What's wrong with a snake that just wants to cultivate and transform?

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Chapter 64

Xu Nian wanted to escape, but the two behind her firmly grasped the corners of her clothes, making it difficult for her to break free.

Helpless, she had no choice but to hesitantly retract the foot she had already stepped out of the door with, weakly turning back to ask, “What do you need me to do?”

Unaware of Xu Nian’s imagination plummeting into the depths of the Mariana Trench, filled with unmentionable yellow waste, Mu Yanyu and Xue Ling hastened to explain, taking turns to clear the misunderstanding.

Mu Yanyu gestured, “Xu Nian, you’ve misunderstood. She and I aren’t in the kind of relationship you’re imagining.”

Xue Ling, cheeks puffed in indignation, pointed at Mu Yanyu, “I would never be with this heartless woman in my lifetime.”

Xu Nian, looking at the two of them swearing their innocence, recalled the ambiguous scene from before, hesitatingly asked, “Then what were you doing just now…”

Mu Yanyu quickly clarified, “Xue Ling was pushing the door to squeeze in, and I wasn’t paying attention, so she knocked me over.”

Xue Ling, unwilling to accept this, retorted, “It’s because your cultivation is too weak to handle even a bit of force.”

Mu Yanyu scoffed, “I thought you were deliberately trying to throw yourself into my arms.”

Xue Ling was so angry she wanted to scratch her.

Xu Nian, watching with interest, remarked, “Actually, you two being together wouldn’t be so bad. I fully support it with both hands and feet.”

To Xu Nian’s surprise, both Xue Ling and Mu Yanyu looked at her in disbelief, as if she was some kind of heartless woman.

Xu Nian quickly changed the subject, “Xue Ling, what brings you here so late to find Mu Yanyu?”

The previously determined Xue Ling, ready to confront Mu Yanyu, deflated at the question.

After all, she realized it was indeed excessive to seek trouble in Mu Yanyu’s domain. Even if she saw Xu Nian enter Mu Yanyu’s room, what could she do? Without a formal relationship with Xu Nian, she lacked the standing to accuse Mu Yanyu.

Moreover, Xue Ling didn’t want to face another rejection from Xu Nian, especially in front of Mu Yanyu. Her eyes, filled with unspoken grievances, turned to Xu Nian, unable to articulate her feelings.

Sensing Xue Ling’s reluctance, Xu Nian didn’t press further, reassuringly suggesting, “It’s late, if you have nothing else, you should go back and rest. There’s a performance competition between the sects tomorrow, featuring highly skilled disciples showing off their talents. I’ve heard it’s quite spectacular.”

But if she left now, wouldn’t Xu Nian stay alone with the scheming Mu Yanyu?

The thought made Xue Ling resolve to stay, shaking her head firmly, “No, I’m not going back. I’ll stay with you two.”

Mu Yanyu couldn’t sit still anymore, protesting, “This is my room.”

Xue Ling, with a sudden determined look, clung to Mu Yanyu’s legs, accusingly wailing, “We agreed to pretend to be strangers in public, but who knew you’d change your heart upon seeing someone new? Now that you have Xu Nian, you want to drive me away. How cruel you are, Yanyu.”

Her brief words were laden with so much information that they overturned all previous explanations between them.

So, were they actually putting on a show for me, secretly having been in a relationship all along?

Such explosive gossip completely fried Xu Nian’s CPU. Her seductive eyes widened in disbelief, yet she was mindful of Mu Yanyu’s feelings. She sneakily glanced at both, unable to fathom how they got together in just a few days.

Could it be… they started this affair back at Tian Yuan Sect?

That would make sense.

But why did they hide it from me in the beginning?

Mu Yanyu never expected to be backstabbed by the same trick she once used. She tried to withdraw her leg, using all her strength, but to no avail. That’s when she realized Xue Ling had secretly employed her spiritual energy.

She felt helpless and wanted to explain to Xu Nian.

But to her surprise, Xu Nian looked at her mischievously, gesturing with an understanding nod, “I know, it’s a matter of taste, right? I’ll continue to pretend ignorance. Carry on, don’t mind me.”

Mu Yanyu’s composure crumbled. Her breathing became unsteady, and her gaze at Xue Ling turned hostile.

Xue Ling, feeling uneasy under her stare, still stubbornly refused to admit defeat and let go. “Why should I? After all the times Mu Yanyu has tricked me, why can’t I trick her back?”

Besides, as a mere tenth level Qi-Training cultivator, what could she do to me, a Foundation Establishment Cultivator? Confident in her own strength, Xue Ling pressed further, whining, “Yanyu, just don’t drive me away. I’ll do anything. I don’t ask for a title, just your occasional pity.”

Indeed, once certain limits are crossed, there’s no going back. Xue Ling had been thoroughly led astray by Mu Yanyu.

Imagining Mu Yanyu in her previously awkward and embarrassed state, Xue Ling felt a rush of excitement.

Yet, Mu Yanyu, far from angry, smiled instead. Her lips curved seductively as she leaned down to lift Xue Ling’s chin, her voice soft as if to drown someone in it, “Since Ling’er is so affectionate, how could I have the heart to disappoint you, Ling’er.”

Xue Ling shivered at being called ‘Ling’er’ in such a manner. Holding on to the mindset of ‘injure the enemy a thousand, harm oneself eight hundred,’ she refused to lose. Determined to disgust Mu Yanyu to death, she squeaked in a sweet voice, “Hearing Yanyu say this, Ling’er would die without regrets.”

Xu Nian finally realized something was off between these two. Although they were behaving like cold-blooded creatures       , she felt goosebumps falling off her skin as if she were an audience member at a melodramatic Qiong Yao drama scene.

At this moment, Mu Yanyu’s mindset mirrored that of Xue Ling, both stubbornly waiting for the other to break first and admit defeat. Seeing Xue Ling still acting, Mu Yanyu hardened her resolve, deciding to up the ante with a decisive move.

“My dear Ling’er,” she uttered, her voice gentle yet laced with a hint of grinding teeth.

Before Xue Ling could react, she saw Mu Yanyu squatting slightly, her fingers wrapping around her waist. This force pushed Xue Ling’s body further forward, and the legs that were originally holding Mu Yanyu were now awkwardly trapped between hers, creating a strange and unfamiliar sensation.

Xue Ling’s almond-shaped eyes were wide open in shock, staring at Mu Yanyu, whose face was getting closer with each movement. Their noses were almost touching, and the warm breath of the other fell on her ear, sending an inexplicable shiver through her body.

Her long, dense eyelashes fluttered, amber eyes rippling, her red lips almost brushing against Xue Ling’s.

Xue Ling panicked.

What… what is this wicked woman doing?

She wouldn’t really try to kiss me, would she?

No, no, no, that’s impossible. Just a while ago, this woman covered her mouth in disdain when she fell. How could she suddenly change her ways and make such a big sacrifice?

Wait, this must be a bluff.

Xue Ling calmed herself and indeed noticed the woman’s long eyelashes trembling, unable to meet her gaze.

Just as she suspected.

Seizing what she thought was Mu Yanyu’s weakness, Xue Ling’s confidence skyrocketed.

Seeing the other woman’s seemingly cowardly demeanor, she even provocatively moved her lips closer.

Mu Yanyu was puzzled. She knew Xue Ling, despite her seemingly petulant appearance, was actually quite weak and easily bullied. Based on her previous behavior, Xue Ling should have pushed her away and run off. But now, contrary to usual, she was not reacting.

Could it be that her sudden move had stunned her? As she considered whether to further intimidate Xue Ling, she unconsciously leaned in a bit more.

Thinking that if Xue Ling still didn’t react, she would retreat. She couldn’t risk too much just to disgust the other.

Unexpectedly, she collided with Xue Ling, who had also moved forward.

Their lips met firmly.

Mu Yanyu was stunned.

Xue Ling was no less shocked. The moment their lips touched, she violently pushed Mu Yanyu away and then wiped her mouth disdainfully with her sleeve.

Mu Yanyu also reacted swiftly, rummaging through her storage bag to find some fruit wine to rinse her mouth with.

The reactions of the two were so exaggerated that Xu Nian watched in astonishment, her tongue tied in wonder.

She didn’t understand, but she was greatly shocked.

Could this be the pattern of romance in the cultivation world? Sweet nothings spoken, yet physically treating each other with the utmost respect.

It was indeed an eye-opener.

At this point, Xue Ling couldn’t stand the sight of Mu Yanyu anymore. This wicked woman not only wanted to steal Xu Nian from her, but also… also took her first kiss…

She tugged at Xu Nian’s sleeve, a picture of wronged innocence, “Xu Nian, why don’t you come sleep in my room? My room has everything, and the bed is very comfortable. Don’t stay here anymore, in case this woman takes advantage of you in the middle of the night.”

Mu Yanyu felt like she was about to spit blood in frustration. It was Xue Ling who had bumped into her first, and now she was playing the victim.

She quickly pulled Xu Nian back, “Don’t listen to her. You know what kind of person I am. If you really go with her, that’s like entering a den of thieves.”

Xue Ling, who had never been called a “thief” in her life, was now furious, and she started arguing with Mu Yanyu again.

As the former owner of the Baibao Pavilion, Mu Yanyu was skilled in handling all sorts of situations and wasn’t about to lose an argument to a young girl.

The situation was like a powder keg, ready to explode at any moment.

Xu Nian hurriedly held one in each hand, trying to mediate, “Wait a moment, I have a suggestion, I don’t know if I should say it.”

The room fell silent suddenly, with two pairs of eyes fixed on her.

Swallowing nervously, Xu Nian ventured, “This bed in the room seems quite large. How about… the three of us sleep together?”

Mu Yanyu: …

Xue Ling: …

This development was beyond their imagination, but on second thought, it didn’t seem like a bad idea.

Both were wary of each other and a little uneasy. Although there was an extra person, they would still be sleeping with Xu Nian.

Under the warm light, the seductive silhouette behind the screen was faintly visible. A thin robe slowly slid off from the curve of an arm, cascading down the waistline, captivating the heart.

Xue Ling, who had been watching intently, felt fortunate for her decision to come. Otherwise, Mu Yanyu, the bad woman, would have gained the upper hand.

Before she could enjoy the view fully, a pair of hands covered her eyes from behind.

“No peeking.” It was Mu Yanyu.

Unwilling to concede, Xue Ling got up and blocked Mu Yanyu’s view, retorting, “Same goes for you.”

In the few seconds of their standoff, Xu Nian had already changed her clothes and called out softly, “I’m ready, come over.”

Mu Yanyu and Xue Ling exchanged glances, walking hesitantly to the bed. The next second, they both froze in unison. There, in the middle of the bed, lay a green snake stretching from the head to the foot of the bed. Its tail flicked, and its round eyes looked at them innocently. In a charming voice, it said, “What are you waiting for? Let’s sleep together.”

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