What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

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Chapter 65

Xue Ling paused momentarily, then suddenly announced, “I just remembered something I need to do. I’ll be going first.”

But as she began to step away, she was swiftly reeled back by Mu Yanyu, who reminded her, “That’s not what you said just now, Ling’er.”

Xu Nian, observing the drama unfold yet not wanting to show too much interest, imitated their sentimental tone, “I wonder who it was who said they didn’t mind my being a snake demon. Now, just as I reveal my true form, they heartlessly leave. My heart is truly broken.”

This halted Xue Ling’s attempt to leave in its tracks.

In the end, Xu Nian, in her serpent form, lay in the middle of the bed, flanked by Mu Yanyu and Xue Ling.

However, midway through the night, Xu Nian discreetly took her pillow and quietly moved to a luxurious couch on the side, leaving the other two to sleep soundly.

But early in the morning, she was awakened by a loud wail.

Yawning, Xu Nian went to investigate the commotion and discovered that, without her as a barrier, Mu Yanyu and Xue Ling had ended up rolling together, now locked in an exchange of mutual disgust.

Upon noticing Xu Nian approaching from the couch, their eyes widened in disbelief. They hadn’t expected Xu Nian to leave them midway through the night. Both immediately sought to confront her for an explanation.

Seeing this, Xu Nian felt guilty and quickly picked up her clothes from behind the screen, ignoring the despairing Mu Yanyu and Xue Ling behind her, and swiftly fled the scene.

The early autumn morning was cool, and a light drizzle had begun to fall. Xu Nian used her tail to hold her clothes over her head, hurrying back while there were few disciples around.

However, in her haste, she forgot to put her trailing clothes into her storage bag.

In such a rush, Xu Nian accidentally bumped into someone while still in her snake form.

Wondering which unfortunate disciple she had bumped into so early, Xu Nian quickly thought of what to say in apology. But when she looked up and recognized the person, her round, black eyes instantly filled with joy.

“Ji Yuebai, what brings you here at this hour? How was your cultivation practice last night?”

This was a seldom-used path from Mu Yanyu’s room to Ji Yuebai’s, a route rarely frequented by other disciples.

Seeing Ji Yuebai here so early was unexpected.

Xu Nian looked up to see Ji Yuebai standing without an umbrella, letting the fine rain fall on her, bringing a refreshing, damp sensation.

Ji Yuebai’s expression was as cold as ice, her gaze fixed on Xu Nian, making her emotions hard to decipher.

In her bewilderment, Ji Yuebai suddenly leaned down and tenderly scooped Xu Nian into her arms.

Ji Yuebai did not answer Xu Nian’s question but instead asked her, “Did Mu Yanyu bully you?”

Xu Nian was momentarily stunned. It wasn’t Mu Yanyu who had bullied her; in fact, it was she who had inadvertently tricked Mu Yanyu. She replied awkwardly, “No, no, Yanyu is very nice.”

She glanced down at her scattered clothes and thought about her earlier hasty retreat, which indeed might have led to some misunderstandings.

Then, she felt a box made of Xuanbing jade being placed in her hands.

“This is a Transformation Fruit,” Ji Yuebai stated succinctly.

Xu Nian nodded, “Mhm, thank you, Yuebai. I’ll give it to Mu Yanyu in a bit.” As she spoke, she carefully stored the precious Transformation Fruit in her storage bag.

She affectionately nuzzled against Ji Yuebai, looking up at her fondly.

When she looked closely, Xu Nian noticed dewdrops from the fine rain clinging to Ji Yuebai’s long eyelashes, shimmering like teardrops about to fall, adding a touch of solitude to her cold demeanor.

Blinking, Xu Nian wiped her tail on her clothing before gingerly lifting it to wipe away the raindrops from Ji Yuebai’s face.

However, the next second, Xu Nian’s form suddenly dropped as Ji Yuebai set her back down to her original spot.

Xu Nian, in her snake form, landed amidst the pile of clothes, slightly dazed.

Ji Yuebai’s figure had already vanished from her sight. She had left Xu Nian there and disappeared.

The tiny raindrops kept falling, stirring up ripples of chill on her body.

Xu Nian stayed still for a while, lost in thought, before gathering her clothes back into her storage bag and leisurely making her way to Ji Yuebai’s room. She had the Transformation Fruit, but at that moment, she didn’t feel like going back to see Mu Yanyu right away.

During the short journey, her mind kept replaying the recent interaction.

After a night apart, Xu Nian felt that Ji Yuebai seemed different, even more distant and aloof than before, radiating a more pronounced sense of unapproachability.

Was Ji Yuebai angry with her?

But if she was angry, why would she ask if Mu Yanyu had bullied her?

Xu Nian couldn’t shake off the feeling that, overnight, an invisible barrier had formed between her and Ji Yuebai, but she couldn’t pinpoint the exact problem.

Unable to figure it out on her own, Xu Nian decided to seek Ji Yuebai for clarity, hoping to understand her mistake and find the right way to amend it.

After taking a few deep breaths, Xu Nian returned to Ji Yuebai’s room.

However, the room was empty, without a trace of Ji Yuebai.

Thinking it over, Xu Nian remembered that today was the day of the performance competition, and Ji Yuebai must have gone early to the venue to guide the disciples.

She went to the deep end of the room where the bathing pool was located, activated the spiritual stone at the beast head sculpture, and the warm water began to flow. She soaked for a long time, dispelling the chill she had caught in the rain.

She couldn’t help but wonder how Ji Yuebai was doing, having walked away in the rain like that.

Emerging from the bath, Xu Nian meticulously sifted through her collection of dresses. Eventually, she chose a light lake-green chiffon dress, the same one that Ji Yuebai had complimented when she first transformed.

She hoped this dress would please Ji Yuebai.

Summoning her attendants Liu Liu and Yi Yi, Xu Nian followed the hairstyle she had envisioned in her mind, creating a look that made her face appear small and pointed, a pitiable yet endearing style.

From her jewelry box, she took out a pair of jade drop earrings. But without Ji Yuebai’s presence, her rudimentary illusion skills couldn’t replicate the effect Ji Yuebai had once helped her achieve. Sighing in resignation, she left her earlobes bare.

The performance competition was held in the largest main venue of the Fanyin Pavilion. By the time Xu Nian arrived, the stands were densely packed with spectators.

She searched the crowd for Ji Yuebai but couldn’t find her.

Someone called out to her from behind, “Xu Nian.”

It was Mu Yanyu. Upon seeing Xu Nian, she visibly relaxed. “I thought you were too guilty to show up. Don’t worry, I’m not the type to hold grudges. Just help me out next time.”

Seeing Mu Yanyu, Xu Nian suddenly remembered the Transformation Fruit in her storage bag. She quietly pulled Mu Yanyu aside to a secluded corner. “Didn’t you say that the most crucial ingredient for the Youth-Preserving Pill is the Transformation Fruit? With it, you can make the pill.”

Mu Yanyu’s eyes lit up with understanding. “Do you have a way to get the Transformation Fruit?”

“I don’t have a source for it, but…” Xu Nian deliberately paused.

Mu Yanyu’s curiosity was piqued. “But what? Tell me quickly.”

Xu Nian took the Xuanbing jade box from her storage bag and handed it to Mu Yanyu. “I managed to get a Transformation Fruit.”

Mu Yanyu, incredulous, opened the box to find the fruit, its rich spiritual essence and fragrance identical to the illustrations in the books.

She was ecstatic. “Is this for me?”

Xu Nian nodded, smiling, “Of course.”

Overwhelmed with gratitude, Mu Yanyu didn’t know how to respond. “Such a rare item, where did you get it from?”

Xu Nian blinked playfully and joked, “You don’t need to worry about where it came from. Just keep it safe. I don’t want to watch you turn into an old lady. I’m counting on you to help me earn more spirit stones.”

Mu Yanyu carefully stored the Transformation Fruit in her personal storage bag and then hugged Xu Nian gratefully. “Thank you, Xu Nian. From now on, if I have a spirit stone, you will have one too. As long as I’m here, you’ll never be short of them.”

Xu Nian returned the embrace, resting her chin on Mu Yanyu’s shoulder, and patted her back reassuringly. “Great, I’ll hold you to that.”

Just then, Xu Nian felt a gaze on her from a distance. Catching something from the corner of her eye, she noticed a flash of white clothing quickly moving away.

Ji Yuebai?

She released Mu Yanyu and turned around swiftly.

That fleeting figure indeed seemed to be Ji Yuebai.

Without lingering for pleasantries with Mu Yanyu, Xu Nian hurriedly said goodbye and chased after the figure of Ji Yuebai.

Reaching out, she managed to grasp the edge of Ji Yuebai’s snow-white sleeve, her voice tinged with a hint of grievance: “Yuebai, wait for me, please.”

Her voice, as soft and tender as always, had a lingering note that seemed to gently tug at the heart. In that moment, Ji Yuebai almost faltered.

She stopped but did not turn around, her voice distant, “Do you need something else?”

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