture. In wealth and prosperity, let’s not forget each other.”

Mu Yanyu almost made a vow, “Don’t worry, we’re in this together. As long as I have a bite to eat, you won’t go hungry.”

With that said, everything was understood without further words. They held hands, looking into each other’s eyes with deep emotion.

As Ji Yuebai stepped into Mu Yanyu’s cave, she was met with a scene that made her pause in her tracks.

Mu Yanyu, sensing a disturbance in the cave’s protective wards, instinctively turned around. Her face, bright with a radiant smile, suddenly froze upon seeing Ji Yuebai.

In truth, upon realizing Xu Nian wasn’t in her own cave, Ji Yuebai had sent a message to Mu Yanyu using a paper crane. Mu Yanyu, eager to reconnect with someone she hadn’t seen in a while, had warmly invited Ji Yuebai over. For them, it was about nurturing connections, particularly with a formidable sword cultivator like Ji Yuebai. Since Mu Yanyu had abandoned any plans to whisk Xu Nian away, she had become more relaxed around Ji Yuebai.

But now, Ji Yuebai had walked in on a scene ripe for misunderstanding.

Especially since Xu Nian, now in her human form, was so captivating. Mu Yanyu admitted to herself that she had been slightly moved, but she didn’t see it as a significant issue. After all, it was harmless to harbor such thoughts privately.

She cleared her throat, letting go of Xu Nian’s hand, and addressed Ji Yuebai, “It’s a misunderstanding, please don’t take it to heart.” She believed some things were better clarified to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

Ji Yuebai, with her typically cool and detached demeanor, replied succinctly, “It doesn’t matter.”

Then, to Mu Yanyu’s surprise, the slender figure beside Ji Yuebai, who had until then maintained a distance, suddenly clung to Ji Yuebai’s arm. Her voice was soft and pleading, “Yuebai, do you think Yanyu did a good job with my new hairstyle?”

Ji Yuebai’s eyes, usually as cold as distant stars, softened for a moment. Her voice was gentle, almost tender, “Yes, it’s beautiful.”

Mu Yanyu was taken aback by this development. It seemed there was someone for everyone.

She wondered if Ji Yuebai realized how much she changed around Xu Nian. Her usual sharpness seemed to mellow, and if Mu Yanyu were to believe Ji Yuebai felt nothing special for Xu Nian, she wouldn’t buy it.

When they first met, Ji Yuebai had mentioned Xu Nian, the green snake, as her lifesaver.

But Mu Yanyu, seasoned in the ways of business and accustomed to seeing gratitude turn to resentment, had never seen such growing closeness and kindness towards a snake.

Mu Yanyu was puzzled. She initially liked Xu Nian for her beauty and intelligence, something unique in a snake. Their long-term interaction had developed into something akin to familial affection. And in the lonely world of the Tian Yuan Sect, where Xu Nian, despite being a snake demon, unhesitatingly supported her wildest ideas, Mu Yanyu’s feelings for Xu Nian extended beyond kinship and gratitude.

After Xu Nian transformed, Mu Yanyu admitted to herself that she too had experienced a fleeting moment of attraction.

But she quickly suppressed these thoughts, knowing Xu Nian, for all her apparent coquettishness, was actually quite naive.

Could it be that Ji Yuebai also…

At that thought, Mu Yanyu shook her head vigorously, trying to dislodge these strange ideas.

Impossible. Before entering the Tian Yuan Sect, she might have entertained such notions, but her time there had thoroughly quashed them. She had been indoctrinated with the belief that all demon beasts were menaces to be eradicated. Mu Yanyu couldn’t fathom how Ji Yuebai had managed to protect Xu Nian from the wrath of their sect.

Mu Yanyu believed that Ji Yuebai, having been raised and indoctrinated within the Tian Yuan Sect from a young age, would never harbor any romantic feelings towards a demon beast like Xu Nian. In her view, Ji Yuebai’s tolerance towards Xu Nian was perhaps merely a way of repaying a debt.

Leaving Mu Yanyu’s cave, Xu Nian released the arm of Ji Yuebai, which she had been holding all along. Her primary concern was to avoid being seen by passing disciples, which could potentially affect Ji Yuebai’s reputation.

Ji Yuebai’s gaze rested on her face, but she remained silent.

Trailing a step behind Ji Yuebai, Xu Nian asked softly, “Have you finished your work? Why have you suddenly come to find me?”

After a brief silence, Ji Yuebai unexpectedly asked, “Can’t I find you if there’s no specific matter?”

Xu Nian’s heart jolted at the question, and she quickly moved closer to explain, “No, no, of course, you can. It’s just that you’ve been busy with the preparations for the disciples’ grand competition recently, and I didn’t want to distract you. That’s why I went to play with Mu Yanyu.”

As she spoke, Ji Yuebai suddenly stopped walking, prompting Xu Nian to stop as well.

Wondering what was happening, Xu Nian saw Ji Yuebai extend her hand, revealing two tiny, lifelike figurines in her palm.

“Liu Liu, Yi Yi?” Xu Nian exclaimed in surprise, taking the figurines from Ji Yuebai’s hand and infusing them with spiritual energy.

Under her influence, the tiny figurines rapidly grew to life-size, still the same elegant and beautiful dolls she remembered. They looked at each other in astonishment, then turned to Xu Nian, saying in unison with endearing obedience, “Master, we have returned.”

Xu Nian joyfully embraced them, saying, “That’s wonderful, you haven’t changed at all.”

After spending some time affectionately cuddling with the adorable Liu Liu and Yi Yi, she reluctantly stored them away.

Gratefully holding Ji Yuebai’s hand, Xu Nian said tearfully, “Yuebai, you’ve gone to so much trouble. Without you, I might never have seen them again. I’ll find a way to repay you.”

Feeling the soft touch of Xu Nian’s hand, Ji Yuebai instinctively straightened her back, downplaying her deed, “It was no trouble at all.”

Xu Nian didn’t consider it a small matter. Receiving so much kindness from Ji Yuebai without any reason made her feel deeply indebted. She gently shook Ji Yuebai’s hand, pleading earnestly, “If there’s anything I can help with, please let me know. Think about it if you need to.”

A gentle breeze passed by, causing strands of hair to brush against Ji Yuebai’s cheek, her cool gaze fixated on Xu Nian’s face.

Hearing her words, delicate as broken jade, Ji Yuebai said, “Stay by my side.”

Xu Nian paused, startled.

After a moment, Ji Yuebai’s eyelashes drooped, her voice becoming softer, “It’s nothing. Forget I said anything.”

The next second, Xu Nian’s arms were wrapped around her waist, her unbelievably soft body pressing close, her voice as sweet as ever, “Yuebai, that won’t do. You need to choose something else.”

Ji Yuebai’s fingers tensed involuntarily, finding her own spoken words somewhat harsh, “Where are you planning to go?”

Xu Nian replied as if it were the most natural thing in the world, “Because I had already decided to always stay by your side, so that doesn’t count. You have to choose something else that I can do.”

As her words fell, Ji Yuebai felt a lightness in her heart, the previously suffocating feeling dissipating.

She pursed her lips, suppressing the urge to smile, and said with restraint, “Let me think about it. I’ll tell you when I have an idea.”

Satisfied, Xu Nian urged, “Make sure you tell me as soon as you think of it.”

A hint of amusement colored Ji Yuebai’s response, “Alright.”

Just then, a disciple passed by nearby. Xu Nian quickly released her embrace and stepped back, positioning herself demurely behind Ji Yuebai, like a submissive wife.

Xu Nian thought to herself that this felt somewhat like a secret affair, deciding she shouldn’t pursue that thought any further.

The disciple, upon seeing Ji Yuebai, respectfully bowed, “Disciple greets Ji Shishu.”

While he appeared courteous and proper, he couldn’t help but sneak glances at Xu Nian behind Ji Yuebai.

Suddenly, he felt an overwhelming aura bearing down on him, and without the strength to resist, he fell to his knees.

Ji Yuebai’s icy voice came from above, “Impure thoughts lead to an unstable Dao heart. Return and copy the ‘Nanhua Scripture’ a hundred times and bring it to me.”

The disciple, unsure of how he had displeased Ji Yuebai, dared not say more. Enduring the pressure, he managed a feeble acknowledgement before stumbling to his feet and hastily retreating as soon as the pressure lifted.

Once the disciple was far enough away, Xu Nian playfully returned to Ji Yuebai’s side, her fingers lightly twirling a lock of Ji Yuebai’s hair resting on her shoulder. With a slightly teasing look in her eyes, she joked, “Ji Shishu, your impressive presence leaves me weak in the knees, unable to walk. Whatever shall I do?”

In a fleeting moment, Ji Yuebai’s face turned a delicate shade of pink. With a graceful motion, she summoned her Frost Sword, which under her skilled manipulation, grew wider and longer, reaching a size large enough to support a person.

In the very next second, Xu Nian found herself unexpectedly soaring into the air. She was lifted around the waist by Ji Yuebai and placed atop the elongating sword. As the sword ascended with a will of its own into the sky, Xu Nian instinctively wrapped her arms tightly around Ji Yuebai’s neck, seeking support in her alone amidst the open sky, holding on to her firmly.

Almost in the blink of an eye, they were above the endless layers of clouds, their hair dancing wildly with the gusting winds.

Xu Nian had originally meant it as a simple joke, never anticipating Ji Yuebai would take her seriously. Yet, she couldn’t deny the thrill it gave her; it was like riding a roller coaster, stirring a blend of fear and excitement within her. This made her instinctively cling to Ji Yuebai even more tightly.

Just as the disciples were leaving their classes, many flew towards them on their swords. Feeling embarrassed, Xu Nian hid her face in Ji Yuebai’s chest and softly complained, “Yuebai, please put me down quickly; we’re going to be seen.”

Then she heard Ji Yuebai respond calmly, “I have set up an illusion formation. They cannot see us.”

Upon hearing Ji Yuebai’s words, Xu Nian carefully raised her head to look around. True to Ji Yuebai’s assurance, the other disciples appeared completely unaware of their flying sword, skillfully maneuvering around them as though they couldn’t see them at all.

With a sense of surprise, Xu Nian also realized the potential of such a method… it seemed all too fitting for carrying out acts not meant to be seen.

And with that realization, she too wished to learn.

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