What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

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Chapter 43

At Qianji Peak, in the forging area,

Gong Lian was astounded as he looked at the only two remaining broken control cores. He then lifted his gaze to the expressionless Ji Yuebai, marveling at the astonishing destructive power of this sword cultivator. The items, hardly a month since their return, were already played to ruin. All those pure white spirit stones wasted, he thought, this woman is incredibly extravagant.

After hesitating for a long time, he finally asked, “Are you sure you want to repair these?”

“The other parts of these two puppet dolls are basically shattered to pieces, and even the control cores have some damage. It’s not that I’m intentionally trying to cheat you, but the cost and expense of the repairs will far exceed making two new ones,” he explained.

Gong Lian even gestured to indicate a cost of 500,000 spirit stones.

He then advised in good faith, “I’m not like those deceitful medicine sellers at Xinglin Peak. The repair costs really aren’t worth it. I’m thinking of your best interests; it might be better to make two new ones.”

Ji Yuebai declined his kindness: “No need, just repair them as they were before, exactly the same. I will pay you every spirit stone in full.”

Her response took Gong Lian by surprise. He had seen people make unwise decisions before, but never quite like this. His rare display of conscience was turned down, leaving him bewildered.

A fool and his spirit stones are soon parted, he thought. Since the patron had decided, what was there for him to regret?

Before Ji Yuebai left, Xu Nian asked her to help with her hair, but unexpectedly, the seemingly all-capable Ji Yuebai was not adept at this task. Either she couldn’t gather the hair properly, or she pinned it too loosely to hold the hairpin. In the end, she settled for a simple single hairpin bun, which she was most skilled at.

Such a simple hairstyle surprisingly enhanced her natural beauty, adding an indescribable charm.

Xu Nian admired herself in the mirror for a long time, ultimately feeling satisfied. She was eager to share the joy of her transformation with Mu Yanyu.

Thinking about Mu Yanyu’s likely surprise, she happily gathered her clothes and treasure box and stepped out.

After much hardship, having finally transformed into human form, she had no desire to revert to her original appearance. The sensation of walking on her feet, though unfamiliar, filled her with immense satisfaction. No longer did she have to crawl in dark corners, facing disdainful and fearful glances. She could now stand proudly in the sunlight and rightfully mingle among people, a wonderfully dreamlike experience.

As for the demon mark on her forehead, Xu Nian didn’t conceal it. She had seen many female disciples with beautiful decorative dots on their foreheads, similar to her natural demon mark. This allowed her to blend in.

It was a crisp autumn day with a refreshing breeze. Mu Yanyu, having spent the morning planting spiritual herbs as an apprentice in the Lingzhi Garden, felt exhausted. Stretching her body, she left Xinglin Peak to fetch some spiritual vegetables for a meal.

Yet, she noticed something was off at Tian Yuan Sect today.

The disciples, who usually carried themselves with an air of refined grace, were unusually agitated, like chickens on a caffeine high. The number of flying swords circling in the sky had also increased several-fold from usual.

Mu Yanyu slowed her pace, a hint of suspicion in her step.

“What’s happening? Could it be an attack by demonic cultivators on Tian Yuan Sect?” she mused, recalling stories she’d read in the library about such events centuries ago. If that were the case, she, a mere novice, thought it best to stay clear.

Despite these thoughts, her inherent curiosity couldn’t help but draw her closer.

“After all, this is inside Tian Yuan Sect. Even if there were demonic cultivators, they couldn’t have breached the defenses so quickly,” she reasoned.

She narrowed her eyes, channeling spiritual energy into her gaze to enhance her vision. And indeed, the distant view became clearer. She saw a graceful figure approaching from afar.

The distance made it hard to discern the face, but the graceful, swaying posture and delicate contours alone were enough to tell Mu Yanyu that this was a great beauty. The way she moved, as if a gentle breeze was caressing a willow, was enchantingly alluring. Mu Yanyu, a woman herself, couldn’t help but feel a pang of envy, not to mention the young male disciples around.

Mu Yanyu finally understood why her fellow disciples were so stirred up. Realizing it wasn’t an enemy invasion, she relaxed. After all, who doesn’t like watching a beauty? She made her way through the crowd of disciples, drawn to the excitement.

As she drew closer and saw the beauty’s face clearly, Mu Yanyu gasped in awe. “Good heavens, who brought such a seductress into Tian Yuan Sect? How can anyone concentrate on cultivation with her around? She could easily disrupt the spiritual focus and ruin the cultivation of the disciples.”

The beauty’s alluring eyes, glancing around, were captivating in themselves. A mere look from her slightly upturned eyes seemed enough to ensnare one’s soul.

The autumn light fell on her flawless, translucent skin, casting a gentle glow around her. The sight of her partly exposed shoulder, so tender and lustrous, made it impossible to look away.

“If I had a doll like her as a child, I’d probably laugh in my sleep,” Mu Yanyu thought to herself.

Hearing the swallowing sounds around her, she unconsciously swallowed too, thinking mischievously, “Could she be an infiltrator from a Demonic Sect, like the Hehuan Sect, sent to destroy Tian Yuan Sect from within?”

The beauty appeared to be looking for someone, her charming eyes scanning the surroundings. When her gaze fell on Mu Yanyu, it suddenly brightened, and a smile graced her face.

That smile alone was enough to captivate everyone around.

Mu Yanyu’s fellow disciples paused for a moment. Just then, a loud crash echoed from the sky. Looking up, Mu Yanyu saw two flying swords, which had been hovering above, collide with each other.

“Trouble indeed,” Mu Yanyu clicked her tongue in amusement.

Seeing the beauty walking towards her, the disciples nearby were overjoyed, hoping to be the lucky one she was looking for. Mu Yanyu, too, looked around, wondering which fortunate disciple would have the honor of her attention.

At that moment, someone couldn’t resist stepping forward. It was Zheng Shang, the senior brother who had previously taught swordsmanship to Mu Yanyu. With a smooth adjustment of his robe, he confidently approached the gathering, embodying what he believed to be the epitome of grace and charm. He was ready to voice the question that had been secretly weighing on the minds of all the disciples.

“May I have the honor of knowing you, fairy? My surname is Zheng, and my given name is Shang, a closed-door disciple of Elder Qiu at Danjun Peak. May I ask your name and lineage? I have some modest insights into cultivation myself, perhaps we could share and learn from each other,” he inquired.

Dishonorable, shameless – the thought rippled through the minds of his fellow disciples, irate at his audacity to make the first move without so much as a greeting.

What drove them even crazier was the beauty’s reaction. She covered her lips with her delicate hand, her eyes showing a hint of surprise: “Oh my, I remember you.”

The surrounding disciples watched Zheng Shang with a mix of envy, jealousy, and resentment. “Lucky guy, always catching the good breaks,” they thought begrudgingly.

Zheng Shang himself was puzzled, struggling to link this unparalleled beauty before him with any past encounter. Had he inadvertently caught her fancy without realizing it? Basking in the envious glares of his fellow disciples, his pride swelled, his chin lifting unconsciously.

He posed his question with a veneer of politeness: “May I ask when the fairy encountered me before?”

The other disciples strained their ears, eager to hear the beauty’s response.

The beauty’s beautiful brows furrowed slightly, her voice laced with a touch of grievance, igniting a sense of pity: “Previously, at Wushang Peak, you and a group of people came to hunt me down. You were the first to charge at me.”

Zheng Shang’s expression froze, his disbelief evident as he stared at the stunningly attractive woman before him, unable to reconcile her with the green snake demon he had seen that day.

The other disciples, who had been waiting on the sidelines, were similarly stunned. Those who comprehended the situation were too shocked to speak. Those who hadn’t yet grasped it wondered incredulously: “Why would they want to attack such a beauty? Had she committed some unforgivable sin?”

Thinking about this and connecting it with the beauty’s words, the memories of the confrontation at Wushang Peak and the life and death duel at the arena flashed through their minds.

They suddenly understood, their eyes widening in shock. Madness, sheer madness – this beauty was the snake demon brought back by Ji Shishu!

At the time, as a new outer sect disciple, Mu Yanyu had only heard about the life and death duel but hadn’t witnessed the full story. Naturally, she couldn’t immediately make the connection and was simply astounded by the sudden, thunderstruck expressions of her fellow disciples.

In the next second, the beauty’s gaze landed on Mu Yanyu, blossoming into a radiant smile. She then threw herself into Mu Yanyu’s arms, her voice tender and reproachful: “Yanyu, I’ve finally found you.”

Overwhelmed by the sudden onslaught of beauty, Mu Yanyu was momentarily stunned.

“Do I know this gorgeous woman?”

She couldn’t recall ever being so fortunate.

As she was embraced by the soft, fragrant warmth, Mu Yanyu’s mind turned hazy. It took her a good while to react, asking incredulously, “Xu… Xu Nian?”

The beauty in her arms stepped back, twirling gracefully before her: “It’s me, I’ve transformed. How do I look? Pretty?”

“Beautiful, incredibly beautiful,” Mu Yanyu replied, awestruck. This was more than just beautiful; it was breathtakingly stunning.

As Xu Nian twirled gracefully, she left not only Mu Yanyu but also the surrounding disciples utterly spellbound.

Despite knowing that she was the once-despised and filthy snake demon, her beautiful appearance ignited feelings they struggled to suppress. Her beauty, even if merely a facade covering a loathsome creature, stirred undeniable desires.

Flattered by Mu Yanyu’s compliments, Xu Nian felt a bit embarrassed. Even Ji Yuebai hadn’t commented on her appearance after she transformed, leaving her somewhat insecure, worried if her new look might not be to her liking, and hesitant to seek the response she longed for.

Now, reassured by Mu Yanyu’s approval, Xu Nian felt more at ease. She linked arms with Mu Yanyu, saying, “I need your help with something. Let’s get some spiritual vegetables to eat.”

Though her appearance had transformed into breathtaking beauty, the essence of Xu Nian remained unchanged – she was still the unpretentious little green snake they all knew and admired.

Mu Yanyu, her eyes curving into beautiful crescents, fully relaxed and replied, “Let’s go. I just prepared some new dishes at the Lingxian Hall. It’s a rare occasion that you’ve transformed, so I’ll treat you to a good meal.”

Xu Nian’s eyes lit up at the mention of food: “What are we waiting for? Let’s go.”

It wasn’t until the two figures, one leading and the other following, had walked away that the gathered disciples reluctantly withdrew their gazes.

Zheng Shang, left standing alone, was filled with regret. Had he known that the snake demon brought back by Ji Shishu would transform into such a beauty, he would have never participated in the expedition to Wushang Peak.

The other disciples who had joined the hunt shared his sentiment, inwardly cursing Pang Tianlong for meddling and robbing them of the opportunity to be close to such a beauty. What business was it of Pang Tianlong’s, anyway? The demon that Ji Shishu brought back hadn’t caused any trouble or harm and had always behaved properly.

Most of the disciples present hadn’t experienced the monster turmoil a hundred years ago and thus harbored hostility towards monsters based solely on the teachings they received. Being of mortal origin before joining the sect, they had heard stories like ‘The Legend of the White Snake’ and fancied tales of fox spirits bringing romance. Previously, they would have dismissed these stories with a laugh.

However, seeing the green snake transformed into a human form stirred a sense of longing in their hearts for such mythical tales to be true.

“If the creatures in those legends looked like her, perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad,” they thought.

One disciple, coming to his senses, mused, “No wonder Ji Shishu was willing to fight for her on the life and death stage.”

Another responded, “Don’t kid yourself. Ji Shishu isn’t like you. Besides, the snake demon hadn’t transformed back then. Who could have known she’d turn out this beautiful?”

The first disciple nodded, “That’s true. If I had known, I wouldn’t have joined the hunt either.”

Others daydreamed, “Hey, what if I go down the mountain and find a snake demon to raise? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it transformed?”

Their peers quickly chimed in, “Transforming a demon takes at least a hundred years, and there are plenty who haven’t transformed even after a thousand years of cultivation. Let’s not even talk about spending centuries with a snake demon; just think about how many fail to survive the transformation ordeal.”

“Yeah, you might end up with nothing but wasted effort.”

“And chances are, you might not even survive long enough to see it transform with your shallow cultivation.”

As the conversation reached this point, everyone set aside their fanciful thoughts, acknowledging that such an event was a matter of chance not easily replicated.

Mu Yanyu, disliking the straightforward stares fixated on Xu Nian, arranged for the spiritual vegetables to be delivered to her cave dwelling.

Xu Nian had no objections; for her, as long as the food was good, the location mattered little.

Now endowed with distinct fingers, she found cooking far more convenient than before when she had to use her tail. Holding a piece of five-spice pig’s trotter with her tender, green onion-like fingers, she nibbled away contentedly. Influenced by her snake nature, she had developed a preference for meat, becoming a thorough carnivore.

After tasting a few bites of freshly picked mountain mushrooms, Mu Yanyu propped her chin with her hand, watching Xu Nian eat with great interest.

Xu Nian, having devoured an entire roast suckling pig, a bear paw, and a plate of silverfish, finally noticed Mu Yanyu’s gaze. “Why aren’t you eating?” she asked.

Mu Yanyu’s eyes twinkled playfully as she looked at Xu Nian’s face. “Beauty is a feast for the eyes. Just watching you eat fills me up,” she joked.

Xu Nian let out an “Eh” sound in response. “Mu Yanyu, you’re so cheesy.”

Mu Yanyu cast a cleansing spell, cleaning all the grease from Xu Nian’s hands, leaving them spotless. “What do you need help with?”

Xu Nian pointed to her hair.

Mu Yanyu followed her gesture, puzzled. “What about it?”

Xu Nian blinked. “I was hoping you could teach me how to do my hair.”

“With a face and figure like yours, who’s going to notice your hairstyle?” Mu Yanyu thought to herself, but as her cherished snake had now transformed, she felt obliged to indulge her.

She beckoned Xu Nian to sit in front of the dressing table. “Come here, I’ll teach you.”

Xu Nian happily obliged. Watching Mu Yanyu’s nimble fingers, she saw a beautiful hairstyle effortlessly come to life, with two strands of hair delicately left to hang by the temples, creating an atmospheric look.

Xu Nian was thrilled with the result. She was about to take out her treasured box from her storage bag to choose some jewelry when Mu Yanyu stopped her.

Mu Yanyu opened her own jewelry box and selected a pair of tassel flower hairpins that matched Xu Nian’s earrings, fixing them on either side of her bun. She also chose a delicate hair comb-like accessory to adorn the front. “Consider this a gift to celebrate your transformation.”

The jewelry, adorned by Mu Yanyu’s hands, seemed to cast a unique spell on Xu Nian’s already beautiful hairstyle. It added the perfect finishing touch, harmonizing wonderfully with her outfit for the day, as if made for each other.

Xu Nian expressed her admiration with a click of her tongue, marveling, “It’s truly impressive. That’s so like you.”

Observing Xu Nian’s reaction, Mu Yanyu extended her hand toward her, expecting something.

Xu Nian, puzzled by this gesture, tilted her head slightly and uttered a curious, “Hmm?”

Mu Yanyu insisted, “Quick, give me the memory stone. I need to capture this work of art.”

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